The Cooking Guild Review – Are They Really The Best For Your Kitchen?

Cooking is a skill, and it takes a portion of time in our daily lives. Culinary plays a big role in our daily lifestyle as we love to have different dishes and food every day. Preparing cooking ingredients or raw foods before cooking is quite time-consuming. Lots of inventions in the present day made these preparations a lot easier. However, due to excessive cost or availability, those technologies may not well spread to every home.

Using knives for preparing food is an ancient practice. And knives play a key role when it comes to cooking. A well-designed knife can ease your culinary experience at a significant rate. You may have seen Japanese Sushi Culinary art on various social media platforms or culinary reality shows on TV. Sometimes, I wonder how precisely chefs prepare food, make fillets, chop vegetables evenly, and so on using their knives. And the knives they use are so sophisticated and totally different from those we use in the kitchen.

Moreover, those knives are rare to collect, and they are so expensive.

A well-balanced and high-quality sharp material knife can upscale your culinary skills and experience. Thanks to Cooking Guild, which made it possible to deliver those professional dynasty knives directly to your kitchen at an affordable price range.

In this all-around The Cooking Guild Review, I’ll share my experience and the insights you should know before going for a professional knife set. Keep reading this review article to learn more about Cooking Guild.


The Cooking Guild Review

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Cooking Guild’s Knives

The Cooking Guild introduced a set of four premium knives called the Dynasty Knife set, hand-forged by professional and experienced blacksmiths. To foster the culinary experience, they devoted themselves to making knives that will last longer.

Value for Money 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Build and Design 9
  • Made of high-carbon Japanese steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Rosewood Handle
  • Easy To Clean Metal
  • Only available for purchase on official website

What Is The Cooking Guild?

The Cooking Guild is a company consisting of individuals who have a keen passion for making professional kitchen knives. They bucketed blacksmiths who have 20+ years of experience in hand-forging bespoke kitchen knives.

The Cooking Guild introduced a set of four premium knives called the Dynasty Knife set, hand-forged by professional and experienced blacksmiths. To foster the culinary experience, they devoted themselves to making knives that will last longer and will pass from generation to generation.

The Cooking Guild Review – Are They Really The Best For Your Kitchen

Their knives are for both professionals and amateurs who want to boost their culinary skills with more precision and perfection. Their work impressed thousands of customers across the world, and they made more than $10,000,000 in sales to date. Cooking Guild’s Dynasty Knives series captivated customers and became popular and trendy on the internet.

If you want to add some professional and enduring knives to your kitchen arsenal, then The Cooking Guild can be the best option for you because you can get Japanese-grade, extremely sharp knives without investing a huge amount. The Dynasty Knives are hand-made and more cost-effective than those rare Japanese knives without compromising quality. Smooth your culinary experience and try different unique dishes, maintaining a traditional approach.

Types of The Cooking Guild Dynasty Knife

Cooking Guild launched their famous Dynasty Knives series. There are four knives in this series specialized in different purposes. They are;

Petty Knife

The Cooking Guild Petty Knife

The Petty Knife is also known as the Japanese pairing knife or the Japanese utility knife. It’s a versatile and multi-functional knife that is generally larger than a Western pairing knife but smaller than a Western chef’s knife.

The Dynasty Petty Knife is ideal for peeling, slicing, and shaping. This knife is made to carry out little tasks, like dicing shallots, filleting fish, or deboning chicken thighs. It’s considered an all-rounder knife, as it is ideal for doing arduous jobs.

It’s loved by line cooks in professional kitchens because of its small and compact design. A petty knife is highly recommended for those;

  • Who has a smaller workshop,
  • Who cook minimal dishes,
  • want to have a smaller knife rather than using a larger one,
  • Have smaller hands or want to use a lighter knife.

Chef Knife

The Cooking Guild Chef Knife

This Dynasty knife is the ultimate flagship solution for any task. If you want to slice, dice, and chop ingredients with precision, then this knife will be handy for you. The chef’s knife has a typical sharp point and prominent edge-to-sloping curve.

The common usages of a Chef’s knife include cutting meat, dicing vegetables, slicing herbs, chopping nuts, and many more. The flat side of this knife is used for crushing garlic, ginger, or other things. The curving design enables the knife to perform in a rocking motion. This multipurpose knife is a must-have kitchen tool.

Serbian Cleaver

Serbian Cleaver the Cooking Guild

This rectangular-bladed hatchet is a large and wider knife. It’s mainly used in a kitchen for splitting up large pieces of soft bones and cutting through thick pieces of meat. The knife’s broadside is mainly used for crushing items for food preparation.

The cleaver is specially designed to chop thick meat, dense cartilage, bone, etc. The maintenance of this knife is easy, and it’s generally slightly heavier than the other knives. The Serbian Cleaver is made of Japanese AUS-10 high-carbon stainless steel, associated with softer stainless steel.

It’s finished with a sleek rosewood grip and TCG pins for overall performance. The weight distribution is perfect, which makes the knife more user-friendly. Many say you can never go wrong with Serbian Cleaver.

Santoku Knife

Santoku Knife the Cooking Guild

The Dynasty Santoku knife is the Japanese version of the Chef Knife. The usages of Chef and Santoku knives are quite similar. The main job of this knife is to chop, dice, and mince ingredients precisely. This knife comes with a precision edge, and it’s usually used for julienning thin slices of vegetables and meats.

The Cooking Guild: Features And Benefits

The Cooking Guild’s Dynasty series comes with some magnificent features and benefits. They are;

Quality of Material

Material Quality of The Cooking Guild

The Dynasty series knives from Cooking Guild are made of high-carbon Japanese steel and are associated with some expert blacksmiths with 20+ years of experience. The blades of the knives are crafted by hand.

The longevity of these knives made them special to customers worldwide. Once you own these knives, You can pass knives to the next generation and make them the heritage of your family.

Affordable Price Range

Japanese handmade knives are rare and extremely expensive. But kudos to the Cooking Guild. They launched their Dynasty series at an affordable cost so that it can be available in every kitchen. Moreover, the company provides these products by maintaining premium quality. They cut costs by avoiding middleman in their supply chain.

Crafted by Following Old Method

Behind the Dynasty series, some extremely expert blacksmiths used their 20+ year’s experience in crafting these knives. The San Mai blacksmithing technique is used in making these knives. San Mai is the ancientest Japanese technique that uses two sheets of soft, high-carbon Japanese stainless steel to prevent corrosion and maintain longevity.

The Cooking Guild knives

Easy To Clean Metal

The blades of these knives are easy to clean. However, while cleaning, extreme carefulness is paramount. You can use warm water and soapy water to clean them. After cleaning, dry them with a towel. These blades are not dishwasher-friendly.

Easy To Clean Metal of The Cooking Guild

Lifetime Warranty

The knives come with a lifetime warranty. The built quality and the material used in these knives made them extremely durable and strong enough to last year after year.

Lifetime Warranty of The Cooking Guild

AUS-10 Stainless Steel

The knives of the Dynasty series are made of AUS-10, a premium quality stainless steel. This type of steel is used in Japan in their blade industry. This material enhances the overall quality of the products. The steel made these knives extremely durable and easy to sharpen.

Rosewood Handle

The rosewood handle used in the knives made them more attractive and premium. To enhance the beauty of your kitchen, these knives are enough for a good-looking showcase.

Rosewood Handle used in The Cooking Guild knives


The Dynasty knives come with sharp blades, which not only save you time but make you an expert in working with precision. With those knives, you can prepare your ingredients differently. Now you can also experience the taste of new dishes.

Positive Customer Reviews

Cooking Guild gathered immense positive feedback by ensuring quality with elegance. The positivity made an impact on their sales. The company made sales of more than $10 million to date. Their product caught lots of users' attention, and the products became trendy on the internet for months.

Balanced to Perfection

The Cooking Guild knives are made with perfection

The knives are made with perfection. The minute details are noticed in every product. The blades are well-balanced to ensure that the user may not find any problems while using them.

These amazing features made the Cooking Guild Dynasty series a popular choice among users across the world. The futuristic design and good-looking appearance can increase the beauty of your kitchen. Learn more about the availability of Cooking Guild.

Where to Buy Cooking Guild Dynasty Series?

Japanese handmade knives may be rare and high-ticket, but getting a set of The Cooking Guild Dynasty series is a much more straightforward process and cost-effective.

The Dynasty series is only available on Cooking Guild’s official website. The company delivers your kitchen tools directly to your kitchen. As no intermediaries are involved in the process, you can get authentic and genuine products within a few clicks.

Where to Buy Cooking Guild Dynasty Series

Additionally, the company offers a lifetime warranty on the product, which puts them ahead of the competition. Moreover, you can get a 30-day money-back guarantee offer from the company, which makes your investment 100% safe. They closely monitor every shipping step to ensure that only quality products reach you.

Cooking Guild’s handmade kitchen knives are the most attractive and captivating item you can get. If you’re more of a tradition holder, this product can be a symbol of tradition and heritage because the longevity of these knives enables you to pass them to the next generation.

On the other hand, you’ll get world-class customer support from the company and its website. If you encounter any problem regarding payment, shipping, and product, you can get real-time and quicker support.

Upgrade your kitchen tools and experience with the Cooking Guild Dynasty series!

Are Cooking Guild’s Knives Really Work? Legit or Fake?

The Cooking Guild Dynasty series knives are the popular choice of thousands of customers worldwide. The passion for building knives by maintaining the rare Japanese tradition made these products unique and worthy.

As you know, Japanese knives have been used since ancient times for culinary purposes, which made them an elegant and rare collection as well as expensive to own. Due to the popularity of those knives, many counterfeit knives look like the real ones failed to fulfill the quality. In such cases, identifying the real handmade one with top-class quality is a rare find.

Are Cooking Guild’s Knives Really Work Legit or Fake

Thanks to Cooking Guild, who launched their Dynasty series of knives crafted with some expert blacksmiths who have more than 20 years of experience. The appearance and the quality made these knives attractive and trendy on the internet for some weeks, which states the authenticity and genuineness of these products.

Cooking Guild served more than 80 thousand customers across the world so far. Who expressed their experience of satisfaction through the website, and the number is gliding.

As a culinary enthusiast, I have always been fascinated by Japanese elegant knives. When I researched getting them, I noticed the price of those knives is sky-high, and they are not affordable to me. But kudos to Cooking Guild, who made it possible to deliver the same quality product at an affordable price range. Being skeptical in the first place, I researched Cooking Guild, and the reputation really charmed me. Without hesitating, I ordered their Dynasty series at a discounted rate, which is still available on the website. Based on my experience, I can assure you that you can go for these knives, and they are absolutely legit and authentic. 

If you’re wondering whether to go for the Cooking Guild Dynasty series, I believe it’s high time for you to take action. Don’t worry about your investment, as the company guarantees you a 30-day money-back.

What Customers Say About Cooking Guild?

Here are some samples of the comments customers made on Cooking Guild's official website.

What Customers Say About Cooking Guild knife Customers reviews of Cooking Guild knives

Customers reviews of Cooking Guild knife What Customers Say About Cooking Guild

Frequently Asked Questions

These commonly asked questions can help you with some information.

What Sets Dynasty Series Knives Apart from Typical Kitchen Knives?

Dynasty Series knives distinguish themselves through the quality of their materials and craftsmanship. They are crafted from premium high-carbon Japanese steel and are hand-crafted by blacksmiths with over 20 years of experience in blade-making. By offering these knives directly to customers and bypassing intermediaries, Dynasty Series can provide knives that are both affordable and possess the same level of quality found in professional chef's kitchens. This combination of superior materials, craftsmanship, and affordability sets Dynasty Series knives apart from typical kitchen knives.

How Are Dynasty Series Knives Manufactured?

Dynasty Series knives are meticulously crafted using the ancient San Mai technique, which is also employed in the creation of Samurai swords. These knives are hand-crafted by professional blacksmiths with over 20 years of experience. The process involves a high-carbon Japanese stainless steel blade that is clad in two layers of softer steel. This cladding helps to prevent corrosion and maintain the blade's sharpness for an extended period.

Why Are Sharper Blades Considered Safer?

Contrary to intuition, sharper blades like those in the Dynasty Series are actually safer. Dull knives require more pressure and force to make cuts, increasing the likelihood of the knife slipping and causing accidental cuts. In contrast, a sharp knife allows for easier, more precise cuts and is less prone to slipping, making it safer to use.

Which Dynasty Series Knife Is Best Suited for Me?

While we highly recommend the full set for versatility, you may also choose specific knives based on your needs. Here's a brief description of each:

  • Chef Knife: This versatile knife is suitable for a wide range of tasks, including slicing, chopping, and disjointing.
  • Serbian Cleaver: Ideal for handling large cuts of meat, as it effortlessly cuts through thick layers of fat and gristle.
  • Santoku Blade: A smaller alternative to the classic chef's knife, perfect for precision cuts and versatile for various tasks, especially with vegetables.
  • Petty Knife: An excellent choice for peeling, slicing, and shaping, especially for fruits, cheeses, and vegetables.

Consider your specific cooking needs and preferences to determine which knives would be the most beneficial for your kitchen.

Could There Be Additional Customs, Duties, or VAT Fees for My Order upon Delivery?

The potential for additional customs, duties, or VAT fees upon receiving your order depends on your country's regulations. Please bear in mind that all international orders are billed in US dollars. The exact charges for international orders are determined by the prevailing exchange rates between your currency and the US dollar at the time of purchase or refund.

How Should I Clean These Knives?

These knives should only be cleaned by hand and are not safe for use in the dishwasher. After each use, wash them by hand with warm soapy water and dry them with a towel.

Bottom Line

Cooking is part and parcel of our lives. We spend a portion of our time preparing food. With the help of technology, newer inventions made a place in the kitchen, but using knives for preparing ingredients can’t be overlooked. Conventional cheap knives can be dangerous sometimes because of their sharpness and design.

Cooking Guild launched their Dynasty handmade top-class knives at an affordable price range, which I’ve detailed in this in-depth The Cooking Guild Review. And they can save you time and money with proper culinary skills. Get your Dynasty everlasting knives from Cooking Guild’s official website and avail yourself of exciting offers.


The Cooking Guild Review

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Cooking Guild’s Knives

The Cooking Guild introduced a set of four premium knives called the Dynasty Knife set, hand-forged by professional and experienced blacksmiths. To foster the culinary experience, they devoted themselves to making knives that will last longer.

Value for Money 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Build and Design 9
  • Made of high-carbon Japanese steel
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Rosewood Handle
  • Easy To Clean Metal
  • Only available for purchase on official website

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