Sight Bulb Review [2024] – Does This Bulb Cum Security Camera Really Work?

With an increasing number of thievery activities and robberies, using a camera to protect our property, pets, and loved ones has become a need. A few years back, the wide use of cameras in every home was a rare scene. But hearing news of brutal robberies and thievery raises concern in everyone’s mind. Besides, there are tons of choices in the market. Now the question is, with which should you go?

Well, there are indeed different types of cameras in the market, but very few come with an affordable price range and better quality. Think of a camera that looks like a bulb, and you can install a camera just like your regular bulb. Moreover, the camera has a 360° rotational feature, and you can control the camera with your smartphone. Doesn’t this sound cool?

The purpose of a regular bulb to emit light is old-fashioned now. Sight bulb introduced a bulb with a security camera integrated into it, which can also take videos by rotating 360°. Not only that, the camera can capture two-way audio, and your smartphone can control it. The camera can be the game changer of your security concerns. This futuristic design can be your helpful eyes, which can watch your business, properties, pets, and children 24/7.

In this sight Bulb review, I’ll share my honest opinion of this light cum camera and will answer the question should you buy it or not. Without further ado, let’s dive into the article.


Sight Bulb Review

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Where Can You Buy Sight Bulb

Sight Bulb is a security camera that is designed like a regular bulb, but a security camera is integrated into it. The bulb works at a 360° angle and has an audio feature on both sides. As the name suggests, this bulb can see and help you see.

Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Ease of Use 9
Affordability 10
  • Get high-quality 1080p HD video footage
  • Flawless tracking to left and right and up and down
  • Doesn’t require any battery
  • Control the camera with smartphone
  • Only available on its official website
  • External memory exhausts rapidly

What Is Sight Bulb?

Sight Bulb is a security camera that is designed like a regular bulb, but a security camera is integrated into it. The bulb works at a 360° angle and has an audio feature on both sides. As the name suggests, this bulb can see and help you see.

Sight Bulb Review – Does This Bulb Cum Security Camera Really Work

If you want a versatile security camera with multi-functionality, then choosing Sight Bulb can be the perfect option. This device has a mixture of valuable features like 360° rotation, wireless control, audio input and output, easy installation, 1080p HD video quality, etc. The device is crafted with the various usages of users kept in mind. You may worry about their security if you’re a business owner or have children and pets. Then, choosing this Sight Bulb would be a great choice.

The versatile usage of this device attracted users. Thus, the company saw a spike in sales and delivered Sight Bulb to over 250,000 customers. With its excellent features and the pricing range it offers, why wouldn’t people choose this device? Check Sight Bulb’s features in the following section. Now, take a quick look at the specifications.

Product Type Bulb Camera
Color White
Resolution 1080p
Night Mode Infrared Night Vision
Intercom Mode Two-way voice intercom
Video Recording Mode Continuous recording, anomaly detection
Lamp Cap Power supply E27 lamp cap
Pixel 2 million
Rotation Angle 355° left and right, 90° up and down

Sight Bulb: Main Features and Benefits

There are many features Sight Bulb comes with. Here are the most useful ones:

Sight Bulb Main Features and Benefits

Motion Sensor & Automatic Tracking

The best part of the Sight Bulb security camera is its motion sensor. This means it can detect any positional changes and follow the object. With this feature, you can have a more comprehensive view of the object, and you can monitor any person, your kids, and pets and know where they are headed. Don’t miss any events with Sight Bulb’s motion sensor and automatic tracking technology.

Alarm System

Another essential feature of this security camera is its alarm system. The camera sends notifications directly to your linked smartphone, and you can see live video recordings of any activity in real-time. Additionally, you can set an alarm or send the sound right from your smartphone to communicate with any stranger without facing them. This alarm system can scare off intruders, and you can sleep peacefully.

Rotational Angle

The Sight Bulb is not a fixed security camera. It comes with a 90° up and down rotation and a 355° left and right rotation technology. With this technology, you can get a full view of your lawn, house, and properties. This security camera can take video footage by turning around and without leaving any angle behind.

E26/E27 Light Bulb Socket Compatibility

This security camera can be installed like a regular light bulb. You can install this camera in an E26 or E27 bulb socket. So, to install the camera, you do not require any professional support or any technical knowledge. Additionally, there is no wiring system involved in the process. Just take the Sight Bulb and install it in the light socket.

Full-Color Night Vision

Security cameras should work clearly at night because, most of the time, crimes happen at night, when you sleep at night. Other security cameras can’t capture good footage in various cases due to the lack of light. But the Sight Bulb camera has a night vision feature that enables it to capture full-color footage.

LED Lights for Night Vision

The camera works perfectly at night because of its in-built 8 LED lights and 4 IR LEDs. The brightness of these lights is impressive, and using these lights, the camera can detect an object at night and can shoot full-color footage. The IR LEDs provide bright illumination that helps the camera capture colored footage at night.

1080 HD Camera

The Sight Bulb can shoot video at 1080 full HD. If you want to have a clear vision of the object or the intruder, this camera can produce concrete evidence. A camera’s sole purpose should be capturing the best quality images and videos, and the Sight Bulb keeps the promise intact.


You can connect your Sight Bulb to your home Wi-Fi, enabling you to view the recordings from anywhere on your phone. Like other security cameras, you can view the videos remotely, but other cameras won’t give you the best viewing angle. Besides, like other traditional cameras, you don’t have to connect it with many wires and technical machines.

Zero Maintenance Cost

Own a future-proof security camera for under $40. That’s it! You don’t have to spend more than this. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about powering up the camera. Gone are the days when you have to spend so much on batteries. The Sight Bulb doesn’t require batteries. The affordability made it famous.

Audio Duplex

This camera is really a good device as it comes with an audio duplex feature. This means you can receive or send audio through this camera. The most fun part is that you can connect with your family members and communicate verbally.

Remote Control

Last but not least, you can control this camera with your smartphone. It’s like playing video games. You can control the motion and rotation with your smartphone. Don’t miss a watch of your kids and your properties. Besides, you can operate this camera with a user-friendly application. Overall, the usage is so easy that a kid can also use this camera.

Remote Control feature of Sight Bulb

These are the key features I personally believe set this camera apart from the other devices. To learn about the advantages and disadvantages of Sight Bulb, take a look at the next section.

Sight Bulb: Pros and Cons

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this security camera I found while using it. These may help you to make your decision.

  • Sight Bulb is extremely easy to install.
  • The price range it comes with is amazing.
  • It delivers high-quality 1080p HD video footage.
  • Doesn’t require any battery
  • Motion tracking technology is a big step for this device.
  • Flawless tracking to left and right and up and down.
  • You can control the camera with your smartphone.
  • The camera can connect with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Dual-side audio system added extra benefit.
  • Sight Bulb requires a continuous electric supply.
  • External memory exhausts rapidly.
  • Only available on its official website.

Is Sight Bulb Any Good?

The question also popped into my mind before buying this device. Does the product work perfectly? I researched the product online, and thousands of customers said good things about this product.

Is Sight Bulb Any Good

First of all, the product is not only serving as a regular camera. The price range it comes with would raise any question about its quality. You’d probably wonder whether the camera delivers what it promises. But to my utter surprise, Sight Bulb didn’t disappoint me. Its motion sensor, 360° rotational ability, and dual-channel audio all work fine.

Apart from its functionality, the security it provides to your properties, kids, pets, and so on will surprise you. The overall usage is pretty easy, and you don’t have to possess technical knowledge or seek professional help. With its security features, you can now easily protect your loved ones and protect your territory.

How To Use Sight Bulb?

Using a Sight Bulb is absolutely easy. Just plug it and, connect the app, and let the machine do the job. Here are a few steps to use this device.

How To Use Sight Bulb

  • After unpacking the device, you’ll make a mistake by thinking of it as a regular light bulb. But it isn’t. It comes with an adapter. You can connect or install the device using your E26/E27 bulb holder in your house.
  • Install the device, and go to the Play Store or Apple Store to download a free Sight Bulb camera app according to your phone. Connect the camera to the app and understand the important navigational buttons assigned within the app. The app is user-friendly, and it’ll be your surveillance station.
  • To connect the app to the camera, open the app, and a scanning gesture will open up. You’ll find a QR code on the camera, scan it, and it will connect automatically. Enjoy all the features using the app.
  • For better control and surveillance experience, connect the Sight Bulb to your Wi-Fi. Check the features for the first time for testing.

See, it’s so easy to install the camera and use it. Now the question is, where can you buy the device? Check the next passage to reveal the answer.

Where Can You Buy Sight Bulb?

The significance of a we-rounded security camera can’t be overlooked nowadays. We can see lots of thievery stories in many houses or trespassing by some intruders. Thus, a need for a future-proof 360° rotational security camera can increase your security surveillance.

Where Can You Buy Sight Bulb

You can own a Sight Bulb from its official website only. The company doesn’t involve any intermediaries in the supply chain to cut extra costs and maintain the authenticity and genuineness of the product, which intrigued me most. At least it gave me peace of mind to learn that I am not investing in any fake products.

Not only that, the company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to provide security to your investment. The company is based in Florida, USA; if you’re located in the USA, you’ll get a free and fast shipment from the company within the USA.

Moreover, the company mainly focuses on customers, and that leads them to deliver quality service to customers. If you face any kind of issues, their 24/7 active customer care service can resolve those within no time. The company’s commitment to delivering quality service has attracted thousands of customers globally, and they have made more than 250,000 sales to date. Visit the official website to get more exciting offers.

Sight Bulb: Pricing

Sight Bulb comes with an affordable and attractive price range. Securing your properties at such a low cost was unimaginable in the past. Here’s the pricing of this device:

Grab your Sight Bulb with these exciting offers and discounts.

What Customers Say About Sight Bulb?

Here are some customer ratings and reviews on Sight Bulb. Take a look:

John Doe — ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I recently installed the Sight Bulb in my home, and I am thoroughly impressed! The installation was a breeze, just like screwing in a light bulb. The 360° rotation and night vision are game-changers for home security. I feel much safer knowing I can check on my house anytime from my phone.”

Sarah Smith — ⭐⭐⭐⭐

“The Sight Bulb has been a great addition to my small business. The video quality is excellent, and the motion sensor feature works flawlessly. My only gripe is the need for a continuous power supply, but it's a small inconvenience for the peace of mind it provides.”

Alex Johnson — ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Fantastic product! The Sight Bulb's ability to connect to Wi-Fi and send alerts to my phone is exactly what I needed. The two-way audio is also a nice touch, allowing me to communicate with my family even when I'm not home. Highly recommend it.”

Emily Martinez — ⭐⭐⭐

“The Sight Bulb offers great features for its price. However, I found the external memory fills up quite quickly, and managing it can be a bit of a hassle. Otherwise, it's a decent security camera that's easy to install and use.”

Michael Brown — ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I bought the Sight Bulb for its 1080p HD camera and easy installation, and it hasn't disappointed. The night vision is surprisingly clear, and the motion tracking technology adds an extra layer of security. It's a great value for the price.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some most commonly asked questions people ask about Sight Bulbs.

Is It Possible for An Unauthorized Individual to Gain Access to The Video Feed?

Absolutely not, Sight Bulb employs state-of-the-art encryption protocols that adhere to industry standards, ensuring the utmost protection of data privacy and security.

Can Sight Bulbs Be Used in Outdoor Settings?

Certainly! Sight Bulb is designed to excel in outdoor environments, making it a reliable choice for monitoring various outdoor areas like driveways, yards, and entryways. Moreover, it boasts a temperature tolerance that allows it to perform effectively even in extremely cold conditions, with its functionality remaining intact in temperatures as low as -10 °F (-23.33 °C).

How Would You Describe the Video Resolution Provided by Sight Bulb?

The standout feature of Sight Bulb lies in its ability to deliver impeccably clear 1080p high-definition video streams directly to your smartphone. Gone are the days of struggling to discern whether a blurry image represents a potential intruder or just a neighborhood child. With Sight Bulb, ensuring the security of your home becomes effortless and reassuring.

Is It Possible to Utilize Sight Bulb in Various Rooms Throughout the House?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to connect as many as 4 Sight Bulbs to the app, allowing for comprehensive coverage of your entire home.

Are There Any Extra Costs, Such as Customs Fees, Duties, or VAT Charges, that I Need to Be Aware of Upon Receiving My Order?

Depending on the country you are in, there is a chance that you may incur additional fees when your order is delivered. It's important to keep in mind that all international orders are billed in US dollars, and the charges for international transactions are determined by the prevailing exchange rates between your local currency and the US dollar at the time of purchase or refund.

Final Verdict

Security cameras have become a need for every home these days. It’s critical to be extra careful about your home, kids, pets, and properties. It’s not possible to have your eyes on them all the time. In such a scenario, a 360° camera can solve your surveillance task more efficiently. Sight Bulb is a device that is capable of doing such things in a very cost-effective way.

In this Sight Bulb review, I’ve tried to jot down my experience and the significant features. I believe it’ll be a great help to you. If you’re looking for a future-proof and technology-compacted security camera at an affordable price range, then choosing this device will be a feasible option. Visit the official website to learn more about the product and get exciting offers.


Sight Bulb Review

Buy Now
Where Can You Buy Sight Bulb

Sight Bulb is a security camera that is designed like a regular bulb, but a security camera is integrated into it. The bulb works at a 360° angle and has an audio feature on both sides. As the name suggests, this bulb can see and help you see.

Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Ease of Use 9
Affordability 10
  • Get high-quality 1080p HD video footage
  • Flawless tracking to left and right and up and down
  • Doesn’t require any battery
  • Control the camera with smartphone
  • Only available on its official website
  • External memory exhausts rapidly

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