ThinOptics Review: The Best Choice for On-the-Go Vision Correction

Thank god I've finally settled on a particular pair of reading glasses. Thinoptics are incredibly thin. When I put them on, the frames fit perfectly.

I used to wear Regular reading glasses but it did not work out too well for me. So I wanted a pair of glasses that are easy to carry and that I could use easily to look over things.

Thanks to ThinOptics, which fits my requirements quite well. I can attach them back to my cell phone, which I've got with me all the time. They are flexible and durable as well.

So if you are looking for a set of glasses, Thinoptics is a great way to always have a reader with you.



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What Is The ThinOptics

ThinOptics refers to reading glasses. But unlike regular reading glasses, ThinOptics are ultrathin, lightweight, and the most flexible reading glasses in the world.

Ease of use 10
Features Rate 9
Value for Money 10
Build and Design 10
  • Premium Optical Grade Material
  • Nitinol and polycarbonate frame
  • Extremely comfortable
  • The bridge is flexible
  • Easy to Get Lost In
  • Glass won't remain in place at wind

ThinOptics Review: Overview

When I first received the product, I didn't know what to expect, but it surprised me in every possible way. So I immediately decided to start writing about it, but I took my time.

I asked many other consumers and experts if they had the same experience as mine. After hearing from them, I finally want to write about it. I believe you will find this helpful.

What Is The ThinOptics?

ThinOptics refers to reading glasses. But unlike regular reading glasses, ThinOptics are ultrathin, lightweight, and the most flexible reading glasses in the world.

What Is The ThinOptics

My experience with conventional reading glasses was less satisfactory. Regular glasses have a side that extends over the ears, but ThinOptics don't. That makes Thinoptics more flexible.

On top of that, ThinOptics are convenient reading glasses. They can be  attached to the nose securely. I can easily adjust the thin optics to fit them in the ideal spot on my nose, sliding them down toward my nose or my eyes.

Wearing Thinoptics, I can do anything I want. In addition to reading small print, I can watch TV, gaze out the window, or work on my desktop. There is no question about the gasses' adaptability and ability to serve a number of functions.

Main Features Of ThinOptics

Thinoptics comes with exceptional features. These glasses stand out from conventional optics due to their unique construction material, flexibility, and security. A few of ThinOptics' main features are listed below.

Main Features Of ThinOptics

Premium Optical Grade Material

ThinOptics are made of premium optical material resistant to repeated blows or other hazards. Even if you step on the optics, it is highly unlikely that the lens or frames will break.


This is the most stand-out feature of portable reading glasses. As stated, I can easily clip them onto my nose and adjust them depending on whether I am reading books or watching TV. Also the bendable frame adds extra flexibility to this high-quality product.

Nitinol and polycarbonate frame

From what I can tell, polycarbonate has a low haze factor and ensures complete luminous transmittance. On the other hand, the nitinol frame offers flexibility and strength for numerous applications.


Thinoptics don't have side arms, but they are made so that I can wear them anywhere on my nose without them slipping off.

How Does The ThinOptics Work?

It works the same way as regular reading glasses. Simply remove the glasses from the case and place them on your nose. While reading, you can position the optics close to your eyes for the best view. Additionally, you can move them downward for other uses.

How Does The ThinOptics Work

The ultra-thin case with Thin Optics was easy for me to attach to the back of my phone. I never worry about leaving them at home or forgetting to bring them when rushing to the office.

Because they are made of sturdy material, I never have to worry about knocking them over. Also, Since i can carry these lightweight glasses with my phone, I don't have to carry an extra pair of readers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ThinOptics

While I love those glasses so much, after having them for a few weeks, I have faced a few issues as well. As I have stated, this will be an honest review; now it's time to keep my word.

What Do We Like About ThinOptics?
  • I spent around $15 for +1.5 ThinOptics, and they are worth the money.
  • They are super thin. Most probably the super thinnest in the world
  • The bridge is flexible, so I can fold it however I like, but one should avoid folding it needlessly.
  • ThinOptics are extremely comfortable, and I occasionally forget I'm wearing glasses.
What We Don't Like About ThinOptics?
  • The glasses are so delicate and tiny that they are easy to get lost in.
  • If there is wind outside, the glass won't remain in place

Is ThinOptics Worth It?

For me, it's worth every penny. Before deciding to switch to thinoptics, I have used regular glasses for many years. These little magnifiers helped me overcome many difficulties. I never have to carry glasses anymore.

Is ThinOptics Worth It

Since they can be attached to a phone, it is unlikely that I forgot to bring them with me. Above all, they are the perfect size to read small words at a decent distance and for other purposes.

I have four of them and have set each one up in a different spot. While one remains with me, the other is in my reading room, and one is at my desk. This little beauty always stays with me.

What Is the Difference Between ThinOptics And Regular Reading Glasses?

The core difference between ThinOptics and regular reading glasses lies in flexibility, price, durability, and design. Let's compare them side by side to find how they differ.

Points of difference ThinOptics Regular Glass
Price Not Expensive Expensive
Flexibility More flexible Less Flexible
Durability More durable Less Durable
Design Unique Design Common Design
Weight and Comfort Lightweight and comfortable A bit heavy

Price Difference

The price difference between thinoptics and regular glasses is minimal. While I had to pay between $14 and $50 for a pair of regular reading glasses, thin optics cost around $15.


Differences in flexibility also set them apart from one another. ThinOptics is more flexible than the regular glass in that you can bend it any way you want. On the other hand, regular glass has sides over the ears and is less flexible.


ThinOptics are thinner than nickel and probably the thinnest optics in the world. It can be attached to your phone, which is impossible with regular glasses.

Weight and Comfort

The difference between ThinOptics and regular glasses also lies in comfort and weight. Thinoptics are lightweight compared to regular glasses.

In terms of comfort, thinoptics are far more comfortable than regular glasses. Sometimes it's easy to overlook the fact that you have glasses on your eyes. Thinoptics, hold your nose gently.


Thinoptics are unique in their design. They have flexible bridges. On the other hand, regular glasses do not have such unique features.

ThinOptics Price & Refund Policy

ThinOptics has a flexible pricing option. Their pricing options include regular prices, best deals, and the most popular offers. If you buy a single unit, you have to pay around $15. You receive more discounts the more you purchase.

You can make a sizable savings of up to 40% if you purchase it right away. just go to the product sales page for the detailed price.

Thinoptics have an excellent return policy and hassle-free 30 Money-back guarantee. If you're unhappy with the product, you can ask for an exchange or return it within 30 days of the original purchase.

You can get in touch with the following address to ask for an exchange or refund.

Warranty Department of ThinOptics

Where Can I Purchase It?

There are a few ways you can buy ThinOptics. You can buy directly from the official site or third-party retailers. You will receive several benefits if you purchase it directly from the official website. Third-party retailers charge more, whereas you will get a discount from the official site.

Where Can I Purchase It

Also, if you have to return or exchange the product, you can directly talk to the authority. I purchased mine from the official website. If you buy the glass from the official site, things are much easier and less complicated.

Thinoptics also offers international shipping check out details in their official site. Shipping rates and fees for international orders depend on the locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

By now, I believe many of your doubts regarding ThinOptics have disappeared. Customers did, however, ask some common queries, so being aware of them before placing an order might be useful.

When it comes to reading, are the lenses of high quality?

ThinOptics is made from optical-grade polycarbonate, which has a low haze factor and ensures complete luminous transmittance. This is so popular and is often found in the many prescriptions and non-prescription eyeglasses. Therefore, there is no doubt of the Lens strengths of thinoptics.

What are the dimensions of the case?

The case's overall measurements are 3.75 inches by 1.9375 inches and 3/16 inches thick. This universal pod can be attached to hard flat surfaces, especially in the back of the phone, wallet, or pocket.

Is ThinOptics Reading Glasses Durable?

Made from shatterproof optical-grade polycarbonate, thinoptics are more durable than you think. The nitinol-made bridge is more elastic than steel. Even if you accidentally step on it, glasses are unlikely to break.

Is there a warranty?

ThinOptics provides the warranty for the product. Thinoptics have a 6-month warranty from the original purchase date, which is only applicable to the original purchase.

However, the warranty does not cover accidental damage, lost screws, or stolen glasses.  ThinOptics also offers a 30-Day Money-Back Warranty to make its consumers happy.

What is the Available lens length?

Thinoptics are available in various lens lengths. This length ranges from 0.75 to 1.25, 1.25 to 1.75, 2.25 to 2.75, and 3.75 to 3.75. Therefore, you can choose from the available options if you have a prescription.

Who Is The Provider Of The Product?

ThinOptics® is the inventor of this product. The company is partnered with Giddyup, which distributes the product. Giddyup presents special discounts to consumers you won't find from third-party retailers. It is a good idea to purchase the product from the official site, which means you are directly helping the product's inventor.

Support Team

The support team is available to answer your questions regarding Technical Support, returns, and anything else product or order-related. The support staff can be reached directly at

Summary: ThinOptics Review

Overall, my experience with ThinOptics was impressive. It has fulfilled my necessity in every possible way. Hopefully, my experience with this product will help you make your decision. I would say do yourself a favor and buy a pair of these magnificent glasses right away.

Before I wrap up this blog, I want to give you a few pieces of advice. Because the glasses are so thin, it is important to be mindful of wearing them because otherwise, you risk forgetting and accidentally scratching your nose, which will cause the glasses to come off.

Additionally, avoid wearing thinoptics outside when there is too much wind because they won't stay on. Well, that's all from me. If you haven't already, you can directly  order it here.



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What Is The ThinOptics

ThinOptics refers to reading glasses. But unlike regular reading glasses, ThinOptics are ultrathin, lightweight, and the most flexible reading glasses in the world.

Ease of use 10
Features Rate 9
Value for Money 10
Build and Design 10
  • Premium Optical Grade Material
  • Nitinol and polycarbonate frame
  • Extremely comfortable
  • The bridge is flexible
  • Easy to Get Lost In
  • Glass won't remain in place at wind

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