Xtra-PC Review 2024: Is Xtra-PC a Scam?

I often find it frustrating to have a slow desktop that takes much time to process. It hampers my working process as all the functions in my computer need to catch up and meet my needs.

It prompted me to buy another desktop until I learned about Xtra-PC. This small USB-like device was a lifesaver and made me change my mind. But can it work the same for you?

Don’t worry; I’ll review Xtra-PC's ins and outs in this article, which will answer all your queries. Therefore, stay hooked with me right to the end of this review.



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Xtra-PC Review

Xtra-PC is a small dongle-type device you can insert into your PC through USB options. It’s straightforward to install because its outlook is similar to any other flash drive. The mechanism Xtra-PC follows is that it loads the Linux OS in your computer, which overtakes your existing OS. It eventually makes the operating system faster and makes you feel that you’re running a new computer.

Features Rate 10
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 9
Durablity 9
  • Easy Setup
  • Malware Protection
  • Sufficient Storage
  • Affordable Option
  • Lengthy Setup
  • Software Limitations

Xtra-PC: Short Overview

No one likes it when their computer is excessively slow. Unfortunately, there seems to be no solution other than revamping the system. I was feeling the same until I found out about Xtra-PC.

It’s like a small USB drive that can make your system faster. It did wonders for me, and I believe it will do the same for you. But before that, you need to know more about this device.

I’ll give you a brief overview of this device in the sections below. But first, let’s check it out!

What is Xtra-PC?

Xtra-PC is a small dongle-type device you can insert into your PC through USB options. It’s straightforward to install because its outlook is similar to any other flash drive.

What is Xtra-PC

The mechanism Xtra-PC follows is that it loads the Linux OS in your computer, which overtakes your existing OS. It eventually makes the operating system faster and makes you feel that you’re running a new computer.

When I installed it on my slowed-down old PC, it just worked magically. In addition, it is the most affordable solution for speeding up my system.

Moreover, as a device, it has no limitations regarding compatibility. It worked on my one, and if your device is manufactured after 2004, it will work on it too.

How Does Xtra-PC Work?

The main aim of Xtra-PC is to give a boost to your slowed-down computer. However, I wasn’t ready to give up on my old, slow PC. That’s why I took a chance to see what Xtra-PC has in store for my device.

How Does Xtra-PC Work

When I installed the Xtra-PC on my computer, it was more than ready. But mainly, I figured out that the device inputs a Linux OS that bypassed the existing OS on my system.

The primary mechanism here is taking over your existing OS. When the current system fails to deliver what was expected, Xtra-PC, with its functionalities, makes it faster and more efficient.

Top Features of Xtra-PC

Using this flash-like device comes with some good options. Using this device had me explore different packages first. The packages range from 8 GB to 128 GB storage capacity.

Top features of Xtra-PC

In addition, there is the Xtra-PC pro package that is a bit expensive. I would have availed this if I had to retrieve some of the lost photos or files from my drive.

On the other hand, with the free version, I was able to enjoy the following notable features:

  • Seamless web surfing
  • Editing and viewing photos
  • Streaming online videos
  • Configuring multiple monitors
  • Working on documents
  • Sending and receiving POP3 mails
  • Download games from various sources

How To Use Xtra-PC?

Since you got to know a bit about the device, I’ll tell you how to use it. It had the most simplistic approach to carrying out the complete process. All it requires is to follow the mentioned procedure listed below:

How To Use Xtra-PC

  • First, open the cap of the USB drive-like Xtra-PC tool and insert it into the USB port of your PC when it is off.
  • After that, turn on the PC and select the option Boot from USB when a window appeared on the screen.
  • Next, respond to all the prompts that the process required, and thus the PC became fast within 15–20 minutes.

You might think that installing Linux from other sources will solve your problem. But those sources won’t simplify the process as Xtra-PC does. In addition, using those sources may require coding knowledge.

I have zero coding knowledge and quickly pulled off the task with little effort. All I did was plug in the hard drive and respond to all the prompts.

Types of Xtra-PC Products

When exploring Xtra-PC, I learned that they offer three product variants. These are – Xtra-PC Ultra 16, Xtra-PC Ultra 32, and the premium one, Xtra-PC Ultra Pro.

Xtra-PC Turbo 16

The Turbo 16 version comes with a size that makes it highly suitable for all laptops or desktops with 16 GB of storage. It is affordable and comes in a perfect size. The device will offer superb speed while web surfing, streaming videos, and downloading games and files.

Xtra-PC Turbo 16

Xtra-PC Turbo 32

This version from Xtra-PC is the upgraded version of Xtra-PC Turbo 16. It has all the features of Turbo 16 with additional elements, which adds much speed and capacity to the device. To be precise, it is twice as fast as the 16 GB version. It is compatible with laptops and desktops with at least 32 GB of storage.

Xtra-PC Turbo 32

Xtra-PC Pro

With the Xtra-PC pro, you get a huge space and superb speed to work with. It’s way more expensive than the other two versions but has upgraded features. The storage space for this variant is 64 GB, making it way better than the two versions.

Xtra-PC Pro

In addition, I liked the part that this version also comes with Filerez software, which is a file rescue software. Since the storage capacity allows the storage of many files, video games, or music, the Filerez software helps restore anything if lost.

Overall, with the huge capacity and file-restoring software, this version of Xtra-PC is the best one.

Who Can Use It?

Xtra-PC is for everyone who's facing issues with a slow operating system. Before using Xtra-PC, I tried to clean up the unnecessary programs in the storage to make my PC faster. But it didn’t work for me in the way I expected.

Who can use xtra-pc

You can try this method for your slowed-down PC, but I wonder whether it will succeed. That is where Xtra-PC comes with a sure success rate.

As a user, if you want to switch to a Linux-based OS, Xtra-PC is the best option. There can be various reasons behind it, and some of the prominent ones are:

  • Boost the processing and speed of the older OS
  • Systems not functioning correctly due to malware and viruses
  • Lack of sufficient hard drive

Installing Xtra-PC on any computer with a USB port is possible. But additionally, if you ask me about the compatibility, I discovered that this device would work on PCs with at least a processor of 700 MHz.

Other requirements are either USB 2.0 and a RAM capacity of 512 MB. Another requirement is that the computer where you will be working with Xtra-PC needs to have BIOSneeds BIOS. It will enable the device to access the system and work the way you want.

When I inserted the device into my PC's USB port, I could launch the program directly from the port. Lastly, an internet connection is needed because the device needs to ensure that it bypasses your OS with the most updated version available.

Pros and Cons of Xtra-PC

There needs to be more clarity regarding a simple flash-drive-like device that can boost the speed of your slowing OS. From my experience, this device offers what it promises. Still, a few issues will be cleared out when I take you through the pros and cons of this device.


As for my experience, I felt that the Xtra-PC USB drive offers some fantastic benefits to the users. Some of the prominent ones are:

Easy Setup

It took me a minute or two to set up Xtra-PC. You can set it up with no issues, even if you are a computer novice. The best part is that everything is already programmed into the device, which you need to insert into your PC to start the process.

Malware Protection

Surfing different websites while browsing sometimes makes a PC susceptible to malware. I never knew that the various ads we see or downloads we carry out might include such agents. These agents might be spyware or adware. With such things in the system, there is always a risk of losing valuable information.

With the Xtra-PC, you can protect your system. However, I didn’t see anything from them that states protection from the malware. But since the device will be using Linux OS, it will automatically prevent you from downloading corrupt files.

Sufficient Storage

Xtra-PC offers excellent relief when you struggle with space in your system. I availed myself of the Xtra-PC Pro and had an additional 64 GB with my system storage. Moreover, it provides extra storage and acts as an external drive where you can store important files.

Affordable Option

I rate Xtra-PC as the most affordable fix for a slowing-down PC. It’s way cheaper than changing specific components or rebuilding the entire system.


Although I didn’t have any significant issues, a few things mentioned below may cause issues for many.

Lengthy Setup

Sometimes, depending on your system, the setup process can take time. For me, it took just 15 minutes, but there are also scenarios I have heard that it can take up to an hour.

Hide Files

I have seen in a few cases that Xtra-PC hides the users' files. It disrupts some of the processes, which causes some files to go missing or even blocks your access to programs.

Software Limitations

When I used it on my PC, I realized I couldn’t use some of my favorite programs or software from my previous OS. Only you’ll be able to use the software of the existing OS.

What Makes the Computer Slow Down?

Computer slowing down is a widespread phenomenon when you use it for a long time. The lifespan of any modern-day computer is around 4–5 years. When this time frame is breached, the functions start lagging.

What makes the computer slow down

Various reasons might contribute to this problem. But below here, I will list some of the most common ones for your better understanding.

Low RAM Capacity

When the older computer has low RAM capacity, it takes time for those to process. As a result, often, there is a delay in launching any app or program.

That is why most other users and I prefer to upgrade the RAM capacity by adding new memory sticks to make the OS faster. The reason is that most newer apps consume a lot of memory that requires a powerful setup.

Limited HDD Capacity

The main job of hard drives is to pile up chunks of data on daily operations. Regularly such piling up and system updates result in slow speed in computer operations.

As for me, whenever I saw my PC running low on storage, it used to slow down. In this regard, the solution is to clear up the unnecessary and temporary files to increase the drive space.

Malware Attack

The presence of malware in the system slows down the processes to a great extent. Frequently visiting third-party and malicious websites makes the system susceptible.

Antivirus can sometimes be a solution, but it can also slow down the process while constantly scanning for issues.

Where Can You Use It?

You can use Xtra-PC on any computer that is manufactured after 2004. Xtra-PC is a perfect thing to use on slow computers with performance lag.

Where can you use it

In addition, Xtra-PC will need a system processor of at least 700 MHz and a RAM of 512 MB. You can use it on most laptops, MacBooks, or desktops, but it has to meet the above criteria.

Is Xtra-PC a Scam?

Xtra-PC offers you Linux on an ordinary flash drive. This small device promises to give your slow OS a speed boost, which won’t require much effort. It’s similar to installing Linux on your system without installing it. That means it will slow down Windows computers faster by overtaking the features of the previous OS.

Is Xtra-PC a Scam

In that sense, think of storing Linux on a USB drive and then using it to make your PC faster. But that’s a lengthy process, which Xtra-PC solves.

Honestly, I feel this product isn’t for all enthusiastic about learning Linux and using it in their day-to-day lives. It isn’t for the people who want a performance boost in their system. Because of that, they would upgrade the RAM and other relevant components.

It is for the people who want less hassle in the making their system faster within a short time. Therefore, Xtra-PC might not be worth the money to some, but it isn’t a scam.

Do They Offer a Money-back Guarantee?

Yes, all the service packages of Xtra-PC come with a money-back guarantee. At the time of buying, I learned that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

That means, after using either of their products, you can ask for a refund if you feel that you aren’t content with their offerings. This refund deadline will be 30 business days from when it was shipped to you.

But you will need to ensure that the state of the Xtra-PC is the same as you received it. You would need to provide the same packaging and the device without any damage, or your refund won’t be possible.

Customer Review of Xtra-PC

Since there is a lot of talking about the usefulness of Xtra-PC, you should look at some honest Amazon Xtra-PC reviews by satisfied customers to verify yourself.

“No complaints – works well for me on a Windows 7 laptop that is 12 years old. It took some time to set up the Wi-Fi link, but it has not stopped working.”

– Josh T, Amazon

“ Do your work; pull the thumb drive; your PC is in your pocket. Tech support is 50/50. My GeekPlus PC Wi-Fi won't work because the driver still needs to arrive in Lubuntu. The dongle solves that. I got a hub to keep from damaging the motherboard. Running it and the peripherals draws power and overheat the drive. Plug peripherals into a separate hub. Read up on updates and programs.”

– R. Fellabaum, Amazon.

“I loved how the flash drive gave life to my old desktop. I had to look up the boot menu process, but the installation was easy.”

– Phillip, Amazon

Pricing for Xtra-PC

The pricing for Xtra-PC depends on the type of package you avail. It comes with three packages, and the price varies based on the Xtra-PC variants.

Pricing for Xtra-PC

The Xtra-PC Ultra 16 comes for a retail price of $34.99. On the other hand, the 32 GB version, Xtra-PC Ultra 32, comes for $59.88. Lastly, Xtra-PC Pro, the premium version, comes at a retail price of $79.88.

Overall, these prices are excluded from the shipping fees, which will be added to the regular price adjustment with the applicable shipping rates.

Where Can You Buy Xtra-PC?

You can buy Xtra-PC with ease by visiting this website. You can buy from the manufacturer's website, marketplaces like Amazon, or many other third-party websites.

Support Team

The Xtra-PC customer service support enables you to seek information regarding 30-day money-back guarantees and other stuff. You must navigate the Xtra-PC website and seek help through the customer support live chat.

This chat feature will connect you to a customer support agent based on your requirement. You can also contact the support agents via email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a lot of dilemma among people about Xtra-PC in general. To address those, I have gathered some of the most asked queries that will give you a good view.

What kind of computers can Xtra-PC work on?

Xtra-PC can work on all desktops, laptops, and systems manufactured after 2004. In addition, the minimum processing speed, RAM, and USB requirements are 700 MHz, 512 MB, and USB 2.0, respectively

Does Xtra-PC require any subscription?

Xtra-PC product variants don’t have any subscription plans. You can purchase with standard payment methods for all three product variants at one go and use.

Where can I buy Xtra-PC?

To purchase Xtra-PC, you must visit their official website and usually purchase through their gateway. Or else there is Amazon and a few other marketplaces from where you can buy.

How long does it take to install Xtra-PC?

The time required to set up the Xtra-PC entirely depends on the internet speed of your active internet connection. Most of the time, it would need only a few minutes to complete the entire process.

But when your internet is too slow, it might take an hour to complete the entire procedure.

Can Xtra-PC Be Used More Than Once?

Since subscriptions or limitations are not set on the device, you can use Xtra-PC as much as you want. Eventually, you can remove the Xtra-PC device from one computer and use it on the other.

Do I need to always connect to the internet while using Xtra-PC?

An internet connection is optional all the time. You can edit photos, files, or documents without it. But during the setup, you must have a stable connection.

Final Words

Getting a slowed-down PC faster again is a primary task of any user. A slow system hampers everything, your time and energy.

In this regard, Xtra-PC is a reliable product to make your system faster. Some of you might feel that it is unnecessary to pay money for a flash drive with Linux stored in it. But at least it makes a PC faster and easier.

It can bypass the current OS with Linux and boost system operations. Only the pricing for normal Linux software may feel like a scam to many, which isn’t true. Moreover, it aims to fix a slow PC, and I found it quite successful.



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Xtra-PC Review

Xtra-PC is a small dongle-type device you can insert into your PC through USB options. It’s straightforward to install because its outlook is similar to any other flash drive. The mechanism Xtra-PC follows is that it loads the Linux OS in your computer, which overtakes your existing OS. It eventually makes the operating system faster and makes you feel that you’re running a new computer.

Features Rate 10
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 9
Durablity 9
  • Easy Setup
  • Malware Protection
  • Sufficient Storage
  • Affordable Option
  • Lengthy Setup
  • Software Limitations

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