Ultrawash Max Review [2024] – Is It Worth Buying?

We see some annoying strains in our clothes that cannot be removed through hand washes and regular washing machines. So, what can we do? The latest ultrasound washing technology can help us to remove these types of spots from the clothes. While searching for this type of washing device, I discovered UltraWash Max. Let's discover the UltraWash Max's all along in the UltraWash Max Review.

The UltraWash Max is a smart cleaning device that washes all laundry within 15 seconds. It uses a reverse turbine to ensure deep and safe ultrasonic cleaning performance. Also, you will get double water splashing while washing clothes, jewels, utensils, etc., with the UltraWash Max.


Ultrawash Max

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Does Ultrawash Max Work

Ultrawash Max is a USB-powered and portable washing machine that cleans items using ultrasound. The reverse turbine produces the ultrasound and cleans all positives and negatives from clothes within 15 seconds.

Features 10
Ease of use 10
Value for Money 9
  • Clean all types of strain for less than 30 minutes.
  • Intelligent interaction and anti-tangle technology prevent clothes damage.
  • Deep ultrasonic and fresh bubble cleaning.
  • Timer for automatic cleaning.
  • It only works with 1kg of laundry in the pot.
  • Product is not available all time and only sold by the manufacturer

My Quick Overview of Ultrawash Max (1 Min)

UltraWash Max is an advanced technology home gadget designed to help you wash clothes, small jewelry, utensils, etc. It comes with many innovative features to assist you in effective cleaning that removes all types of stains from your clothes.

Besides, the plus point is the device is very small, compact, and highly portable; you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. And, its USB connection for powering the device makes it very convenient to use.

Trust me, cleaning your dirty clothes has never been so easy as it’s now possible with UltraWash. Its four individual cleaning modes (turbine cleaning, ultrasonic vibration, auto-circulation, and bubbling cleaning) give you the best cleaning experience.

What Is Ultrawash Max?

What Is UltraWash Max - quick reviewUltraWash Max is a USB-powered and portable washing machine that cleans items using ultrasound. The reverse turbine produces the ultrasound and cleans all positives and negatives from clothes within 15 seconds. You can wash almost 1kg of laundry in each session with the device.

I use detergent powders while washing laundry. The UltraWash Max makes the washing better with the detergents. It works perfectly in water and I never faced any issues with powder and liquid detergent. With clothes, the portable washing machine helps me to clean my dishes, jewels and so on.

The UltraWash Max does not tangle clothes. If you want to do other tasks with washing clothes, set the timer of the UltraWash Max. After completing the wash, it will stop itself. It does not consume as much power as washing machines and your electricity bills will be saved. Only need 6 watts power supply to use the ultrasonic washing chassis.

Does Ultrawash Max Work?

Does Ultrawash Max WorkIt’s a pretty common question for the new users of this device. And, I understand your concern before investing your money in it. Well, UltraWash Max is an innovative washing device to clean your clothes. It comes with many high-tech features with a very affordable price range that makes it highly popular among users.

With its physical appearance, it may seem like a very simple device. But the technology that is used in it for cleaning makes it highly efficient and effective. Due to its portable shape and USB power-up system, you can use it anywhere you go.

With four different cleaning modes, you can remove any stain from your clothes in less than 30 minutes. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any assistance while cleaning is progress; it does all the job automatically.

So in the meantime, you can do your other tasks and stay relaxed, as it does its jobs perfectly. I’ve been using this gadget for a long time to clean my clothes. And, honestly, it changes my lifestyle. I use this device to wash my clothes in batches, and I get an excellent result every time.

How Does Ultrawash Max Work?

How Does UltraWash Max WorkThe UltraWash Max works as a portable multifunctional washing machine. Its reverse turbine creates vibration and ultrasound to remove any stains from the items. Within 15 seconds, it can detach the debris effectively. You can use laundry detergent and other cleansing agents in the bucket for better cleaning.

While cleaning, the UltraWash Max prevents clothes from tangling. I have washed my jewels, utensils, and much more using the device. It has a built-in timer for an automatic and stress-free cleaning experience. Also, it can be immersed in the water without any trouble.

Key Features of Ultrawash Max

key Features of UltraWash MaxThe UltraWash Max stands out for its effective performance and some outstanding features. They are mentioned below:

Ultrasonic Deep Cleaner:

UltraWash Max uses ultrasound to provide deep cleaning. The ultrasound creates vibration and debris is easily detached. While working, it does not tear clothes, crush jewels, and dishes.


Though it is electric-powered but designed to use underwater. It is constructed with waterproof materials. The connection stays outside of the bucket. Its cable does not cause problems in operation underwater. If you use UltraWash Max underwater for a long period, it will never stop working. I have used it for over 30 minutes several times.

Double Action Turbine:

The turbine creates ultrasound and vibration using a powerful clutch system in the water. Its reverse process splashes the water in the pot with full effort. So, you will get auto circulation cleaning.


We basically use a washing machine to wash clothes and fabrics. The UltraWash Max can be used to clean dishes, jewels, and much more you want to clean. Because the ultrasound cleaning system can remove all types of stains from any item.

Anti-tangle Technology:

Anti-tangle technology prevents tangling in clothes. The UltraWash Max has intelligent interaction that prevents clothes from tangling. So, your clothes will be perfect after cleaning.

Automatic Timer:

UltraWash Max has a timer setting so you can set the washing time. And, it allows you to do other household chores. Its maximum timing for each session is 5 minutes. After the session, I restart it again and continue the process until I get the desired cleaning.

Fresh Bubbling Cleaning:

UltraWash Max creates a bubble in the water using its ultrasonic turbine. Bubbles provide fresh and deep cleaning with eliminating stubborn stains. It produces small bubbles, so the cleaning will be faster than the big bubble cleaning.

Efficient & Portable:

It is a 6 watts washing chassis and looks like a small box. I powered it with a power bank during my trip to wash clothes. It detaches the stains within 15 seconds, which is time-saving.

Specifications of Ultrawash Max

  • Manufacturer: asiproper
  • Dimensions of the product: 32 x 32 x 5.5 cm
  • Weight: 1.22 kG
  • Mode: 4
  • Details of the modes: Turbine, auto circulation cleaning, ultrasonic-vibration, bubbling
  • Power: USB-powered

Why Use Ultrawash Max?

Why Use UltraWash MaxUltraWash Max is extremely portable and a very powerful cleaning device to wash your cloth. This incredible device is capable of removing all kinds of stains from your cloth with its advanced cleaning process in less than 30 minutes. Apart from cleaning clothes, using this device has some other significant benefits. Below in this section, I’ll include some of them:

It Saves Your Time:

I think UltraWash Max is a must-have device for busy people who have rarely any time to do household chores. Because when you have this device, you don’t have to spend your precious time washing your clothes. The device does all the job on behalf of you once you sort your cloth and set the timer on the device. It doesn’t require any of your assistance so while the device is cleaning your cloth, you can do another task.

Less Your Effort:

If you clean your clothes by yourself then you know how much effort it requires to remove any kind of stain from the clothes. But when you switch to UltraWash Max, it does all the job without your assistance and that’s how it minimizes all of your efforts for cleaning clothes. All that it requires is to some detergents on the cleaning bowl and set the device. You don’t need to scrub your clothes, the device will do this job for you.

Extremely Portable:

By washing machine that we usually know is something big and giant. UltraWash will change your thought. It’s a very compact and extremely portable device that’ll easily place on your palm. Because of this portable shape, you can take it anywhere you go and clean your clothes effortlessly.

Automatic Function:

UltraWash is an automatic functional device and you know automatic devices are always great. Once you set the device with its timer, you don’t need to oversee the washing process until the cleaning is complete. After the set time period, come back and rinse your cloth and let them dry.

Affordable Price Range:

One of the best things about UltraWash Max is, it comes with a very affordable price range compared to the benefits it provides. Plus, the durable construction of this device allows you to use it for a long period of time. Consequently, you’ll get a long time service from this device.

Pros & Cons

Every product has some positive side and negative side. Before getting the product if you know about them then you can make the most appropriate decision for you. To help you in this regard, right below this section, I’ll include some pros and cons of UltraWash Max that I’ve personally experienced.

What do I like?
  • Clean all types of strain for less than 30 minutes.
  • Intelligent interaction and anti-tangle technology prevent clothes damage.
  • Deep ultrasonic and fresh bubble cleaning.
  • Fabrics, jewels, dishes, etc. Can be cleaned easily.
  • Convenient and you can use it anywhere with a USB power source.
  • Timer for automatic cleaning.
What could be better?
  • It only works with 1kg of laundry in the pot.
  • Product is not available all time and only sold by the manufacturer

What Problems Does It Solve?

What Problems Does ultrawash max SolveUltraWash is capable of solving many of your daily life problems. Just think about the hassle that you face every day with your clothes for cleaning. When you’ve UltraWash Max, this hassle task turns into an enjoyable one.

You don’t have to do anything to clean your clothes after setting up the device. All that it requires is to select your preferred modes to clean the clothes, and that’s it. It takes 30 minutes or less to wash your clothes and remove all the dirt from them.

Meanwhile, you can do your other task as it doesn’t require any assistance from you. It’s one of the most significant plus points of this gadget that you won’t get from other devices.

Moreover, when you go on any vacation, one of the biggest problems you’ll encounter is cleaning your clothes. If you’ve UltraWash in your hand, then you don’t have to worry about that, no matter wherever you go.

Due to its compact and portable shape, you can carry it with you and use it whenever you need it. These are the reasons UltraWash Max has become one of the must-have devices of your house.

How Can I Use UltraWash?

How Can I Use UltraWash max washing machineThe use of UltraWash Max is very simple. Below, I have explained how I use it:

  1. First, I pour the bucket with enough water and mix cleaning powder.
  2. Then, put the items I want to clean.
  3. Immerse the Ultrawash Max in the bucket. It is better to attach the Ultrawash Max to the barrel wall.
  4. Then connect the Ultrawash Max with the power source.
  5. Set the timer for automatic cleaning. Also, it can be used manually.

I use the UltraWash Max for 15 to 20 minutes for 1kg laundry. Very simple!

Is Ultrawash a Scam?

Is UltraWash max washing machine a scam or legitAs per my experience, Ultra Wash Max is not a scam. It offers outstanding features and cleaning performances. Let's see them at a glance. Its reverse technology-based turbine creates ultrasonic vibration in the water, which can eliminate any stains. Washing machines only clean clothes, but the Ultra Wash Max works with utensils, fabrics, jewels, etc. Just power it through a USB power supply to run it to clean your items. Then use the timer option for auto cleaning.

What to Look for Before Buying Ultrawash Max?

What to Look for Before Buying Ultrawash Max portable washing machineIf you have decided to get the UltraWash Max, know about its functions. Its operation is very simple but works only with 1kg laundry weight. You need to use it for several sessions for bulk clothes. So, check its ease of usability based on your demands.

Get the UltraWash Max from an authorized source and check the warranty. Also, go to the UltraWash Max manufacturer's website to check the latest price and discount offers. Never forget to read customer reviews who already used the UltraWash Max.

What Makes Ultrawash Max So Special?

What Makes UltraWash Max so Special gadgetThe smart UltraWash Max device comes with so many advanced features and outstanding functions that make it an incredible device. Among all the features and functionality, the first thing that impressed me about this device is its portability.

Once you have this device for yourself I’m sure you’ll also be surprised by its size, shape, and portability. The device is very compact and extremely lightweight that allowing you to carry it wherever you move. Don’t think that it is less efficient due to its size, its advanced cleaning process is capable to remove any kind of hard stain from your cloth.

After portability, the second thing that I love about this device is its electricity consumption. It requires very little power of energy compared to a traditional washing machine. Consequently, you can save lots on your electricity bill. Plus, its automatic function shut down the device after a certain period so if you’re not around the device to turn the power off, it does its job. This will surely save a lot of electricity consumption.

Finally, it’s a versatile device that can be used in multipurpose work. Along with cleaning clothes, it can be used for cleaning dishes, jewelry, etc.

Customers Review of the Ultrawash Max

It’s not a secret that customers know about the products better than anyone else. So it would be great if you read some genuine buyer’s reviews before making your purchasing decision.Customers Review Of The UltraWash Max Customers Review Of UltraWash Max what Customers says about UltraWash Max

To help you in this matter, I have studied a lot of reviews of the customers and found very positive feedback from them. To clear your doubt down this section, I will include some of the user’s feedback.

Where Can I Order It?

Where Can I Order It ultrawash maxThe Ultrawash Max is only marketed and delivered via Ultrawash Max manufacturer. I recommend getting UltraWash Max from here to avoid fake products. By paying 10 dollars more, you can grab 3 years warranty.

UltraWash Max comes with a 50% discounted rate. In this range, it is worth the cost. You can get up to a 71% discount on 2 or more purchases. After purchasing, your Ultrawash Max will arrive at your doorstep with 0 shipping charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that people frequently asked about this device over the internet. Below I’m including some of them.

Can It Be Used to Wash Underwear?

Yes, it’s a suitable device to clean underwear. Even you can use it for children’s laundry as well. UltraWash is an absolute device for personal use and you can use it for washing any kind of clothes.

How Can I Get Mine?

To get UltraWash Max, you’ve to visit its official site. Click any of the above mention links to go to their official site or click here.

Is It Suitable for Family Use?

Yes, it’s. Using UltraWash Max you can clean all kinds of clothes, jewelry, and dishes of your family members. Moreover, you can take it with you and your family to go on a vacation.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you get the UltraWash Max right now, you’ll get it with a  50% discount, and do it hurry because this promotional offer will exist for a limited period of time. During this promo campaign, you’ll get UltraWash Max at the following price:

  • 1x UltraWash Max at $67.
  • 2x UltraWash Max at $134.

Remember, the higher quantity you purchase the bigger discount you’ll get per unit.

Who Is the Supplier of the Product?

The demand for UltraWash is skyrocketing; the more days go by, the more it becomes popular among users. Due to its excessive demands, sometimes it gets stock out. And here the question arises who are the suppliers of the product and why it’s not available all the time.

Currently, UltraWash is supplied by a Hongkong-based company, “Hyper Sls Ltd” and delivers the product worldwide. The company has an expert team panel who are maintaining the supply chain process for this product.

Support Team Contacts

Here are the contact details of the support team, through this information you can contact the customer care service representative and ask your queries.

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, (24h available)
  • Brazil: +552135003992
  • Email: care@urpurchase.com
  • Hyper Sls Ltd
  • 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

Final Thought

You can get auto circulation, ultrasonic, fresh bubble, and turbine cleaning from the Ultrawash Max. After that, there is no chance of having stains on your clothes, dishes, jewels, etc. In the Ultrawash Max review, I have explained my overall experience with the portable washing machine.

Within 15 seconds, the independent washing machine detaches stains. It saves your time, is easy to use and carry. With a little effort, it provides complete cleaning. So, why be late? Get your Ultrawash Max right now and have a stress-free deep cleaning experience.


Ultrawash Max

Get Upto 50% OFF Today!
Does Ultrawash Max Work

Ultrawash Max is a USB-powered and portable washing machine that cleans items using ultrasound. The reverse turbine produces the ultrasound and cleans all positives and negatives from clothes within 15 seconds.

Features 10
Ease of use 10
Value for Money 9
  • Clean all types of strain for less than 30 minutes.
  • Intelligent interaction and anti-tangle technology prevent clothes damage.
  • Deep ultrasonic and fresh bubble cleaning.
  • Timer for automatic cleaning.
  • It only works with 1kg of laundry in the pot.
  • Product is not available all time and only sold by the manufacturer

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