SmartLight Review: A Modern Home Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb

People like me, who enjoy incorporating smart appliances into their home decor, understand the importance of intelligent lighting systems. For individuals with a keen eye for detail, whether it's choosing home decorations or picking out the perfect outfit, the nuances matter. Nowadays, smart LED bulbs have become the latest innovation that introduces us to a world of radiant illumination.

Moreover, Smart LED Lights are a technological masterpiece designed to transform the way we perceive and interact with lighting. But there are tons of smart bulbs you can get on the market. Are all of them smart enough to meet our requirements for a modern home interface? Today, I will introduce you to an intelligent LED bulb, the SmartLight.

What urged me to share my experience with this device was its extraordinary lighting features, which left me utterly impressed. Not only can you effortlessly switch between a myriad of colors, but the SmartLight also allows you to schedule automatic on and off settings. With approximately 16 million available colors you can set to suit your mood and preferences, the possibilities are simply fascinating.

So, I decided, why not share my experience with everyone? In this SmartLight review, I will describe everything, as there are lots more things to find out. Let's dive deep and explore the rest.


SmartLight Review

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A SmartLight LED light is a modern home customizable lighting device. Numerous features are integrated into this light for smart, convenient, and more lighting customization to get your desired illuminating ambiance.

Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Value for Money 9
Ease of use 10
  • 16 million available RGB colors
  • Multiple light effect modes
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be purchased through the official website

What Is SmartLight LED Bulb?

A SmartLight LED light is a modern home customizable lighting device. Numerous features are integrated into this light for smart, convenient, and more lighting customization to get your desired illuminating ambiance.

SmartLight Review A Modern Home Wi-Fi LED Light Bulb

So, don't think of SmartLight as your regular LED bulb. The first exceptional part of this smart light is that it allows you to switch from 16 million color gradients. You can adjust the lighting in your room based on your mood with it.

Not just colorful lighting, but you can also customize the whiting level of the bulb from soft white (2700K) to daylight (6500K). It feels like adjusting your phone's volume level from up to down.

Furthermore, the cool part is that the SmartLight bulb has a schedule and preset timer feature. Set a schedule for when the light will turn on and when it will turn off, or which lighting level you would like to have at what time.

All of these adjustments are made by your smartphone and Wi-Fi connectivity. Simply download the mobile app and have fun with this innovative interior ambiance modifier. The SmartLight is even compatible with the Smart Life smart home app. So that you can even command what ambiance you want with IOS, Android, Alexa, and Google Home Assistant.

The final satisfaction is that there is no installation cost. You can simply screw it into the bulb cap. This is what the SmartLight bulb is. Let's find out its outstanding features and the benefits you will get from this intelligent light.

Specification of SmartLight Wi-Fi LED Bulb

The table below contains the spec information for the SmartLight bulb. Take a quick look at this to know how this bulb is designed with:

Product Name SmartLight Wi-Fi LED Bulb
Usage Indoor Lighting
Input Voltage 85-265V
Energy Saving 80%
Dimension 630 X 318 X 238 mm
Material Aluminum+Plastic
CCT RGB+2700-6500K
Light Source LED
Color RGB+Warm White +Cool White
Control IOS, Android, Alexa, and Google Home Assistant
Working Temperature (℃) -20 – 60
Compatible Regular Bulb Outlet

How Does SmartLight Work?

The availability of tons of coloring lights and those innovative features may make it seem like SmartLight has complex functionality. But the reality is that this bulb employs an effortless operating system, which makes it even more smart.

How Does SmartLight Work

Every adjustment and change of this bulb is done by the smart app or other smart home management system like Android, Google Home Assistant, Alexa, and iOS. Download the “Smart Home” mobile app and create an account. If the accounting part is done, replace the bulb with the regular one and turn the switch on.

Now, you will see that the SmartLight bulb is blinking, which means it is searching for the app to be paired with. So, let's get back to the app. Click on the (+) icon at the top right and then “lighting”. Here, your smart bulb name will appear, and you will need to pair it by clicking on the name. For pairing, just insert your Wi-Fi username and password.

The blinking will stop and the light will be stable if the pairing is done successfully. Now you can control the bulb with your phone. Tap the newly added bulb in the app. After that, you can see multiple light adjustment options appear on the mobile screen. You can either increase or decrease the current white level of the SmartLight or change the color.

You can choose from 16 million color choices in the color circle just by cycling your finger through it. Moreover, there are various scenes and music features too, where the different scenes create different ambiances by continuously changing. The lights will also change with different dims in the music feature based on the beats of the music.

SmartLight Review: Key Features and Benefits

I usually don't stumble on simple devices unless they blend astonishing features. The SmartLight passes my feature requirements, and that is the main reason I was so excited to share my experience with you all. I will illustrate all the features and benefits I have witnessed in this SmartLight review, So, keep going.

Tons of colors to choose from

First things first, the SmartLight has a color palette of 16 million RGB colors. From the palette, you set any of the colors you like, and the bulb will light that one.

16 million RGB colors SmartLight bulb

Brightness Adjustment

The brightness adjustment feature is extraordinary and designed for optimal convenience. If you want warm white, low brightness, or full brightness, simply drag the brightness scale left or right. You can even adjust the tint level of any colored lighting by the same process.

Scene Mode

Scene Mode in SmartLight bulb

The scene mode is another mesmerizing feature of the SmartLight bulb. This mode contains Night, Read, Working, Leisure, Soft, Colorful, Dazzling, and Gorgeous modes. Each mode has its own lightning effect and gives a suitable ambiance according to its name.

Create the ideal lighting ambiance for special occasions or parties. Illuminate your space with smart LED light bulbs as you approach home, adjust the brightness of the smart RGB lights, and enjoy a lively gathering with your friends.

Brighter Light

Although the SmartLight has a massive amount of color options, it still offers brighter lightness. It is manufactured with 800 Lumens (lighting output) worth 60 watts. That is impressive brightness for a single room.

Easy to install

If you have ever replaced bulbs, you will know how simple it is. Installing this smart bulb is similar to this. You just turn off the switch, screw off the old one, and replace it with the SmartLight Wi-Fi LED bulb. The bulb is designed to be universal and fits with most traditional bulb outlets.

SmartLight bulb is easy to install

Easy to operate

The finest part is that you won't need to be a tech-savvy or technically smart person to operate the SmartLight. Controlling and operating the bulb with the Smart Home app is like child's play. Just pair the bulb with Wi-Fi and start changing your room's mood by charging colors with your fingers.

Schedules and Timer

Easily schedule your smart RGB light to turn on or off according to your daily routine. It supports a sunrise/sunset mode, ensuring seamless transitions. With a low energy consumption of just 9W, it delivers the brightness of a 60W incandescent bulb, saving you up to $8.19 annually. It was one of my best experiences with a smart bulb.

Schedules and Timer on SmartLight bulb

Make Groups of the Bulbs

At first glance, understanding how this feature works might not be apparent to you. However, rest assured, it's another tool in the app designed to simplify control over multiple SmartLight bulbs in your modern home.

Make Groups of the Bulbs with SmartLight bulb

With the Smart Life smartphone app, you can effortlessly create groups, incorporating bulbs from various rooms into each group. The best part is that you can control all the bulbs within a group simultaneously by turning them on, and off, and adjusting colors with ease. Isn't it smart enough and effortless?

Works with Various Voice Services

operate smartlight bulb with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, iOS, or Google

The smartest feature of the SmartLight bulb is its compatibility with several cloud-based voice services. Whether it's Alexa, Google Home Assistant, iOS, or Google, you have the flexibility to control the smart bulb seamlessly. This elevates the convenience of using SmartLight to the next level.

These are the features I've found in my SmartLight Wi-Fi LED bulb. The benefits of this smart bulb really set it apart from the rest of the smart bulbs on the market. You can surely create an elegant and intimate surrounding and turn your house into a modern home with the SmartLight bulb.

Pros and Cons of SmartLight

It is universally acknowledged that every device will have advantages and disadvantages. I have included the pros and cons of the SmartLight LED Wi-Fi bulb below:

  • There are 16 million available RGB colors to set as your favorite lighting color.
  • Portable
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple light effect modes to enjoy or create ambiance for occasions.
  • Make groups in the app and control more than one bulb at a time.
  • Set a schedule for when the light will turn on and off.
  • You can also set a timer for each bulb in each room with different color options.
  • Turn your ordinary room into a smart one.
  • Can be purchased through the official website.

User Reviews

During my inspection of the SmartLight bulb, I found that it's been almost 4 years since the Wi-Fi LED bulb was released. Throughout the years, this smart modern home bulb has gained magnificent popularity and feedback. Below are some examples of authentic reviews given by real-life users:

An excellent product and so I will give a good feedback also complies with what is written, the app is very good to connect and it is very well done I leave the photos here to see how it is working.Jenifer

The lamp works correctly, it is easy to install and configure, it took 2 weeks to arrive. The packaging is not the best, but fortunately the lamp did not suffer any damage.Selina

Very good, arrived in good condition although the box was hit, the light clear and sepia illuminate strong, however the RGB does not have as much power I recommend buying more than two for a medium room.Marco

Feel like a kid again. Looking back at black light days as a teenager. Matching colors to things in a room like the bedspread. Alexa does a pretty good job with a few inconsistencies. You’ve got to tell her to “set <room name> to bright white” while you can just tell her “<room name> blue” or purple, green or yellow, or simply just “on” if the last color was okay. For bright white you have to set “to”.Debrucer

Is SmartLight Worth Buying?

I already shared my experience with this modern home smart Wi-Fi LED bulb in this SmartLight review. For me, whether a product is worth buying or not depends on how impressed I was during the use period. If you ask me if it really worked well, I would blindfolded and say that, yes, it did.

Is SmartLight Worth Buying

People think that smart home devices are hard to control and require extra installation costs. But I installed the SmartLight within a minute. In addition, controlling this smart bulb was a piece of cake for me. It feels like I jumped into my childhood, playing with colors and changing my room's environment based on my mood and tastes.

I highly recommend SmartLight as it is without a doubt a worthwhile investment. You can even play with the bulb with Alexa and Google Home Assistant by making voice commands. The Color palette with 16 million RGB colors is definitely beyond our imagination and lets you choose any color of lighting you want

Where Can I Buy SmartLight?

Tons of smart ELD bulbs are on the market. So, where should you find the real SmartLight to convert your home into a smart house? To lessen the duplicate and fraud issues, manufacturers of SmartLight only sell through the official website. Which means it is guaranteed that you will get a legit product.

Where to Buy SmartLight

Moreover, the official store provides many spectacular and limited-time offers. I myself also purchased from the online store and took advantage of one of the promotional offers. I purchased one SmartLight for just $49, which was for newcomers only.

However, I have also seen some excellent bulk offers on the official store. If you're planning to purchase multiple SmartLight, you can simply purchase the “BEST SELLER” package, where you will get a total of five smart LED bulbs for only $149. It is the most suitable one for bulk purchases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many doubtful questions often arise in our curious minds while inspecting a new device, product, or whatever. It is because we want to make sure whether the item will suit us well or not. Here, I'm addressing some common questions asked by others:

How Easy Is It to Install the SmartLight LED Bulb?

Installing the SmartLight is a breeze. Just like replacing any standard bulb, turn off the switch, unscrew the old one, and replace it with the SmartLight Wi-Fi LED bulb. It's designed to fit most traditional bulb outlets.

What Makes the Scene Mode Feature Stand Out?

The Scene Mode on the SmartLight is a delightful addition, offering modes like Night, Read, Working, Leisure, Soft, Colorful, Dazzling, and Gorgeous. Each mode provides a unique lighting effect, creating a suitable ambiance for various activities.

Can I Control the SmartLight LED Bulb With Voice Commands?

Absolutely! The SmartLight is compatible with popular cloud-based voice services such as Alexa, Google Home Assistant, iOS, and Google. You can effortlessly control the bulb with voice commands, taking convenience to the next level.

How Energy-Efficient Is the SmartLight LED Bulb?

The SmartLight LED Bulb consumes only 9W of energy, equivalent to the brightness of a 40W incandescent bulb. This energy efficiency not only helps the environment but also saves you up to $8.19 annually.

Can I Schedule the Smart Light to Turn on And Off Automatically?

Yes, indeed! The SmartLight comes with a schedule and preset timer feature, allowing you to set specific times for the light to turn on or off. It even supports a sunrise/sunset mode for seamless transitions.

Do I Need Technical Expertise to Operate the SmartLight LED Bulb?

Not at all! Operating the SmartLight is as easy as pie. Simply pair the bulb with your Wi-Fi, and using the Smart Home app, you can effortlessly change your room's mood by selecting colors with just a few taps. No tech-savvy skills required!

Final Words

Integrating smart technology into our homes has become an integral part of modern living. A smart home elevates our in-home experience, making various activities easier and faster. Among the additions to smart interiors, smart LED bulbs are the most appealing one.

I picked SmartLight due to its exceptional features. I haven't come across any smart bulb that offers as many RGB colors to choose from. The ability to command the color and brightness level with Alexa adds an elegant vibe to my surroundings. As you can see, I have already shared my experience and all other aspects of this device in this SmartLight review. Now is your time to incorporate one into your living space.

Undoubtedly, it stands out as the most comprehensive smart home LED bulb on the market. Make sure you make your purchase from the official online store to take advantage of those beneficial offers.


SmartLight Review

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A SmartLight LED light is a modern home customizable lighting device. Numerous features are integrated into this light for smart, convenient, and more lighting customization to get your desired illuminating ambiance.

Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Value for Money 9
Ease of use 10
  • 16 million available RGB colors
  • Multiple light effect modes
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be purchased through the official website

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