Trigger Point Rocker Review – Relieve Your Back Pain in Just 10 Minutes

If you have been dealing with back or neck pain recently, you should not ignore it. Experts advise never to take any issues related to your back or neck lightly as it can be a signal to something more prevalent.

You can now use Trigger Point Rocker, an incredible device, to relieve your back and neck pain in just 10 minutes or less. Not everyone can afford to visit a doctor whenever they suffer neck or back pain. This is where the device comes to do its job.

Have you ever considered giving it a try? I have, and it was one of the best decisions I made for myself, which is why I will be sharing all the good things I experienced while using the device, along with its unique features and benefits, in this Trigger Point Rocker review article. Tag along!


Trigger Point Rocker

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How Does Trigger Point Rocker Work

Trigger point rocker is a device that replaces traditional lengthy massages to help people find relief from persistent trigger point pain in the back and neck.

Value for Money 10
Durablity 10
Features Rate 9
Ease of use 10
  • Lightweight and portable
  • No-drug solution; doctor-designed
  • Restoring spinal alignment
  • Lifetime of relief; affordable
  • East to carry
  • Stock out fast due to high demand
  • Only available to buy online

Trigger Point Rocker reviews: Overview

Now that you know that a Trigger Point Rocker is supposed to alleviate pain caused by constrained muscles, I will give you a critical review of what it is, how it works, and how you can use it to relieve your ailing back and neck.

Trigger Point Rocker reviews Overview

What Is a Trigger Point Rocker?

Trigger point rocker is a device that replaces traditional lengthy massages to help people find relief from persistent trigger point pain in the back and neck.

Dr. Aaron Fu, a visionary doctor, proposed a relief device to help people relieve neck, back, and shoulder pain in the comfort of their homes.

He worked with the nature of trigger points and combined his clinical experience with the character of myofascial trigger points to develop this amazing product that would target the taut muscle bands.

What Is a Trigger Point Rocker

It did wonders for me! Occasional muscle aches have been pretty ordinary for me. But I began to experience severe neck and back pain as working from home became the new normal, and I had to spend most of my time sitting in front of my computer.

Alongside the medical help and doctor's advice, I wanted something that would make my work from home more relaxing. That's when my friend introduced me to the Trigger Point Rocker, which changed my life!

Including this device in your everyday life is very easy. It has a simple, minimalistic design that produces a solid and effective result. And the best part – it is also affordable!

How Does Trigger Point Rocker Work?

The Trigger Point Rocker works by focusing on the trigger points. Before we dive any deep, we need to understand the science of trigger points first. A trigger point is a sensitive patch of tense skeletal muscles.

As the muscle gets contracted tightly over a long period, it becomes sensitive as it disrupts the blood and oxygen supply to the area.

How Does Trigger Point Rocker Work

Tender, taut muscle bands can cause several issues, including stiffness, body and muscle aches, pain, headaches, and inability to function normally.

As doctor Aaron Fu dealt with his numerous patients, he could see a pattern in the source and types of their pain. Most cases of the neck, back, and shoulder pain involved 12 common trigger points.

This led him to develop a device that would focus mainly on the 12 trigger points and help alleviate the pain. It is designed with 12 knobs positioned per these 12 trigger points.

The product stimulates the sore muscles that have been depriving themselves of the needed oxygen and blood. As the painful areas get regular blood and oxygen again, the pain begins alleviating.

You can use Trigger Point Rocker to get relief from:

  • Back, neck, or shoulder pain
  • Bad posture
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Troubled movements or normal functions
  • Physical limitations
  • Tension headaches

Special Features of Trigger Point Rocker

Trigger Point Rocker is the best non-drug approach to slowly but effectively relieve the pain caused by trigger points. It is rare to get such benefits without the involvement of any diagnostic techniques and medicine, especially painkillers. Check out the unique features of Trigger Point Rocker that I put together below.

Wide height and weight range for the users

Trigger Point Rocker is made considering users of a wide range. If your weight is below 136 kg and your height is between 150 to 200 cm, you are eligible to use the Trigger Point Rocker.

Wide height and weight range for the users

Stiffness adjustment options

A Trigger Point Rocker has two stiffness adjustment options – regular and heavy settings. The standard setting applies a fair amount of pressure, while the heavy setting is a bit firmer but substantial.

Unique design; available in two colors

What I really appreciate about the Trigger Point Rocker is that it has a very straightforward design. The product comes with a simple and uncomplicated appearance that makes it very easy to use.

The product is available in two colors – orange and black. Also, the bottom is always black with a shiny texture, and the top part is rubberized with knobs.

Lightweight and portable

Another incredible feature of Trigger Point Rocker is that it is lightweight and portable. It is so handy that you can carry it anywhere with you.

It doesn't need wires, batteries, or other elements to operate. You need just the device to enjoy its numerous benefits.

No-drug solution; doctor-designed

Trigger Point Rocker is a no-drug doctor-designed solution to your back problems. However, the manufacturers don't recommend relying solely on this device if you are suffering from chronic and severe back or neck issues like scoliosis and are undergoing a curated treatment.

However, it still does wonders for people suffering from long-term back and neck issues. And you can bid farewell to those painkillers that may relieve your pain for the time being but cause more problems in the future.

Health and Fitness bundle

Another incredible feature that impressed me was the inclusion of the health and fitness bundle in one of the offered varieties. In this bundle, you will get a sling bag, a posture corrector, tube resistance bands, and dynamic loop bands.

All of these additional elements help make the process of healing and relieving your pain easier. While the sling bag is designed to carry the Trigger Point Rocker, you can use other elements for stretching, chest press, and posture corrections.

Health and Fitness bundle

Restoring spinal alignment

The design of the Trigger Point Rocker keeps your correct posture in mind. The slightly angled areas of the device align with your back in a way that will improve the posture by restoring proper alignment.

Restoring spinal alignment

Lifetime of relief; affordable

With Trigger Point Rocker, you're bringing home a lifetime solution for all your back problems. The products last a lifetime without getting damaged. And since no batteries or spare parts are involved, maintenance is pretty straightforward.

Also, Trigger Point Rocker is an affordable option to solve your persisting back pain. Unlike your other massage sessions, you only have to pay for a Trigger Point Rocker once.

Benefits Of Using Trigger Point Rocker

Back and neck pain is not something you get as you get older. Modern inventions and ways of living sure have their perks, but they also significantly affect our health. So let's check out how Trigger Point Rocker can benefit you in dealing with these issues.

East to carry

I love that I can carry my trigger point rocker practically everywhere. There are a lot of relief devices available in the market that you can't bring with you, but it is so easy with the trigger point rocker.

Helps body to destress and relax

As Trigger Point Rocker works on the stiff and stressed muscles, they slowly loosen up. It helps your body to destress and finally relax.

Helps body to destress and relax

Effortless to operate

You don't have to do much to benefit from a Trigger Point Rocker. You can just lie down on your back and move a bit to let the knobs activate the trigger points on your back – that is simple!

Utilizes user's body weight

Trigger Point Rocker uses your body weight to your advantage. It works when you lie down on your back on the device and move slightly.

Your body weight allows your back to press firmly on the knobs when lying down. And then, as you joggle, the knobs get to stimulate the contracted muscles.

Utilizes user's body weight

Fits Almost Everyone!

You rarely have to worry about a Trigger Point Rocker fitting your body. As it has a wide range of body weight and height, almost everyone can benefit from a Trigger Point Rocker without incurring any risk.

Fits almost EVERYONE!

One-time purchase; lasts forever!

Once you purchase a Trigger Point Rocker, it will last forever. It is a fantastic factor about the product. The money you have to spend while buying it is worth the benefits you reap.

No more spending on countless massage therapies

Finally, the best part about the Trigger Point Rocker is that you won't have to spend thousands of dollars on countless massage therapies.

Therapies may still be necessary for some people, but in most cases, including the Trigger Point Rocker, spared them from going to expensive therapy sessions.

Improves mood and sleep cycle

People with continuous back pain often find it hard to fall asleep at night or sleep peacefully. As the Trigger Point Rocker works on the knots and loosens the stiff muscles, it allows your body to relax, which helps to improve mood and sleep cycle.

How To Use a Trigger Point Rocker?

One of the best things about a Trigger Point Rocker is that it is not complicated. Anyone can use it to correct their postures and relieve back neck, or shoulder pain. Following is an easy two-step guide to using the Trigger Point Rocker.

Step 1: Place the Trigger Point Rocker in a suitable area

First, you must find a suitable area where you can place the Trigger point rocker. As you will enjoy the benefit of lying down on your back, you need adequate space to do that.

Place the Trigger Point Rocker in a suitable area

Step 2: Lie down and joggle

Joggling helps! Yes, now you have to lie down on the Trigger Point Rocker and joggle to let the knobs do their magic on the trigger points.

Lie down and joggle

And that's it! It targets issues caused by repetitive movements, sitting in the same place for too long, inactivity, and stress. Simply setting up the device, lying down on it, and tilting your body can help you relieve the persisting back and neck pain.

What I liked about the Trigger Point Rocker?

Following are the things that I absolutely loved about the Trigger Point Rocker.

Scientifically verified and doctor-recommended

Trigger Point Rocker was created by a doctor and endorsed by other doctors, and it is scientifically proven to alleviate back pain. I liked that I could use the product confidently without risk or side effects.

Works as a backrest

I benefited greatly from the fact that I could use the Trigger Point Rocker as a backrest. If you have to work sitting for a long time, this might become your savior – as it did for me! All you have to do is place the TRP in a way that will align with the trigger points on your neck and back.

Works as a backrest

Helps to improve posture

Trigger Point Rocker works on the trigger points to relieve the pain and stiffness and improves your posture by activating and strengthening the spine muscles.

Helps to improve posture

Trigger Point Therapist

With the inclusion of Trigger Point Rocker, I could skip my massage therapist appointments without feeling guilty.

While, of course, treatments and professional's assistance are critical to treating any ailments, it is not always possible to make time for therapy sessions every day.

Especially if you've been dealing with such pain for a long time, you already know it's not going anywhere. This device can become your trigger point therapist and save the expense and time it would take to visit therapists and chiropractors.

Excellent quality product and top-notch customer support

If I'm talking about what I liked about the Trigger Point Rocker, I have to mention the quality of the product. I received my product in the perfect state, and it has been supporting me ever since.

The company strictly uses the best quality materials to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, their customer service is top-notch and world-class.

The people working at the customer service center are very polite and eager to talk to you and listen to your queries. On this note, if you're considering purchasing it, I suggest you speak to their customer care and clear your doubts.

Sixty days return policy

Manufacturers rarely offer this kind of long trial period to their consumers. Nonetheless, you can purchase and return your product within 60 days of your purchase. This timeline allows you to check if the product suits your lifestyle.

What Should Improve about the Trigger Point Rocker

  • The maximum weight limit may not work for some. People weighing over the range won't be able to benefit from the Trigger Point Rockers.
  • Due to high demand, the product is often declared stocked out. While it's a good thing for the manufacturers, many consumers don't get to purchase one when they require the support.

What Makes Trigger Point Rocker So Popular?

In our lives, we don't get to press the pause button even when our body is aching from all the hard work it has to endure throughout the day.

After a tough day at work, you don't just get to come home and rest peacefully. One has many other responsibilities, including cleaning the place, taking care of the kids and home, grocery shopping, and so many household tasks; the list can go on.

What Makes Trigger Point Rocker So Popular

Among all these tough jobs, we hardly get time to relax our body and give them the rest it deserves. Just like this, we are busy preparing for a future that will be meaningless if we are unhealthy and fit.

Our busy schedules and less attention to our health can lead us to develop various health issues that include neck and back pain. Although it is quite common, people often worry about breaking the bank over countless physical therapy sessions and chiropractor appointments.

This is where a Trigger Point Rocker comes to help! It works by targeting the issues related to your spinal health and alleviates the pain so you can live your everyday lives more peacefully.

Since it is affordable, doctor-curated, and supports almost everyone, it is incredibly popular among users.

Who is Trigger Point Rocker suitable for?

Trigger Point Rocker is suitable for a wide range of people. It is a safety device designed and built carefully by experts to target the problematic Trigger points on your back and alleviate the pain.

Who is Trigger Point Rocker suitable for

It works like magic and takes only 10 minutes to provide quick relief, sometimes less than that. Almost everyone can use Trigger Point Rocker, except for these people:

  • Young ones and people whose heights are below 5′ (although there is no minimum height limit, this works the best)
  • Extremely tall adults – designed for a maximum height of 6’6”
  • Obese adults – maximum weight limit of 300 lbs
  • Pregnant women
  • People with recent surgery (less than a year ago)
  • People with severe back-related diseases or issues, like scoliosis

Is Trigger Point Rocker Safe To Use?

A Trigger Point Rocker is safe to use. There are still some limitations, such as being unsuitable for pregnant women, young children, or someone under serious medication and treatment.

Is Trigger Point Rocker Safe To Use

Also, there’s a maximum weight and height limit. But all of these still offer an extensive range for many users to use and benefit from this device. Remember that a trigger point rocker is not supposed to provide a permanent solution to a chronic issue with your back or neck.

However, suppose you have been dealing with back problems. You may already know that most of them don't go away and require regular massages, therapy sessions, and lifestyle improvements. This device can help you in this journey.

Improving your lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean changing it completely. Instead, it is to ensure that you prioritize your health over everything and instill modifications in your habits and movements to lead a more fulfilling life.

Trigger Point Rocker is a health and fitness equipment to support your spinal muscles. It is not made for treating an ailment, and it’s not a medical device. Also, if you are suffering from back or neck injuries, get help from a doctor.

Are you curious about the product? Don’t look elsewhere; get the original Trigger Point Rocker from the authentic website.

Consumer Review Of Trigger Point Rocker

I have shared my experiences of using the Trigger Point Rocker. Now, check out more consumer reviews to see what more people feel about the device.

Consumer Review Of Trigger Point Rocker

“ I am using the black Trigger Point Rocker and my physio-recommended exercises. It is helping me strengthen my lower back. Also, I am enjoying it as a massage pad!”

-Dons G.

“I've benefited more from the Trigger Point Rocker than I thought! No matter what I do throughout the day, be it my workouts, physical training, or a day at work, I try to sit down to get immediate relief. I didn't think it would be such an amazing experience!”

-Xander J

“I am an osteopathic doctor, and I encounter many issues regarding neck and back discomfort daily. I'm pleased that a medical expert has created a secure and reliable technology to help people with such issues.”

-Dr. Garrett

Trigger Point Rocker Pricing & Refund Policy

Trigger Point Rocker company offers you three bundles that you can purchase to enjoy various benefits.

  • Buy one Trigger Point Rocker for $79.99 plus shipping.
  • Buy one Trigger Point Rocker + one Posture Corrector for $99.99 plus shipping.
  • Buy one Trigger Point Rocker + Health & Fitness Bundle for $149.99 plus shipping.

Keep in mind that the company often comes up with special discounts and offers that last only a short time. Don't fall for other eye catchy offers made by resellers, get your Trigger Point Rocker from the original website.


The company offers its customers a 60-day timeline to return the purchased product. If you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase or find out it's not the right one, you can quickly return it within 60 days.

Where Can I Buy a Trigger Point Rocker?

You can buy Trigger Point Rocker directly from its website. The original manufacturer of the device, ‘Trigger Point Rocker Systems' manufactures it. It is an American-based company located in Irvine, California.

Dr. Aaron Fu was the one who came up with the device to help people find an easy and affordable way to relieve their back, neck, and shoulder pain by targeting the trigger points.

Don't get fooled by others trying to benefit from the fame of Trigger Point Rocker. The original company sells carefully manufactured, science-backed, doctor-curated Trigger Point Rockers at an accurate price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trigger Point Rocker does much more than alleviate your back pain. As more people are getting interested in the device, more queries are coming forward. I am including some commonly asked questions below so you can find all the answers in one place.

How Do I Properly Position The Product When Using It?

Positioning the Trigger Point Rocker is easy. First, I have to find a suitable place to unwind the device. Next, I will sit on the bottom part and slowly lie down on my back, making sure that the knobs are pressed firmly on my back.

Then I can move my hands back and relax. According to the manufacturer, the top two knobs are supposed to fit the occipital region of the skull.

How Long Should I Use a Trigger Point Rocker For Each Time?

If you are a new user with stiff knots on your back, the wise way will be to start slowly. The manufacturer of Trigger Point Rocker recommends that users use the device for 15 minutes at one time. According to many users, the pain begins to subside after 10 minutes of use.

I Have Scoliosis, Will This Work For Me?

It depends on the severity of your condition. Scoliosis can be of two types – mild or severe. If you have severe scoliosis, you should only receive treatment with your doctor's advice and recommendations.

People with mild scoliosis have experienced relief from the Trigger Point Rocker as per the trial tests conducted by the manufacturer to test the product. In any case, it is best to consult with a doctor beforehand if you have scoliosis.

Does It Hurt To Use The TPR?

It may be painful at first due to the stubborn knots forming over a long time. As you continue using the device, all those knots will start loosening up, giving you relief from the pain. But trust me on this, the pain in the initial state is nothing compared to the relief you will get after some time.

Can massage make trigger points worse?

While massaging helps most of the time in alleviating the pain of stiff muscles, it may not be the right solution for most cases of trigger points. First of all, you should only massage the trigger points for a short time at one time.

Secondly, it takes direct and firm strokes for the knots to loosen up and release. Sometimes, irregular rubbing can result in aggravating the trigger points.

What are the leading causes of trigger points?

According to researchers, the most common causes of developing trigger points are severe trauma or reoccurring micro-trauma.

Some factors that contribute to micro-trauma development are prolonged poor posture, sitting in one place for too long, joint problems, repetitive movements, sleep deprivation, lack of exercise, and vitamin deficiencies.

Conclusion: Trigger Point Rocker Reviews

Trigger Point Rocker has been a life-changer for me. As I have to spend most of my time sitting in the working chair in front of my computer, I needed something space-savvy, budget-friendly, easy-to-use, and most of all, effective. I got all of these in the Trigger Point Rocker.

If you are someone suffering from neck, shoulder, or back pain for a long time and have tried most methods to keep the pain at bay, you can try the Trigger Point Rocker. However, if your pain is severe, it is better to consult with your doctor first.

Since there are no side effects from using Trigger Point Rocker and it is almost effortless, it can be a good way of alleviating your pain while keeping your life on track.


Trigger Point Rocker

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How Does Trigger Point Rocker Work

Trigger point rocker is a device that replaces traditional lengthy massages to help people find relief from persistent trigger point pain in the back and neck.

Value for Money 10
Durablity 10
Features Rate 9
Ease of use 10
  • Lightweight and portable
  • No-drug solution; doctor-designed
  • Restoring spinal alignment
  • Lifetime of relief; affordable
  • East to carry
  • Stock out fast due to high demand
  • Only available to buy online

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