NeckMassager Review: An Effective Electric Neck Massage Device

Neck pain is a significant concern, particularly for individuals with prolonged sitting routines, such as those working long hours at a desk. The strain from activities like working on a computer, gaming, or reading for extended periods often leads to discomfort in the neck and shoulders. This issue is not limited to desk jobs, athletes are also experiencing it.

People commonly seek relief through various therapies and medications, but these options are often costly and time-consuming. Recently, I came across an alternative solution for neck pain that is named the NeckMassager. It's an affordable option that can be used anywhere and at any time, providing a convenient way to alleviate discomfort without breaking the bank.

After using the NeckMassager for the past three months, I am genuinely impressed by its innovative electric pulse massaging method. In sharing this NeckMassager Review, I aim to highlight not only the effectiveness of its electric pulse massaging but also its affordability. Running on just two AAA batteries, this device offers a cost-effective solution for anyone seeking relief from neck pain.

If you're in search of a reliable and budget-friendly way to alleviate neck discomfort, take a closer look at the features and benefits of this electric pulse NeckMassager.


NeckMassager Review

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The NeckMassager is a portable, ergonomic U-design massaging device that utilizes two in-built magnetic stones to deliver gentle electrical impulses to the muscles in the neck.

Build and Design 10
Safety 10
Ease of Use 10
Affordability 9
  • Highly Effective Electromagnetic Therapy
  • Six Different Massage Modes
  • Pulse Intensity Adjustment
  • Easy Maintenance
  • A bit costly

What is NeckMassager?

The NeckMassager is a portable, ergonomic U-design massaging device that utilizes two in-built magnetic stones to deliver gentle electrical impulses to the muscles in the neck. These impulses mimic the body's natural electrical signals, promoting improved blood circulation, muscle tension relief, and reduced stiffness.

What is NeckMassager

It is primarily designed for magnetic therapy on acupoints, but the massager also incorporates two electrode patches, enhancing its effectiveness. You can switch between six traditional Chinese massage techniques and apply them with the patches for targeted relief of muscle and joint pains, such as neck and back pain.

Featuring ten adjustable intensity levels and various modes, the NeckMassager offers customizable convenience. The added infrared heating function provides ultimate cervical physiotherapy, strengthening neck muscles.

Furthermore, the device, equipped with innovative 3D fit technology, comfortably conforms to anyone's neck. Despite its top-notch features, the NeckMassager is user-friendly, with buttons on the handles reminiscent of high-end headphones.

Notably, the massager is a wireless massage device, eliminating the need for wires or charging during use. Only two AAA batteries are required to run the device. While the primary device requires no charging, the pulse patches come with specific wires to connect with the massager before application.

This is just a basic introduction, and in the upcoming NeckMassager review, we will delve into its features, benefits, and details. Before exploring further, let's first understand how it works.

NeckMassager Review: How Does It Work?

Let's get to the root of how a neck massager works. When you take the device in your hand, you will notice there are two ring-shaped magnets. These two pieces of gem do the magic in this neck pain relief device.

Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy

Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy with NeckMassager

The NeckMassager basically runs on two AAA batteries. When you turn the device on and switch to any mode, the batteries pass energy to the magnets. These magnetic stones, usually made of materials with magnetic properties, are strategically placed within the device.

When the NeckMassager is activated, these stones emit electromagnetic pulses that interact with the body's natural magnetic field. This interaction has potential therapeutic effects on the surrounding tissues and acupoints in the neck area.

These pulses immediately influence our nervous system, enhance oxygen delivery, and promote a sense of relaxation.

Infrared Heating Therapy

Infrared heat therapy, on the other hand, is usually a separate feature in this Electric Pulse NeckMassager. This feature involves the emission of infrared rays to provide additional therapeutic benefits, such as improved blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and deep tissue penetration.

Specification of NeckMassager

The Electric Pulse Neck Massager has some unique technical specifications. Consider checking out the interesting information for a better idea:

Device Name NeckMassager
Material ABS, Silicone, Stainless steel, Magnetic
Length 18 cm
Width 11 cm
Weight 174g
Power 3V, 30mA
Battery type 2 x AAA battery
Electric Pulse frequency 0Hz~1000Hz
Color White

Outstanding Features Of NeckMassager

The NeckMassager boasts numerous outstanding features, making it my everyday companion. Continue reading the NeckMassager review to explore these amazing attributes, as they're just a step away.


To start, the NeckMassager's portability makes it my go-to pain reliever. Designed for easy transport, it allows users to take immediate action against neck and other muscle pains, wherever they may be.

Sleek and Lightweight Design

The NeckMassager, being a neck pain relief device, surprises with its modern, elegant, and lightweight design. The structure of this electric pulse massager resembles a set of headphones when in use, and its lightweight build ensures you won't feel any extra pressure on your neck.

In fact, one day, I had it on in front of my eyes like a spectacle, and my colleagues jokingly remarked that I looked like Cyclops from the X-Men movie.

3D fit Technology

Another unique and smart feature I have found in this device is its 3D-fit Technology. The technology ensures your neck massager fits appropriately around your neck. Both handles are designed with U-shaped ring stretching engineering, which is basically known as the 3D fit technology.

3D fit Technology of NeckMassager

You can move the handles freely and place them tightly around your neck, which is also required to get the best massage care from the device.

Electric Massage Technology

Here comes the magic for which the NeckMassager has become my ultimate choice when it's about neck and muscle pains. The manufacturer integrated traditional Chinese massage techniques in the form of electric shocks to the muscles. The device produces various levels of electromagnetic frequency and delivers them to your specific location with your preferred intensity.

Multiple Modes

Basically, on the display screen, you will find only three modes. However, by combining the three modes with each other, you will get three more massage modes. So in total, the NeckMassager produces six modes, and each of them works as a different type of Chinese massage. These are:

  • Double massage effect
  • Relax massage mode,
  • Cupping mode,
  • Scraping mode,
  • Hammer tapping mode
  • Acupuncture mode

Infrared Massage Effect

By combining the modes, the device also uses compressed techniques to generate a heating effect. This heating or infrared massage has additional therapeutic benefits, such as improved blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and deep tissue penetration.

Electrode Patches

Even though the actual device is a wireless massage device, there are two electrode stickers that come with it. These stickers also deliver the same electroshock.

Electrode Patches in NeckMassager

However, the only difference is that they need to be connected through a jack to the main device. You can apply the patches to any muscle in your body. The mode switching is applicable to the patches too.

Battery-based Operation

Last, but not least, the NeckMassager is an electric pulse-generating device that doesn't rely on a constant power source like an electric outlet or wire charging. Surprisingly, only two AAA batteries are sufficient to power this neck therapy device, and they are not only affordable but also have a long-lasting lifespan.

Battery-based Operation in NeckMassager

So far, the NeckMassager stands out due to the mentioned feature. These smart characteristics distinguish it from other massagers on the market, especially electric pulse neck massagers.

Pros And Cons of NeckMassager

The pros and cons table below will help you identify whether the NeckMassager is going to be the right choice as a neck pain relief solution or not.

  • Portable device
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Highly effective electromagnetic therapy
  • Infrared heating therapy
  • Electrode patch to apply therapy to other body parts
  • 3D fit technology over any person’s neck
  • Six different massage modes
  • Pulse intensity adjustment
  • Only battery requires
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • Only can be purchased from the official online store
  • A bit costly

Benefits Of Using NeckMassager

I highly appreciate the outcome I get from the NeckMassager. The device has offered me many pain-relieving benefits as well as comfort. Even if the benefits weren't positive, I wouldn't appreciate the product. Let me illustrate the advantages below:

Powerful Pain Relief Solution

I simply got what I wanted from the NeckMassager. Its electromagnetic pulse neck pain-removal approach is impressive. It only took 15–20 minutes to completely eradicate my neck and shoulder pain. I have already tried many painkillers, but none were faster than NeckMassager.


A device is considered the best when it offers convenience. After using the NeckMassager, I guarantee one thing: it will not only deliver an effective solution but also be convenient to use.

I keep it on my desk and carry it everywhere I go, and you know what? It has simply become my all-time companion, as I have a prolonged schedule to work in a hunched position at the office and at home.

Reliable for Anyone

A wide range of individuals can incorporate NeckMassager as their everyday pain relief solution. It doesn't matter whether you are an office worker, an elderly person, a student, or a driver, just place the device on your neck and enjoy the spontaneous electroshock. It's a non-chemical and side effect-free solution, making it suitable for all ages of individuals.

Fits Easily

The harmless neck pain method is not only what makes the NeckMassager a suitable device for everyone, but the 3D fit technology is another key aspect. It comes with U-shaped handles that are stretchable.

Even once, I gave it to my friend, who is a bit healthier than me. Surprisingly, the NeckMassager fits perfectly on his neck, and he was also impressed with its effectiveness.

Easy to Use

Benefits Of Using NeckMassager

Its easy operating process is another remarkable benefit I'd like to mention. You can easily change to any mode according to your liking by pressing the MODE button on the handle. If you ever forget which mode the device is on now, simply check the monitor screen on the top.

Moreover, on the opposite handle, there are two more buttons to lower and raise the intensity for a relaxed massage experience.

A device like the NeckMassager should be designed to ensure the user's optimal convenience, and the benefits I have experienced from this innovative electronic pulse massager prove it.

User Reviews Of NeckMassager

Positive reviews from real-life users work as a strong pillar of trust. We do believe what others say about the product more than what we see. That's why I picked some user feedback that really got my attention.

Life-Changer for Neck Pain!

“I've been struggling with chronic neck pain for years, and the neck massager has truly been a game-changer for me. The electric pulse massages are incredibly soothing, and I love that I can switch between different modes.”

Affordable and Effective!

“I was skeptical at first, but the NeckMassager exceeded my expectations. The price is reasonable compared to other options on the market. The magnetic therapy and electrode patches make a noticeable difference, especially after a long day at the desk.”

Convenient Stress Relief!

“The infrared heating function is a nice touch, providing extra relaxation. I appreciate the simple controls; it feels like using high-end headphones. After using it for a few weeks, my neck feels more flexible, and the tension is significantly reduced. Love it!”

Versatile and Easy to Use!

“I purchased the NeckMassager for occasional neck pain, and it has become my go-to solution. The ability to switch between massage techniques and adjust intensity levels gives me control over my relief. The patches are a great addition for targeting specific areas. Overall, a fantastic purchase for anyone looking for an easy-to-use and effective neck massager.”

A Must-Have for Busy Professionals!

“As someone with a hectic work schedule, the NeckMassager has become my secret weapon against neck and shoulder pain. It's compact and easy to carry, and the electric pulse massages are both invigorating and relaxing. The fact that it requires only two AAA batteries is a major plus – no need to worry about charging. I've recommended it to my colleagues, and we're all loving the results. 5 stars!”

How To Use NeckMassager?

Operating the NeckMassager doesn't demand advanced tech-related knowledge, nor do you need to be a medical expert. I found using the massaging device to be as easy as a hot knife through butter. Below, I'll provide you with a step-by-step guide for using the NeckMassager.

Step 1: Insert the batteries

I have already mentioned many times that the NeckMassager requires two AAA batteries. So insert the batteries if it's not. The battery compartment is on the back side of the device, just behind the switch on/off and mode buttons. Now activate the device by clicking on the main button beside the socket port.

Step 2: Fit Properly

The massage device is integrated with 3D fitting technology, so there is no need to panic, it will fit around your neck suitably. Grab both handles and move them in the opposite direction to place the NeckMassager.

Step 3: Turn on the therapy

Now you're all set to apply electromagnetic therapy to your neck. The power button is on one side of the handle, and the intensity adjustment button is on the other handle. Press the power button, and the NeckMassager will start with the first mode by default.

Step 4: Mode Switching

The NeckMassager offers six modes, each delivering different pulse frequencies based on traditional Chinese therapy techniques. On the LED screen, you'll see three numbers: 1, 2, and 3, representing separate modes. To access the additional modes, simply continue pressing the mode button.

On the fourth press, the device will start combining the default three modes in various ways. For instance, a new mode is generated by combining modes 1 and 2, while the other two modes result from combinations of modes 1 and 3, and 2 and 3. The device follows a sequential pattern, ensuring the modes switch flawlessly.

So you can see how straightforward it is to use the NeckMassager. Follow the steps above, one by one, to make your first-time experience smooth.

Is It Worth Buying NeckMassager?

NeckMassager is undoubtedly the best neck pain relief solution I have ever used. There are tons of pain-relieving methods, medicines, and therapies I have already gone through. Believe me, none of them were reliable or convenient.

NeckMassager Review An Effective Electric Neck Massage Device

However, this electric pulse massager was the perfect one I had been looking for for a while. It just fits over my neck perfectly, and the therapy it utilizes is super effective. Those electromagnetic waves did not just erase my pain but also had a positive impact on other muscles.

I clarified everything in this NeckMassager review, from its features and benefits to how you can use it. During my three months of use, there have been no negative aspects I have found yet. Overall, the NeckMassager is a legit product and was worth my investment.

I highly recommend this pain relief solution if you're seeking an affordable and reliable one that you can use on your own.

Where Can I Buy the NeckMassager?

Numerous neck pain relief devices are out there on the market, including the electric pulse massager. None of them are legit or contain the unique features and outstanding technology of NeckMassager. That's why purchasing the right one from the right place is crucial.

Where Can I Buy the NeckMassager

Luckily, the manufacturer of the NeckMassager sells the device through their official online store to ensure you will get a legitimate product at any cost. I also purchased from there, and the discount offers were the final touch of satisfaction in my journey with the device. I got my NeckMassager for $59 with a flat 50% discount.

Although the device is a bit costly, the discount offer covers my back. Furthermore, the bulk offers are fantastic. If you're planning to purchase more than one, the manufacturer offers multiple affordable options.

According to my last visit to the official website of the NeckMassager, the “Best Seller” is my top pick for bulk purchases. By choosing this option, you will get a total of five NeckMassagers for only $149. Isn't it astounding?

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get everything you need to know about the massage device in this NeckMassager Review. However, here I'm addressing some frequently asked questions, which are usually asked by most users.

Can I Use the NeckMassager Every Day?

Absolutely! In fact, daily use is recommended for optimal results. Incorporate it into your routine to enjoy the benefits of improved blood circulation and reduced muscle tension.

Is the NeckMassager Suitable for All Neck Sizes?

Yes, indeed! Thanks to its innovative 3D fit technology, the NeckMassager comfortably conforms to various neck shapes and sizes. Whether you have a slender neck or a broader one, it's designed to accommodate you.

How Long Does the Battery Last, and Is It Rechargeable?

The NeckMassager operates on two AAA batteries, and they last quite a while. Since it's not rechargeable, you won't have to worry about running out of power unexpectedly. Just replace the batteries when needed.

Can I Use the NeckMassager without The Electrode Patches?

Absolutely! While the electrode patches enhance effectiveness, the NeckMassager works just fine without them. The patches are an added feature for targeted relief, but the device itself provides a fantastic massage experience.

Is the Device Noisy During Operation?

Not at all! The NeckMassager operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing massage without any distracting noise. Feel free to use it in a quiet room or while watching your favorite TV show.

Can I Travel with The NeckMassager?

Definitely! The portable and wireless design makes it perfect for travel. Toss it into your bag, and you'll have a convenient neck massage solution wherever you go. It's a great companion for long flights or road trips.

Does the NeckMassager Come with A Warranty?

Yes, it does! Your purchase is backed by a warranty for added peace of mind. If you encounter any issues with the device, reach out to the customer support team. They're here to ensure you have a positive experience with your NeckMassager.

Final Words

A neck pain relief solution is a must-have need for people like me who have types of work that can put pressure on the neck and other muscles over time. Medicines are not our reliable solution, nor are expensive and time-consuming therapies. But based on the budget and effectiveness, the NeckMassager is undoubtedly ground-breaking.

It is portable and exceptionally convenient to use. The modes with various frequencies of electromagnetic pulses enhance blood flow, stimulate pain relief hormones, and calm down other muscles. I got the best result and shared my overall experience in this NeckMassager review.

I highly recommend this reliable, on-the-go neck and other muscle pain relief gadget. Make sure you purchase from the official online store to take advantage of the stunning discount offers.


NeckMassager Review

Buy Now
Where Can I Buy the NeckMassager

The NeckMassager is a portable, ergonomic U-design massaging device that utilizes two in-built magnetic stones to deliver gentle electrical impulses to the muscles in the neck.

Build and Design 10
Safety 10
Ease of Use 10
Affordability 9
  • Highly Effective Electromagnetic Therapy
  • Six Different Massage Modes
  • Pulse Intensity Adjustment
  • Easy Maintenance
  • A bit costly

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