Lumenology Review 2024: Benefits Will Make You Surprised

I had a really wonderful experience using Lumenology portable LED, and I want to share everything I learned about its benefits. My previous experience with other LED lights was disappointing: they flickered, made a buzzing noise, and were either too bright or too dim.

Additionally, the cost of installation will really catch you off guard. Anyway, thanks to lumenology, I can stop worrying now. I initially ordered one, but now I've ordered quite a few. You can attach them anywhere you want and use them in countless ways.

So I decided to write everything I have discovered about Lumenology LED light. You will definitely be surprised by its benefits. Keep reading this lumenology review to learn from real experience.



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Lumenology Review

Lumenology is the quick and easy way to light up any space without the hassle and cost of hiring a professional electrician.

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 9
Durablity 9
  • Lumenology has a metal base and does not require professional installation
  • It's detection range is good
  • Easy to taking off, carrying to camp, and mounting
  • Can illuminate a particular area
  • It may function intermittently if water gets inside
  • Not available all time

What is Lumenology?

In simple words, lumenology is a wireless motion-sensing LED light that is portable, affordable, and easy to use. The most interesting part of lumenology that makes it stand apart is its motion detection technology and flexibility. I can place it anywhere I want, and the motion sensing technology detects motion within 13ft distance.
What is Lumenology

Unlike regular LED, Lumenology motion lighting provides more lumens from a single bulb. Whereas a 40W Incandescent Bulb has 12 lumens per watt, lumenology provides a mighty 148 lumens, thus will be brighter than a regular LED.

Lumenology is the world's best motion-sensing lighting technology that meets your needs at a fraction of the cost.

Lumenology Review: How Does It Work?

Unlike any other conventional lighting system, which needs onboard control equipment and wires, lumenology LED night lite does not call for any difficult installation procedures to be followed.

how Does Lumenology Work

It offers three unique features that make it very easy to install and use. Its flexible and adaptable tripod legs allow users to hang it from a tree.

Additionally, the magnetic base can be attached in various positions. On top of that, it can detect motion and turn on the light whenever motion detected. Consequently, it does away with the hassle of manual switching.

Main Features of Lumenology

This portable motion light has a few standout features that provide several benefits. Anyway, I'll discuss the benefits later on this blog; for the time being, let me just share my personal experience with its overall features. The main features include the following.

Main Features of Lumenology

  • The Flexible Tripod base
  • Magnetic Base
  • Motion Sensor,
  • Battery Power

The magnetic Base and Tripod Leg are useful in mounting it in Weird places

This seems like the ideal solution for me because I detest drilling and hammering around my home. I initially brought one, then four more for my garage and closet. Now there is a huge bright light there when I open the door.

magnetic Base and Tripod Leg are useful in mounting it in Weird places

So far, I've been looking for something that will stay wherever I put it and provide the light the moment I walk in.

Thanks to lumenology portable LEDs, it's great and can be twisted around different places. It detects motion as soon as someone enters its detection range.

It comes with bendable legs, and the magnetic features let me use it wherever I want. I will definitely buy this one again.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor's sensitivity is fantastic. It has a good detection range of at least 13 feet and has a 100-degree field of detection range. I put one in front of my bedroom to warn me of any unnecessary activity.

Motion Sensor of lumenlogy

Long-lasting battery

It is rain-resistant and powered by three AA batteries. In my experience, the battery really lasts longer. Since you can only set it in motion, I think it lasts longer. I've had one for a long time, and it still looks the same.

Benefits of Using Lumenology

I like how it can be mounted in different places, such as cabinets, car hoods, decks, or fences. There are many other benefits as well. Here is a description of some of them.

Benefits of using Lumenology

More Lumens

Brightness increases as lumens increase. This little piece I have bought has 148 lumens that can illuminate my storage more clearly.

Safety and Security

As I previously mentioned, I installed one in front of my bedroom to prevent unauthorized access. As a result, it saves money that would otherwise be required for installing pricey security devices.


It is super portable and lightweight; you can carry it wherever you go. Interesting things happened to me after I used this at my campsite. Once wildlife enters our campsite, the sensor detects and turns on the light. Therefore, if you camp and travel, you must try it.

Additionally, I only need to put it in place to illuminate a specific area, like my hallway or driveway.


This is yet another of the many advantages. My earlier experience with the wiring light was real horror. In contrast to wired bulbs, wireless lumenology doesn't need a difficult installation process, and I saved money that would have otherwise gone into an electrician's pocket.

On top of that, the wireless version is conveniently detachable and portable.


Regarding longevity and durability, it is still intact and has not been harmed by rain. The battery is much more reliable and weather resistant. 3 AA battery activates more than thousands of times before I have replaced one.

Specification of Lumenology

Here are a few specific details. If you want to buy a new one, the technical details below will help you learn more about this product.

Criterion Comments
Source of power Battery
Cooler White (Mine) It can be any other cooler
Usage Anywhere ( indoor and outdoor)
Product Dimension Approximately 46.8″L×43.2″W×37.2″H
Utilizes MotionSense technology Yes
Detection Range 13 feet
Voltage 120
Stay on mode Around 7 hours
Activations Around 1000 times
Lumens 148
Attachments Flexible Tripod and Magnet

Pros and Cons

I hardly ever have negative Lumenology experiences. Still, I believe one should exercise caution when installing and using it. Here are some of my good and bad experiences with this product.

  • I could mount low to illuminate a particular area I wanted to
  • Taking off, carrying to camp, and mounting in my RV was easy.
  • The light lit as soon as I entered its detection range once I finished the campfire and began to approach my RV, so the detection range was good.
  • Motion sensor light has a metal base and does not require professional installation.
  • It may function intermittently if water gets inside, which is very unlikely.
  • Additionally, you should place your order immediately because of the product's availability.

How To Use Lumenology?

Four areas of my home, inside and outside, have these motion lights installed. Well, they can be installed virtually anywhere. I would rather say it offers a versatile installation.

How To Use Lumenology

The first time, however, it took a little while to install, but the other bulbs I installed only took a few minutes. Before the installation, you should follow the user manual.

What I did while installing them is summarized here. Let me first give you a brief introduction to the product details.

  • The mode-changing switch or light switch is typically on top of the light.
  • A battery cover protects the battery compartments located behind the light's back.
  • The light motion sensor is located just below the LED light
  • A heavy-duty Magnet and threaded insert are on the base

Step 1: Insert the Battery

Get rid of the battery cover. Doing it requires you to push the battery cover with your thumb. Insert the battery you bought after removing the back. To prevent any further issues, properly insert the battery.

Insert the Battery

Step 2: Insert the Flexible Tripod

The base should be attached to the threaded attachment on the flexible tripod. The rest is now simple. To hang it, turn the leg clockwise, and turn it counterclockwise to remove the light.

Insert the Flexible Tripod

Step 3: How to Use Metal Plate on a flat surface

Select the preferred surface where you want it to attach. Drill a 1/4-inch hole if the surface is concrete. However, the hole length may be slightly shorter if it is drywall. After the drilling is finished, set the magnetic plate over the anchor, come with the light and screw the plate to secure it.

Use Metal Plate on a flat surface

Once the magnetic surface is prepared, it is left to attach to the light's magnet base.

After completing the installation, move the switch to always-on mode, 30-second auto shut-off, or auto shut off. Enjoy the brightness of this excellent security motion light that erases the dark environment.

What Problem Does Lumenology Solve?

My hallway and storage units were previously dark, but I could light them with a portable LED motion light. Thus, a few of my problems were actually resolved by lumenology. First, I would need to hire a professional mechanic if I installed anything that required intricate installation and electrical work.

What Problem Does Lumenology Solve

Second, without shelling out big bucks for a licensed electrician, Lumenology offers the same professional lighting.

Additionally, I can change the location very quickly. On the other hand, a lightweight LED design provides security as well. Let me be clear about this. Motion sensors are an effective way to limit unauthorized access.

The outcome was impressive after I installed one in front of my bedroom. As soon as someone enters its detection range, it flashes up.

Therefore, for your safety and security, if you want to install a security feature at any of your locations, I highly recommend this LED sensor light.

How is Lumenology Different From Other Technologies?

When comparing Lumenology portable LED with other technology, a few things come to mind.

How is Lumenology different from other technologies

First, if I had to compare lumenology to incandescent LEDs, lumenology would undoubtedly be superior in many of the areas I had already mentioned.

On the other hand, the first thing that strikes me about lumenology when I compare it to other motion detection lights is its flexibility.

Users can rotate the light 360 degrees using its rotation axes while still being able to discern movement from a reasonable distance.

Additionally, more lumens produce ideal brightness, putting less strain on the eyes. Most importantly, I don't have to worry about its functionality when it rains. It remains functional and is completely water resistant.

While both the technology have similarities as well in that these motion sensors bulb just automatically turns on even in the dark if they detect any movement.

Lumenology Review: User's Comments

Every minute, over 100 purchases are made, and both the official website and the comment sections of other online stores contain thousands of positive reviews. Here are some of them:


” Great product, very flexible and bright as well. I have just purchased the second one. My closets and or pantries are now well-lit”.


”Easy to install, one in front of the kitchen and the other in my RV. It actually offers versatile installation and magnets for attachment. Good brightness and easy to change the place, buy again ”


”The product is great. The output seems more than what is stated Recommended it can be used as a safety bulb when outside for camping since the light flashes when someone is near the camp”

Lumenology Pricing & Refund Policy

The Return policy is very straightforward. It's really impressive that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Visit this page for more information on the pricing structure.

Lumenology Pricing & Refund Policy

The product purchase price is not much. I paid about $40 excluding shipping costs, for a single, high-luminance white LED bulb, and when I was satisfied, I took advantage of their well-known buy three get two free offer to save about $100.

Each kit includes a lumenology light, a magnetic plate, and a tripod base; the more kits you order, the greater the discount.

Who Makes the Lumenology Portable LED?

Well, here, Giddy up is acting as a manufacturer. They work together with the creators to sell the goods online. You are actually buying it from the manufacturer when you buy it from

Where Can I Purchase Lumenology?

Obviously, there are many places you can buy this product. You can try it at many third-party retailers or online stores.

However, they will charge a little more if you order through a third party. I personally bought it from the official website and am very happy with their products and services.


By now, I have covered everything I have experienced. Hopefully, a lot of your questions were answered as well. Here are some frequently asked questions that you might want to know

Is Lumenology suited to all weather?

Yes, the portable LED from lumenology is weatherproof. It can withstand rainwater and is water-resistant. Lumenology can also tackle all ranges of temperatures.

What is its battery life?

A 3AA battery can handle around 1000 activations, proving its dependability and durability over time.

Is it better than solar power lights?

I believe this LED bulb is better than solar power light in terms of flexibility. Each unit is reasonably priced. Installing solar power is more expensive. Lumenology portable LED has comparable brightness to solar power lights.

What's the range of Lumenology?

It has a detectable range of 13 feet and more, which is quite impressive. The light beam distance is more than 40 feet. It can be rotated 360 degrees and has a 100-degree field of detection range.

Do motion sensors work with LED lights?

Yes, it does. The motion sensor is powerful. It can capture movement with a 100-degree field of view and a 13 feet range.

Is it appropriate to use Lumenology inside a car?

It is quite appropriate to use inside the car because it offers wireless installation Not only inside the car but can also be attached to any weird places you want it to.

What is the best way to set up Lumenology?

Setting the Iumenology is a relatively easy task to do. Simply choose the location, and then use either the tripod leg or the magnetic plate, depending on your chosen surface or location.

Support Team

The support team is available around-the-clock to assist you with any problem. Before making a purchase, if you have any questions about the product, technical support, or anything else, please get in touch with the address given below

Final Words: Lumenology Review

There you have it. Lumenology portable LED can be a great way to light up your garage, backyard, and walkway while meeting the requirements for additional light. Here are some tips I've learned from experience.

Make sure you are not using any power supplies from a third-party seller. If you want to clean it, never use any harsh material. Also, avoid disassembling the product because doing so could harm the internal components.

Hopefully, reading about my experience with the product helped you decide whether to buy it. Lastly, keep costs down by buying it from the official website rather than a third party.



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Lumenology Review

Lumenology is the quick and easy way to light up any space without the hassle and cost of hiring a professional electrician.

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 9
Durablity 9
  • Lumenology has a metal base and does not require professional installation
  • It's detection range is good
  • Easy to taking off, carrying to camp, and mounting
  • Can illuminate a particular area
  • It may function intermittently if water gets inside
  • Not available all time

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