5 Second Fix Vs Bondic – In Detailed Comparison 2024

When it comes to quick and easy repairs, there are two major players in the game: 5 Second Fix and Bondic. Both of these products promise to make fixing broken items a breeze. They use UV light to harden a liquid plastic that can be used to fill in gaps and cracks. However, there are some key differences between the two products. Let's take a closer look at 5 Second Fix Vs Bondic to see which one comes out on top.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bondic and 5 second fix are special types of adhesive that uses UV light to bond surfaces together. They are strong, fast-drying adhesive that can be used to fix almost anything.
  • Both the adhesives are waterproof and heat-resistant. Once the liquid hardens, it gets 100% waterproof.
  • UV lights are powered by a changeable battery. You can change the battery once it becomes dead.

5 Second Fix Vs Bondic: Comparison Chart

A quick look into both of them will help you give faster insights.

Our Pick
5 Second Fix
5 Second Fix
Works with
Works with
All surfaces
Most of the surfaces
Reaction Time
Reaction Time
4 seconds
5 seconds
80 drops
60 drops
Shelf life
Shelf life
1 year
2 years

5 Second Fix Vs Bondic: In Detailed Comparison

5 Second Fix Vs Bondic

What is Bondic?

Let’s start the bondic review with its definition. Bondic is a strong, fast-drying adhesive that can be used to fix almost anything. It works by bonding two surfaces together using a UV light. Bondic is not like traditional glue and can be used on a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, glass, and wood. Bondic is also waterproof and heat resistant, making it perfect for repairing broken items instantly. Whether you need to fix a broken toy or make a custom piece of jewelry, Bondic can help you do it quickly and easily.

What is Bondic

What is 5 Second Fix?

5 Second Fix is also a super strong liquid plastic welding compound that you can use to make quick and easy repairs. The glue sets in just 5 seconds, so it's perfect for fixing broken items around the house or office. 5 Second Fix is also great for crafting and hobby projects. The sky's the limit with this versatile product!

5 Second Fix

How Does Bondic Work?

Bondic is a liquid plastic welder that works by using a UV light to cure the plastic, which creates a strong bond that can hold up against just about anything. You can use Bondic to fix everything from broken glasses to holes in your car's bumper.

How Does Bondic Work

How Does 5 Second Fix Work?

The 5 second fix works almost exactly as the Bondic. It is made up of two parts, a clear liquid plastic welder and a UV light. The welder part is filled with a clear liquid plastic that hardens when exposed to the UV light. You need to apply the product to the surface that you want to fix, and then use the UV light to cure it.

Bondic Features

Bondic Features

Waterproof and heat-resistant

After completing the curing using the UV light, wait a few moments and make sure it is completely dried. After it gets dried, you can throw the repaired material in shower and it will get affected. Besides, it is highly heat-resistant. Both features make the Bondic an ultimate repairing solution for everyone.

Non toxic

Since the Bondic is made of non-toxic materials, it is completely safe to use. You can use it without worrying about any side effects. Moreover, it does not produce any fumes or odors while curing which makes it even more safe to use.

No color

You can use the Bondic on any surface without worrying about the color. It is completely transparent and once it gets dried, it becomes invisible. This makes it a perfect solution for repairing glass, plastic or any other clear material. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Yes, it does!

5 Second Fix Features

Easy to use

The 5 second fix is very easy to apply and does not require any expertise. Just apply the gel on the surface that needs to be repaired and hold it in place for 5 seconds with the UV light.

Super-fast repair

This product promises to fix your materials in just 5 seconds. It has a very fast drying time so you can use your repaired items right away.


The product doesn’t contain any kind of toxic chemicals. It is safe for you as well as for the environment.

How to Use Bondic?

If you're wondering how Bondic works, it's actually pretty simple. You have to start with preparing the surface you're working on. Make sure that the surface is clean and free of any dirt or debris. Once the surface is prepared, apply a small amount of Bondic to the area you're working on.

How to Use Bondic

Next, use the LED UV light that comes with Bondic to cure the adhesive. Simply hold the UV light over the area you're working on for a few seconds, and Bondic will harden and set.

Once Bondic is cured, it's incredibly strong and durable. You can use it to repair broken plastic, attach two surfaces together, or even build new structures from scratch. And because Bondic is water-resistant, it's perfect for use in a variety of different environments.

How to Use 5 Second Fix?

The 5 second fix works quite like the bondic. To use 5 Second Fix, start by cleaning the surface of the item you wish to repair. Once the surface is clean, apply the adhesive to the area and hold it in place for five seconds. The adhesive will set quickly, so be sure to align everything correctly before letting go.

How to Use 5 Second Fix

Once the adhesive has set, it will be strong enough to hold most materials together. However, for a stronger bond, you can apply heat to the area using a hair dryer or heat gun. Simply hold the heat source about six inches away from the repair and wave it back and forth until the adhesive is melted. This will create a permanent bond that is ideal for heavy-duty repairs.

Working Material (Bondic)

So, with which material Bondic does work with? Well the question should be which one it doesn’t work with! You got it right. It works with almost every sort of surface. However, they work like beast on-

  • Containers
  • Wood
  • Fingernails
  • Leather
  • Glass
  • China
  • Fabrics
  • Plastic

Working Material (5 Second Fix)

5 second fix is also works with almost all the surfaces including-

  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Electronic equipments
  • Resin
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes
  • Clothes

Pros & Cons of Bondic

  • Works on all types of surfaces
  • Dries within 4 seconds
  • Permanent bonds
  • Non-sticky
  • No training needed
  • Requires to prepare the surface
  • Comparatively pricier

Pros & Cons of 5 Second Fix

  • Takes 5 seconds to dry
  • Fill cracked instantly
  • Permanent solution
  • Clear dry
  • Easy to use
  • Less quantity

Where to Buy Bondic?

Bondic is available for purchase online at the official Bondic website, as well as through select retailers. If you're interested in purchasing Bondic, I recommend checking out the official website first to see if there are any promotions or discounts currently available. You can also find Bondic at major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Prices may vary depending on the retailer, so be sure to compare prices before making your purchase.

Where to Buy 5 Second Fix?

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable solution to your broken household items, look no further than 5 Second Fix. This popular repair kit can be found online so finding the right one for your needs shouldn't be difficult.  It is available on Amazon, and Walmart.

5 Second Fix Vs Bondic: Our Recommendation

So, which one should you go for? Well, both the plastic welders work almost the same. However, they have some differences on reaction time, price and the quantity of the liquid. The 5 second fix comes with 60 drops of liquid while the Bondic comes with 80 drops of liquid. However, the Bondic’s price is little higher than the 5 second fix.

Considering the fast reaction time, I would go for the Bondic. But if you’re looking to save some extra bucks, you’re welcome to choose the 5 second fix.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I use any UV light with Bondic?

Yes, you can use any UV light with Bondic. Bondic is a UV-curable adhesive that works by using a UV light to cure the liquid adhesive. Just make sure that the light is strong enough to cure the adhesive. However, to get the efficient result it is recommended to use the original one that comes with the package.

How long does Bondic glue last?

Bondic glue lasts forever if properly applied. Even its shelf life is over two years. That means you can use it for all your bonding needs without having to worry about it drying out or losing its potency. If you're looking for an adhesive that will actually last forever, Bondic is the way to go!

Is Bondic UV light harmful?

There is some UV light exposure when using the product, but it is not harmful. Bondic uses a very low level of UV light, which is the same level of UV light that is emitted by the sun. So, there is no need to worry about any potential health risks.

Is 5 Second Fix waterproof?

Yes, 5 Second Fix is waterproof! You can use it to repair leaks in pipes, sealant cracks in the shower, or even to fix a cracked phone screen. Just apply the glue to the surface and hold the UV light for 5 seconds. The glue will harden and create a waterproof, durable seal that will last for years.

Is Bondic waterproof?

Yes, Bondic is completely waterproof! It's a liquid plastic welder that bonds metal, plastic, and even glass together. It hardens in seconds when exposed to UV light, and forms a strong, durable bond that can withstand any amount of water.


So, these were the 5 second fix vs bondic comparison. I hope you find it helpful in making your final decision. Let me assure you, whichever option you choose, you're getting a quality product that will get the job done.


Bondic Review

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Why Is Bondic Better Than Super Glue

Bondic is a strong, fast-drying adhesive that can be used to fix almost anything. It works by bonding two surfaces together using a UV light. Bondic is not like traditional glue and can be used on a variety of materials, including plastic, metal, glass, and wood.

Features 10
Ease of Use 10
Value for Money 9
Build and Design 10
  • Works on all types of surfaces
  • No training needed
  • Non-sticky
  • Permanent bonds
  • Dries within 4 seconds
  • Requires to prepare the surface
  • Comparatively pricier

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