ThePhotostick Mobile Review 2023 – Does It Really Work?

Almost every smartphone user is facing storage problems with their phones frequently. That’s because, after a couple of months of using the storage of our phones gets full of photos, videos, and other media files.

In such a situation, to store new files, either you’ve to delete your old memories or shift them into another storage device to make some space. I have brought up an incredible device for you to eliminate this problem. The device I’m talking about is known as ThePhotoStick mobile.

It’s an auto-configured device that will back up all of your media files in a faster process. After using this gadget these days, I’ve decided to write ThePhotoStick mobile review to share my user experience with you.

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ThePhotostick Mobile Review

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How Does the photo stick Recover Photos

ThePhotostick Mobile is a small USB thumb that comes with built-in software to help you with an automatic file backup system. It’s designed to solve your phone storage problem.

Ease of Use 10
Value for Money 10
Design 9

My Quick Overview of ThePhotostick Mobile(30 sec.)

Quick Overview of ThePhotostick MobileThePhotostick Mobile is a small USB thumb that comes with built-in software to help you with an automatic file backup system. It’s designed to solve your phone storage problem. The device is available with three different storage variants 64-GB, 128-GB, and 256-GB that can hold thousands and a thousand photos, videos, and other media files.

It becomes highly popular among people because of its superfast and organize file backup system. ThePhotostick Mobile backs up 1000+ regular-sized photos & videos within a minute, and its intelligent organizing system automatically deletes the duplicate file. If you have this gadget in your hand, you don’t have to worry about the storage of your phone and from now on you’ll never lose your sweetest memory.

ThePhotoStick Review – My Honest Opinion

I have been using ThePhotostick Mobile for almost six months. And based on that uses experience, I can say that it’s an incredible device for the photographer and anybody who loves to store their memories in a secure place.

As a satisfied user of this gadget, I think it’s my responsibility to share my experience with you. Below in this ThePhotoStick mobile review, I’ll tell you my honest opinion about this device based on my uses experience.

Introducing the Photostick Mobile

what is the Photostick MobileThePhotoStick Mobile is an advanced quality USB flash drive. It’s powered by sophisticated software that’s programmed to store all of your media files quickly and conveniently.

The device is designed in the most innovative way to assist you in storing all of your media files in photos and videos format.

Moreover, the device is self-operated; it does all the tasks of storing files automatically. All you have to do is to plug in the device and give a command to back up files through the app, and your job is done.

The speed of the file backup is impressive. It smoothly backs up 1000+ regular-sized photos & videos within a minute.

Another thing I highly appreciate about the device is its intelligent file organizing system. Its smart organizing system detects duplicate files and deletes them to save the space of your device.

ThePhotoStick Mobile comes with four variants based on storage capacity. With the highest variant, 256-Gb, you can effortlessly store up to  37,600 photos.

What Makes It So Efficient?

What makes the photostick so efficientIt may seem to you just like a regular USB OTG flash drive in your first look. So, with its outer look, you might consider it as an ordinary USB drive.

Here, you can make the mistake of judging the device too quickly. Although the device is similar to a regular flash drive by its outer look, it’s different from the inside. The device is powered by intelligent software that makes the device a highly efficient one.

The advanced software of ThePhotoStick Mobile helps you quickly scan, store and organize all of your media files. You won’t have to set up any system to back up your photos and videos in it. It does all the tasks automatically and saves your time and storage space.

Features of ThePhotoStick Mobile

Features of ThePhotoStick MobileThe PhotoStick mobile comes with so many excellent features for its users. Look at the below section if you don’t know about these features yet. Here, I’m going to show you some of these features that I have experienced by myself.

Automatic Configuration:

ThePhotoStick Mobile is an auto-configured USB flash drive that works perfectly with your android and iOS operating systems. You don’t need any internet connection to back up your files with this device. Just plug in ThePhotoStick Mobile on your smartphone, and it’ll automatically back up all of your media files.

NB: The auto-configuration of the ThePhotoStick Mobile makes your file backup system a hassle-free task. It’s a plug-and-play device that completes all the tasks by itself.

Safe and Secure Storage:

You can easily protect your memories with its secure storage option. As the device is wireless and doesn’t require any Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection, nobody can spy on the information that you store in it. It secures your file like cloud storage, but you don’t have to pay a monthly subscription for that.

NB: If you don’t want to spend a lot of money securely storing your files in cloud storage, ThePhotoStick Mobile is the best wireless file storage option.

Store All of Your Memories in One Place:

Keeping all of your memories in one particular place is one of the most significant advantages of ThePhotoStick Mobile. All you have to do is plug the USB device into your phone's USB port, and the device will automatically store all the media files of your phone in it.

NB: ThePhotoStick Mobile helps you back up all of your media files in one particular place. It allows you to access them whenever you need them.

Super Fast Speed:

Well, the file backup speed of ThePhotoStick Mobile is incredibly fast. I have never seen any USB flash drive with this much speed. It can successfully back up 1000s of photos within one minute. Backing up your phone’s media file has never been so fast as ThePhotoStick Mobile.

NB: So, if you’re searching for a super-fast speedy device to back up your files, go for the ThePhotoStick Mobile.

Huge Storage Facility:

No matter how many media files you have, with ThePhotoStick Mobile, you can easily back up all of them. The device comes with three variants as 64-GB, 128-GB, and 256-GB.

With the lowest 64-Gb variant, you can back up to 9,400 average photos and videos, and with the highest 256-Gb, you can conveniently store 37,600 photos. With this huge storage capacity, you can effortlessly back up all your media files.

NB: As long as you have the ThePhotoStick Mobile, you don’t have to worry about your phone’s storage.

Back-Up Your Files Ongoing Basis:

ThePhotoStick Mobile comes with a smart file organizer that quickly identifies the new files of your phone and backup them instantly. So, if you want to back up your files continuously with ThePhotoStick Mobile, you can effortlessly do that.

Just connect the device to your phone’s USB port once a week. The device will detect all the new files of this week and quickly back up them. Through this process, you can back up all of your recent files on an ongoing basis.

NB: The smart organizer of ThePhotoStick Mobile helps you easily backup all of your media files continuously. Its innovative duplicate file detection process skips the existing files and stores the new ones.

Pros and Cons of ThePhotostick Mobile

Pros and cons of ThePhotoStick MobileIf you’re still confused about whether it’s a suitable device for you or not, then read the following pros and cons of this device. It’ll help you to make a quick decision.

  • Very user-friendly device
  • Storage up to 60,000 photos and videos
  • Automatic file storage software
  • Smart organizer that deletes duplicate files
  • Dedicated apps for android and iOS both
  • Easy to transfer files on the computer and other devices
  • Extremely portable
  • The device store every single media file of your device
  • Only offline backup system

How Does Photostick Mobile Work?

How does Photostick mobile workPhotostick mobile works with a straightforward process, where you have almost nothing to do except plug in the device and give the command. As an automatic/self-operating device, it does all the tasks by itself.

Let’s know the process step-by-step:

  • Download the Photostick mobile app on your phone. The device has a dedicated app for both Android and iOS operating systems.
  • Once the app is downloaded on your phone, plug the device in the charging port of your phone.
  • After plugging in the device, open the Photostick mobile app.
  • Now, tap on the backup file options, and your job is done.

The device will scan all your phone’s media files and copy all the files automatically from your phone to Photostick mobile.

How Does It Recover Photos?

How Does the photo stick Recover PhotosRecovering photos with a Photostick mobile is effortless. The device has a dedicated app to quickly recover pictures from your phone to device or device to phone.

Here in this section, I will show you how you can recover photos with the Photostick device.

  • First, Download the Photostick app on your smartphone and install it.
  • Then plug in the Photostick mobile on your phone.
  • Open the app and tap on the “Backup Now” button.
  • Once you click on the button, the app will start scanning all your phone’s media files and make a backup of them.
  • While creating the backup, it detects the duplicate files and deletes them automatically to free your space.
  • Once the backup process is complete, you can delete those files to free up your phone storage.
  • You can now access your backup files anytime you want; just go to the app and click on the restore file options.

Where ThePhotostick Mobile Can Be Used?

The versatility of the ThePhotostick mobile allows you to use it anywhere you want. You can use it with your work phone, personal phone, tablet, laptop anywhere you want. For example, you can transfer photos, videos, or other media files from your office phone to your personal phone.

If you’re replacing your phone then ThePhotostick mobile is one of the most convenient ways to back up all of your media files in it, and then you can easily restore them on your new phone.

Is The Photo Stick Mobile A Scam?

Is The Photo Stick Mobile A Scam or legitBeing confused about a strange thing is very natural. If you’re hearing about ThePhotostick Mobile for the first time, it’s pretty natural to ask this question, whether the device is real or a scam?

Well, before having this device, I had the same questions. So, I started to study the reviews of this device from consumer-based websites. From those reviews, I found very positive feedback from most of the reviewers.

Then, I decided to get it, and after using the device, I have become a very loyal fan of it. Storing files with Photo Stick Mobile is a straightforward and effortless task. The device quickly backups your files with a simple command from the app.

If you’re struggling with your phone storage, I can assure you that you’ll love this device very much. For more clarity about the Photostick Mobile, I’ve included some other users’ feedback right below this section.users review of The Photo Stick Mobile

Where Can I Buy It?

where can i buy the photostickIf you make your mind to have the photostick Mobile, I recommend you get it from its authorized official site. The photostick mobile “Prairie IT” manufacturer doesn’t sell it anywhere except its official site.

Besides that, by ordering the device from the official site, you can enjoy a massive 40% discount during the company’s promo campaign time. Remember the promo offer will exist for a limited time.

So, if you’re planning to get it, place your order quickly to grab the 40% discount offer. Moreover, the company gives you a vast 30-days money-back guarantee on your purchase. That means after receiving the device if you’re not satisfied with it, you can return it and get back your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions people frequently ask about ThePhotoStick mobile. So, under this FAQ section, I include some of them.

Do I Need to Install Any Software to Use With Photostick Mobile?

No, you don’t have to install any software to use ThePhotoStick Mobile. The device comes with built-in software to back up and organize your files. All that you’ve to do is install the PhotoStick Mobile app on your phone to navigate the device.

Can I Use Thephotostick With Mac or Other Ios Devices?

Yes, you can. ThePhotoStick supports all the operating systems, including Mac and other iOS devices.

Can Thephotostick Be Used With Multiple Devices With Several Videos and Photos?

Yes, you can. There is no limitation on how many devices you can use the PhotoStick. So, it’s totally up to you, on how many devices you like to use to store various photos and videos.

How Much Storage Do I Get From the Photostick Model?

PhotoStick comes with three different storage variants, such as 64-Gb, 128-Gb, 256-Gb. With 64-Gb, you can store up to 9400 photos, 128-Gb allows you to store 18,800 photos, and with 256-Gb, you can store up to 37,600 photos.

Who Is the Supplier of the Product?

The supplier of ThePhotoStick mobile is “Prairie It, LLC.” which is located in Haxtun, CO, United States. It’s professional and commercial supplies and equipment wholesaler industry. The company produces various digital storage devices like ThePhotoStick mobile.

Support Team Contacts

If you have any kind of queries or need technical support, you can always contact them with the following support link. To contact with ThePhotoStick mobile customer care support go through the link, and you’ll find a live chat option.

Final Thought

Say goodbye to your phone’s storage problem with the latest “ThePhotoStick mobile” device. And indeed, after reading ThePhotoStick mobile review, you already understand how this advanced USB flash drive will help you overcome storage problems.

Besides, the device doesn’t only help you to eliminate your storage problem but also secure files from third-party access. You don’t have to pay any monthly subscription fee like cloud storage with this device. It’s a one-time investment for limitless and lifetime service.

Now, if you’re planning to get this device, get it right now to get the 40% promo discount before the promo campaign ends!


ThePhotostick Mobile Review

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How Does the photo stick Recover Photos

ThePhotostick Mobile is a small USB thumb that comes with built-in software to help you with an automatic file backup system. It’s designed to solve your phone storage problem.

Ease of Use 10
Value for Money 10
Design 9

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