lifevac Review 2024 – Does It Really Work?

Choking is a deadly emergency situation that can occur anytime with anybody. Usually, it happens when any objects or food lodges in our windpipe and blocks the airflow. And when it occurs, you have to take immediate action to save a life because it cuts the flow of oxygen to the brain.

We all do the Heimlich maneuver to clear the blocked airways in such a situation. But sometimes, you may not succeed through the Heimlich maneuver. So, what would you do to save your dearest one’s life in such a situation?

Well, if you have a device like LifeVac in your emergency kit list, you can save a life in no time. LifeVac is designed to unblock the airways within a second caused by choking.

Now here in this LifeVac review, I will show you how this emergency kit will help you save a life during an emergency.


lifevac Review

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What is LifeVac

LifeVac is a suction device or emergency medical tool designed to save a life in time of choking and drowning emergencies. This suction device follows the same principle as a typical vacuum cleaner.

Ease of Use 10
Value for Money 10
Safety 10
Build and Design 9
  • LifeVac Pros Instant work
  • Safe and Effective
  • Manual operation
  • Compatible for all ages people
  • one time use only
  • Some users object about stiffness

LifeVac Review: A Brief Overview

LifeVac Review A Brief OverviewLifeVac is a suction device or emergency medical tool designed to save a life in time of choking and drowning emergencies. This suction device follows the same principle as a typical vacuum cleaner.

The device is small, compact, and highly portable, but it’s capable of doing the same job as a vacuum cleaner in the time of choking emergencies.

It creates a negative pressure and puts enough power to bring the objects or fluid that blocks the airways. Another great side of LifeVac is that it can also perform CPR when mouth-to-mouth resuscitation isn’t possible or if no medical expert isn’t nearby.

LifeVac: My Honest Opinion

I’m a mother of two kids, and children choking problem is a nightmare for me. This is because seven months before, my three-year-old son accidentally swallowed a large peanut and started choking. I became mad at that time, but fortunately, I could perform the Heimlich maneuver successfully in that time.

After that, I looked for something to assist me in such emergencies, and I discovered LifeVac. Using this device is straightforward; after a few trials, you can quickly figure out that, and you’ll get a trial kit with your LifeVac.

So if you have kids and don’t want to fall into this kind of traumatic situation, keep one of these devices near your hand. Below in this LifeVac review, I’ll tell you how this device will help you in the long run.

What is LifeVac?

What is LifeVacLifeVac is a life-saving emergency kit. It’s designed to clear an individual’s airways by removing the obstructions when a person is choking. The device looks very simple, and it’s scientifically designed to solve the choking instantly that keeps the airway blocked.

It follows a non-invasive process that brings out any object outside our body or a piece of food that blocks the airways so that the patient can regain their breath.

The device can effectively be used on anyone between 22lbs or higher. A lot of scientific research and clinical studies prove that using the device is 100% safe and effective during a choking emergency.

How Does LifeVac Work?

How Does LifeVac WorkLifeVac works with a semi-closed system that uses mechanical force to produce quick and powerful suction. As a result, a negative pressure environment is created in your airway. It encases the obstruction in a vacuum and pulls them out from the airway so that it won’t cause any harm.

You just need to put the mouthpiece on the victim’s face and hold it with one hand and manipulate the handle with the other hand to use this device. There will be a vacuum pressure created inside the chamber by pushing and pulling that clears the airways by removing the obstructions.

Features and Benefits of LifeVac

Features and Benefits of LifeVacThe life-saving LifeVac medical device comes with many excellent features for its users. Under this section of the LifeVac review, I will add some of these features that I’ve tested by myself.

Lightweight and Super Portable

LifeVac is an emergency life-saving kit. Therefore, it needs to be lightweight and easily portable so that people can carry it effortlessly and use it during an emergency.

And, the good news is LifeVac fulfills all of these requirements. The kit is very lightweight and comes with a compact shape that easily fits into any travel bag, backpack, and glove compartment.

Doesn’t Require Prescription

As LifeVac is a medical device, you might think that you’ll require a prescription to have it. But the truth is, you can get this emergency kit without any prescription or doctor’s suggestion. Getting this medical device is as simple as purchasing other items from the internet.

Self Useable

Although the LifeVac is primarily designed to use it with the help of others, you can use it by yourself too in times of emergency. So keeping this kit at your home can save your life when there is nobody else to help you.

Compatible For Both Children And Adult

One of the most significant aspects of LifeVac is that it works perfectly with both adults and children. And, for that, you don’t have to purchase an individual LifeVac.

It comes with two mouthpieces, one for children and the others for adults. The kid mask is appropriate for children under 22 pounds, and the adult mask is suitable for anybody under 22 pounds.

LifeVac is Clinically Proven

To confirm its safety and effectiveness, the LifeVac is tested by experts in several scientific projects, and then it is established as a clinically proven device.

Before the device came into the market, numerous studies and clinical investigations were done to prove its effectiveness. And it has verified it effectively cleans the airways.

Works Instantly

LifeVac Works InstantlyWhen choking occurs, you have to take immediate action to unclog the blockage. LifeVac helps you a lot in such a situation as it works in less than a second and clears your airways instantly.

LifeVac’s Home Kit comes with

  • Three masks, One for children, one for adults, and one for practice.
  • It includes a suction device
  • You’ll find an information card with choking tips
  • And of course, a User’s manual.

Pros And Cons of LifeVac

Have a look at the below section and check the pros and cons of LifeVac. It’ll help you to understand why you should go for this device or whether it’s capable of fulfilling your requirements or not.

LifeVac Pros
  • Instant work
  • Safe and Effective
  • Manual operation
  • Compatible for all ages people
  • Never Expire
LifeVac Cons
  • one time use only
  • Some users object about stiffness

What Is The Best Way To Use LifeVac?

What Is The Best Way To Use LifeVacUsing the LifeVac is very simple if you know some easy steps. Have a look at the below section to know these steps.

Step 1: First, attach the suction cup to the mouthpiece. You’ll find two mouthpieces with LifeVac, one for kids and the other for adults. Select the right mouthpiece based on the patient size.

Step 2: Now, using the LifeVac mouthpiece seals the patient’s mouth & nostrils properly. When you press the device, the one-way valve stops the food & other items from falling or being forced down by air pressure.

Step 3: Now press on the plunger to keep it down and pull it up to create a single-way suction. You can effortlessly eliminate any trapped food or other items through this, less than a second.

Benefits of LifeVac

Benefits of LifeVacIt’s always better to know the benefits of a product before making any purchasing decision. It’ll help you understand how the product will help you in the long run. Below I’ll show you some benefits of LifeVac.

Safe And Effective

LifeVac has been going through several clinical studies to prove its effectiveness, and it passed all the third-party tests. Therefore, it counts as an effective remedy for choking. And, this is the reason it’s recommended by doctors and medical experts around the world.

Works Quickly

When your loved one encounters a choking problem, you barely have any time to waste, and here, every second counts. And, the good thing is LifeVac works within a couple of seconds if you use it properly.

All that you have to do is to place, push and pull and save the life of your dearest one. Moreover, you can use this device for yourself as well.

Travel Friendly

One of the best parts about this device is it's minimal, compact, and portable. Hence, you can take it wherever you go, stay relaxed and stress-free, and be the hero by saving a life.

Design For Everyone

Choking is a kind of problem that anybody can face anytime, it could be a child or an adult. Considering this matter, it’s designed for everyone. The device comes with a child mask(over 22 pounds) and an adult mask.

Doesn’t Require a Prescription

Using LifeVac doesn’t require any prescription; as a result, it saves both time and money. However, you don’t need to think that it’ll work less without a prescription. There had been a lot of clinical studies done over it, and its proof itself each time.

LifeVac’s Scientific Justification

LifeVac’s Scientific JustificationBefore coming to this stage, LifeVac had to go through numerous tests and scientific experiments to prove its safety and effectiveness. Popular journals like “The New England Journal of Medicine” also published their research & findings by explaining the ability of this life-saving tool against choking patients.

There is an experimental study published in 2017 in the “Annals of Emergency Medicine” to prove the effectiveness of LifeVac. To conduct the experiment, researchers inserted hot dogs into a choking stimulator and used the LifeVac to bring out the object to clear the airways.

The good news is that in 500 attempts, LifeVac successfully removed the hot dog 472 times, with two tries for each. And within three tries, LifeVac successfully removed all the 500 hot dogs. LifeVac gained a 100% success rate during the experiment to remove hot dogs from congested airways.

After the experiment, researchers agreed that LifeVac could save lives when individual abdominal thrusts cannot revitalize the victim.

Moreover, a lot more studies have been done & published on a variety of platforms, explaining the effectiveness of this life-saving kit. By keeping them all aside, the most substantial scientific evidence is that it saves more than 100 lives from critical choking situations.

Customers Opinion And Testimonials

When I first heard about this device, I studied over 60+ reviews of its users to get real-life experience about this device. I saw many people confess that the LifeVac saves the life of their dearest one.

Almost every user recommends keeping this device near to hand to deal with emergencies. Down this section, I’m adding some of the user’s feedback so that you get an idea about this device.Customers Opinion And Testimonials Customers Opinion And Testimonial Customers Reviews of LifeVac

Where Can I Buy a LifeVac Unit?

Where Can I Buy a LifeVac UnitAfter reading this LifeVac review, if you decide to keep this emergency kit near your hand to handle the emergency. I’ll recommend you to get it from LifeVac official site.

The manufacturer of this emergency device delivers the device worldwide through its official site. Besides that, if you purchase two devices from its official site, you’ll get an extra unit for entirely free. And, if you are buying three of these devices, you’ll get two more devices absolutely free.

For your convenience, under this section, I’m adding the official link of the LifeVac. So that you can quickly access the official site and get the original device.

Frequently Asked Question

From the following FAQ section, get most of the answers to those questions that arise in your mind while reading this LifeVac review.

Can Lifevac Be Used on Anyone That Is Choking?

Yes, LifeVac can be used on everyone who is choking. It is suitable for both adults and children. The device comes with two individual mouthpieces, one for adults and the other for children. Moreover, the device is clinically proven to work effectively on everyone.

Can Lifevac Be Used More Than Once/can It Be Reused?

The truth is LifeVac is a single-time-used device. You shouldn’t use the same kit again and again for sanitary reasons. It’s advisable to discard the unit once the victim of choking is out of danger. You can use the LifeVac multiple times only when the obstruction isn’t dislodged with the first attempt.

Can I Use Lifevac on Myself?

Yes, without any doubt. And, the best part of this life-saving kit is that it can be operated by an individual during a time of emergency.

Do I Need a Prescription to Order Lifevac?

No, you can order the LifeVac without a prescription like other goods you order online.

Who Manufactures LifeVac?

A US-based company named Aztec is the manufacturer and the supplier of LifeVac. It’s operated its business from Long Island, and it has one of the fastest worldwide shipping system to deliver you the product. The company produces 500 units per month and supplies them around the world.

Customer Support Team Contacts

LifeVac has a quick response customer care support team. For any kind of queries and after sales service you can easily contact with them through this customer care support team.

Final Thought

Keeping the LifeVac on your emergency kit list, you can stay relaxed and confident when there is an emergency caused by choking. Because it allows you to take immediate action to save a life.

You barely have any time to waste when anybody encounters choking. In my LifeVac review, I already showed you how LifeVac helps you take fast and immediate action.

So, without further delays, get your LifeVac from its official site, save lives and become a hero!


lifevac Review

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What is LifeVac

LifeVac is a suction device or emergency medical tool designed to save a life in time of choking and drowning emergencies. This suction device follows the same principle as a typical vacuum cleaner.

Ease of Use 10
Value for Money 10
Safety 10
Build and Design 9
  • LifeVac Pros Instant work
  • Safe and Effective
  • Manual operation
  • Compatible for all ages people
  • one time use only
  • Some users object about stiffness

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