Bit Watch Review- Is it Any Good?

Everyone wants a smartwatch that has all functions of a complete smartwatch. Today, I brought up a smartwatch that has the quality and it is the Bit watch. Stay connected with the Bit watch review to discover all about the versatile smartwatch.

The latest digital clock, old-school analog clock, and dual time zone are the impressive features of the Bit watch. It has a fitness tracker, health tracker, smartphone assistance support, vibration reminder, crystal clear round-faced display, and resistant performance. Below, I have covered everything about the Bit watch.


Bit Watch Review

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quick Overview Of Bit Watch

A great combination of a digital and analog watch with a dual time zone. Complete your fitness goal, sleep and control your phone smartly.

Features 10
Ease of use 9
Value for Money 10
Build and Design 10

My Quick Overview of Bit Watch (1 Min)

quick Overview Of Bit WatchAs a technology freak, I always searched for the best of the best until I got my expected one. Bit watch is something that impressed me at first glance. After many investigations and comparisons with the premium quality smartwatches, I found; Bit watch is the most reliable one at this price range.

This innovative smartwatch could be the most satisfactory solution to enhance your lifestyle with its advanced quality features. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a health function or sports function from your smartwatch; the Bit watch is capable of fulfilling all of your needs.

It can help you measure your blood pressure, blood oxygen level, heart rate, and many more. In addition, this smartwatch has sleep tracking functions that allow you to identify your sleeping problem. By wearing this smartwatch, you can count every single step with its pedometer options. As long as Bit Watch is in your hand, you will never miss your important emails or text.

What Is Bit Watch?

What is Bit Watch - in depth reviewBit Watch provides me the feel of the analog and digital watches in my hand at the same time. The Bi time zones with this feel make the bit watch unique. It measures all health and sports parameters, including burned calories, steps, heart pulse rate, and many more.

The bit watch is easy to pair with smartphones through a compatible app. Without touching a smartphone, it allows me to take my calls, see messages and notifications. Its smart wake-up sensor lights up the smartwatch when I wake up my wrist. Its remote camera control allows you to take your picture without anyone's help

I am amazed by its water-resistant 0.96 inches screen because it presents everything clearly in daylight. Moreover, its connection quality and battery backup are very good. On a single charge, I have used it for 8 days on my hand and connected with my phone all the time.

What Makes Bit Watch So Popular?

What Makes Bit Watch so Popular - bit watch reviewThe Bit watch stands out for its unique features that are hard to find on other smartwatches. Let's discuss them:

Health and Sports Parameters:

The Bit watch accurately does step tracking, measuring burned calories, distance, sleeping qualities and movement status. On the app, I set daily goals and start the workout. It helped to reach goals and improve my fitness.

Notification Alert:

After connecting the bit watch, I can see my phone's notification on the watch screen. Also, it allows me to receive phone calls, see messages and control the camera. Its customizable vibration reminds me of all alerts. Also, the vibration works well as a night alarm to wake up at the perfect time.

Dual Face and Timing Display:

The round-shaped 0.96-inch vibrant display provides analog and digital watch faces at a time. Its viewing experience is a very clear day and night. In sunlight, I see all the data clearly. Also, it has bi zone time option that allows me to use the different times for home and office. These features make the Bit watch unique and special.

Blood Saturation and Pressure Tracker:

All smartwatches do not provide blood pressure and oxygen level measurements. But the bit watch has a built-in heart rate sensor and other sensors to measure pulse rate, BP, and blood oxygen saturation accurately. Also, it measures deep sleeping time so that I can take steps to improve my sleeping. This feature helps us to stay alert by notifying the health parameters.

Multiple Modes:

The Bit watch has different modes for different workouts. Each mode has different goals based on the types of workouts. The modes are sports, adventure, fitness, and basic. They are easy to switch on and off using the touch screen. Also, the modes can be changed from the connected phone app.


IP67 certification makes the Bit watch water-resistant. I have used it during rain and swimming. The high-end soft strap makes it comfortable to wear and I didn't feel irritated after 7 days of continuous use. Also, it is dustproof so that I can use the smartwatch anytime, anywhere.

Long Battery Life:

Though it has a vibrant HD display, I have got 8 days of backup after non-stop use. At that time, it was connected 24/7 with my phone. Also, its standby time is 15 to 18 days. The Bit watch recharges 100% within hours with the provided charger.

Smart Awake:

Most of the smartwatches light up after tapping on the display. But the Bit watch lights up with a rising wrist up. So if I sit in a place for a long time, the watch alerts me to stand up and go for a round.

How Does Bit Watch Work?

How Does BiT Watch Work

Bit watch works as a fitness tracker and smartphone assistant. It shows measured data on the watch screen and connected phone's display. I have got my heart rate tracking result, the oxygen level in the blood, blood pressure, and sleeping quality with accuracy. The sports mode shows distance traveled, steps, burned calories, and much more.

The Bit watch gives analog and digital watch feeling at one device. Its phone controlling feature allows me to manage calls, see messages, notifications, and camera. The vibration alert notifies every call, message, and alarm. It runs 7-8 days on continuous usage and stands by for 15 days.

How Can I Use a Bit Watch?

How Can I Use a BiT WatchBit watch is straightforward to set up with a phone and wear on hand to reach goals. Let me show how I use the Bit Watch:

  1. I wear the Bit watch in my hand and Switch it on.
  2. Then, I install the TYOUPRO app or any compatible third-party apps on my smartphone.
  3. Pair both devices through Bluetooth connectivity.
  4. Then choose the suitable mode from the basic, sports, and adventure modes.

After wearing the watch on hand, it reads your body through its sensors. Then, it shows all parameters in time with higher accuracy. I use it as my phone assistant because it allows me to manage calls, read SMS, notifications, and alerts. Daily data is recorded on the phone app, so I can compare the results.

Who Need Bit Watch?

Who Need Bit WatchBit Watch is designed for everyone regardless of their age and gender. Its easy user interface makes it very convenient to utilize. Plus, its high-quality and eco-friendly material makes it one of the best choices compared to other smartwatches.

For people who have a very tight schedule, Bit watch is one of the best options. Its intelligent notifications system continuously updates them about their next task to never miss a single project or meeting.

In addition, Bit watch is an excellent choice for sportspeople, athletes, and individuals who want to keep track of their body's vital signs.  The Bit watch could be your health tracker, a fitness guide, and a fashionable wristwatch.

Can Bit Watch Replace Apple Watches?

Can Bit watch Replace Apple WatchesIt’s a very tricky question, and the answer mostly depends on the user’s perspective. However, If you’re not a brand freak, the following explanation will surely help you make the most appropriate decision. Whenever you’re thinking of having a smartwatch instead of the Apple watch, Bit Watch could be the most eligible one for you.

Bit Watch features every single thing that you could expect from a premium smartwatch. Plus, the good thing is, it comes with a very affordable price range that anybody can have without thinking twice. It has advanced health and sports features and an intelligent notifications system to keep alert all the time. On the other hand, purchasing an Apple watch will cost a lot of money.

Pros And Cons

If you make up your mind to get the Bit Watch then I’ll recommend you to read the following section first. Below this section, I’m going to include some pros and cons of the Bit Watch that’ll help you to get a clear idea about this watch. As a result, you can easily understand whether the watch is capable of fulfilling all of your requirements or not.

  • Dual watch face and time zone.
  • All health and sports parameters measurement with accuracy.
  • Monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and blood oxygen level.
  • IOS and Android phones support.
  • IP67 water and dust resistant performance.
  • Sleep tracking and sedentary alert.
  • Smart call management and instant notification.
  • Remote camera control.
  • 96-inch vibrant display.
  • 15 days standby and 7-day constant usage backup.
  • It is not designed for kids.
  • Only sold on the official website.

Bit Watch Technical Specifications

Bit Watch Technical Specifications - product parameters


Brand: Bit Watch
Dimensions of the watch: 255mm(L) x 13mm(H) x 50mm(W)
Battery Capacity: 100 mAh
Waterproof Rating: IP67
Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0
Heart Rate IC: HR3300
Battery Type: Lithium polymer battery
Gravity Sensor: Yes
Standby Time: 15 days
Compatibility: Android and iOS
Color: Black or Silver

What Do I Get in the Bit Watch Order Box?

  • 1 x Smartwatch (BiT Watch Sport Dual )
  • 1 x Charging Stand (Magnetic)
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x User Guide

What Is Customer Saying?

Below, I have presented some Bit Watch user's sayings that can help you to make a purchase decision:What is Customer Saying about bit watch

  • I was surprised by all the features of the bit watch. I wanted to start following a healthier life, so I bought the watch. I can monitor my pulse rate and bp level. I also see the daily steps and through the app, it is easy to monitor my health anyway. Excellent purchase! – George Chaplin
  • I was looking for a smartwatch with a sporty but also elegant look. I certainly knew this bit watch. It counts steps, heartbeats, and much more. Above all, it connects very quickly to the mobile phone with Bluetooth. – Anna Marie

Is a BiT Watch Worth Buying?

Is BiT Watch Worth BuyingBit watch gives me everything I expect from a smartwatch and it even comes at an affordable price. The dual watch face, bi time zones, long battery life, all health and sports parameters are available in the Bit Watch. In the price range, no other smartwatches are providing these features.

Also, it provides highly accurate data and I tested it. The display of the Bit watch is another impressive feature. I can view all data clearly, even in sunlight. The modes allow me to use the bit watch in different workouts and reach the goals.

Where Can I Order The BiT Watch?

Where Can I Order The BiT Watch - ultimate guideIf you have decided to get the Bit Watch, you have only an option. It is sold by an official manufacturer. I recommend you to purchase it from here to get all the facilities and original watch. Grab a 50% discount on the Bit Watch right now and save your money.  The Bit watch manufacturer offers free shipping worldwide. Don’t miss the 3 years additional warranty of 10 dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are the explanations to some commonly asked questions about the Bit Watch:

Can Bit Watch Track Sleep Precisely?

Bit watch tracks your sleeping pattern and quality. It shows the deep sleeping time when you fall asleep wearing the bit watch. The data is presented statistically so that you can understand the sleep tracking.

Is the Bit Watch Suitable for Swimming?

Bit watch is IP67 rated that certifies its water-resistant performance. I have used it while swimming and didn't face any issues. But don't swim with it for a long time.

What if Customers Are Displeased With Bit Watch?

Bit Watch manufacturers offer a 30 days user satisfaction guarantee. If you are not thrilled with your Bit watch, you can back the watch to them within this period.

How Long Will It Take to Receive Bit Watch?

In the USA, the bit watch is delivered within 2-3 working days and 7-10 days outside the USA with free shipping.

Does a Smartwatch Work Without a Telephone?

Smartwatches are equipped with a display where most of the data is displayed under several menus. You can use smartwatches without a phone.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product?

BiT Watch became a trendy smartwatch because of its stylish appearance and super-exclusive features. The smartwatch is supplied by the company “NOVADS OU” which is situated in Tallinn, Estonia. Although the smartwatch is supplied from Tallinn, Estonia, you can have it from anywhere around the world through online purchase.

Support Team Contacts

Many of us worry about the after-sales support when purchasing anything online but with Bit Watch, you can stay relaxed. Below I’ll include the complete contact details of the Bit Watch support.

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, (24h available)
  • Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00 am to 14:00 pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)
  • Send an email to:
  • Novads OU
  • Valukoja, 22 11415 Tallinn, Estonia.

Final Thought

In the conclusion of the Bit watch review, I recommend the watch to everyone. Because it is the all-in-one boss in the smartwatch world. The fashionable design, outlook, comfortability, high-quality battery, resistant performance, and dual interface make the bit watch unique.

I easily measure my health and sports parameters on the watch in time. It helps me to control my phone calls, camera, check out notifications and texts. The smart wake-up and several modes make the watch cool for any activities. Get the Bit watch right now and be smart everywhere.


Bit Watch Review

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quick Overview Of Bit Watch

A great combination of a digital and analog watch with a dual time zone. Complete your fitness goal, sleep and control your phone smartly.

Features 10
Ease of use 9
Value for Money 10
Build and Design 10

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