Lightsafex Review – User Reviews, Benefits, Legit/Scam?

Are you looking for a flashlight for your next trekking/camping tour? If so, then I’ve brought an amazing multipurpose flashlight for you called Lightsafex. I discovered it just a few months ago. Actually, at that time, my old flashlight was broken, and I was searching for a better one for my next camping trip.

While looking for my desired flashlight, I got plenty of choices but Lightsafex took all my attention on it. The best part of this flashlight is it’s solar-powered which helps to save your money and protect the environment as well.

Now here in the Lightsafex Review, I’m going to show you how this flashlight is going to help you in the long run. Stick to the end of this article to get a complete idea about it.


Lightsafex Review

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What is Lightsafex - in depth review

Lightsafex is a multifunctional flashlight that comes with a variety of useful modes for its users. And like other flashlights, it’s not designed to serve one purpose only.

Build and Design 10
Value for Money 10
Durablity 10
Ease of Use 9

My Quick Overview Of Lightsafex (30 Sec)

quick Overview Of LightsafexLightSafeX is a versatile flashlight that can be used for multiple tasks. It’s designed to recharge the batteries with solar energy, so there is no hassle with changing batteries. Moreover, the flashlight has different lighting modes, flash strobe, red SOS, and emergency.

The flashlight specially is designed to use in emergency times. It has a power bank system to recharge your phone or other small gadgets. Plus, it has a seatbelt cutter and a window-breaking hammer to help you in emergency times.

LightSafeX Review – My Honest Opinion

As a camping enthusiast, a flashlight is one of the essential tools that I always need. And, Lightsafex fulfills all of my necessities of a flashlight along with so many other benefits. Now here in this Lightsafex Review, I will give an honest opinion about this flashlight according to my experiences.

What is  Lightsafex?

What is Lightsafex - in depth reviewLightsafex is a multifunctional flashlight that comes with a variety of useful modes for its users. And like other flashlights, it’s not designed to serve one purpose only.

Along with an ultra-bright flashlight, it offers strobe, red-SOS, and emergency mode as well. To change the mode, there is an easy controlling switch just right below the head of the flashlight.

Another impressive thing that I highly appreciate about this flashlight is its built-in power bank system. You won’t see it with other regular flashlights usually, but it comes very useful during emergency times.

In addition, you’ll find a seat belt cutter and a window-breaking hammer that is combined with the Lightsafex flashlight. These are life-saving features in the time of emergency if unfortunately you are trapped in your car.

If you’re fascinated with all the above features and functionality, then let me tell you the best thing about this flashlight. That is Lightsafex is not powered with dry cell batteries like the regular flashlight.

Rather it comes with a solar-powered system that completely eliminates the task of battery replacements again and again. Switching to Lightsafex is not just an economical option, but also eco-friendly as it influences you to use green energy.

How Does Lightsafex Work?

How Does Lightsafex Work - ultimate guideAs I mentioned earlier, Lightsafex is a multipurpose flashlight, so it can help you with multiple works. Basically, it depends on you how you utilize it. Below I’m going to tell you the working mechanism of this amazing flashlight.

  • Instead of taking three to four emergency tools, you can take the Lightsafex multipurpose tool.
  • Lightsafex has a power bank system that you can use during the time of emergency.
  • It has a seat belt cutter and window-breaking hammer that you can use during times of difficulty.
  • The flashlight has a solar-powered system that saves a lot of money and makes it an eco-friendly device.
  • It has four different light modes that you can use according to your needs.

Features And Benefits Of Lightsafex

Features And Benefits Of using LightsafexLightsafex comes with so many unique and awesome features for its users. Under this Lightsafex Review section, I’m going to tell you some of them that I’ve personally experienced.

Solar Powered:

Like other regular flashlights, Lightsafex doesn’t power with dry cell batteries instead of that it uses reusable solar power. If you’re an environmentally conscious person, you’ll love the solar power feature of this flashlight. It allows you to contribute to the welfare of the earth by minimizing the waste of energy.

Solar energy not only protects the environment but also helps you to save the money that you’ll normally expense with a regular flashlight for purchasing batteries. Besides, the best thing about solar power is, you can recharge the flashlight by simply putting it under the sunlight during the daytime.

Multiple Light Modes:

Another greatest advantage of Lightsafex is it features various light modes for outdoor and emergency activities. Where a regular flashlight comes with only on and off options, it has four different modes. It allows you to use it as a flash, strobe, emergency & red SOS mode.

Ultra Bright:

Lightsafex delivers 1000 lumens light output with its powerful 3 Cree LEDs which is comparatively much better than a regular flashlight. The range of the flashlight is equal to two football fields, and it can effectively reach over 1200 ft. To control the brightness of the flashlight, it comes with five adjustable settings, such as: low, medium, high, strobe, SOS.

Power Bank:

Power Bank features in LightSafeXThe power bank option is a remarkable feature with Lightsafex. Usually, you won’t see a regular flashlight that comes with a power bank option, but Lightsafex is unique here. Actually, it comes with everything that it possibly could.

You may not realize the importance of this feature at a first glance, but it comes effective in your emergency time. In my case, it helps me several times to recharge my phone while camping.

Seat Belt Cutter:

Well, you might be surprised by seeing this feature, but it’s a life-saving feature during emergency times. The seat belt cutter is so sharp that it not only helps you in cutting the seat belts only, you can cut other things as well during emergency time.

Hammer for window Breaking:

Lightsafex is a life-saving tool more than a flashlight. Like the seat belt cutter, its window-breaking hammer comes very useful during emergency times.

Unfortunately, if you are trapped in a car, and you have no option to get out of the car, then using it's hammer, you can break the glass and free yourself.

Magnet Mount:

Magnet Mount feature of LightsafexThe flashlight is designed with a powerful active magnet mount that allows you to easily mount it on any metal surface you want. For example, you can mount it on the fridge door, kitchen whiteboard, garage, or any other place from where you can quickly access it during emergency time with its magnetic mount options.

Specifications of Lightsafex

Specification of Lightsafex

Brand: Anker Bolder
Battery: 26650 mah(Rechargeable)
Cable: Micro USB
Wrist Strap: (Yes)
Power Bank: (Yes)
Mount: Magnet mounting option
Seatbelt Cutter: (Yes)
Window breaking Hammer: (Yes)

Why Do You Need This Device?

Why Do You Need Lightsafex multipurpose lightLightsafex is a multipurpose flashlight that can meet all the requirements of a flashlight along with so many other functionalities. Let's look at some key points for which you should have this device.

It’s a very powerful flashlight that delivers 1000 lumens light output with a huge 1200 ft range. If you’re a camper or trekker then this versatile flashlight is must-have equipment for you.

Besides that, if you have a car then you should keep this flashlight in your emergency tool kit box. In the time of emergency, it could be a life-saving tool, as it features a seat belt cutter and glass-breaking hammer.

Is LightSafex a Perfect Flashlight For You?

multi functional Perfect Flashlight LightSafexLightSafex is a kind of flashlight that can fulfill everyone’s requirements for a flashlight, and it offers many other benefits along with that. You won’t find another flashlight that comes with such features and functions that LightSafex comes with.

If you look at typical flashlights, you’ll see that the majority of them maximum offer different lighting modes. But when you switch to LightSafex, you’ll get many more benefits along with the flashlight function, like power bank, solar charging, seat-belt cutter, window-breaking hammer, etc.

Nobody expects these many features from a single flashlight. So without thinking twice, I can assure you that LightSafex could be a perfect flashlight for you.

What Makes LightSafex So Revolutionary?

LightSafex is a revolutionary product for many reasons. First of all, it features many functionalities in a flashlight that no one thought of before. It could be a life-saving tool in times of emergency.

With its different lighting modes, you can handle different situations. In addition, its power bank facility you won’t see with any other flashlight. The seat belt cutter and window breaking hammer is an excellent tool for roadside emergency time.

Lightsafex Review: Does It Worth Buying This Flashlight?

The preference varies from person to person; what I like that you may not. But when it’s about Lightsafex, I can guarantee that you can’t ignore it. I’ve been using this flashlight for a couple of months and have become a huge fan of it.

As I frequently go camping, I found Lightsafex a handy tool. I have used Lightsafex more in tasks other than a flashlight, and it’s true for most users.

You already know its features and functionality, so it’s needless to say that investing in it is a good decision. Besides, the price that it cost is lesser than the value and service it provides.

Why Should You Buy LightSafeX?

For anybody who loves outdoor activities or camping, LightSafeX is a must-have flashlight because it’ll help them in many ways. If you get this multipurpose flashlight then you’ll find it more useful in an emergency situation.

The solar-powered system saves your money on battery purchasing. Even if you don’t go camping or outdoor activities that much it’ll still be beneficial for you.

This is because this multi-purpose can be used in many ways to handle different situations regardless of your position.  So, if you’re thinking of getting a LightSafeX then go for it without thinking twice.

How Can I Use Lightsafex?

How Can I Use LightsafexUsing Lightsafex is more simple than drinking a cup of tea. Let me tell you what are those simple steps that you need to follow to use it.

  • First, unbox the Lightsafex, and you’ll get the flashlight and cord inside it.
  • Now charge the flashlight for 3-4 hours before you use it.
  • You can charge the light directly by using the cord and through sunlight with its solar panel option.
  • Once the battery is full, you can use the flashlight by pressing the power button which you’ll find near the head of the flashlight.
  • Just moving the switch you can easily understand the different modes of this flashlight.
  • By tapping the single button of the flashlight, you can easily switch between different modes of the flashlight.

Advantages And Disadvantages

If you’re thinking about getting a Lightsafex for your next outdoor activity or camping trip then I’ll suggest you have a look at the following section. Here I’ll include some advantages and disadvantages of this flashlight that’ll help you a lot in your decision-making.

Advantages Of Lightsafex
  • It’s a multipurpose flashlight
  • Offers various modes of light
  • Solar Powered
  • Has power bank facility
  • It has a seat belt cutter and a window breaking hammer
  • IP67 water-resistant
Disadvantages Of Lightsafex
  • A bit heavier than a regular Flashlight
  • Available only its official site

Is Lightsafex A Scam?

Absolutely not! Lightsafex is a 100% real product that comes with so many amazing features and benefits. There’s a possibility of getting confused with its numerous features and benefits with the price range it provides. But this is what makes it unique and different from others.

Before getting the flashlight I had studied over 40+ reviews of the real buyers from different consumers based websites. The result of the study is pretty impressive about the flashlight.

Almost every user highly appreciates Lightsafex. After getting all the positive feedback about this product, I had purchased one for myself and I loved it very much. Moreover, to make you tense-free, the manufacturer of Lightsafex gives a 30-days money-back guarantee on your purchase. It means after purchasing the flashlight if you don’t like it, you can return it and get back your money with no conditions.

So if you decide to have this flashlight go for it without any confusion.

Where Can I Purchase The Lightsafex?

After reading the Lightsafex Review, if you decide to get this flashlight, I’ll recommend you to get it directly from its official site. The manufacturer of Lightsafex is selling the flashlight only on its official site to deliver the original product in your hand. I had purchased mine from the official site and got a 50% discount on my purchase as I ordered it during its promo campaign time.

Besides the good news is the company announced the promo offer again, and you can also get it with a massive 50% discount. All you have to do is to order the flashlight from its authorized official site. To help you in visiting the Lightsafex official site quickly, below I’m including their official link.


There might be a lot of questions that arise in your mind while reading this Lightsafex Review. Below, I’ve listed some questions and answered that people most frequently ask about this flashlight.

Is It Safe to Charge My Phone With Lightsafex?

Yes, It’s completely safe to recharge your phone with LightSafeX as it uses the latest technology for that.

How Bright Is the Lightsafex Flashlight?

Lightsafex provides 1000 lumens light output with its powerful 3 Cree LEDs. The range of the flashlight is equal to two football fields, and it can effectively reach over 1200 ft.

Is Lightsafex Available in More Than One Color?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. LightSafeX is available in one individual color.

Are Led Flashlights Better?

Definitely, LED flashlights are better than traditional flashlight bulbs. It delivers bright light and consumes less energy.

Who Is the Supplier of the Product?

LightSafeX is a unique flashlight that comes with many outstanding features. Hyper Sls Ltd is the only supplier of this product worldwide which operated its business from Hong Kong.

Support Team Contacts

Here are the support team contact details for any kind of quires or after-sales service, follow the below information.

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h
  • Brazil: +552135003992
  • Email:
  • Hyper Sls Ltd
  • 1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

Final Thought

As a regular campaigner, I had used different types of flashlights in my life, but I found none of them as fantastic as Lightsafex. I can bet you that the multipurpose uses of the flashlight will blow your mind away. In the Lightsafex Review, I have already shown you its different uses.

Besides that, the multiple lighting modes, such as flashlight, strobe, red-SOS, and emergency light mode come in handy in different situations. In addition, the power bank opinion of the Lightsafex is a unique and useful thing that you could ever expect from a flashlight.

Keeping all the features aside, its solar-powered option is the most crucial thing to me. It allowed me to save money and contribute to the betterment of the environment. Then why not you?


Lightsafex Review

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What is Lightsafex - in depth review

Lightsafex is a multifunctional flashlight that comes with a variety of useful modes for its users. And like other flashlights, it’s not designed to serve one purpose only.

Build and Design 10
Value for Money 10
Durablity 10
Ease of Use 9

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