Isavera Review 2024 – A Solution to Remove Body Fat

I never liked having that extra layer of belly fat on me. At the same time, going through those hectic gym workouts and strict diet plans seemed like too much work to get rid of that stubborn fat. That's when I turned to this fat-freezing system from Isvara.

In this Isavera review, I will share my experience of using it. The review will give you a clear idea of what the product is, whether it's effective or not, and what benefits you can expect from it. Also, I will share some exciting details regarding the product.

The best part is that it's my personal experience of the product, so you can rely on the information without second-guessing them.



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Isavera Review

Isvara is a fat-freezing belt that you wrap around your different body parts. The belt works on the fat cells and reduces them to the extent that they don't have that ugly appearance. It works in problem areas of your body. Especially, on fat around your belly or your thighs.

Features Rate 10
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 9
  • Very easy to use
  • Reduces the appearance of fat without too much work
  • Completely safe to use
  • Anyone can use it for fat reduction
  • Has a comfortable feel to the belt
  • Doesn’t work for weight loss purposes
  • No option to purchase gel packs separately

What is Isavera?

Isvara is a fat-freezing belt that you wrap around your different body parts. The belt works on the fat cells and reduces them to the extent that they don't have that ugly appearance. It works in problem areas of your body. Especially, on fat around your belly or your thighs.

What is Isavera

It's a painless process of removing stubborn fat from those body parts. If you are someone like me who doesn't want to do a lot of exercises, this can be the perfect solution. It's super easy to use and can be used in the comfort of your home without moving an inch.

How Does the Isavera Work?

Whenever I came across these fat-burning or removal products, I had to double-check their science. Diving deep into the science of Isavera convinced me halfway to getting the product before I could even know the benefits. So, how does it work?

How Does the Isavera Work

There have been hundreds of studies that prove cold can easily shrink fat cells in your body. Fat cells tend to crystallize when they get in touch with intense cold.

Through this method of crystallization, fact cells reduce in number. Hence, your body fat goes lower. The name of this technique is Cryolipolysis.

Isvara uses this technique in their belts to remove that extra fat cell appearance from your body. It's a great natural way to remove the excess fat cells for a flatter appearance.

The belt introduces a cold element that helps shrink fat cells from particular areas of your body. Wearing the belt on a specific area will allow those fat cells to be in touch with the cold temperature for a period. After a while, the cold starts shrinking those fat cells and lessens the appearance of fat in that area.

How Long Till You See Results From Isavera?

Honestly, I am a very impatient person. I wanted to see the results as soon as possible after I started using Isavera. Well, I had to wait about 11 weeks to get visible results from the device.

Usually, it takes the same time for almost anyone using Isavera. In my case, I got a reduction of around 20% fat in the areas that I had targeted with it. And it took me 11 weeks to see that kind of result in my body. You have to take at least 10 to 12 weeks for visible results.

Key Features of Isavera

In my experience of using Isavera and from the manufacturers, I came across several different features of the product. Let's get through those to see what value you can expect.

Key Features of Isavera

Ease of use

I had never used any fat-freezing device before, yet using Isavera was as easy as possible. There is nothing complicated involved in using the product. All I had to do was prepare the belt, follow the instructions from the manufacturers, and wear it. It takes about a minute to do everything.

Effortless fat reduction

Imagine just wearing a belt on your body to reduce fat. Sounds so simple, no? That’s the experience I got from using Isavera. I didn't have to move my body or leave home to remove that extra fat.

And it's not just about movement. I didn't need to follow any healthy diet either. The complete process of reducing stubborn fat from the body becomes effortless. It just made my life easier while keeping it fun and comforting at the same time.

Progress tracking

Isvara understands that tracking progress can have a positive impact in mind. With that thought, they include a caliper and measurement tape. I could easily use the measurement tape and measure how much fat I have lost after using the device.

Seeing the progress, I became more determined to use the device, and it brought me even better results. That's how the progress tracking feature helped me get hooked on Isavera even more.

Natural and safe

What I loved right away about Isavera was the all-natural and safe-to-use feature. Usually, I used to worry about harming my body or skin with these kinds of things. But there was nothing to worry about when it came to Isvara.

The device is entirely natural. It doesn't need any chemicals, supplements, or medication. I didn’t have any issues with my body internally or externally. And I got to lose fat at the same time. So, there is nothing more I could ask from the device.

Non-slippery lining

Here's the thing, before I ordered the belt for myself, I constantly thought about it slipping down. But all my worries disappeared when I saw the non-slippery lining on the strap. The anti-slip feature on the belt lining gives it that friction to stay in position without becoming slippery.

How Can I Use Isavera?

Using Isavera is probably one of the easiest things I ever had to do to lose my stubborn fat. It's so straightforward that you don't even have to break a sweat. They show how to use it step by step on their website, and it's also in the manual.

How Can I Use Isavera

Here’s how you use Isavera:

  • Freezing the special gel packs you get with the belt is the first step of using Isavera. Try freezing them for at least 24 hours.
  • After freezing the packs, you have to place them into the pockets of the actual belt.
  • Next up, you have to wrap around the belt in your problem area; it can be your belly, thigh, or any other part.
  • Keep the belt on your body part for about sixty minutes per day.

I would say wear the belt three times per week for effective results. And by the 10th or 12th week, you should see some visible results in fat reduction.

Benefits of Using Isavera

Things that drove me towards getting Isavera over other fat reduction options were the benefits it provides. Many advantages can easily convince you to get the device for fat loss purposes.

Benefits of using Isavera

Here are things that I would say are prime benefits of using Isavera –

  • Losing fat doesn't require any expensive medication or surgery. Isvara does it at a comparatively reasonable price.
  • It’s very safe and natural to use. It doesn’t cause any harm to your body or skin.
  • No worries about regular exercise or maintaining a bland strict diet. You can reduce the appearance of fat without too much trouble and get the perfect shape.
  • Isvara follows the scientific process of cryolipolysis, with hundreds of studies backing it up. It's a reliable process that is bound to give results.
  • Almost anyone can use the product regardless of their body type and shape.
  • Using the belt can also help with more significant metabolism aside from reducing the fat from your body. It will give you better sleep, reduced inflammation, improved blood flow, immune system, and so forth.
  • The results of the belt should be visible within weeks of using Isavera. It doesn't take up too much time to show the results.

Pros & Cons of Isavera

Now, I will take you through some of the pros and cons I found after using Isavera for a while. They can give you a very quick overview of the product, so you can get a better idea of whether it's worthwhile.

  • Very easy to use
  • Reduces the appearance of fat without too much work
  • Completely safe to use
  • Anyone can use it for fat reduction.
  • Has a comfortable feel to the belt
  • Doesn’t work for weight loss purposes
  • No option to purchase gel packs separately

Why Do You Need the Isavera?

Do you hate the stubborn fat in your belly or thighs? No exercise or diet is helping out? Then, you might want to try out Isavera as the next best solution. Sure, you can go for surgeries or medication, but that can cost you a fortune.

Why Do You Need the Isavera

Isvara, on the other hand, is a much cheaper solution than that. And you don’t have to worry about any exercises or strict dieting. All you have to do is wear the belt for an hour and see the results within weeks.

It's easy to use, doesn't cause any issues with your skin or body, and you can use it no matter who you are. As a user, I can assure you that you will love the experience, especially when you see the results without too much effort.

So, if you feel like the stubborn fat in your body is bothering you too much and want an easy solution, Isavera might be the way to go.

Who Is Isavera Effective for?

Isvara is effective for almost anyone who is suffering from stubborn fat in their body. Also, for someone like me who can barely make time for exercise or hardly maintain any strict diet, Isavera is a perfect choice.

Who Is Isavera Effective for

When you have Isavera, you don't have to dedicate too much time to anything. You can still get all your work done while wearing the belt. That's what I always do.

I can put the belt on and let it work while I move around the house to do the little chores. Sometimes, I would finish my office work on my laptop while wearing the belt. So, the freedom of doing whatever you want while losing fat is simply the best thing in Isvara.

For people, who can't make time or money for other fat reduction solutions, Isavera is a pretty effective device they can check out.

How Safe Is Isavera?

Anyone wondering about safety should stop their worries right away. As a user of Isavera, I can reassure you that it's one of the safest options you can find for reducing the appearance of stubborn fat in your body.

How Safe Is Isavera

It doesn't use any chemicals or medication for the fat reduction process. The belt is entirely safe to use on your skin as well. Even the fat loss process is natural and uses the cryolipolysis technique. This technique only affects the fat and not the skin surrounding the area.

Altogether, Isavera is a safe option and a natural way to reduce stubborn belly fat from problem areas.

What Makes Isavera So Special?

Something that I found special about Isavera is the commitment and promise they give to the people. It's not a weight loss solution by any means. The function is to freeze fat to reduce its appearance on your body. So, you may not see weight loss, but you will see a fat reduction in your body.

What Makes Isavera So Special

Everything Isavera does is natural and follows a scientific method of reducing fat. It lets in reducing that ugly appearance of stubborn fat without costing a fortune. In my opinion, that makes it an exceptional choice over other fat-loss solutions.

Is Isavera a Scam?

No, of course, Isvara is not a scam. If you are approaching it from the perspective that you will lose weight, you might think it's a scam because it doesn't help you lose weight.

The purpose of Isavera is to freeze fat and dispose of it in your body. It means you will see a reduction of fat in your body after using Isavera for about 10-12 weeks at least. Results can come sooner for some people as well.

Since I have already used it and gotten results, I can tell you that Isavera is not a scam. It's a compelling solution for losing fat without spending thousands of dollars or going through unnatural medication and supplements.

What Do Customers Say About Isavera?

As a satisfied customer, you know what I have to say about the product. Other than myself, there are plenty of satisfied users out there who have a lot of good things to say about Isvara.

Here are some reviews of actual users from the official website of Isavera –

What Do Customers Say About Isavera

Isavera Price & Money Back Guarantee

Now, let’s get into the real deal of pricing here. Isvara sells the product in the form of a bundle. The Isavera system bundle includes a belt or isolation wrap, three specialized gel packs, a free massager, measurement tape, and a caliper for tracking progress.

Isavera Price & Money Back Guarantee

Each Isavera system bundle can cost you around $100. But if you take two bundles, the price comes to $163.35. And for three bundles, you will have to pay $217.80.

They also have a money-back guarantee option for 30 days. It means if you don't see results or aren't satisfied with Isavera within 30 days of purchasing it. You can return the product and get your money back.

You must get in touch with the manufacturer before the 30 days guarantee period to receive a refund.

Where Can I Buy the Isavera?

If you are looking to buy Isavera, then I would highly recommend getting it from the official website. Because that way, you can avail of the 30-days money-back guarantee, and also you can avoid getting any fake products.

You can easily get your Isavera from the official website with a 30-day guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

While researching Isavera, I encountered many questions on the internet and in my mind. So, keeping up with that, I answer some frequent questions regarding Isavera.

What's included in the Isavera package?

Every package of Isavera includes several items and comes as a bundle. The belt or isolation wrap and three specialized gel packs are the two main things. Along with that, there is a fat measurement tape, a body fat caliper, and a free massager.

Does Isavera work on any body type?

Yes, Isavera works on any body type. There is no limitation to using Isavera, regardless of what kind of body you may have. The belt is free size, so it will fit almost anyone. Men and women of any age can use it.

Does Isavera work?

Yes, Isavera does work if you give it enough time. Also, you have to maintain regularity and use it three days a week for at least an hour. You can check out reviews from many users for reassurance that it works.

Can I use Isavera every day?

It's better not to use Isavera every day. First, there will be no benefit to using Isavera every day, as our bodies are limited in what it can do. And there is a chance of an inflammatory response if you use it daily.

How long does it take Isavera packs to freeze?

Generally, it takes about 24 hours for the Isavera gel packs to freeze in the freezer. They can freeze quicker than that, but it's better to keep them in the freezer for about 24 hours before using them.

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no side effects of using Isavera. They follow a completely natural and science-based method to reduce fat from your body. It doesn’t affect your body or skin negatively at all. Also, there is no use of chemicals or medication either.

Does it hurt when you wear it?

Not at all. You can wear the belt for an hour without pain or discomfort. The neoprene belt they provide in the package is very comfortable and soft. It won’t hurt even if you wear it for hours.

When will Isavera be delivered?

When you will get your Isavera depends mostly on where you live. If you are from the USA, you can expect the device to arrive within 2 or 3 working days. If you live outside, it can take up to 12 days to arrive.

Who Manufactures Isavera?

Isavera doesn’t have any third-party manufacturer who makes its products. They are the sole manufacturer, and they make all their products themselves. Since their headquarters is in the USA, they also manufacture their devices in the USA.

Support Team

A great thing about Isavera is that you can get in touch with their support team anytime. They have a live chat option in their options that lets you contact their support team for any kind of queries.

Other than that, you can also contact them through email or the contact form on their website. The email address for their official support team is You can also visit them at 177 Huntington Ave, Floor 17, Boston, MA 02115.


To conclude the Isavera review, I can only say that I loved the product from my core. It's one of the easiest and most affordable solutions when considering Cool Sculpting. The method is reliable since scientific studies back it.

A tip I can share from my experience is to use Isavera at a fixed time of the day. This way, you can freeze up the gel packs at a certain point and use them accordingly. I don't know whether it affects the results, but it makes things easy.

So, for anyone looking to get rid of that stubborn fat and end up with a satisfying body, Isavera is a perfect fit.



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Isavera Review

Isvara is a fat-freezing belt that you wrap around your different body parts. The belt works on the fat cells and reduces them to the extent that they don't have that ugly appearance. It works in problem areas of your body. Especially, on fat around your belly or your thighs.

Features Rate 10
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 9
  • Very easy to use
  • Reduces the appearance of fat without too much work
  • Completely safe to use
  • Anyone can use it for fat reduction
  • Has a comfortable feel to the belt
  • Doesn’t work for weight loss purposes
  • No option to purchase gel packs separately

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