NightCap Scrunchie Review: Is This Drink Cover Worth Buying?

Drink spiking is now at an epidemic stage and being reported by various news channels and police forces. The result of a recent survey shows that the maximum victims are girls and women more than men, and the percentage is almost 80%. It also says college students have a high risk of spiking, and 8% have already reported this. MPs and other state administrators are having difficulty stopping drink spike incidents.

Most drink spike victims state that the main motive of the attacker is sexual assault. But robbing and even murder cases have also been reported. This is where NightCap arrives as an ultimate barrier against drink spike attackers, also spotted in Shark Tank in 2019.

I bought this amazing drink a few months ago when someone mixed drugs in my friend's drinks and abused her sexually. This anti-spike drink cover also works as scrunchies. I gifted her one, and today, I will describe why it's a must-have accessory in this NightCap Scrunchie Review. Let's dive deep into the features, benefits, and talent behind its invention.


NightCap Scrunchie Review

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NightCap Scrunchie Drink Cover Review

NightCap Scrunchie is a portable two-in-one drink cover that works as a barrier against drink spiking and also lets you tie your hair. It creates safety for everyone, but especially for women who are afraid to drink at bars, parties, and crowded programs.

Durablity 10
Ease of Use 10
Value for Money 10
Build and Design 9
  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Fits over most drinkware
  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Provides protection against drink spiking
  • Only available for purchase online through the official website

What Is Drink Spiking?

First, you must understand what drink spiking is. Drink spiking is a form of criminal behavior and has legal actions in various countries. Spike drink means adding drugs or alcoholic substances to an alcoholic or non-alcoholic person's beverage with their permission or with bad intentions. It is a violation of someone's consent and can lead to dangerous consequences for the victim, both physically and emotionally.

What Is Drink Spiking

Moreover, this crime mostly happens in clubs, parties, or crowded places. It is typically done to immobilize someone, making them vulnerable to various forms of harm, including sexual assault, robbery, or other crimes.

However, various anesthetics and illegal drugs are used for spiking drinks. These prohibited substances include Rohypnol (commonly known as the Date Rape Drug), GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate), or ketamine, as well as legal substances like alcohol.

What Is NightCap Scrunchie?

NightCap Scrunchie is a portable two-in-one drink cover that works as a barrier against drink spiking and also lets you tie your hair. It creates safety for everyone, but especially for women who are afraid to drink at bars, parties, and crowded programs.

NightCap Scrunchie Review Is This Drink Cover Worth Buying

The most advantageous side of NightCap Scrunchie is that it is compatible with all types of glasses widely used in bars and parties. It snugly fits and has a mini hole for a straw to put into it.

NightCap Scrunchie has discreet, compact, and user-friendly dimensions of 5.75 x 4.1 x 0.75 inches. Also, the amazing fact is that it weighs only 0.704 ounces, and you can carry it wherever you go.

This drink cover is made with a blend of high-quality nylon and spandex fabrics. Nylon, also known as synthetic polymer, is an extremely resilient, durable and both water and heat-resistant fabric. Spandex, on the other hand, has super elasticity. Both the fabrics are reusable and washable.

How Does NightCap Scrunchie Work?

Nobody knows what the person next to them is thinking right now or what his next move could be. The chance of your drink being spiked was never zero, and we don't know who could do this. NightCap Scrunchie offers a protective drink whenever you are in a crowded place and lets you enjoy your drink with peace of mind, knowing no one can drop drug substances into your drink when you're distracted.

How Does NightCap Scrunchie Work

NightCap Scrunchie looks simple but establishes an effective way of ensuring safety. The drink can be hidden inside a secret pocket, and you can use it as a scrunchie to tie your hair. Both the scrunchie and the drink cover are connected to each other, guaranteeing your drink's safety.

Moreover, it is compatible with most reusable plastic glasses, mugs, and party drink glasses. So, it doesn't matter whether you are at home or out or what type of glass you're drinking with. You can keep the beverage safe from drink tampering and dust.

Last but not least, the straw hole impressed me even more. Drinking with a straw gives an enjoyable feel to every sip. All types of straws are also compatible with the hole, but you can also purchase a stainless steel straw designed by the manufacturer especially to use with the cover.

Key Features and The Benefits of NightCap Scrunchie

The user-friendly design, outstanding features, and quality benefits make NightCap Scrunchie so popular within a very short time. I bought four of these a few months ago and gifted them to my friends. All my friends and I have greatly benefited from the drink cover, and I will illustrate its features in this NightCap Scrunchie Review. Let's take a look at why it is a must-have accessory for optimal safety.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Convenient and Easy to Use NightCap Scrunchie

Convenience is the foremost feature of NightCap Scrunchie, as you can use it for multiple purposes. Normally, you can use it as a regular hair accessory, but at the party, it covers your drink instantly.

Moreover, using it is a breeze. Bring it out of the scrunchie's pocket and cover the drink. No more complicated processes, and enjoy a spike-free drink all around. I loved how simple but useful this drink cover is.

Portable and Compact

The portability of the NightCap Scrunchie makes it more useful, and the compact design allows it to fit with all glasses. You can wear it on your wrist or tie it to your hair and get a stylish look along with protection. The innovative design ensures you're not forgetting but carrying the NightCap Scrunchie anywhere with you.

Fits With Most Drink Glasses and Cups

NightCap Scrunchie Fits With Most Drink Glasses and Cups

The main purpose of the NightCap Scrunchie is to cover our drinks and create a psychological shield for people who try to spike drinks. The manufacturer cleverly integrated an elastic band that stretches well and snugly fits all types of glasses and cups.

Washable and Reusable

NightCap Scrunchie is Washable and Reusable

Where traditional drink covers are mostly for one-time use, the NightCap Scrunchie is crafted with nylon and spandex fabrics that are washable and can be used numerous times. The nylon fabric is highly durable, stain-resistant, and easy to wash. Though no liquid remains on the cover, I still wash it after several uses to maintain proper hygiene.

Without effective benefits and remarkable features, a product is nothing but garbage. That's why NightCap Scrunchie is my top pick when it comes to safety against drink-spiking criminals, and also for style.

Pros and Cons

Unlike every product, the NightCap Scrunchie is also equipped with its advantages and disadvantages. The pros and cons table below will visualize why it's an outstanding drink cover.

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish and discreet design
  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Washable
  • High-quality Fabric
  • Fits over most drinkware
  • Provides peace of mind and protection against drink spiking
  • Only available for purchase online through the official website

How to Use NightCap Scrunchie?

The NightCap Scrunchie has no complex method to use, but based on its name, ‘Scrunchie,' you might already understand how you could use it. Yes, you could use it as a scrunchie to tie your hair and also wear it on your hand as a wristband. However, let's see how to use a NightCap Scrunchie drink cover:

How to Use NightCap Scrunchie

  1. First and foremost, the scrunchie design allows you to wear it on your hand or tie it. Wearing the NightCap Scrunchie means you are keeping it with you everywhere you go.
  2. The best surprise hides inside the tinny pocket of the scrunchie. Bring the cover out of the pocket to cover your drinks. Now, place the cover snugly into your glass or cup and ensure it fits properly over the whole opening.
  3. NightCap Scrunchie has a small hole on the top. Simply, insert a straw through it. You can use any type of straw.
  4. The scrunchie always connects with the drink cover. Place it under the glass so it always stays there.

Overall, this is an amazing innovation for safety as well as style, and it is straightforward to use. There is not much effort you will need to put in. Just wash it often to keep it odor-free.

User Reviews

Over 500,000 pieces of NightCap Scrunchie have already sold worldwide. It's a huge amount, and people love it because it secures their safety and provides peace of mind. What surprised me more was all the positive reviews shared by the users. Positive reviews are a great way to confirm the authenticity of a product. I've gathered some excellent reviews while studying the NightCap.

“I absolutely love it. I feel secure leaving my drink for a few moments while out.”By Angela P

“This is a wonderful safety product, having an open cup at any party is never a good idea. It is always best to use a cover and a straw and this makes it easy to have one wherever.”By Lia

“Are you scared of having your drinks messed with in this day in age? My friends sure did after a family suffered at the hand of an uncovered drink at a local bar. But now with this product she can worry no longer as it is easy to use and does its job well.”By Austin Z

“I attend a lot events alone. I don't drink alcohol but I do drink water. I feel more comfortable not having to watch my glass every five seconds. It fits secure to a smaller cup too, which I was surprised. When I was done I simple tucked it back in place and put it back in my purse. Ladies I highly recommend to make you feel more secure going out..”By AW

Is It Worth Buying A NightCap Scrunchie?

You can't decide whether a product is worthy or not until you've used it. More than that, if the product is for safety purposes, then you must do in-depth research on the product. I have discussed features and benefits and demonstrated other users' experiences in this NightCap Scrunchie review until now.

I'm impressed with the usability and convenience of the NightCap Scrunchie. It not only keeps my drink safe but also provides peace of mind that no one could try to ruin it or cause any kind of harm. This scrunchie also impresses my friends. They mostly use it in the daytime as a wristband, and I've also noticed it really offers a cool look.

Is It Worth Buying A NightCap Scrunchie

From all aspects, NightCap Scrunchie proves that it's a worthwhile investment in order to protect from drink spiking. You should get one for yourself to prevent any unwanted consequences that can arise from your short time of absence at the bar, a friend's party, or anywhere else.

Where To Buy NightCap Scrunchie?

From the very beginning, this drink spike cover was only available on the official online store and still now. You might find it on Amazon, but there's always a stock-out problem. So, I prefer the manufacturer's official online store to purchase NightCap Scrunchie.

Where To Buy NightCap Scrunchie

Official websites are a solid place to get a legit product and offer amazing discounts and promo campaigns. I also purchased my drink cover from the official store and chose their current Most Popular exclusive, time-limited offer.

However, three packages are available; the first one starts with a double NightCap Scrunchie at $25.45. The 2nd one is the Most Popular one, which offers six (four + two free) NightCaps at $51 with free shipping. If you want a box of NightCaps, go for the last offer to get six with free fours and a total of ten covers at $76.

These offers don't last long, so hurry up and grab yours now.

Frequently Asked Questions

After going through this NightCap Scrunchie Review, many curious questions may arise. Am I right? Below, I'm answering some of the frequent questions asked by many users:

Can't Someone Remove the NightCap Drink Cover?

NightCap is usually used to protect your drink and let you leave it for a short time. Wearing your glass a NightCap doesn't mean someone can't uncover it by force. It only creates a physical and psychological shield for people who will try to drop drug pills and powders into the drink. It is more effective than using napkins or hand towels for covering. There is no guarantee of what the person next to you will do when you are distracted or looking elsewhere.

Can I Use Straws with This?

NightCap is designed with a mini hole to use straw for drinking. You can use any reusable straw, such as paper or plastic. However, the manufacturers also offer a stainless steel straw with a sleek look, and you will get a discount if you purchase both the Scrunchie and the straw together.

Will My Hair Get in My Drink?

Though this drink cover is designed as a scrunchie, it won't carry hairs into the drinks. You can hide the cover part in a secret pocket while tying hair so that hair won't stick onto the cover.

When Can I Expect My Order?

The shipping time actually varies depending on your current region or country. The order arrives mostly from 1 to 5 business days if you're located in the USA. However, international shipping will take time, sometimes taking two to four weeks. You will be pleased to know that the shipping cost is free for purchases over $20.

What Is the Return Policy?

For any reason, if you find yourself unsatisfied with the NightCap Scrunchie, you can ask for a return offer. However, you must return the product within 45 calendar days from the purchasing day. The return policy will be eligible if your product is in fresh condition, has not no damage and the package is still available.

Final Thought

NightCap Scrunchie is a permanent solution against drink spike issues. In 2019, Shirah Benarde created this reliable protection for drinks after one of her friends' frightening drink spiking story, and what she experienced was terrible. Keeping in mind the girls' preferences, Shirah designed a prototype. You can see the rest from this NightCap Scrunchie review.

By using it as a scrunchie or wristband, you can keep it with you anywhere. Moreover, it is washable and reusable, so you don't have to spend more. The stretchy elastic band allows this to fit perfectly without being too loose at any point on the glass. In addition, the discreet design and style make sure the user can wear it with any dress.

So, the NightCap Scrunchie is a practical, effective, and fashionable solution for drink spiking. Why live with the fear of going out for nights out and parties when this amazing drink can be your ultimate protector? Hurry up and give it a try.


NightCap Scrunchie Review

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NightCap Scrunchie Drink Cover Review

NightCap Scrunchie is a portable two-in-one drink cover that works as a barrier against drink spiking and also lets you tie your hair. It creates safety for everyone, but especially for women who are afraid to drink at bars, parties, and crowded programs.

Durablity 10
Ease of Use 10
Value for Money 10
Build and Design 9
  • Reusable and eco-friendly
  • Fits over most drinkware
  • Convenient and Easy to Use
  • Provides protection against drink spiking
  • Only available for purchase online through the official website

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