Whippy Charge Review 2024 – Does This Magnetic Charger Really Work? 

Imagine a situation: your phone’s battery is low, and you’ve plugged your charger, but it’s not working. In another case, you’ve connected your charger to your phone, but the phone is not charging or charging at a low speed, and your phone is overheating. What about you’ve come to a new place, and you’ve forgotten your phone’s charger at home? Now, you’re not finding the proper chord to charge your phone.

These situations are too irritating, right?

I bet every smartphone owner must have gone through such situations once in a lifetime. Those happen because of mangled charging chords. In many cases, you may have yet to find the appropriate charging tips to charge your phone.

There are tons of all-in-one charging cables in the market, but most of them fall flat when it comes to fast charging, efficacy, and flexibility. To solve this problem, Whippy Charge introduced its most innovative all-in-one charging cable that can charge almost all smartphone devices. If you’re looking for a charging solution with multiple charging tips and the ability to fast charging, then Whippy Charge is the right choice for you.

In this whole hog Whippy Charge Review, I am going to stretch out the ins and outs of this charging cable. To learn more, stick to this review article.


Whippy Charge Review

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Whippy Charge LegitScam

Whippy Charge is an innovative and multi-functional charging cable designed to ensure a fast, secure, and uninterrupted device charging experience.

Build and Design 10
Value for Money 9
Durablity 10
Ease of use 10
  • 540 Degree Rotation
  • Fast Charging
  • Dust Proof
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Stock out fast due to high demand
  • Only available to buy online

What Is Whippy Charge -The Charging Cable of The Future

Whippy Charge is an innovative and multi-functional charging cable designed to ensure a fast, secure, and uninterrupted device charging experience.

In the present world, there are numerous smartphone brands, and each year, we see a race of fast charging technologies. Some companies introduce fast chargers that charge a phone 0-100% within 30 minutes—some claim to have the best charger in the market in terms of durability. Most importantly, there are various types of charging tips, and among them, the most popular charging tips are micro USB, type-C, and lightning cable. In recent years, most brands have used type-C charging tips to charge phones, and this charging tip is the most popular one right now.

Whippy Charge Review 2023- Does This Magnetic Charger Really Work

As you can see, different individuals use different smartphones and have different charging tips. If you’re an IOS user, you have to use a lightning cable, though recently, Apple promised to come up with Type-C charging tips for all its upcoming devices, and we’ve seen the implementation on iPhone 15. If you’re an Android user, you may use type-c or micro USB to charge your device. So, there are different options for different individuals.

Other than phones, devices such as cameras, speakers, wireless earpieces, etc., can also be charged by your phone’s charger. But the charging tips they use may vary. To cater to the needs of various charging tips, Whippy Charge come up with a visionary solution.

They introduced a unique charging cable with a 540° rotational ability (360° rotation+ 180° head rotation) to make charging more convenient. Additionally, it has a magnetic charging head that can attach different charging tips. Now, you can watch movies and streams, play games, and chat with your friends without bending or damaging your charging cable.

Keep reading this detailed Whippy Charge review to learn more about this next-gen charger.

How Does Whippy Charge Work?

Whippy Charge is a fast, flexible, and magnetic charging cable that can attach different charging tips according to the needs. The most significant feature of this product is its magnetic head and rotational ability.

How Does Whippy Charge Work

In the market, you can find tons of all-in-one charging cables claiming fast charging and many more. But only some of those deliver what they promise. To meet those challenges, Whippy Charge developed a solution that can ensure fast charging, durable cable, rotational head, magnetic charging tip attachments, and many more.

Whippy introduced a magnetic rotational head that can attach different charging tips. We often have to bend the cable according to our comfort, which damages the cables. But with Whippy Charge, you don’t have to bend the cable because you can rotate the cable and the head 540°. This flexibility offers a convenient solution to the users. Whippy Charge cable can be connected to any adapter with a USB port. The use is simple and flexible.

Whippy Charge is designed to deliver uninterrupted charging for every device. You can charge your Android phone, iPhone, MacBook, laptop, Bluetooth speakers, earphones, etc. It has an LED light indicator to show you whether it’s working or not. If you’re looking for a cable that will last longer than your conventional cable. Then, it would be best to try the Whippy Charge all-in-one charging cable.

Whippy Charge Main Features and Benefits

Whippy Charge is a multi-device charger, and it serves numerous functionality and benefits to the users. Here are some amazing features and benefits I found, they are;

1. 540° Full Rotation

The Whippy Charge cable has a drop-dead feature, which is 540° rotation (360° rotation + 180° head rotation). This feature benefited me in various ways. My past charging chords were damaged due to the bending. I had to bend the charging chord while gaming and streaming.

540° Full Rotation of Whippy Charge Magnetic Charger

But those conventional chords are not built strong. As a result, those chords mangle inside and give faulty charge, which causes device overheating, malfunctions, etc. Now, with the Whippy Charge cable, I don’t face the hassle of bending the charging cable.

2. Versatile

The Whippy Charge is versatile. The designer showed brilliant innovation while designing the product. With flexible rotation, this chord can attach different charging tips for your device. It can attach a micro USB, Type-C, lightning port, etc., to charge your distinct devices.

If you have an iOS or Android device, you can charge both with this single chord. You can charge your MacBook, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth earphones, camera, etc., with this Whippy Charge cable.

3. Rotating Magnet

The head of this charger has a strong magnet that can attach to any port designed to fit magnetically. The charging tips, such as the lightning port, type-C, micro USB, etc., can be attached easily with this magnet, offering an easy and convenient attachment without damaging the port.

4. Fast Charging & Overheat Protection

Whippy Charge cable can deliver fast charging to the device. Additionally, with fast charging, it provides overheating protection by controlling voltage smartly. You can charge your device rapidly and quickly without the fear of overheating.

5. Dust Proof

The design offers a dust-proof solution to your device. It prevents penetrating dirt and dust inside your device while charging.

6. LED Indicator

The charging tip has a blue LED light indicator, showing that the cable’s working perfectly. You don’t have to grope around places to find this cable at night. Just find out the blue light and insert it into the charging port of your device.

7. Durable Built Quality

Durable Built Quality of Whippy Charge

Whippy Charge comes with a coating of nylon braid, which is highly resistant to split or break. The coating is more durable and strong than the other standard charging chords. Beneath the nylon braid coating, an Anti-Interference layer protects the overall wires.

Additionally, the core or metal wires are double-protected by an insulation layer and a bold copper core. In a word, the cable comes with a few shields that protect the inner wires from damage.

The manufacturer claims that they have tested the cable with 10000+ bends. This test proves the cable is durable and highly resistant to break or mangle.

8. Money-Back Guarantee

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to the customers, which is an added extra benefit for those who thoroughly test any device before buying. This offer also ensures peace of mind for the customers and value for their investment.

30-day money-back guarantee of Whippy Charge

There are ample of benefits come with this Whippy Charge features. It can convert your frustration into an amazing charging experience. Take a look, who can use this gadget.

Who Needs a Whippy Charge?

The all-rounded benefits and functionality of Whippy Charge made it more acceptable to its users. If you own any smart device that requires charging, then Whippy Charge can be a great deal for you.

Who Needs a Whippy Charge

This cable can benefit everyone who owns smartphones, tablets, laptops, and many other devices. If you’re a traveler and travel now and then, this Whippy Charge can save you time and space. You don’t have to carry several charging cables. Just take a power adapter and plug it with Whippy Charge and enjoy uninterrupted charging benefits for all your devices.

You don’t have to carry long wires with you and fear of losing them. The whippy all-in-one cable can handle all your devices. The cable is super flexible to carry, and it won’t get damaged upon folding. If you work more on your laptop or phone, this cable will reduce your worries about charging the device.

If you’re a normal individual who loves to keep new technologies such as updated smartphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth devices, Amazon devices, and much more, you can consider adopting this Whippy cable. It’s a one-stop solution for your devices.

Where Can You Get Whippy Charge?

The innovative universal charging cable Whippy Charge is exclusively available on its Official Website. The cable is not only designed to charge, but also loaded with some handy functionalities.

Where Can You Get Whippy Charge

You can find thousands of all-in-one charging cables in the market, but getting one with multiple benefits like 540° rotation, different charging port attachments, and fast charging capabilities is difficult. The manufacturer of this Whippy Charge delivers this product to its customers without involving any intermediaries to avoid alteration of the product.

The manufacturer of Whippy Charge is offering a 55% discount on their official website, which makes the product even more cost-efficient than the conventional ones. On top of that, the company is offering a 30-day cash-back guarantee to ensure the peace of mind of the users.

So, don’t worry about your investment because you can request a refund if any inconvenience occurs. Furthermore, the company is committed to fast shipping within the nation.

It’s high time to bid adieu to your tangled charging chords and replace them with Whippy Charge and explore amazing offers. Visit the website now and own your Whippy Charge now!

Whippy Charge Pricing

Among the tons of all-in-one charging cables, Whippy Charge stands out of the crowd by offering multi-functionality, fast charging, and durable quality at a cheaper cost. Each combo contains a cable and three charging tips.

Whippy Charge Pricing

Here’s the pricing of Whippy Charge available at the moment on the official website.

1x Whippy Charge at 25% off

  • Retail Price- $39.99 + shipping fees
  • Offer price- $29.99 + Shipping fees

3x Whippy Charge at 50% off

  • Retail Price- $119.97 + Shipping Fees
  • Offer Price- $59.94 + Shipping Fees

5x Whippy Charge at 55% off

  • Retail Price- $199.95 + Shipping Fees
  • Offer Price- $89.95 + Shipping Fees

Whippy Charge: Legit/Scam?

There are various options available in the market, promising fast charging and all. But getting the right one is a mammoth task. Hence, the question of its legitimacy is valid and relevant. I was skeptical at first about the legitimacy of this product. After researching about it and ultimately using the product, to my utter surprise, the product served me what the company promised.

Whippy Charge LegitScam

On the other hand, the company’s offering a 30-day cash-back guarantee, so I thought, why not give it a shot? The company delivered authentic and genuine products. The manufacturer doesn’t involve any intermediaries in the supply chain. So there’s barely any chance of alteration of the product.

Based on numerous ratings and reviews from users, there’s no doubt about the legitimacy of this product. I have been using this product for a long time and have found no issues. Additionally, the cable is still serving its best with satisfaction. If you require a one-stop solution to charge your devices, this can be a feasible and ideal option.

What Customers Say About Whippy Charge?

Here are some views of some users.

What Customers Say About Whippy Charge What Customers Say About Whippy Charge

What Customers Say About Whippy Charge

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions that might answer yours too.

Will the Magnets Inside Whippy Charge Cause Any Long-Term Damage to My Device?

No, there's no need to worry. Whippy Charge's magnets are designed to create a secure connection without posing any risk of damage to your phone. They are strong enough for a secure connection but not strong enough to harm your device, ensuring its safety over time.

Is It Simple to Detach the Connector Tip from The Charging Port of The Device?

No, under regular daily usage, Whippy Charge's connector tip will remain securely attached to your device's port.

Will My Device Maintain Its Water Resistance Even when The Connector Tip Is Inserted?

While the presence of the connector tip inside your phone's charging port should not significantly impact its waterproof or water-resistant properties, there is a possibility that water might become trapped within the tip if the phone is submerged in water. This could lead to corrosion. To avoid potential issues, it's advisable to thoroughly dry both the tip and your device after removing them from water. Charging your device before ensuring they are fully dried may potentially result in damage to your device or charger.

Does Whippy Charge Have the Capability to Support Data Transfer or Work with Features Like Apple Car Play or Android Auto?

No, Whippy Charge does not support data transfer or work with features such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

How Robust Is the Magnetic Connection of Whippy Charge?

Whippy Charge boasts the distinction of being the most robust magnetic fast charging cable available in the market. It's so sturdy that it can lift your iPad without disconnecting from the device!

Bottom Line

In essence, in the crowd of tons of all-in-one charger sellers, finding the right one can be a tough task if you’re irritated by the tangled charger that isn’t charging your device and damaging your device by overheating it. It’s the right time to switch your charging cable.

Whippy Charge introduced one of the most innovative cables that can solve your charging experience. The Cable has many functionalities, which is the talking point in this Whippy Charge review.

The company only provides cables through its official website so that only authentic and genuine products go to the customers. The company is offering a whopping 55% discount on Whippy Charge. On top of that, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee and quality customer service for any issue.


Whippy Charge Review

Buy Now
Whippy Charge LegitScam

Whippy Charge is an innovative and multi-functional charging cable designed to ensure a fast, secure, and uninterrupted device charging experience.

Build and Design 10
Value for Money 9
Durablity 10
Ease of use 10
  • 540 Degree Rotation
  • Fast Charging
  • Dust Proof
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Stock out fast due to high demand
  • Only available to buy online

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