Omni DataSafe Review 2024- Features, Benefits, Legit/Scam?

We live in a world where data has become part and parcel of our lives. And the cyber attacks have also become more sophisticated time after time. Therefore, the importance of data encryption became unavoidable. Whether you or your business faces certain challenges when storing data or organizing information, one of the most pressing contests in today’s digital world is data security. We have to store our important data in various digital platforms for our needs, which leaves the data vulnerable to new cyber threats. Thus, data encryption is a way to prevent data breaches and reduce the possible harm it can bear.

In this scenario, the introduction of Omni DataSafe is a lifesaver. We can’t ignore the usage of USB flash drives in our working lives. With those flash devices, we can access sensitive and important files remotely. However, a secure USB flash drive can secure all your data using hardware encryption. Now, you don’t have to worry about breaching your important data. In this detailed Omni DataSafe review, we have explained the features, benefits, and other significant aspects.


Omni DataSafe Review

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Compatible Software of Omni DataSafe

The Omni DataSafe USB drive is a data encryption device that secures and protects your data from various potential advanced cyber attacks. The device is made to ensure high-level security for protecting your personal and organizational information and identity.

Build and Design 10
Ease of use 10
Features Rate 9
Durablity 10
  • AES-256 military-grade encryption
  • Quick data transfer
  • Custom PIN code access
  • Free shipping in USA
  • You'll lose data if you forget the password
  • Availability is limited

What is Omni DataSafe?

The Omni DataSafe USB drive is a data encryption device that secures and protects your data from various potential advanced cyber attacks. The device is made to ensure high-level security for protecting your personal and organizational information and identity. Its elementary function is to safeguard your digital information with the strongest security.

Omni DataSafe Review 2023- Features, Benefits, LegitScam

This device uses a military-grade AES-256 encoding level of security, which is popular in the banking and governmental sectors. The flash drive is designed to protect your personal as well as administrative information with super-strong encryption. Instead of relying on vulnerable cloud storage, your data can be safely stored directly on this device. The data stored in this device can only be accessible by you because the device comes with password functionality.

The device is easy to use, and it can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. It comes with software to help manage your files. In the world of cyber threats, where hacking has become a daily concern, Omni DataSafe is a reliable solution for the safety of your digital information. Even if you are a businessman, an artist, or someone who wants to protect your data, this device can be a reliable option for you, which can provide peace of mind.

Moreover, the device comes with 32GB of storage. With this storage, you can save approximately 12000 mp3 files, 12000 photos, 10 hours of HD videos, and 600,000 pages of documents. I’ve been using this device for my research project for a long time. As I work with some important and personal data, I found this device extremely useful. And the device can transmit data super-fast and accurately. Let’s understand how the gadget works.

How Does It Work?

The functionality of the Omni DataSafe device is complex inside, but the output is quite simple. The device involves a advanced operating system that smoothly integrates military-grade encryption with a user-friendly environment for strong data security. The main purpose of this device is to protect your data from illegal access and external dangers.

How does Omni DataSafe work

Omni DataSafe employs AES-256 encryption, which is the paradigm for data security trusted by global governments, militaries, and financial bodies. Once you input your data into Omni DataSafe, it's transformed into a format that's nearly impossible to decrypt. This encryption is so robust that even the most sophisticated computer systems can't breach it. Additionally, by storing data offline, Omni DataSafe minimizes the threat of online cyberattacks.

To strengthen security, Omni DataSafe includes intuitive built-in software that simplifies data management tasks, even for those who need to be better versed in technology. Additionally, it has a reset feature; if the PIN or password is entered incorrectly ten times, the device automatically formats all the data. This feature acts as a safeguard against brute-force attacks and ensures data remains secure if the device is lost or stolen. The device has some amazing features; keep reading to learn more.

The Features of Omni DataSafe

The new Omni DataSafe device has some intelligent features that are designed to enforce the security of data. They are:

Military-Grade Encryption

Omni DataSafe is designed to ensure strong and secure data encryption, which is powered by AES-256 military-grade encryption. This encryption system is well structured, and so secure that any advanced system can’t penetrate the layer of this device’s security. Thus, the demand for this security system is being seen largely in governmental and financial organizations.

Military-grade encryption of Omni DataSafe

Compatible Software

The device not only secures your data within its hardware, but it also comes with well-designed and secure software to ensure an extra layer of security. This flash drive is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. With this software, you can manage your files and get more encrypting options.

Compatible Software of Omni DataSafe

Large Storage

Omni DataSafe comes with a large 32 GB of storage. Where you can easily fit your large number of documents or audio/video files. The storage enables you to store your important documents without the fear of deleting them.

32 GB storage of Omni DataSafe

Quick Transfer

It comes with quick data transfer ability. It uses new USB 3.1 GEN 1 technology which enables it to transfer data within seconds. Moreover, the device comes with various key functionality to make the usage easier and smoother.

Quick Transfer of Omni DataSafe

Automatic Lock

The encryption of this device is so strong and sensitive that, its automatic locking mechanism locks itself as soon as you eject the device from your computer. This tool provides an extra layer of security to your data. Now you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve locked it or not when you are not using it.

Automatic Lock system of Omni DataSafe

Reset Technology

Don’t worry! Nobody can even penetrate your drive. If anyone tries to open the drive using the wrong PIN for 10 times, the technology will erase every data. Be assured that, now your data is secure and unaccessible.

Custom PIN code access

You can use a custom PIN for the Omni DataSafe. Additionally, you can set custom PINs to encrypt different data for the usage of different persons. You can share this flash drive to share different data with different persons.

Custom PIN code access of Omni DataSafe

File Management

Another great functionality the device comes with is that you can manage and organize your files according to your needs. Within this flash drive now you can handle sensitive as well as other important data.

File Management of Omni DataSafe

Form Factor

The device is built with a solid aluminum case that makes it durable and protects it from physical damage. You don’t have to worry about falling or dropping the device. The device is lightweight and compact. It can fit in your pocket easily.

LED indicators

It has LED indicators that show that the flash drive is active or connected to your computer. While transferring data the LED lights will indicate whether the data is transferring or not.

30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

All Omni DataSafe come with a 30-day cashback guarantee. If the product doesn’t meet your criteria after purchasing, you can ask for a refund within 30 days.

Free Shipping

The manufacturer of Omini DataSafe offers free and fast shipping to its customers. If you are ordering from the USA you’ll get free shipping of your product. Other than this, they deliver the product rapidly across the world.

Committed Customer Help

Committed Customer Help of Omni DataSafe

If you ever have any kind of problem with this device, the dedicated customer help team will be at your behest at any time. Your query or encounter will be hassle-free.

These features made the Omni DataSafe a phenomenal gadget and an ultimate solution for your data safety. The assigned buttons are for the flash drive only, and they won’t cause any alteration to your data. In case you lose the device, nobody can access your Omni DataSafe to explore your data.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Omni DataSafe

The Omni DataSafe offers multi-functionality, which makes it a must-have device for users who work with sensitive and confidential data. I’ve been using this device for a long time, and it served me with such promises it guaranteed. Though there are some pros and cons, I should point out for your convenience.

  • The security level it provides is quite astonishing. The AES-256 military-grade safeguard works well, and it’s impossible to breach the data inside it.
  • I work with various types of data, and managing those now becomes easier with its software. Within the software, I can now choose various security options.
  • The Omni DataSafe keeps your important data inside its local memory, which is accessible in offline mode. So, the chances of getting data breaches in online mode are zero.
  • You can unlock the device, and there is a physical key in the device. You can access your data using your special PIN by dialing the physical key.
  • This device works on every system. Don’t worry if you have Windows, macOS, or Linux because this flash drive works on those systems.
  • With your presence, the device can be unlocked. If anyone tries to open your device and puts the PIN incorrectly ten times, the device will automatically erase all the data.
  • The device is lightweight and mobile. You can carry this mini data safehouse wherever you go.
  • If you forget the password or PIN you’ve set. You’ll lose your data forever. Though the PIN is for extra security, losing it would be opposite to the beat.
  • Though it offers decent storage, but it’s still less. Because you have to delete files to enter new files.
  • The availability is limited only on its official website. Getting it offline is not impossible.

These are the pluses and minuses I’ve found on this device. But I can assure you, the benefits it offers are much more promising than the negative sides.

How to Use Omni DataSafe?

How to Use Omni DataSafe

Using Omni DataSafe is easy and convenient. It’s not much more than using your conventional flash drives. Though it has some special features, using those is as easy as using your other USB drives. To operate this device you don’t have to go through any rocket-science manual. Follow these simple steps to use this device:

  • Step 1: Set a custom PIN code into the keypad and use this while using this. You can change your PIN later using the software;
  • Step 2: Enter the Omni DataSafe into your computer or laptop using a USB port;
  • Step 3: Open the built-in software and through this software, you can transfer, organize, and manage your documents or files. Additionally, you can check other options like password management, and other security features.
  • Step 4: Eject the device from your computer and remove it safely. The device will lock itself automatically.

See, using this device is as easy as using your other USB devices. To operate it you don’t have to expertise anything, you can master the software at first glance.

Does Omni DataSafe Work? Is it Legit/Scam?

A question I noticed is asked quite often: Does Omni DataSafe work? Well, the answer is a big Yes; the device works perfectly fine. At first, I needed clarification on whether it would work or not. I have yet to see many devices like it in the market. But I got my answer after buying this gadget. To my utter surprise, it worked as the manufacturer promised.

Does Omni DataSafe Work Is it LegitScam

As the Omni DataSafe is not available in offline stores to test, the question of its legitimacy is natural. But be assured, I have been using this device for a long time now, and I have found no issue till now. The product is absolutely genuine, and it’s not a scam. Its security features work perfectly as I and some of my friends tried to find out its truth. We failed to breach its security features. The official website delivers genuine and authentic products to customers.

Moreover, the company is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. So there’s no worries to try it as you’re on the safe side regarding your investment. As the device is a need for your data protection, trying this device won’t fail you. Why waste time? Grab your Omni DataSafe now.

Where Can I Get Omni DataSafe?

Well, the Omni DataSafe is only available on its official website. The manufacturer offers their customers free access to this website to make orders and get the authentic product directly from the manufacturers. Thus, there is no mediator involved in the process. The manufacturer guarantees quality service of the product and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

where to buy Omni DataSafe

While ordering mine, I felt relieved because I was not dealing with any middleman. Another good fact is that the manufacturer ships the product free of cost and fast. I was fine with the product being good or defective. Because I can ask for a refund, but it was not required. I got the original and brand-new gadget, and it works perfectly fine. On the other hand, the manufacturers process the refund quickly.

The ordering process is seamless on the website. The price is competitive, and the payment method is also convenient. Overall, the whole process is simpler and hassle-free. The website offers discounts and other combo offers. To explore more, visit the website now and avail exciting offers. If you face any product-related issue, you can contact their always active customer support team for the solution. So grab yours now, as the combo offers may not wait long.

What Customers Say About Omni DataSafe?

Here are some customer reviews I found on the internet.

Johnathan Reynolds: 

“I've tried various encryption devices over the years, but Omni DataSafe truly stands out. The ease with which I can secure my files while enjoying a user-friendly interface is unparalleled. Highly recommended for anyone serious about data protection.”

Stephanie Moreno: 

“Omni DataSafe has given me peace of mind like no other product. Knowing my data is stored offline and encrypted with AES-256 makes me feel incredibly secure. A game-changer for my business!”

Liam Patel:

“In today's digital age, protecting sensitive information is crucial. With Omni DataSafe, not only am I assured of top-notch security, but the offline storage feature is genius. No more worries about online breaches.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some commonly asked questions that might help you.

What Should I Do if My Omni DataSafe Device Is Lost or Stolen?

In the event that your Omni DataSafe device is lost or stolen, your data remains secure due to the AES-256 encryption and the ten-attempt PIN lockout feature. It is recommended to maintain a backup of your data in another secure location to further safeguard your information.

Is the User Interface of Omni DataSafe Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, Omni DataSafe features an intuitive built-in software interface that streamlines data management tasks, making it beginner-friendly, even for individuals who may not be highly tech-savvy.

Is It Possible to Back up My Data from Omni DataSafe to Another Device?

Yes, you have the option to transfer and back up your data from Omni DataSafe to another device. However, it's crucial to ensure that the backup process is done securely to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Does Omni DataSafe Store Any Data Online or In the Cloud?

No, Omni DataSafe is designed for offline storage, ensuring that your data remains isolated from potential online cyber threats.

Is Omni DataSafe Compatible with Multiple Operating Systems?

Yes, Omni DataSafe is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.


In the world of technology, data is the bloodstream of the whole system. Data is crucial for everyone, whether you’re an artist, businessman, or finance institutional employee. Securing the valuables and protecting them from data breaches is crucial. The emergence of cyber-attacks has also risen exponentially. To stay aloof from the evil side of technology, using encryption devices has become a necessity.

In this scenario, Omini DataSafe, an AES-256 security-enabled device, made the data encryption smooth and easy. It’s easy to use and has user-friendly software to cater to the needs of the users. In this detailed Omni DataSafe review, I’ve discussed all the necessary information that might help you. To get your data security device, visit their official website and grab the attractive offers. Please don’t be shy to try the product, as they offer a 30-day cashback guarantee.


Omni DataSafe Review

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Compatible Software of Omni DataSafe

The Omni DataSafe USB drive is a data encryption device that secures and protects your data from various potential advanced cyber attacks. The device is made to ensure high-level security for protecting your personal and organizational information and identity.

Build and Design 10
Ease of use 10
Features Rate 9
Durablity 10
  • AES-256 military-grade encryption
  • Quick data transfer
  • Custom PIN code access
  • Free shipping in USA
  • You'll lose data if you forget the password
  • Availability is limited

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