Omega DataCube Review 2024 – Does It Really Work?

What if the phone storage runs out, and you are not allowed to take any more pictures? Sounds horrible, especially if you love storing precious memories of your kids and family. That’s why you need a good backup system. Even though cloud services are the norm, both you and I know how tedious it is to retrieve the data in the future.

But recently, there has been quite some buzz about a fast and easy storage system called Omega DataCube. It claims to back up your files automatically. Plus, the entire process takes place while the phone is charging. Looks too good to be true, right?

Then, you have to check out my Omega DataCube Review down below. It should be enough to clear the doubts running through your mind.


Omega DataCube

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Omega DataCube Review

Omega DataCube is a revolutionary tool to back up all your photos, videos, and other personal data. The inspiration behind this invention was to find an easier way to store and organize image files.

Features Rate 10
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 9
  • 100% Safe To Use
  • Better Protection
  • Fast Access
  • Cost-Effective
  • No Need For Wi-Fi
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Product distribution is very limited

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Photos Safe?

The question of media backup is totally irrelevant if you don’t think it’s important. Even if you are super careful with mobile devices, accidents can happen. What if you lose your phone all of a sudden? All the memories stored inside the phone’s gallery will disappear.

Why Is It Important To Keep Your Photos Safe

Not just that, many technical issues with the phone require a factory reset. And, you have to give up your prized possessions to get the phone on track again. Sounds terrible to me. That’s why there’s so much hype around the media backup system. So that, even when you have to face such unpleasant incidents, you can access the data later on.

But that’s not the major point here. There are quite a lot of backup devices and methods available to android or mac users. However, none of them can guarantee 100% privacy. That means your private photos and personal data are always accessible to outside hackers. That’s why it’s so important to back up your photos and find a safe way to do so.

Omega DataCube Reviews: Overview

Since you have been convinced about the importance of a good backup for your mobile phone, the real journey begins now. Let’s get to know the Omega DataCube a little better before analyzing its features and limitations. That sounds fair.

What Is Omega DataCube?

Omega DataCube is a revolutionary tool to back up all your photos, videos, and other personal data. The inspiration behind this invention was to find an easier way to store and organize image files.

What Is Omega DataCube

The most common backup method available before Omega DataCube was the Cloud or a USB drive. Even though both of them worked fine, there were a lot of problems as well.

For example, many users don’t like paying a monthly subscription with cloud storage or the limited capacity of a physical drive. Thanks to Omega DataCube, all those issues are solved for good.

It enables you to sort and store all the image and video files automatically. Yes, you basically plug the DataCube into the phone and go about your day. Without any interruption from you, the tool will back-up and precisely organize all the data you choose. Isn’t that amazing?

How Does It Work?

You must be wondering how this magic tool actually works. No worries, I am here to answer. First of all, you open the package, which includes the DataCube along with a microSD card. Make sure to keep the SD card safe since it’s pretty small.

How Does Omega DataCube Work

Next, you remove the data or cable from the USB charger. Then, insert the small black card into the charger’s adapter. Once you are sure everything is secured, attach the DataCube. It’s just like plugging a new charger into the socket. Nothing special.

Finally, insert the data cable into the Omega DataCube device. And, you know the rest. The initial setting is ready. All you have to do is connect the cell phone to the cable like a usual charger.

Shortly, the Omega DataCube will start its job. It will collect all the new images (and similar media files) you have added to the phone and organize them in a separate library. In case you lose the images due to a random malfunction, you can access the backup storage within seconds.

Unique Features Of Omega DataCube

The whole concept of Omega DataCube is quite unique to me. But certain features just stand out a lot from the rest. Let’s take a dig.

Unique Features Of Omega DataCube


One unique feature of Omega DataCube is customizing the data you want to store. Yes, you can skip some files you don’t think are necessary. For that, while setting up the app, select the file categories like images, videos, music, voice memos, contact information, etc.

If you think a certain category is useless to you like the contact numbers, you can keep the box unchecked. Hence, you are customizing the type of data ultimately moving into the storage.

Low-Price Tag

By “low-price tag” I am referring to the cost of lifetime service. You see, Omega DataCube doesn’t work with a subscription. You have to pay for it at once. Abd, the service you get is unlimited.

Compare it to the cloud service you use right now. Add all the monthly subscriptions you pay. I can guarantee the result will be much higher for the cloud service. That means, if you distribute the one-time cost to its overall life, the price will be really insignificant.

Multiple Storage Sizes

Why would you pay for the space you don’t need? That’s why Omega DatCube comes with as many as four storage sizes: 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. Each size offers a certain storage limit.

If you have a small family and want to protect precious memories, the 32 GB option seems to suit you perfectly. On the contrary, if you are a business worker dealing with various files daily, pick the 256 GB package for an uninterrupted storage option.

Quick Set-Up

The next feature I would like to highlight is its easy and quick setup. It’s not complicated at all. Once the MicroSD card and the DataCube have been attached to the adapter, your job is done.

From then on, just connect the cable to the device. Any new image or video you take will keep adding to the storage automatically. You don’t have to manually set up anything.

What Ways Will The Omega DataCube Benefit You?

All the unique features I have mentioned earlier will ultimately benefit the end user which is you. Here is a little example.

What Ways Will The Omega DataCube Benefit You

Suppose you love collecting memories through images. But your device can only store so many of them. If the image files are above 2 MB, you will soon start receiving “not enough storage” notifications. Whenever you save a new file, an irritating warning sign will pop up. It showcases the lack of space in your device.

But what choice do you have in that situation? Your photos are too precious to be deleted. That’s when the Omega DataCube comes in. It backs up your data and looks for new ones regularly. Once it is saved by this tool, you can delete the files if you want.

That way you have enough space within the phone to keep collecting more. Plus, you can retrieve or access those deleted files from the Omega DataCube app whenever you like. That’s a win-win.

How To Use the Omega DataCube App?

I have previously mentioned the role of the Omega DataCube app. You need the app to access the data you have been storing on the device all along. Here’s how it works.

How To Use the Omega DataCube App

So, first things first, you need to set up the Omega DataCube. You can follow my earlier instructions for that. After that, find the “Omega DataCube” app from the Google Play Store. Then, install the app as usual.

Once the installation is over, grant access to the “Omega DataCube” app. Most of the task is done. The app will keep asking for certain permissions and you have to accept or reject them.

Remember, if you don’t allow the app to automatically back up your data, you will have to manually start the backup every time. That might be a hassle during a busy day. So, it’s better to automate the whole process from the start.

Finally, you can use the app anytime to see the images in an organized form. Every file will be in a separate folder. It won’t even take a minute to identify where to look for a specific file.

What I Like About The Omega DataCube?

The thing I liked the most about Omega DataCube is its non-tech-savvy approach. To be honest, I think it is pretty similar to the services of cloud storage.

What I Like About The Omega DataCube

Even though you get unlimited space in the cloud, I would still prefer Omega DataCube. That’s because it practically takes several tech tutorials for me to access the storage and retrieve the files.

It’s really not that pleasant. Even more so if you are an elderly person who doesn’t have enough tech exposure regularly.

The fact that you can literally back up everything in your phone while charging is beyond extraordinary to me. It’s not like you are putting in any extra effort. You would have to recharge the phone anyway, right?

The ease of use and controlling the entire process has been made super simple with this tool.

Apart from this, all the other benefits can still be found with other popular methods. But if you really want to save your mind from the hard work, you should definitely buy an Omega DataCube.

What Need To Be Better In Omega DataCube?

I didn’t think there could be any flaw with the DataCube. However, after considering certain issues the users faced, I think product distribution is very limited. Omega DataCube is still taking its time being available to every local store.

You can only order it from verified online stores or their official website. It could be a little difficult for elderly people who don’t prefer online shopping much.

Why Do People Love To Use Omega DataCube?

Omega DataCube is still a new product. However, given this short time frame, it has accumulated a loyal user base. And, there’s a solid reason why people love this product so much. Take a look.

Why Do People Love To Use Omega DataCube

Easy To Use

You can’t get something easier to use than Omega DataCube. No doubt the older generation is a fan of this tool. It’s practically a plug-in and plug-out system. The complication of operating a USB drive or navigating the cloud storage to identify a specific file is over.

The files are sorted out according to their categories in a library. You can enter the app and quickly select the specific file you want to see.

Better Protection

One major problem Cloud users have faced all their life is the fear of hackers. As much as I hate to admit it, our data is not safe when stored in the cloud. Any hacker can easily break the fence and access our personal data.

However, Omega DataCube solves this issue from the root. Manufacturers used to advance technology that protects the data from ill-minded hackers. Only you can access your phone’s data whenever needed. This benefit has really won the hearts of people who fear outside attacks on their important data files.

Fast Access

You need fast access to your backup files when an accident occurs. If you are a pro, it might not take too long to retrieve precious memories from the cloud. However, it's a literal nightmare for people who are not that comfortable with complicated technical terms.

That’s why people love the Omega DataCube so much. It ensures easy and quick access to your old data when you finally need them. There’s no complicated process involved. All you need is the app which is easily available in the Play Store.

What Makes Omega DataCube Different From Others?

Multiple backup services store your data for future emergencies. However, Omega DataCube is different from them.

What Makes Omega DataCube Different From Others


Omega DataCube is more cost-effective than the rest. Omega DataCube only asks for a one-time payment without any additional cost when every cloud service works on a subscription basis. It’s more affordable in the long run.

100% Safe To Use

It is the safest storage option available in the market right now. The advanced technology used in the tool allows it to prevent any online hacker from accessing your data. Hacking was a major issue with the previous methods. It sounds unfair that you are paying so much money and still can’t expect 100% safety.

Easy Set-Up

It is also easier to assemble and use. Among all the backup methods I have reviewed, Omega DataCube is surely the simplest. Check out the full setup process above.

No Need For Wi-Fi

Another problem with using Cloud's storage is wifi access. If you are stuck without the internet, forget to retrieve your precious memories from the storage.

However, Omega DataCube allows you to keep using the app without any internet connection. That's a huge plus point if you are caught in an urgent situation.

User Opinions of Omega DataCube

Users are mostly pleased with Omega DataCube. Some of them failed to understand the compatibility and regretted buying the product. But, Judging the frustration as a product defect won't be fair. It’s merely a misunderstanding.

That being said, I would like to present some helpful user feedback below. Have a look.

Brown from the USA called it a peace of mind and money saver:

“What a handy gadget! I was extremely fed up with the cloud’s increasing cost every month. And they keep nagging you to buy more when you run out of room. So I got this hoping for some peace of mind and continuous backup. So easy! I simply plug my phone in to charge overnight. It picks up where it left off before. It keeps snagging new pics and videos from my phone. No more monthly fees. I am getting more for Christmas for friends and family!”

Andrea, an office worker, gives it 4 out of 5 stars:

“For people who don’t feel comfortable when it comes to handling files, it is ideal since it saves your precious time and effort. In addition, the possibility of freeing up space on the smartphone without lifting a finger is surely an advantage.”

Luca finds the product interesting and wants to do a thorough test:

“I tried it. Although it is somewhat slow, but works just fine for me. What happens is that it is not as efficient as the original device. I’m going to buy one to do a test again.”

Omega DataCube Prices & Packages

Omega DataCube is not expensive at all. The minimum size is available within $60. You can pay even lower if you catch a discount. Click here to check the pricing here in detail.

Storage Space Estimated Number of Images Price
32 GB 12,800 $60
64 GB 25,600 $ 80
128 GB 51,200 $100
256 GB 102,400 $150

For your personal mobile phone, I would suggest trying the cheapest one first. It can store 12,800 images without an issue. If it doesn’t sound enough, move higher and buy the 64 GB storage space with 25,600 image capacity. I would only recommend the 256 GB for corporate or professional use.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

If you are still not convinced by the affordable prices, Omega DataCube also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. How does it work? Well, if you think the product is not up to mark, you can return it within 30 days after your purchase date.

Exceptional Money Back Guarantee

And the team will send your money back to your account. Email the team at this address: If your claim is valid, you will get a smooth refund.

Where To Buy Omega DataCube?

Omega DataCube is compatible with tablets, windows, android and apple devices. The manufacturing team is working relentlessly to make this storage device compatible with more device categories.

Where To Buy Omega DataCube

Sadly, it is still finding its way to the local offline shops in your area. To avoid falling for scams, I would recommend buying from their official website. That’s the best way to receive support in case something goes wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got more queries under your sleeves? That’s alright since Omega DataCube is literally a newbie in the market. Check out my FAQ section below to erase any doubt you have.

Do I Need Extra Cables So That Omega DataCube Will Work With My Device?

No, you don’t need any extra cables to use the Omega DataCube. You see, the DataCube packaging doesn’t include a special cable. That’s why many people wonder whether you need to get one from an outside store or not.

However, that’s not true. In fact, the manufacturers encourage you to keep using your regular USB phone chargers and cables for this purpose.

Which Omega DataCube Size Should I Get?

Which package you should buy depends completely on your demands. Omega DataCube offers four packages to cater to various user categories. The lowest is 32 GB, and the highest is 256 GB. If you are looking for something in between, you can choose either 64 GB or 128 GB.

Do I Need To Be Good With Computers Or A Pro In Order To Use This Device?

You don’t have to be good with computers or have much technical knowledge in order to use this tool. I think that’s one of the biggest reasons why Omega DataCube has become so popular in the first place.

You only have to plug it inside your device (android, mac, or computer) like a charger. As the devices get recharged, all the data are sorted in a separate library. You can find the files later within the Omega DataCube app.

Who Is The Provider Of The Product?

Mark Oman invented this product. If you aren’t familiar with the name, he dedicated his life to research works in silicon valley. So, when he witnessed his mother’s difficulty in finding an easy-going backup service, he took it into his own hands.

And the output is in front of us. It’s a great relief that this product was designed keeping the elderly in mind.

Support Team

Please remember that it will take at least 5 to 7 days for your product to reach you. The waiting period can be longer if you live overseas due to the difference in international shipping times.

If you are having trouble with shipping or ordering the Omega DataCube, the customer service team will help you. All you have to do is send them an email at the following address: Don’t want to email them?

That’s okay. Here is a form from their official website. Fill it out by describing the issue you are having. Soon, one member of the support team will contact you.

Verdict: Omega DataCube Reviews

Trust me when I say this. You can never go back after taking Omega DataCube as your backup solution. The reason is simple. It’s so handy and easy to use for almost anyone.

If your elderly family members have trouble understanding fast-paced technologies and keep losing their media files, give this magic tool to them. I am sure they will love the flexibility.

So, It’s definitely a yes from me. However, the ball is in your court now. You have to decide whether this innovative idea to keep your memories safe deserves a chance or not. With that, I am signing off for today. Thank you for being so patient.


Omega DataCube

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Omega DataCube Review

Omega DataCube is a revolutionary tool to back up all your photos, videos, and other personal data. The inspiration behind this invention was to find an easier way to store and organize image files.

Features Rate 10
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 9
  • 100% Safe To Use
  • Better Protection
  • Fast Access
  • Cost-Effective
  • No Need For Wi-Fi
  • Easy Set-Up
  • Product distribution is very limited

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