The Wand Review 2024 – How This Wine Purifier Work!

Wine is one of the most versatile drinks on any formal and informal occasion. But the hangover and side effects of wine consumption are serious for some people.

In such cases, the wine purifier Wand can be a lifesaver for you! What if you could reduce the after-effects without altering the taste of wine? Presenting – The Wand review!

The Wand mainly works as a wine-purifying tool. It can filter and absorb the preservatives like sulfites and histamines from a glass of wine. Just gently stir it for a few minutes in your drink, and the wine will be ready to drink without you worrying about the next day's hangover and wine allergies. It also contains zero toxic chemicals, making it safe to use.

Those with wine allergies can now drink without worries because the wine purifier Wand is here. It's affordable and can be found in most stores.


The Wand

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The Wand Review

The Wand is a wine-purifying tool. You can use it on a wine glass. Just place it in a wine glass; it can absorb tannins, histamines, and sulfites from your wine.

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 9
  • It's 100% safe and easy to use.
  • Small and portable because it easily fits in the purse.
  • Maintains the genuine taste of wine and doesn't change any flavors.
  • Environment-friendly design.
  • Alleviate the symptoms like hangovers, congestion, headaches, etc.
  • Pretty effective in removing sulfites and histamines.
  • The filter can be used for a one-time
  • Longer time consumption

What Is The Wand?

The Wand is a wine-purifying tool. You can use it on a wine glass. Just place it in a wine glass; it can absorb tannins, histamines, and sulfites from your wine.

What Is The Wand

Whenever I drink wine, I will feel relaxed because of the alcohol. But some people can feel unbearable side effects afterwards because of other components and wine allergic reactions. They can feel headaches, congestion, flushed skin, upset stomach, nausea, etc.

A wine purifier Wand helps reduce the harmful elements from a glass of wine. Therefore, you will be less effective with beverages. Experts say it can remove histamines and sulfites for about 95% of a glass of wine in just a few minutes!

It's a game changer for people like me who love to drink wine now and then: no stuffy nose, upset stomach, or headaches. Even if you buy organic histamine-free wines, the process can naturally produce sulfites and histamines. It's a lifesaver for those who can't handle a drink, but the wine's their favorite.

Does The Wand Actually Work?

Many people want to believe there's something that can prevent the side effects and support enjoying their favorite wine. Well, in that case, the Wand is the perfect choice for me. But do they work? Is the Wand any good?

Does The Wand Actually Work

Without a doubt, the Wand works effectively to prevent allergic reactions and after-effects of consuming wine.

As mentioned, the common side effects after a party night are headaches, swelling, rashes, and stomach pain. And according to a study, 5% of wine consumers are asthmatic, and 1% are sulfite sensitive.

And unfortunately, I am one of them. The wine purifier helps reduce the number of sulfites in the drink!

But there's just one minor issue. I can use the Wand one time. After that, I need to change the filter again. So, if there's a party night, I will need a sack of the Wand to get over the side effects. Otherwise, I'm done for.

How Does The Wand Work?

A Wand is a small and portable wine filtration tool. So, you can bring it along wherever you ought to drink wine. It can fit in a small purse. The using procedure is pretty straightforward. You must remove the Wand from the wrap and stir the big flat part inside your wine glass. This will do the job.

Mechanism of the Wand

The wine purifier Wand contains ion exchange resins, and they do the purifying work. They stay as little purification beads inside the Wand. Based on my observation, When I put it in my glass of wine, it creates a vacuum for sulfites and histamines. The resins trap those components and ensure they can't leak back into my drink.

Mechanism of the Wand

Within a few minutes, the Wand will swell and get fat. It will signify that my Wand has started to work. After a few minutes, the Wand is ready to be removed from the drink. Then, I toss the Wand into the recycle bin and enjoy the drink! After the fun night, there will be no congestion or headaches in the morning.

The Wand doesn't even change the taste of my wine. It actually returns the original taste of wine which is before adding the preservatives for storage. So, my taste in wine will enhance instead of degrading.

Main Features Of The Wand

The wine purifier Wand is suitable for anybody who wants to enjoy their favorite wine without complications. So, it would be better to know the features of the Wand if you want to stay less effective by the preservatives in alcohol. Here are the top best features of the Wand:

Main Features Of The Wand

Safe And Effective

The wine purifier Wand is made with the FDA standards. It means it contains zero toxins and chemicals. So, it's 100% safe to use with your wine. Even the filter is made of BPA-free food-grade materials.

On top of that, it's rigorously tested by one of the best wine testing facilities – the ETS labs in St Helena.

Eco-Friendly Design

To maintain environmental sustainability, the Wand doesn't use any harsh or dangerous chemicals. Its mechanism relies on the filter. And for your information, its filter only absorbs the impurities from the glass of wine because of resin traps.

And these resins are harmless and don't even release into the wine. Therefore, the purification process is pretty safe. I can even throw the filter into the recycle bin.

Work With All Wine Types

The Wand is versatile when it comes to wine types. I have used the wine purifier for all kinds of wines, like red, white, or sparkling. It assists me to remove both histamine and sulfite from a glass of wine effectively.

No other products in the market can remove these elements, giving the Wand an upper hand. Hence, I can drink my wine and still be free from harmful effects the next day.

Makes The Wine Better

The Wand just purifies the wine. But that doesn't mean it changes the taste. The filter does the job without altering my wine's flavor, color, or natural taste. Wine has natural antioxidants, phenolic, and tannins which help improve my body's anti-inflammatory capacity. So, the Wand is selective to these components.

Manufacturers use preservatives that contain sulfites and histamines to preserve the wine for decades. They can make the wine taste bitter and create some noxious smell. But not with the Wand! Most users can taste the wine with less bitterness and better smoothness because of the Wand as it traps all the preservatives with its unique filtration system.

Highly Convenient

A Wand is a small tool for your convenient use. As a wine consumer during any occasion, I can carry the Wand without any issues. Simply put, it's an easy solution for my morning headaches.

On top of that, I can quickly dispose of the filter without any effort. It can promptly purify my glass of wine without creating any mess.

Benefits Of The Wand

There are numerous benefits of using the wand. They are the main reason why users like me constantly use the Wand. It's because the Wand keeps me tension free for wine allergic reaction and hangovers.

Benefits Of The Wand

Here are the major benefits of the Wand:

  • The Wand wine filter is portable and easy to carry anywhere without being noticed.
  • It doesn't change the natural taste of wine.
  • The filter only separates the preservatives containing sulfites and histamines. The rest of the ingredient remains in the wine.
  • It protects from wine side effects like stomach aches, headaches, wine allergies, congestions, hangovers, skin flush, etc.
  • Wand can purify a single glass of wine within 3 to 4 minutes which is pretty fast. I can just chat and don't even notice the use.
  • The filter doesn't have toxic or harmful chemicals. So, it's safe and practical at the same time.
  • The Wand can restore the original taste of wine by removing the bitter taste because of the preservatives.

How To Use The Wand?

The procedure of using the Wand is pretty straightforward. You just need to carry the Wand along to the party, and here's what you need to do:

How To Use The Wand

Step 01: Remove the cover from the filter. Most newbies forget to remove it and place the Wand along with the cover into their glass.

Step 02: Place the flattest part into the glass of wine because that's the part with the filter. And the oval shape part is to handle and stir the Wand into the glass.

Step 03: Dip the Wand in a six-ounce glass and leave it for at least three minutes. If you need to remove more sulfites, use it for ten minutes. And it's a must to stir the wine every minute. It will ensure the filtration process.

Step 04: Take the filter from the glass and throw it in the recycle bin. If you want to drink multiple glasses of wine or intend to, you will need multiple Wands. That's because one Wand filter can be used only for one glass of wine. Therefore, depending on your drink count, you must keep a couple of them.

Specifications Of The Wand

As mentioned earlier, you already know that it's small and easy to carry wine filtration tool. But it would be better to know the specs if you want to regularly use them on your drinks.

Here are the specifications of the Wand:

  • Capacity: Six ounces of fluid
  • Materials: BPA free plastic
  • Weight: 15 grams only
  • Dimensions: 2×2×2.5 inches
  • Use: Single purpose
  • Item number: 3/5/7 depending on your order

Pros And Cons

It's pretty normal to check the pros and cons before using a product. The same goes for the Wand. Though it has fewer downsides, it's worth knowing about them. Here's a list of the pros and cons of the wine purifier Wand:

  • It's 100% safe and easy to use.
  • Limits the wine consumption because the filter can be used one time.
  • Alleviate the symptoms like hangovers, congestion, headaches, etc.
  • Instantly pure a glass of wine without any machines or hassles.
  • Small and portable because it easily fits in the purse.
  • Pretty effective in removing sulfites and histamines.
  • Environment-friendly design.
  • Maintains the genuine taste of wine and doesn't change any flavors.
  • The filter can be used for a one-time (single-purpose mechanism).
  • Sometimes it seems longer when there's a party, and one forgets to use the filter because of such time consumption.

Why Do I Use The Wand?

There are various reasons for using the Wand, especially when I want to drink wine but suffer from side effects and hangovers. Here are the common reasons why I pick the Wand to purify my wine:

Why Do I Use The Wand

I Don't Want Hangovers

Like most people, I am afraid of drinking wine because of the hangover afterward. But not with the Wand. That's because it can remove the components responsible for the hangovers.

I Don't Want Side Effects

Wine consumers like me who suffer from allergic reactions face wine allergies like congestion, headaches, stomach aches, etc. But the Wand saves me from these side effects by removing the histamines and sulfites from the drink.

I Have Wine Allergies

As I'm from that 1% of people who have wine allergies, I always keep the Wand nearby whenever I need a drink on several occasions.

I'm Not Too Fond Of The Bitter Taste

The preservatives make the wine taste bitter. But the Wand removes the components responsible for preservatives. Therefore, it will have less bitterness after stirring the Wand inside the glass of wine for a few minutes. So, why not take chances?

I Want The Genuine Taste Of Wine

As you already understand the fact that preservatives change the taste of natural wine. But there's no other way to preserve wine for decades without them.

So, the Wand is the best option to recover the natural taste of wine as it perfectly remove them from your wine. As an enthusiast of wine, I prefer to use the Wand before my drink.

What Are Customers Saying About The Wand?

Obviously, the customers have to be satisfied with this product. Otherwise, there won't be any meaning. Customers make the products famous. If they feel reliable, the company will succeed. Here are a few customer opinions about the Wand that will clarify your doubt about the Wand wine purifier:

Jacki: “I don't get the stuffy nose anymore from red wine. These really seem to help me a lot. It's worth the price.”

Greg S: “I still can't believe it worked when it was recommended to my wife. The next morning after the wine, we feel no after-effects like we used to. It's really like magic to us.”

J Slagle: “Who knew it would turn out to be true? I stopped drinking wine because of miserable headaches. Now I put this in for 5 to 10 minutes, and voila, great wine with zero headaches.”

There are various other comments like these on online platforms and reports from retail stores.

The Wand Pricing & Money-Back Guarantee

It's a relief that such a handy tool comes in an affordable price range. Even on online platforms, they are pretty cheap.

It's best to buy from the official website of the Wand. You can get the Wand 8-pack (all colors) for just $24.99 and the 32-pack color bundle for just $39.99. A single one will cost you $11.99.

However, they give various discounts (from 10% to 50%) on occasions like Black Friday, Christmas, Halloween, etc. Sometimes they offer free delivery if you're in major cities.

The main advantage of getting from the official sites is that they will never be out of stock. But you can find similar offers and prices on Amazon and e-commerce sites.

And when it comes to the guarantee policy, the company will give you a 30-days money-back guarantee. Retail stores don't usually provide such assurances.

Where Can I Buy The Wand?

Well, the Wand is not hard to find and buy, especially in this modern era. There are many e-commerce websites like Amazon and Walmart that sell almost everything you would need. So, the wine purifier Wand will also be there.

But the safest and easiest way to get your Wand wine purifier tool is to get it from its official site.

You just need to research a bit and get the real one. The only caveat is that you will have to pay the delivery charge. However, it's the easiest way to buy and get the Wand without leaving your home's comfort.

By the way, the Wands are also available in retail stores, especially for those who sell wine. You will easily get the Wand packages from major retailers' stores while buying the wine bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you still have any queries in your mind about the Wand wine purifier review? If so then read the following FAQ section to get most of the answers to your queries.

Is the Wand good?

Yes, the Wand wine purifier works excellently. In fact, there's no harm in using the Wand in any way. It will help to keep the essential elements of your wine and filter out the bad ones. The Wands are helpful with wine because they can remove excess sulfites from the drink. It works as a filter that catches sulfites and histamines.

Many people use it to lessen the effect of hangovers. But that's not the actual case. They are for sweeping the unnecessary preservatives from wine.

Does the Wand work on beer?

Yes, the Wand works on beer. It actually helps to remove sulfites and histamines from some types of alcohol, especially wine, whiskey, and even beer. It works on most distilled beverages. The Wand also helps reduce the oxygen amount on beer caused by the bottling procedure.

Are wine Wands reusable?

No, wine Wands are not reusable. It's a single-use technology. You have to stir on a six-ounce glass for three minutes, and that's it. The clean-up would be messy, and it won't be any of my use after a single contact with the wine.

Is the Wand wine filter safe?

Yes, the Wand wine filter is perfectly safe to use. That's because the Wand wine filter doesn't use chemicals to remove something from my drink. They create a false sensitivity of less hangover. But it doesn't harm me or your drink anyway.

Do wine filters work?

Most people think that wine filters are to prevent headaches and lessen the hangover. But that's not true. Wine filters are designed to remove the sulfite component from the wine, which is not responsible for hangovers. The main culprit is alcohol, and you can't remove it with just a wine filter.

What is in a wine Wand?

A wine Wand is made of nano-pore resin technology. The ion exchange resins help to capture specific components like histamines and sulfites. It works like a filter. The resins work like traps for those components and capture them from your drink.

Who Manufactures The Wand?

The PureWine Inc. company manufactures the Wand wine purifier. Their motto was to remove the headache after consuming wine which is a side effect. After years of research, they finally launched the PureWine product in 2016. And after that, they didn't have to look back!

Final Verdict: The Wand Review

As a victim of wine allergic reactions and hangovers, I need a worthwhile investment to save myself from the effects. That's why I go for the Wand-a wine purifier!

It can effectively filter histamines and sulfites within minutes. On top of that, it doesn't have any dangerous chemicals inside. It's just simple resin traps for the chosen ones.

Hopefully, the Wand review has given you enough information about it. The tool is handy when you like to drink occasionally without aggravating your wine allergies. So, get the Wand and drink without worries!


The Wand

Buy Now
The Wand Review

The Wand is a wine-purifying tool. You can use it on a wine glass. Just place it in a wine glass; it can absorb tannins, histamines, and sulfites from your wine.

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 9
  • It's 100% safe and easy to use.
  • Small and portable because it easily fits in the purse.
  • Maintains the genuine taste of wine and doesn't change any flavors.
  • Environment-friendly design.
  • Alleviate the symptoms like hangovers, congestion, headaches, etc.
  • Pretty effective in removing sulfites and histamines.
  • The filter can be used for a one-time
  • Longer time consumption

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