ThePhotostick Review 2022 – Does The PhotoStick Really Work?

There are a lot of people like me who love to take pictures and videos wherever they go to keep the sweet memories alive. After capturing those memories, we usually store them on our computer’s hard drive.

However, the problem is, we can’t carry our computers along with us everywhere. But of course, we love to carry our memories alongside us all time so that whenever we want to watch them, we can do so.

For that, cloud storage is convenient, but it’s a costly process. Moreover, there’s a risk of data compromise in cloud storage.

The good news is you don’t need to worry about that anymore. I will introduce you to a great device to conveniently and securely back up your memories. The device I’m talking about is known as “ThePhotoStick.”

It’s a self-operating USB device that stores all the images, videos, & other media files automatically from your computer to it.

Now here in this ThePhotoStick review, I’m going to show you how this device helped me so that you can make the appropriate decision for yourself.


ThePhotostick Review

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What is ThePhotoStick

ThePhotoStick is an advanced software-enabled USB thumb drive designed to back up your memories automatically. As a self-configured device, it doesn’t require searching, selecting, and storing files manually. It does all these tasks automatically.

Ease of Use 10
Durablity 10
Value for Money 10
Build and Design 9

My Quick Overview of The Photo Stick (30 sec.)

Quick Overview of The Photo StickThePhotoStick is an advanced technology flash-drive to solve your storage and file transfer problem. This self-operating device is designed to save your time and give you more flexibility when the matter is about storing photos, videos, and other media documents. Anybody can use this device because of its automatic file backup process and user-friendly design.

Currently, three different variants are available of this device 8-GB, 64-GB, and 128-GB. With the 8-GB variant, you can store up to 3500 photos and videos, 64-GB allows you to store 30000 photos and videos, and 128-GB enables you to store 60000 photos and videos. You can choose any of them according to your need. Besides, the most impressive thing about this device is it can back up 1000+ photos within a minute.

ThePhotoStick Review – My Honest Opinion

I got the ThePhotoStick device just seven months ago as a gift from my friend. After using it these days, I have become a big fan of it. It makes the file storing and transferring process straightforward.

Anybody, who faces complexity with file storing and transferring especially photos and videos with their computers due to storage limitations, “ThePhotoStick” is a wonderful option. Now here in this ThePhotoStick review, I’ll share my honest opinion about this device based on my uses experience.

What is ThePhotoStick?

What is ThePhotoStickThePhotoStick is an advanced software-enabled USB thumb drive designed to back up your memories automatically. As a self-configured device, it doesn’t require searching, selecting, and storing files manually. It does all these tasks automatically.

The device is user-friendly, which makes it straightforward to use. Photostick instantly backs up all of your memories, such as photos, videos & other media files, within a single click.

To operate a photostick, you don’t have to install any additional software or apps. The software it requires is already built into the device. In fact, it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Besides, the most impressive thing about this device is its smart file organizer, which detects duplicate files automatically and removes them to save your space.

How Does ThePhotoStick Work?

How does ThePhotoStick workThe superfast photostick comes with a very innovative system to organize and back up your files with a single click. The device does all the tasks of its own. All that you have to do is plug the device into the USB port of your computer, and it’ll start working automatically.

Once the device is successfully plugged in, it’ll instantly notify you about that and inform you the device is ready to use. You can create a back of your computer-stored images, videos, and other media files, by clicking on the “go” button from the pop-up window.

Photostick scans all the files with its auto file finding software, but there are some specific files that you have to select manually.

What Features Does ThePhotostick Carry?

What features does ThePhotoStick carryThe super-advanced PhotoStick device comes with so many outstanding features for its users. Under this ThePhotoStick review section, I will tell you some fantastic features of the device that I’ve experienced by myself.

Super Fast And Self Configured

ThePhotoStick comes with an automated function with a lightning speed of file transfer. It has built-in software that automatically scans all the images, videos, and other media files of your computer and creates a backup in the ThePhotoStick device. You’ll be surprised to know that the device can back up to 1000 images within one minute.

You just have to plug the device into the computer USB port, and the device will automatically complete the rest of the task.

No Additional Software Required

The self-operating ThePhotoStick device comes with built-in software. So you don’t have to install any software to operate it. Hence, there is no chance for malware and viruses to attack your hardware and decrease your storage space.

No additional software means no-hassle, which is one of the biggest reasons for its vast popularity.

Smart File Organizer

The PhotoStick device has a smart file organizing system that quickly detects the duplicate files contained on the device. Once the device detects the duplicate file, it instantly removes it.

Moreover, the device creates different folders and separates your files automatically based on their timeline. If you use the device with multiple computers, it creates individual folders for each computer.

The smart file organizer of the PhotoStick device saves a lot of time and effort by converting tedious tasks into an automatic one.

Ongoing Backup System

Another impressive thing about PhotoStick is its ongoing backup system. The device assists you in creating a backup of your old files to very recent files with its constant backup system.

All you have to do is plug in the device on your computer weekly, and the device will do the rest of the task. Its auto file finder scans all the images, videos & other media files of your computer and detects the new files, which aren’t stored on the device yet.

Once it separates the new files, it creates a quick backup without any command and assistance.

Massive Storage

It’s estimated that with average-sized photos (2-Mb), PhotoStick can store up to 60,000 of your precious images. Obviously, the 60,000 photo capacity isn’t a firm number. Based on the size of your files, the actual number may slightly fluctuate up and down.

This huge storage space can store lifetime memories of an average person because 60,000 photos is not a joke!

Compatible With Windows and Mac

It doesn’t matter what your computer’s operating system is; PhotoStick is compatible with windows, mac both operating systems. If I tell you more precisely, you can use the PhotoStick with windows: (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11) and Mac (OS X, 10.7 to all the latest versions).

Who’s This For?

who is for ThePhotoStickThe device is designed to fulfill everyone’s needs, whoever is looking for a convenient way to store their memories in a safe and secure place. But the professional photographer and cinematographers will benefit more from it as it is specially designed for storing photos, videos, and media files. Below I’ll list some people who find this device more beneficial.


ThePhotoStick device for photographersWhether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, ThePhotoStick is a must-have device for you if you want to store your photography in a fast and convenient way. As it does all the backup task automatically and organizes your photos sequentially, it can save you a lot of time and increase efficiency.


ThePhotoStick device for cinematographersDon’t think that ThePhotoStick is designed to store photos only; it can store videos files too! It’s a perfect device for anybody relevant to video editing, the film industry and needs to store the footage quickly.


ThePhotoStick for travelersYou will never find travelers or tourists who don’t do photography. In addition, photography has become a part of traveling nowadays. Travelers find ThePhotoStick as a handy storing device to store their memories securely in the most convenient way.

Bloggers & Vloggers

ThePhotoStick for vloggersThePhotoStick does a beautiful job for the bloggers and vloggers who need the fastest way to store many photos and videos. If you’re a blogger, you know how hard it becomes if you don’t have enough storage facilities, and this device eliminates this problem.

Pros and Cons of The PhotoStick

Before getting the Photo Stick for you, it’s wise to check the pros and cons of the device. This will help you to understand whether the Flash Drive is right for you or not.

Pros of the Photostick
  • Photo Stick is compatible with almost every computer operating system.
  • Programmed with automatic file-finder software.
  • It’s an instant Plug & Play flash drive.
  • While finding & transferring the files, the speed of the device is incredible.
  • Comes with a huge storage capacity.
  • Very secure and safe storage for backup of your files.
  • Doesn’t require any external software.
Cons of the Photostick
  • Can’t purchase it from the local stores.
  • Not compatible with mobile devices.

How Many Photos Can You Store With a Photo Stick?

How Many Photos Can You Store With a Photo StickPhotostick comes with three different storage variants: 8-GB, 64-GB, and 128 GB. With the basic 8-GB storage variant, you can store up to 3,500 averaged-sized photos & videos. And the medium 64-GB variant storage allows you to back up 35,000 average-sized photos & videos.

The highest capacity 128-Gb variant allows you to store a vast 60,000 photos. Remember, the actual size of the storage can vary based on your file size. It can be slightly more or a bit less than the mentioned.

How to Run The Photo Stick?

How to Run The Photo StickRunning the PhotoStick on the computer is straightforward. Its self-configured operating system and user-friendly interface are the most significant reasons behind its immense popularity. You can store images, videos, and other media files with a single click on the mouse.

Now here in this segment, I will show you how you can run this device on your computers.

  1. First, plug in the device on the USB port of your computer.
  2. Within a few seconds, the device will start working.
  3. There is a photostick screen that will appear on the computer display.
  4. Here, you’ll find a “Go” button.
  5. Just press the go button, and the device will automatically create a backup.
  6. Based on the amount and sizes of the file, the backup process will be completed within a couple of minutes.How to Run The Photo Stick step by step guide

Does The Photo Stick Need to Install Anything on Your Device?

Does The Photo Stick Need to Install Anything on Your DeviceYou might be thinking of installing software on your computer after hearing that the photostick has dedicated software to operate it. But in reality, things are different; photostick comes with built-in software. So it doesn’t require any additional software or app to install on your computer. Everything it needs is already featured inside the device.

The most impressive thing about the photostick is that it works with the default program of most computers. And by using your hard drives, it completes most of its operations. Besides, the device is entirely offline, so it doesn’t require any internet connection and cloud storage, or passwords.

In simple words, to operate the device, you won’t have to download any program, and it doesn’t require any subscription fee or pay any other hidden costs.

Moreover, using the device is entirely safe and harmless, as it copies files from your device. So there is no chance for malware and spyware to install on your device and damage your important files.

ThePhotoStick Customers Reviews

When I decided to get the ThePhotostick device, I studied hundreds of reviews from experts and its actual users. In my study, I found the majority of the people are highly satisfied with the device.

Yes, some confess some minor complaints like slow shipping and the device are sometimes freezing. To help you make the right decision, I’ve gathered some of the user’s feedback right below this section.ThePhotoStick Customer Review ThePhotoStick Customers Reviews ThePhotoStick Customers Review

Where to Buy ThePhotoStick?

Where to Buy ThePhotoStickYou’ll find plenty of options for purchasing while looking for the Photo Stick device. But I’ll recommend you to buy it from its official site. It will ensure you get the original device right from the manufacturer’s hand.

When I looked for the Photo Stick on different e-commerce sites, I found many duplicate products mixed up with the original one. And, that’s the reason I had purchased mine from the official site and received the actual Photostick device right in time.

Moreover, you’ll receive a 40% discount on your purchase if you order it from the official store during the company’s promo campaign time. And, the good news is the promo offer is currently going on. You can claim the 40% discount offer just by going through the official site.

To assist you in quick access to the official site, under this section, I include the official link of the Photostick.

Let’s Talk About Their Money-back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee on the photostickBefore making any purchase, it’s wise to consider the after-sales service, such as warranties, money-back guarantees, and customer service. It will help you understand what you can do or what you can’t if there is anything wrong with the product.

In this case, photostick offers you a vast 60-days money-back guarantee. And, the countdown starts from the day Photostick shipped from the warehouse.

You can only claim the money-back guarantee if there is any manufacturing defect; otherwise, you can’t. Like, the product isn’t working, or it works once and then never works again.

You’ll get back the money without any conditions after requesting the money-back guarantee with a valid reason. But remember, you won’t be eligible for the money-back guarantee if the product is okay, and you are just returning it because you don’t need that anymore.

Frequently Asked Question

There’ll be a lot of questions that arise in your mind while reading ThePhotoStick review. To satisfy your curiosity, here in this FAQ section, I’ve included some answers to these questions that people mostly ask.

Does Photostick Work on More Than One Device?

There are no limitations on how many devices you can use the photostick. It supports almost every operating system, such as Mac, Windows, & Linux. That means, as long as the photostick has free space available, you can conveniently use it with multiple devices.

How Many Photos Can Photostick Save?

Well, it depends on which variant of the photostick you’re using. Currently, the device is available with three storage variants: 8-Gb, 64-Gb, and 128-Gb. With the 8-Gb variant, you can store up to 3500 photos, 64-Gb allows you to store 30,000 photos, and the massive 128-Gb can save 60,000 photos.

Does Thephotostick Need to Install Anything on My Computer?

No, the photostick doesn’t require any additional software to use on your computer. The device comes with built-in software, which automatically starts working once you plug the device into the computer’s USB port.

What Photo and Video File Types Can Thephotostick Find and Save?

It supports almost every picture and video format. Its auto finder software quickly detects Jpg, Jpe, JFIF, JPEG, GIF, ICO, PNG, BMP, Heic, for the image formats and Mov, Mp4, Wmb, Avi, M4v, 3gp for video formats.

Does Photostick Work With Smartphones/tablets (Android/ios)?

Yes, for that, you’ve to use the other version of photostick, which is known as ThePhotoStick mobile. With photostick mobile, you can easily back up images, videos, and other media files from your mobile to it.

Who Is the Supplier of the Product?

ThePhotoStick is supplied by “Prairie It, LLC.” It’s professional and commercial supplies and equipment wholesaler industry that are operated its business from Haxtun, CO, United States. It produces various digital storage devices like ThePhotoStick, ThePhotoStick mobile, etc. The company has a worldwide shipping system, so from wherever you place your order it delivers the product in front of your door within a very short time.

Support Team Contacts

Go through the following support link to contact with ThePhotoStick customer care support. After going through this link you’ll find an automatic live chat option. If you don’t find a solution through the automatic live chatbot, you can email them with your quires, and within 24 hours the support team will communicate with you.

Final Verdict

From now on, you don’t need to feel frustrated to back up your memories on your computer hard drive due to storage limitations. Just get the ThePhotoStick, and meet your storage needs with this advanced USB drive. It has enough space to meet the storage requirements of anyone.

For anybody who wants a secure, convenient, and efficient storage device to back up their priceless memories, ThePhotoStick is an ultimate option.

Moreover, the device’s self-operating systems save both your time and effort. Its auto file finder and innovative organizing system do all the tasks of a file back up automatically.

However, now that you’re at the end of this ThePhotoStick review, I believe you already understand why you should go for this masterpiece. Get the device right now with a 40% discount before the promo campaign ends! And, don’t worry about the investment; you have the 60-days money-back guarantee in your hand.


ThePhotostick Review

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What is ThePhotoStick

ThePhotoStick is an advanced software-enabled USB thumb drive designed to back up your memories automatically. As a self-configured device, it doesn’t require searching, selecting, and storing files manually. It does all these tasks automatically.

Ease of Use 10
Durablity 10
Value for Money 10
Build and Design 9

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