iTrack GPS Car Tracker Review [2024] – Benefits, Legit/Scam? 

Many of us own one or more cars for personal or other purposes. If you’re a business owner and manage a fleet of vehicles, you must know the importance of the safety of your vehicles. Cars take the lion's share of our investments. So it’s natural to be worried about those cars. We often see in the news that many people file complaints about their missing cars, which entangles car owners into serious trouble. We saw scenes in movies where thieves or criminals easily unlock the car doors while the owner is away, and they use those cars for some serious offense. It can happen in real life, too, if we don’t take proper steps to protect our cars.

As modern technology has evolved, it has solved our many problems and made our lives easy. iTrack GPS Car Tracker is one of the new additions to track a car’s location remotely. It not only lets you know about your car’s location but also provides some insightful information that can relieve you. In this detailed iTrack GPS car tracker review, I’ll discuss its features, how it helped me, its benefits, etc. Keep reading this article to unfold the story of the iTrack GPS car tracker.


iTrack GPS Car Tracker

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What is iTrack GPS Car Tracker

iTrack GPS Car Tracker is a smart tracking device that is designed to give your vehicle's real-time location and related other information using the internet.

Build and Design 10
Features Rate 8
Ease of Use 10
Durablity 10
  • OBD Technology
  • Provide real-time tracking data
  • Send Immediate Alerts
  • Stock shortages due to high demand
  • Only available to buy from online

What is iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

iTrack GPS Car Tracker is a smart tracking device that is designed to give your vehicle's real-time location and related other information using the internet.

I was always worried about my car when I left my car on the roadside parking. Though I activated the alarm system, you know, it can be easily deactivated by those cunning thieves. But iTrack GPS tracker saved my nights by letting me know my car’s location on my phone. The iTrack GPS car tracker is an innovative tool designed with multi-functionality. It’s an advanced OBD (On-board diagnostic) vehicle tracking device.

What is iTrack GPS Car Tracker

This device is loaded with high-tech features that ensure the safety of your valuable assets. It gives you real-time information like routes, itinerary, location tracking, speed monitoring, etc. With this tracking device, you have access to your vehicles while you’re away from your cars. It can be operated with a free app that is available on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

It’s accessible by a free app which is available for Android or iPhone users. You can get real-time information from the app that is linked to your phone. If your cars are modern or manufactured after 1996, you can install this device in your cars. This device helps in many ways. Sometimes, my siblings or friends borrow my car for various reasons. After handing the key over to them, unwanted tension badgers me whether they’re driving the car safely or not. I presume you might also face the same events as mine. Thanks to this advanced device, I can know my car’s speed, location, etc, quickly on my phone, which relieves me from my worries. You also can secure your vehicles.

Why Do I Need an iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

If you’re a car owner or a fleet owner, your first and foremost concern would be whether your cars are safe or not. Vehicles require a large sum of investments, which makes those valuable assets. The thoughts of protection are always a concerning matter. If you know where your cars are while you’re sleeping, it can surely reduce your worries.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker [2023]- Review, Benefits, LegitScam 

With this iTrack GPS car tracker, you can now get all that information, which can relieve you from your worries. Its cutting-edge technology enables it to provide you with real-time data such as speed, location, fuel, etc. It can analyze your historical data, too. By analyzing that data, this device can give you insights into the driver’s behavior, stops, speed, routes, etc. It can help you by analyzing fuel management and speed ratio to cut extra costs, potential issues, etc. 

Every car owner should have this iTrack GPS car tracker on their vehicles as it ensures your vehicle’s safety and reduces risks of thief activities. If you have one or more cars, you don’t have to worry because you know the location and details of your cars easily on your phone. Now, you can leave your car anywhere without the fear of losing it. For any unwanted and potential issues, it sends an instant alert on my phone with a loud alarm. I loved its features and usage, and I recommend it to every car owner. Let’s understand how to use this car tracker.

How to Use iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

The multi-functionality of this device surprisingly comes with easier controls. This OBD GPS car tracker is easy, simple, and very user-friendly. To set up this device, you need to have a SIM card inserted into the device and an app to control it. Its easy setup helped me to choose it as a convenient device. You can follow the steps on how I set up this device on my car:

How to Use iTrack GPS Car Tracker

  • Step 1: First, take your SIM and insert it into the tracker in the SIM card slot.
  • Step 2: In your car’s OBD port, plug the tracker carefully into the port. It’s an easy process, and there is no wiring involved. If the process seems hard to you, you can seek professional help. Professional help can set the device properly into your car if you face any problems.
  • Step 3: After setting up the tracker, it’s your turn to install the iTrack App (available for Android and IOS) from the store and launch it.
  • Step 4: The app requires the creation of an account. So, sign up with the required information.
  • Step 5: Now, link the tracker with your smartphone.

After setting this device successfully now, you can access it with your app. The tracker will send all the information related to your car. The interface is so easy that even an inexperienced can navigate it. The iTrack GPS car tracker sends live information directly to your phone. This tracker has many features and benefits. Let’s know about those.

The Features and Benefits of iTrack GPS Car Tracker

This device saved my worries as it works unimaginably perfectly. Its OBD-based technology works better than any other trackers. It solved many problems that could be the potential issue for my car. I’ll share what benefits I got from this device and its features.

OBD Technology

The iTrack GPS car tracker device comes with OBD (On-board Diagnostic) technology, which works amazingly fine. Your OBD port is located near the dashboard or beneath the steering wheel. After inserting a SIM card into the device, it sends pinpoint, accurate data to the owner. I get real-time accurate information on my car’s location, starting time, speed, routes, etc.

The Features and Benefits of iTrack GPS Car Tracker


Being a small-sized device, this tracker can fit into your car perfectly. If your car is manufactured after 1996, then this device can easily fit in your car. As you set this device under your steering wheel, it’s not visible, which adds an extra layer of security. The setup is so convenient that you don’t have to take any pressure as there is no wiring option. It can easily be paired with your phone via the iTrack app. Overall, this device is easy, convenient, and user-friendly.


This device is durable, though it’s built of plastic. Its 16-pin OBD tracker fits with any car and doesn’t unplug in any accidental case. Its battery is surprisingly good. It can last up to 6 days, and the battery is rechargeable. This device comes with an IP67 waterproof rating. So you don’t have to worry about its damage by water also.

Reliable car tracker iTrack GPS Car Tracker

Tracking Data

The iTrack GPS car tracker device is specialized in providing real-time tracking data to the owner. It continuously monitors your car's activity and sends notifications of the location details and much other information about the vehicle.

Tracking Data of iTrack GPS Car Tracker

So, stealing cars with this device is not an option. It helped me to monitor how my son or anyone driving my car. This GPS tracking is the coolest feature that has helped me a lot countless times. You can configure the live update frequency every 10 seconds. The device can send live monitoring information 24 hours. And you can access the accurate information with your phone.

Convenient App

The iTrack GPS car tracker is operated by a free app. The app is available for Android and IOS users. The interface is so user-friendly that it made me navigate the app at first glance. You can set frequency, see live tracking, set notification alerts, etc.

Convenient App of iTrack GPS Car Tracker

Easy Setup

This device can be set up easily. This device has a SIM card slot where you can insert your SIM. The device has an extra slot for an SD card. You can expand your storage from 1 MB to 2 GB. Where you can select which data should be saved or which not.

Personalized Alert

The device sends alerts or notifications while starting the car. The continuous alerts and notifications may seem disturbing. But I can set up alerts or notifications according to my choice.

Productivity and Lower Cost

This device increased my productivity by reaping the full benefits of my car. The device helped me to understand fuel management and safety pertaining to my car.

The importance of ensuring the safety of your valuable assets is unavoidable. The iTrack GPS car tracker helped me to ensure the safety of my vehicle. If you are concerned about your vehicles, choosing this device will be a feasible option for you.

Specifications of iTrack GPS car tracker

The iTrack tracker comes with some well-equipped specifications. They are:

  • This device has a diameter of 64mm*46mm*17mm
  • The weight of this device is 50g. This device is lightweight and compact.
  • GSM/GPRS network made it a powerful device to transmit data easily.
  • The device comes with a band of 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz.
  • GPS sensitivity- 159dBm
  • GPS accuracy- 5m
  • Car charger can be used for up to 12-24V input, 5V output

The specifications come with the iTrack GPS car tracker, which is well-optimized by using cutting-edge technology. Its easy portability, price, and easy-to-use features made it affordable and reliable product for me. With these amazing features and specifications, you simply have the best, most accurate GPS tracker device for your vehicles.

How Does iTrack GPS Car Tracker Work?

Though the specifications may sound complex, the usage of this device is quite simple. Navigating its features is so easy that you’ll fall in love with this device. If you’re looking for a tracking device for your car with no monthly charges, then iTrack GPS car tracker is the ideal choice for you.

How Does iTrack GPS Car Tracker Work

I have been using this device for a long time. The benefits I got from this little tracker are uncountable. Usually, I have to park my car outside in the parking lot, and being stolen by thieves was always my concern. Now, with this device, stealing is not an option for thieves.

iTrack simply delivers you the live locations using GPS satellites. It collects data from your car and conveys them as a message directly to your phone through an app. Experts made it extremely accurate in that it always sends pinpoint data of your car. The device sends you the information by using the SIM card you’ve inserted.

Apparently, the tracker will notify you if your car moves without your permission. So, if you’re a fleet owner, or you have a business using cars, it's very important to use this device. It’ll give you precise information about your employees' behavior using your car and insights about your car’s condition. So, without any delay, grab your iTrack GPS car tracker now.

Is the iTrack GPS Car Tracker a scam?

A couple of months back, I was wondering what GPS tracker I should go for. I researched every available option on the internet and read what people are saying about those. There are many tracking devices available on the market. But many of those come with a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Is the iTrack GPS Car Tracker a scam

Besides, installing those trackers is a troublesome job. As those require the technical capability to install, I eliminated those options first. I wanted something that was easy to use and set up. And the iTrack GPS tracker comes with those features that I was looking for.

Its wireless setup, easy control, and accurate information transmission made it my first choice. So, the question is, “Is the iTrack GPS tracker a scam?”

Absolutely Not! The iTrack GPS tracker is not a scam. After using it for a long time now, I feel this tracker is a value-for-money product. I tested this device’s tracking accuracy thoroughly by visiting different places, and it works perfectly fine. Its insightful information about my car was also accurate.

Now, I don’t have to worry about fuel management, the car’s condition, and any unexpected occurrences. If you’re up for buying a GPS tracker for your car, you can rely on this device. Its diagnosis, tracking, and the other information are pinpoint and accurate. On the other hand, its official website always provides authentic and genuine products.

Where Can I Buy This Device?

The demand for using the iTrack GPS car tracker is rising day by day. Suppose you’ve parked your car in a large parking lot, and there are lots of cars that look similar to yours. Now you’ll be in a huge puzzle in which lane you’ve parked yours. You can go and search for your car on your own, or you’ve to get help from the parking manager. If you had a tracker in your car, then you would have immediately located your car. Your time and efforts are being saved. So there are many stories why you should go for such devices.

where to buy the What is iTrack GPS Car Tracker

Now the question is, where can you buy this iTrack GPS car tracker? Don’t worry; iTrack has an official website from where you can directly order yours. There’s a big news: you can get your iTrack GPS tracker at half of the price. The website is offering a whopping 50% off with Free Shipping for a limited quantity.

Getting your desired product at a lower price is a fantastic combination. Please don’t miss the chance to grab the offer, as it won’t last forever. Now, it’s your turn to secure your vehicles as early as possible. Wait, the iTrack experts have something to say

What iTrack Experts Say

Professionals tested this tracker, and this is what they said:

Gosuro – Insurance Broker

Here at Gosuro, we have been insuring cars for decades, it’s a small family business. We have found iTrack to be a great solution as this device is reliable and affordable. With iTrack we can react within minutes to recover a stolen vehicle and save the owner and ourselves tens of thousands of $ in loss. We advise all our clients to get one in each car, it pays for itself multiple times over. When something bad happens, it is necessary to be prepared.

Alex S – Car Journalist

I have been a car journalist and product engineer for 15 years, I tested the iTrack GPS tracker on multiple car brands and models. To use it, you will need a SIM card with a data plan and you are ready to go! The route history is my favorite option as you can monitor your car journey and location from anywhere in the world, it is perfect when other people are using your car and you are not there to keep an eye on it!

Lots of car owners across the world choose iTrack as their first choice due to its multi-functionality. I chose this tracker because of its ready-to-use and user-friendly usage. So why wait to take action?

User Reviews

Users from different parts of the world expressed their experience about how iTrack GPS car tracker helped them.

“As a busy sales manager, keeping track of my team's movements was always a challenge. iTrack has been a game-changer for me. Now, I can easily monitor their locations and ensure they're making the most of their time on the road. It's made my job so much easier!” – Emily Dawson.

“I recently started using iTrack to keep tabs on my elderly father who has Alzheimer's. It's been a lifesaver for our family. Knowing his whereabouts at all times brings us peace of mind, and it's helped us ensure his safety and well-being.” – Mark.

“Being a parent of two teenagers, I was always concerned about their safety when they started driving. iTrack has been a blessing, allowing me to track their whereabouts and make sure they're driving responsibly. It's given me a sense of control and comfort.”– Lisa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions that many users ask.

Does The iTrack GPS Tracker Work?

Many customers and expert professionals agree that the iTrack GPS car tracker is a life-changing device and it works perfectly. The data it provides is accurate.

Is iTrack GPS Car Tracker the Most Accurate GPS Tracker?

Yes, according to the numerous users experience, iTrack GPS car tracker provides real time, pinpoint accurate tracking information to the owners.

Does the iTrack GPS Tracker Work on A Phone?

Yes, there is a free app available for both Android and IOS with which the iTrack GPS tracker works perfectly. With the app, you can navigate your car's real-time position.

Do GPS Trackers Work Internationally?

iTrack GPS trackers use GPS satellites orbiting the earth to obtain location. Thus, it works anywhere without restriction. However, the SIM card that the device is using may create issues as the network might not work in all countries.

Do iTrack GPS Trackers Work without Cell Service?

iTrack GPS tracker requires cell services to stay connected to you. Without the cell service, it can’t send information to you.

Final Thoughts

The necessity to ensure the safety and security of your cars or vehicles, using iTrack GPS car tracker would be an ideal solution. Whether you own a personal car or a fleet, you must want to know about the whereabouts of your car. Using a GPS tracker can help you to get rid of your worries. Now, you don’t have to check your cars by breaking your midnight sleep.

iTrack GPS car tracker doesn’t require additional fees and mechanics help to install. If your car has an OBD port, you can simply connect your tracker, and you can operate and get information using the iTrack APP. The iTrack GPS tracker offers multi-functionality and robust technological expertise. It helped me maintain my car’s performance, monitor the car’s condition, and, importantly, location tracking. In this iTrack GPS car tracker review, I elaborated on all the advantages and features that may help you to keep your peace of mind. Visit iTrack’s official website and reap the 50% discount and free shipping.


iTrack GPS Car Tracker

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What is iTrack GPS Car Tracker

iTrack GPS Car Tracker is a smart tracking device that is designed to give your vehicle's real-time location and related other information using the internet.

Build and Design 10
Features Rate 8
Ease of Use 10
Durablity 10
  • OBD Technology
  • Provide real-time tracking data
  • Send Immediate Alerts
  • Stock shortages due to high demand
  • Only available to buy from online

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