Properfocus Review 2024 – Is Properfocus Legit Or Scam?

I’ve been suffering from vision problems for almost 10 years. To get rid of this problem I had tried a lot of eyeglasses and medicine. But sadly none of them are able to give a permanent solution, so I’ve to change my eyeglasses again and again. Just five months ago I discovered an amazing adjustable eyeglass called ProperFocus. It comes with adjustable polycarbonate lenses that I can set according to my vision ability.

With its individual adjustable knob, I can effortlessly set the power of the glass -6 to +3 diopters. Besides, the eyeglass is very lightweight and comfortable to wear which allows me to wear it for a long period of time. Now here in this ProperFocus Review, I’m going to share my experience about the ProperFocus eyeglass that I’ve experienced these days.

My Quick Overview of  ProperFocus (30 Sec)

Quick Overview of ProperFocusVision problem is one of the most common disabilities in the world. An uncountable number of people are suffering from it, and eyeglass is the best solution. ProperFocus is an advanced technology-based adjustable eyeglass designed for people looking for an eyeglass to correct their vision.

This eyeglass comes with adjustable polycarbonate dual-lens technology to correct your vision. It has two adjustable knobs that allow you to set the eyeglass power (-6 diopters of nearsightedness) to (+3 of farsightedness).

Moreover, the adjustable eyeglass is ergonomically designed with a unisex style to allow users to wear it for long periods without any pain in the ear and nose. It also has an anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating to protect it from all kinds of scratch and impact.

ProperFocus Review – My Honest Opinion

It’s been almost five months that I’ve been using this adjustable eyeglass for my vision problem. Before using this one, I used many eyeglasses as my vision ability fluctuated over the month.

But after getting ProperFocus, I didn’t switch to another one to correct my vision ability. Whenever my vision fluctuates, I can easily adjust the magnification lens through its adjustable knobs.

However, if you’re looking for a permanent solution for your vision problem, then ProperFocus adjustable eyeglass is the ultimate solution. To get an in-detail idea about this eyeglass, read the following ProperFocus Review. I’ll share my honest opinion about this eyeglass based on my experience.

What Is ProperFocus?

What Is ProperFocusProperFocus is an advanced quality eyeglass that uses adjustable polycarbonate dual-lens technology for your vision correction. The highly customized eyeglass has two adjustable knobs through which you can correct your vision (-6 diopters of nearsightedness) to (+3 of farsightedness). It only takes a couple of seconds to set the magnification power according to your need with its adjustable knobs.

Moreover, the eyeglass is made of premium quality materials which makes it very durable and lightweight too. Anybody can wear this eyeglass for a long period of time without any pain in the ear and nose because of its ergonomic design and unisex style.

Besides, the eyeglass is covered with an anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating that protects it from all kinds of scratches and impact. ProperFocus is an effective solution for people who are looking for eyeglasses for eyesight correction.

Main Features Of ProperFocus

Main Features Of ProperFocusProperFocus eyeglasses come with so many amazing features for people who have vision problems. Under this ProperFocus Review section, I’m going to include some of the features that I have personally experienced.

Adjustable Lens:

The Adjustable lens is the unique and core feature of ProperFocus eyeglass. With regular eyeglasses, you can’t do that. ProperFocus eyeglasses have two individual adjustable knobs that allow you to change the magnification power based on your vision ability for each eyesight.

If you’re suffering from Myopia then your vision ability may fluctuate over time. And, going to the ophthalmologist and changing the eyeglasses is a costly and timely matter. But when you have ProperFocus eyeglass, you don’t have to worry about that.

Adjustable Frames:

Another important feature of ProperFocus eyeglass is its adjustable frames. After wearing the eyeglass if it’s not fitted well in your ears and the nose bridge, you can easily adjust it with its adjustable frame and nose pads.

Scratch Resistant:

Both of the lenses of ProperFocus are covered with anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating. So if you’re not careful with your eyeglass and put scratch-able pressure unintentionally, ProperFocus has the ability to protect that without putting any scratch on it.

Impact Resistant:

Most people have a tendency to fall eyeglass from their hands, and it’s pretty natural. You can’t pay attention to your eyeglass all the time to catch it before falling. For those types of people, ProperFocus is an incredible option.

The spectacles of the ProperFocus are built with superior quality material that makes this eyeglass medium impact resistant.

Rust-Free Materials:

ProperFocus is built with high-quality materials that make the eyeglass rust-free from sun rays, water, and snow. In addition, it’s stronger and durable than other ordinary glasses. Even the scratch-proof safety coating won’t be removed after a long time of use.


Compared to other ordinary glasses ProperFocus is incredibly lightweight. As a result, you can wear the eyeglass for a long period of time, and managing the eyeglass becomes very handy due to its lightweight.

All-Purpose Eyeglass:

When you wear regular eyeglasses you can’t do multiple tasks with the same eyeglass. For work, you’ll need one eyeglass, for reading another and watching TV, you’ll require another type of eyeglass. But ProperFocus is designed to serve all purposes. You can wear it while reading, watching TV, or doing any other task.

Easy to Maintain:

To clean the ProperFocus eyeglass, you don’t have to rely on traditional, inconvenient lens cleaning cloths. Rather the eyeglass could be easily washed under a running tap with a drop of soap.

Who should use ProperFocus glasses?

Who should use ProperFocus glassesThere is no limit or restriction that who can use the ProperFocus eyeglass. As it’s designed for everyone, anybody who has a vision problem can use it to get benefited.

Besides the power of the lens and frames are adjustable according to the user’s need, it’s equally effective for everyone except the people who are suffering from Astigmatism.

But if I separate a specific category of people who’ll be extremely benefited from ProperFocus eyeglass is the people who continuously changes his/her glass based on the vision fluctuations. The ProperFocus eyeglass completely eliminates this problem. However, this adjustable eyeglass will help you in many other cases, such as:

  • It’s great for the people who have unclear and blurred vision.
  • People who have eye strains.
  • If any one suffering from Myopia or Hyperopia, it's a fantastic solution
  • It helps people who encounter problem in finding out objects and lines.
  • If you have a continuous headache then it’ll be beneficial for you.

ProperFocus eyeglass will help you a lot in all these cases that are mentioned above. So, if you’re facing any of these problems then go for ProperFocus and say goodbye to them.

What Makes ProperFocus So Special?

What Makes ProperFocus So SpecialProperFocus is a highly popular eyeglass among people who have a vision problem. The reason behind its immense popularity is the adjustable lenses that allow the users to set it precisely according to their needs.

Besides, it works as a permanent solution for many people with vision problems. It doesn’t matter how many times your vision ability get fluctuated; with this adjustable eyeglass, you can correct your vision for unlimited time.

As a result, you don’t have to go for a new eyeglass, as long as you handle ProperFocus eyeglass with care.

How Can You Use ProperFocus?

How Can You Use ProperFocusUsing ProperFocus is a very simple and easier task. You can comfortably wear it like other normal glasses. Let me tell you how I wear eyeglass so that you can easily understand the processes.

  1. Take your ProperFocus eyeglass and wear it like other normal eyeglasses.
  2. Now move the adjusting knobs of the eyeglass until you get a clear and sharp view.
  3. Adjust each eyesight with its particular adjusting knob.
  4. Once the lens power is adjusted you’re good to go.

Advantages and Disadvantages of ProperFocus

Advantages and Disadvantages of ProperFocusIf you’re suffering from vision problem and want to get the ProperFocus adjustable eyeglass then read the advantages and disadvantages of eyeglass. It’ll help you to understand whether this eyeglass is capable of solving your eye problem or not.


  • Polycarbonate Lenses: The great side of ProperFocus eyeglass is, it’s made of polycarbonate lenses that allow you to see everything with crystal clarity.
  • Multiple Uses: ProperFocus is designed to help you in multiple works. By using the ProperFocus eyeglass, you can do all of your tasks without any vision problems, such as readings, watching TV, and any other work.
  • Unisex Style: The eyeglass is designed in the most innovative way that suits everyone regardless of gender and age. It perfectly fits all ages men and women because of its ergonomic design and unisex style.
  • Precise View: After purchasing expensive specs, you may still suffer from vision problems as regular eyeglasses lenses aren’t maintaining the right quality. But with ProperFocus you get the precise view of everything with its premium quality polycarbonate lens.
  • Easy To Use: Using the ProperFocus eyeglass is very simple. You can effortlessly adjust its magnification power and frames according to your needs.


  • You can only purchase the ProperFocus from its official site because the manufacturer wants to deliver the original product right from their hand.
  • Due to its huge demand sometimes it gets out of stock.

Proper Focus Glasses Reviews From Users

It’s always a better option to check the user’s reviews and feedback if you didn’t use the product by yourself. By exploring the user’s reviews and feedback, you’ll get a real-life idea about the product and that’ll help you a lot to make the appropriate decision.

Now here in this section, I’m including some of the user’s feedback of its customers to give you a complete idea about the ProperFocus eyeglass.

Proper Focus Glasses Reviews From Users

Why Is ProperFocus So Popular?

Why Is ProperFocus So PopularThere are so many reasons that make the ProperFocus popular among the people who have poor vision. Under this section, I’m going to include some of these factors that make the ProperFocus glass highly popular to its users.

  • ProperFocus glass is highly adjustable. It's both eyesight has two adjustable knobs that allow you to set individual magnification power according to the visual power of your eyes. As a result, if your two eyes require two different vision corrections, with ProperFocus you can easily do that.
  • As I said, it’s an adjustable eyeglass, it not only allows you to adjust the magnification power but also the frame. You can perfectly adjust the frame according to your face size regardless of your gender. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the frame quality and falling eyeglass from your face.
  • People who have vision problems know very well how frustrating it could be when the vision problem fluctuates after getting a prescribed eyeglass. When this happens your existing glass has no use, it becomes useless.

For vision fluctuating problems, you have to change your eyeglass frequently. That'll cost a good amount of money. But with ProperFocus adjustable eyeglass you can completely eliminate this problem and save your money.

  • The built-in quality of ProperFocus is top-notch. It's made of high-quality material that makes it scratch-proof glass. Even the notorious kid won’t put any scratch on your glass.

What To Consider When Buying Eyeglasses?

What To Consider When Buying proper Focus EyeglassesIf you’re suffering from a vision problem nearsighted or farsighted, an eyeglass is the right solution. To get the perfect eyeglass for your eyes, you need to consider some important things that are given below.

Your Personality and Lifestyle:

Eyeglasses are something that you’ll wear on a regular basis, so it’s crucial to make sure that the pair matches your personality and lifestyle. While choosing the frame of your eyeglass, you should go for something that’ll express you.

Your Facial Shape:

The shape of your face is one of the most significant factors that’ll determine what types of frame style or design suit you. For example, people who have square-shaped faces should avoid rectangular-style frames. Rather they should go for soft edges which downplay their strong jawline.

Skin Color:

Skin color is something that people usually skip but if you want your eyeglasses to look good on you, never skip that. For example, if your skin is warm-toned then neutral frames will match with you more than others.

Current Eye Condition:

The main purpose of getting an eyeglass is to eliminate your vision problem. And, for that, you need to consult with an eye doctor to prescribe you a glass through an eye test. You can also perform a refraction test to determine the lens type and the power you need.

Is ProperFocus A Scam?

Without any doubt, ProperFocus is a 100% real eyeglass for your vision problem. To understand the quality of the eyeglass you must have to use it and for that, you have to purchase it. But before you purchase the eyeglass, it’s important to make sure that the product is real, and it’s not a scam.

Well, in this case, the manufacturer of ProperFocus gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means after receiving the eyeglass if it’s not able to fulfill your requirement then you can return it back to the manufacturer and get back your money.Is ProperFocus A Scam or legit

Where Can I Purchase It?

where to purchase ProperFocus eyeglassIf you make up your mind to purchase a ProperFocus eyeglass to eliminate your vision problem, you have to order it from its official online store. The producer of this eyeglass sells it only on its official site to deliver the original product and avoid online fraud.

I had purchased mine from the official site and got a 50% discount on my purchase as I ordered the product during the promo campaign time. Besides the good news is, the 50% discount promo offer is still going on. You can also claim the offer by just going through the company’s official site and ordering the product right now.

Under this section, I’m adding the official link of the ProperFocus so that you can quickly access the official site & get the eyeglass before the promo ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

While reading the ProperFocus Review there are some common questions that might arise in your curious mind. Have a look at the below FAQ section to get some of the answers that people frequently asked about  ProperFocus eyeglass.

Do I Need Doctor’s Advice Before Using It?

Not necessarily if you don’t have any major eye problems, you can use the ProperFocus without the doctor’s suggestion.

Are Properfocus Glasses Fingerprint-proof?

Yes, the ProperFocus is made with high-quality Polycarbonate Lenses that make the eyeglass fingerprint-Proof.

Is Properfocus Available Everywhere?

ProperFocus isn’t available everywhere, but you can get it from anywhere around the world by ordering the eyeglass from its official site.

Is Properfocus Good for Everyone That Needs Eyeglasses?

Yes, ProperFocus is an ideal choice for everyone who requires eyeglasses except the people who have Astigmatism.

How Is Properfocus Different From Others?

ProperFocus uses high-quality Polycarbonate Lenses that make the eyeglass fingerprint-resistant. Besides the magnification power and frame of the eyeglass is highly adjustable that anybody can adjust according to their needs.

Who Is The Supplier Of The Product?

ProperFocus is supplied by the “Hyper Sls Ltd” all over the world. It’s a “Hong Kong” based company that has worldwide fastest shipping channel. Therefore, your location doesn’t make any problem for the company. You can order it from anywhere around the world and get the product in front of your door.

Support Team Contacts

ProperFocus has 24h support team. For any queries and after sales service follow the below contact details.

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, (24h available)
  • Brazil: +552135003992, (9:00 am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday at Brazil Time, GMT-5)
  • Email :
  • Hyper Sls Ltd
  • 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

Final Thought

In my ProperFocus Review, I have already shown you everything about this next-generation adjustable eyeglass. Regardless of your gender, age, and eyesight issues the adjustable Polycarbonate Lenses effectively correct your vision problem. The best thing about the ProperFocus is you can adjust each eyesight magnification power individually & when your vision ability improves or decreases you can correct it easily.

Besides the eyeglass is very lightweight and durable, you can wear it comfortably for a long period of time. So if you’re suffering from a vision problem either nearsighted or farsighted, I’ll highly recommend you to go for ProperFocus eyeglass. Moreover, you’ll get a huge 50% discount on your purchase, if you get the eyeglass right now as the promo offer  is still going on.


Properfocus Review

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Main Features Of ProperFocus

ProperFocus is an advanced quality eyeglass that uses adjustable polycarbonate dual-lens technology for your vision correction. It only takes a couple of seconds to set the magnification power according to your need with its adjustable knobs.

Build and Design 10
Quality 10
Ease of Use 9
Value for Money 10
  • it’s made of polycarbonate lenses
  • It's designed to help you in multiple works
  • It suits everyone regardless of gender and age
  • You can only purchase the ProperFocus from its official site
  • Due to its huge demand sometimes it gets out of stock.

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