Selfcam pro Review – Is selfcam pro Legit or Scam?

Selfie or self-photography has become the most preferable way of capturing photos and videos nowadays. And today, I will tell you about a fantastic gadget that will take your self-photography to the next level.

Basically, I’m a travel blogger, I go to different places in the world to take photos and videos. As I travel alone, I have to manage everything by myself. I’ve all the necessary tools and accessories that I’ll need for my blogging. But the problem that I usually encounter is when I want to take my own pictures.  Due to the absence of the right assistance, I can’t do that rightly.

So, I was searching for something that can assist me in overcoming this issue, and I found this smart “selfcam pro”. It’s a combo of selfie stick and tripod.

Now, here in this selfcam pro Review, I’m going to show you how this selfie-tripod helped me those days.

My Quick Overview of Selfcam Pro

Quick Overview of selfcam proSelfcam pro is a professional quality selfie stick that’ll allow you to take selfies conveniently. The best part of this selfie stick is it has some exceptional features that you won’t see in a typical selfie stick.

Plus, this selfie stick can completely turn into a tripod and allow you to take better pictures from distance. Moreover, the selfie stick has Bluetooth remote control system for your convenience.

Selfcam Pro Review – My Honest Opinion

As a travel blogger, I need to take photos and videos for my work purpose. For this, I need different tools and accessories, along with the camera, and a selfie stick is one of the most needed tools among them.

After using a lot of selfie sticks, I found the versatile SelfCam Pro selfie stick. I have been using it for almost seven months, and I have become a big fan of it. It comes with so many unique features that’ll take your photography to the next level.

As a satisfied customer of this gadget, I think it’s my responsibility to share my user experience with you. Below in this article, I’ll share my honest opinion about this gadget.

What Is Selfcam Pro?

What Is selfcam proSelfcam pro is the latest and advanced version of a selfie stick and tripod. The manufacturer of this gadget has designed it in the most innovative way that it works as a selfie stick and a tripod as well. In fact, it’s one of the best lightweight, portable selfie sticks and tripods that I have ever used.

If you have this gadget, you won’t need two individual devices (selfie stick and tripod) to take your pictures and videos. With its selfies and tripod mode, you can take different mode pictures.

In selfie mode, you can capture pictures with its shutter button that is close to the handlebar. Besides, the Bluetooth remote control system will assist you in taking pictures when it’s in tripod mode.

The device is made of high-quality aluminum material that makes it lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It has a very powerful clamp that holds your device firmly and balances the gravity perfectly.

Moreover, you can rotate your camera in multiple angles with its 360° rotation.

Main Features of Selfcam Pro

Selfcam pro comes with some extraordinary features for its user. Here in this selfcam pro Review section, I’m including some of these features that I personally tested those days.Main Features of selfcam pro

A Perfect Stretchable Stick:

When you’re in selfie mode, a perfect selfie stick is required to take a quality picture. Besides, the distance between you and the camera will determine the quality of the picture you take. With the selfcam pro stretchable stick, you can perfectly ensure that.

The length of this selfie stick is between 40 inches, and it perfectly balances your device with gravity. The 40 inches length is ideal for taking a perfect selfie. It is not too large that may blur the object, nor too short that might cut others from the frame. It’s just perfect!

High-quality Construction:

Selfcam pro is not like a regular selfie stick, its high-quality construction makes it different from others. The manufacturer of Selfcam pro uses the best-quality aluminum alloy steel to make the selfie stick lightweight, strong, and corrosion-free.

On average, it lasts for around 2-years. Besides, its durable construction gives you the confidence of using it randomly without any worries of breaking.

Strong And Powerful Camp:

If the clamp of your selfie stick is not durable enough, then it may break down anytime and damage your camera device. Selfcam pro doesn’t compromise here. It features a high-quality spring and powerful and durable clam so that your camera device remains stable.


A selfie stick needs to be lightweight enough, otherwise, you can’t hold it for long periods. Moreover, the heavy stick will put a strain on your arm and neck. To avoid all these issues, Selfcam Pro is built with high-quality aluminum that makes this gadget lightweight and durable too.

Expendable & Convenient:

Whenever you need to expand it, you can do that instantly without any complexity. You can expand the Selfcam Pro selfie stick between 33.86 inches and capture your precious moment with its steady mechanism.

Tripod Stand:

Selfcam pro is not just a regular selfie stick that you can only use for taking selfies. Along with the functionality of a selfie stick, you can convert it as a portable tripod from a selfie stick. This feature allows you to set your smartphone camera standalone and take pictures without anyone’s help through its Bluetooth control remote.

Corrosion-Proof Technology:

Corrosion is one of the common problems that people usually face with their selfie sticks. Considering this matter, the best quality aluminum alloy material has been used to build this device that makes it totally corrosion-proof.  As we know that aluminum is almost iron-free, so, if there is no iron, there is no rust.

360° Rotation:

360° Rotation Selfie stick - selfcam pro

During the photo shoot time, you may want to take different angle pictures. With its 360° angle, you can take your pictures in multiple angles such as portrait/landscape without detaching your smartphone from the selfcam pro.

Remote Control:

Along with the built-in controlling system, selfcam pro features a remote control system too to give you more convenience and flexibility. It actually helps you to take a perfect picture when you use it in tripod mode.

Just simply unplug the remote from the handlebar and stay within 10 meters of the camera to take pictures and videos.

How Can You Use Selfcam Pro?

How Can You Use selfcam proUsing selfcam pro is very easy and simple. Below, in this selfcam pro Review section, I’m going to show you the process I followed to use this device.

Selfie Stick Mode

  • First, take the selfcam pro and place your smartphone in it.
  • Then turn your smartphone Bluetooth and the selfcam Bluetooth on and pair them.
  • Once the Bluetooth is paired, expand the stick until you get your desired frame.
  • The clam of the selfcam pro is completely rotatable at a 360° angle. So you can quickly rotate the screen landscape to portrait without any problem.

Tripod Mode

Tripod Mode

  • Just like selfie mode, first, you need to pair the selfcam pro and the camera device in Bluetooth first.
  • Then set the tripod on your desired location.
  • Now, using the Bluetooth remote, you can control the camera and take pictures and stable videos remotely.

Why Choose Selfcam Pro Wireless Selfie Stick?

Why Choose SelfCam Pro Wireless Selfie StickIf you’re a hobbyist photographer or love to capture selfies often, you’ll need a selfie stick for convenience. The SelfCam Pro is a fantastic selfie stick that comes with unique and exclusive features to meet your need.

The best part of this gadget is, it’s super portable and made for extended durability. Therefore, you can easily carry it wherever you want, and it’ll last for long periods. Apart from using it as a selfie stick, you can also turn it into a tripod and take stunning selfies without holding it in your hand.

But above all these benefits, the most satisfactory thing about SelfCam Pro is it comes with a very affordable price range. As a regular user of this gadget, I can assure you that this selfie stick will never let you down in terms of its service, quality, and durability.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Selfcam Pro

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of SelfCam Pro that I have experienced by myself in the last seven months. Check them before you make your purchasing decision about this gadget. It’ll help you to understand whether it’s the right selfie stick that you’re looking for or not.

  • It comes with a user-friendly design that makes it very convenient to use.
  • Built with high-quality material for long and durable service.
  • Its compact size makes it super portable.
  • Double functionality: (Selfie stick & tripod).
  • Remote control over Bluetooth.
  • The stick can be extendable up to 31-inches.
  • Powerful battery life (remote).
  • It’s available only on its official site.
  • Quickly gets stock out due to its higher demand.

Technical Specification Of SelfCam Pro

Body: Aluminum
Expandable: (Yes)
Rustproof: (Yes)
Grip: (Yes)
Connectivity: Strong via Bluetooth
Specialty: Can be converted into a tripod stand
Clamp: Strong

Is Selfcam Pro a Scam?

Before purchasing anything online, it’s crucial to check the reliability and validity of that particular product. As selfcam pro is selling online through its official site, it’s very natural to raise this question of whether it’s a scam or not. When I heard about this gadget, I decided to get one, but the problem is I wasn’t confident enough to purchase it.

So I started research on it on consumer-based websites and studied over 50+ reviews of real buyers to get real-life experience of this gadget. After that, I got one of these gadgets for me, and now I’m a happy customer of selfcam pro.

If you’ve decided to get one, go for it without any confusion. I can assure you that you’ll get all the features and benefits as the manufacturers claimed. Below, I’m going to list some other user feedback to remove your confusion about it.Is selfcam pro a scam or legit

Where Can I Purchase It?

Where Can I Purchase selfcam proHere is the mystery! You can get the selfcam pro anywhere around the world, but you can’t purchase it from any physical shop. If you want to purchase this product, you must order it from its official site. To avoid online fraud and provide you with the original product, it’s only available on its official site.

Moreover, when you get it from its official site during its promo campaign, you’ll get a huge 50% discount on your purchase. I bought mine one during the promo campaign and I got it for just half of its price and received my product right in time.

Besides, the good news is the promo offer is currently going on, and you can claim this offer just by going through their official site. Below I’m including its official link to help you with quick access.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you complete the reading of this selfcam pro Review, there are a lot of queries that’ll emerge in your curious mind. Below, I have included some question's people frequently ask about this gadget over the internet.

Is Selfcam Pro Is Effective?

Without any doubt, it's a very effective tool for self-photography. It comes with many exclusive features that’ll take your photography to an advanced level. In terms of its, quality, durability, and service, it’ll never let you down!

How Can You Connect the Selfie Stick?

The process is very straightforward. All you have to do is to turn on the Bluetooth of your phone and Selfcam pro, then pair the Bluetooth connection among them. After that, the device will be ready to use.

What if I Want to Return?

After receiving the gadget, if you find any problem with it, you can return it to the manufacturer and get another one or claim for money. The good thing about this selfie stick is it’s backed by a 30-days money-back guarantee.100% Money back Guarantee

Who Is the Supplier of the Product?

Selfcam pro becomes one of the most popular selfie sticks worldwide because of its exclusive features and affordable price range. The demand for this gadget increases every day, and people want to know who’s supplying the product.

Well, a “Hong Kong” based company named Hyper Sls Ltd is the supplier of this product. The company has a worldwide shipping system to deliver the product in front of your door.

Support Team Contacts

For after-sales service or any kind of queries, you may look for the support team’s contact details. Here it’s!

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, (24h available)
  • Brazil: +552135003992
  • Email:
  • Hyper Sls Ltd
  • 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

Final Thought

Selfcam pro is designed to help those individuals who want to do self-photography and make video content by using their smartphones. It looks simple but comes with double functionality. You can use it as a selfie stick and mount it as a tripod stand for an independent shootout.

The ultimate goal of this gadget is to assist you in taking high-quality pictures and wonderful videos without taking anybody’s help.

For your convenience, it also features a Bluetooth remote controller that allows you to control your camera device over 10 meters. As we’re at the end of this selfcam pro Review, I believe you’ve no confusion about this selfie stick.

If you still didn’t make your purchase, then go to its official site and make your order before the promo campaign ends.


Selfcam pro Review

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What Is selfcam pro

Selfcam pro is the latest and advanced version of a selfie stick and tripod. The manufacturer of this gadget has designed it in the most innovative way that it works as a selfie stick and a tripod as well.

Features 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Value for Money 9

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