Krak’in Review: Is It Worth Buying, or Just An Overhyped Product? 

Gathering together is always the best thing that can happen in your life on the busiest schedule of your life. To get rid of the hustle and bustle of our monotonous schedule, we often plan for a get-together with our dearest and closest friends and families. But when it comes to a friend’s party, then fun doesn’t have any limitations.

We do a lot of things at a get-together party, among them shotgunning bear and bear chugging competition adds another level of entertainment. But while shotgunning a beer can, sometimes it becomes the cause of finger cuts, spilling, or messes. In this scenario, the need for a shotgunner would be fantastic. No more cuts and no more missing beer shotgunning.

To ease the beer shotgunning, Wild Man introduced an innovative product, ‘Krak’in,’ a beer shotgunning tool, for the first time. The design and the functionality of the product caught the attention of many youngsters. You can chug beers ten times faster with Krak’in.

Now, with Krak’in, you can shotgun beer without spilling, messing up, losing a single drop, or cutting your finger. This portable and small beer shotgunning can be the trickster for the beer-chugging competition. In this detailed Krak’in review, I’ll share my experience with Krak’in. Read the review article to unfold the story of Krak’in.


Krak’in Review

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Krak’in Review

Krak’in is a beer shotgunning tool designed to shootgun beer without spilling, messing, or wasting beer. To avoid such accidents, Wild Man comes up with an innovative solution to shotgun beer cans easily and without wasting a single drop.

Ease of use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Affordability 9
  • Puncture holes in the can without beer spraying
  • Made of durable nylon material
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • only available on its Official Website

What Is Krak’in?

Krak’in is a beer shotgunning tool designed to shootgun beer without spilling, messing, or wasting beer.

Traditional shotgunning can be a dangerous practice, as you may have cut your finger on the can or waste beer during the beer-chugging challenge. A beer-chugging challenge is always a fun scene at a friend’s party. The person who swallows the beer in the first place at a stretch and without breathing will be the winner.

Krak’in Review Is It Worth Buying, or Just An Overhyped Product

However, the beer-chugging challenge comes after shotgunning the beer. Beer shotgunning is a tricky and dangerous process. You have to make a hole in the bottom of the beer can with your thumb and swallow the beer at a stretch or without removing your lips as quickly as possible. Which often results in finger cuts, messes, and spilling of beer.

To avoid such accidents, Wild Man comes up with an innovative solution to shotgun beer cans easily and without wasting a single drop. The device is so portable and compact that you can carry this little device in your pocket. Now, with Krak’in, you can win every beer-chugging challenge with your friends safely. Most importantly, Krak’in can work on all cans.

How Krak’in Works?

Shotgunning beer at a friend's party and beer chugging competition is always a good show. However, the conventional way of shotgunning beer can be inconvenient and less effective. You can cut your finger in the wall of an aluminum beer can or spill beer all over. Additionally, it can injure your finger.

You can easily shotgun a beer can without injuring your finger or spraying beer everywhere. The Krak’in is a portable device, and it has a pointy colter attached to a drinking pipe. It can easily puncture the can without wasting a single drop, and you can chug beer ten times faster than the old-fashioned way.

All you need to do is stick the device on the bottom side of the can and push it down to puncture it. Then, open the top tab to let the beer come down through the device directly to your mouth. The air pressure from the upper side will blow the beer out of the can more quickly than the traditional method. While many people try to puncture a hole in the can with a key or a knife without protection, it can be harmful to your hands.

Chugging beer without spilling or damaging your finger can boost the fun experience to the peak. But proper shotgunning and chugging will be easy with the Krak’in device. This unique drinking spout is patented, making it exclusive to its originated brand.

The design and the functionality of this device made it popular after its successful launch. More than 200000 Krak’ins were sold after its demonstration on the internet. This little device works like a charm to make parties more enjoyable and memorable. Many YouTubers also reviewed this product and expressed their satisfaction. Now it’s your turn to win a beer-chugging challenge and make an impression among your friends.

Features and Benefits of Krak’in?

The Krak’in comes with some cool features and benefits, which makes it a must-have device at a party. Let’s talk about it;


The patented Krak’in has two main components. First, it has a strong tip that can puncture any can without any miss. The tip can make a perfect puncture every time if operated properly. Though the usage of this device is easy, you still need to practice it a couple of times.

Second, the device has a tube attached to the tip, which makes a smooth flow of liquid directly to your mouth. The tube helps you to chug beer even more comfortably and smoothly. You don’t have to worry about injury to your lips when you chug beer directly from the punctured can. Sharp aluminum corners can cut your lips. Therefore, the tube is a good addition to the design.

Easy to Use

While the old-fashioned approach of puncturing a hole in the beer can, can injure your fingers badly. To save your hard efforts, the Krak’in device is a game changer. Because it eases beer shotgunning with its pointy tips and a tube for chugging. After practicing a couple of times, you’ll master it.

Works with Any Size Can

If your beverage is in a can, you can puncture a hole with a Krak’in device. Most importantly, many beer manufacturers offer their beverages in various sizes of cans on the market. The device has been tested on 12-, 16-, and 24-ounce cans. It worked perfectly in every can. For non-drinkers, this device can be a useful shotgunning tool for other soft drinks.

Easy to Clean

This device is easy to clean. You can wash Krak’in using a dishwasher. You can rinse the device in the sink, and for deep cleaning, you can submerge the device in dishwashing water. The device has enough space for cleanliness.

No More Accidents

With Krak’in, you don’t have to worry about finger cuts or spraying beer everywhere. An accident while shotgunning beer can cut the flow of the fun at a party. It can ruin the moment. To avoid such a situation, Krak’in can be a party hero.

Small and Portable

The Krak’in is a small and compact tool that you can carry in your pocket. The device’s size is 1.5 inches by 2 inches. The need for a heavy opener is not necessary now. You can carry this tool in your pocket or bag easily. Besides, the Krak’in comes with a keychain that can be clipped into your keys.


The device comes with a different flap. You can choose and get a customized Krak’in device with various colorful flap options. Now, replacing it with another is not an option. The available flap colors are green, black, and red.

Quality Material

The Krak’in is made of durable nylon material. On the other hand, the rubber flap used in the device is made of high-grade silicon material. The keychain comes with the tool is made of stainless steel. The overall built quality of the tool is sturdy and durable.

These features of Krak’in add various dimensions of benefits to the users. Which attracted more than ten thousand users, and the number keeps rising. Learn more about its advantages and disadvantages in the next section.

Pros and Cons Krak’in

The Krak’in device may seem simple, but it has a wide range of functionalities, which you’ve learned in the previous section. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages that come with this tool. They are;

  • The Krak’in is an amalgamation of high-quality products, and a USA-based company manufactures it.
  • This shotgunning tool is much safer than the old-fashioned approach.
  • It helps to puncture holes in the can without beer spraying, spilling, and messing up.
  • The tool is small and compact to carry in the pocket, as well as its keychain can be hooked into the key.
  • The product comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which ensures the peace of mind.
  • This tool is suitable for beginners and pros. Its user-friendly nature captured the attention of thousands of users.
  • The customer support team is always active in solving any raised concern.
  • The only disadvantage I found on this product is its availability. The Krak’in device is only available on its Official Website.

To rock the party with a beer shotgunning and chugging challenge effortlessly, Krak’in is the optimum solution you can opt for.

Where to Buy Krak’in?

To have uninterrupted fun at a friend’s party can be a memory for the rest of your life. Without shotgunning and beer-chugging competition, fun is incomplete. And so forth, practicing the old-fashioned way can cause accidents which will ruin the fun instead of enjoyment. In this circumstance, the Krak’in beer shotgunning tool can be handy.

You can get the Krak’in tool on its official website. The manufacturer of this company patented the design and exclusively delivered the product directly to the customers to avoid counterfeiting. You’ll get the most updated, authentic, and genuine product directly from the source.

In addition, the company offers a 90-day money-back guarantee through the official website. This money-back guarantee offer adds another dimension to trying out the product without worrying about your investment. You can request a full refund from the company if you find anything inconvenient. The company offers world-class customer support to solve any product, payment, shipment, and refund-related problems. Moreover, the company provides free and fast shipping in the USA.

Own your shotgunning tool and impress friends by chugging beer ten times faster. Visit the official website to get your Krak’in before stock out.

Is The Krak’in Worth It?

In this detailed Krak’in review article, I’ve explained all the features and benefits of this shotgunning tool and its various functionalities. Now, the question that may come to your mind is, should you invest in the Krak’in tools?

In this busiest life, having a party on the weekend creates an escape route from the monotonous schedule of life. A party with dearest and closest friends will remain incomplete if there’s no beer-chugging competition. However, the old-fashioned shotgunning method can be risky to your finger. Besides, there is a strong chance of spilling, messing beer everywhere, or cutting a finger. An accident can ruin the mode of the party, and I bet you don’t want something to happen.

In this scenario, Krak’in can be a party hero. With this small tool, you can give your party another dimension of entertainment by doing beer-chugging and shotgunning competitions without fearing injury or beer spraying. So, the importance of this small tool can’t be overlooked. The various functionalities and the affordable price range make it a worthy choice you can invest in to make your parties even more meaningful and memorable.

What Users Say About Krak’in?

Here are some samples of what customers say about Krak’in.

What Users Say About Krak’in Users review of Krak’in

What Users Say About Krak’in Users review of Krak’in

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Krak’in.

What Makes the Krak'in a Smoother Way to Chug Beers Compared to The Traditional Method?

The Krak'in's exceptional smoothness is attributed to its patented design. It incorporates a tube that functions like a substantial straw or funnel, facilitating a rapid and smooth flow of your beverage. Unlike the conventional method where beer is forced through a small, potentially hazardous hole, the Krak'in allows your drink to flow smoothly through the tube. Numerous customers have likened the experience to using a beer bong rather than traditional shotgunning due to its remarkable smoothness and speed.

Why Is It Necessary to Open the Tab when You Drink Using the Krak'in?

Opening the tab is a crucial step in the process. When you pop the tab, it allows air to enter the can, which in turn facilitates the smooth and rapid flow of the liquid through the Krak'in. This airflow is what contributes to the magic of the device. Just be prepared for the quick flow once you open the tab!

Can the Krak'in Be Used with All Varieties of Canned Drinks?

Absolutely! The Krak'in is engineered to accommodate cans of all sizes, ranging from mini and slim cans to those as large as 24 ounces or more. Furthermore, it's not limited to just beer chugging; you can utilize The Krak'in to rapidly and effortlessly enjoy any canned beverage you prefer!

Why Not Opt for Using a Knife, Pen, or Thumb Instead?

There are several compelling reasons. Firstly, using these alternatives can be dangerous, as there's a risk of cutting yourself while making the hole or injuring your lips while using it. Secondly, it's an imprecise method that can easily result in holes that need to be bigger. Moreover, there's a high probability of spilling beer, leading to wastage and potentially dampening the mood. Lastly, The Krak'in offers a cleaner and safer solution. It not only prevents spills but is also dishwasher-safe and purpose-designed for this specific task, making it a much cleaner, safer, and more convenient alternative to traditional methods.

How Do You Go About Cleaning It?

Cleaning The Krak'in is a simple process – you can just put it in the dishwasher! It's designed to be dishwasher safe, so keeping it clean is hassle-free. If you intend to use it multiple times in a row and prefer not to wait for a dishwasher cycle, a quick rinse can also do the job. However, we suggest having a Krak'in for each person if you plan to use them together for shotgunning sessions!


Beer shotgunning and beer-chugging competition is the main element of a friend’s party. But sometimes that fun gets ruined because of sudden accidents or beer-spraying everywhere in the party. It wouldn’t be a happy moment if your friend’s injured or has cut his finger while shotgunning. To save from these awkward moments, Wild Man Drinking Company introduced Krak’in, a can shotgunning tool.

In this in-depth Krak’in review, I’ve shared the insights of this device. This portable and small shotgunning device can be a game changer to a party. The Krak’in is only available on its official website. You can try this product with a 90-day money-back guarantee and the support of world-class customer support.


Krak’in Review

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Krak’in Review

Krak’in is a beer shotgunning tool designed to shootgun beer without spilling, messing, or wasting beer. To avoid such accidents, Wild Man comes up with an innovative solution to shotgun beer cans easily and without wasting a single drop.

Ease of use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Affordability 9
  • Puncture holes in the can without beer spraying
  • Made of durable nylon material
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • only available on its Official Website

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