IOnic Spa Shower Review: Elevate Your Shower Experience

Your regular tap water, which you use to shower or for refreshing, does not often deliver the same water that suits the skin and hair. Sometimes, tap water contains liquid chemicals harmful to your body, such as chlorine, chloramine, pesticides, etc. Water filtration is a must if you're from an area where tap water has a high level of dissolved chemicals.

Recently, I noticed unusual hair fall, redness, rashes, chlorine burns, and other skin problems due to toxins in my tap water. So I decided to upgrade the shower head, and after searching for a while, I found this IOnic Spa that has a built-in tap water filtering system.

The shower head has three types of bioactive stones to purify, remove chlorine, and adjust the pH value of the water. In addition, you can enjoy different spray modes, and the best part is the gadget is detachable.

In this detailed IOnic Spa Shower review, I will explain its features, benefits, how easy it is to install, and how it works. Let's jump in and explore everything.


IOnic Spa Shower Review

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compact and lightweight design of IOnic Spa Shower

The IOnic Spa Shower is a handheld, detachable showerhead equipped with modern filter technology. Its built-in filtration system operates in three stages, incorporating bioactive stones. This innovative shower head not only effectively filters tap water but also allows you to save up to 35% of water during each use.

Build and Design 10
Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Durablity 10
  • Portable Hand-held Showerhead
  • Replaceable bio-active stones
  • Different spray patterns to choose from
  • Install it in a few minutes by yourself
  • Only available in the official store

What is IOnic Spa Shower?

The IOnic Spa Shower is a handheld, detachable showerhead equipped with modern filter technology. Its built-in filtration system operates in three stages, incorporating bioactive stones.

This innovative shower head not only effectively filters tap water but also allows you to save up to 35% of water during each use. Even if your current tap supplies low-pressure water, the IOnic Spa Shower provides a 200% increase in water pressure.

IOnic Spa Shower Review Elevate Your Shower Experience

What sets the IOnic Spa Shower apart are the Energy, Anion, and Infrared bioactive stones. Each stone ball possesses unique characteristics to eliminate impurities from tap water, resulting in naturally shiny, smooth hair and soft skin. These bioactive stones also help reduce oil secretion and enhance nutrient absorption into the skin.

In addition, the shower head is very easy to install and compatible with traditional shower hoses because of its universal design. The stones are also easy to replace. The compact design adds to its user-friendly nature, while the transparent appearance imparts a luxurious feel.

Furthermore, the IOnic Spa Shower offers three settings to change the water spray pattern, providing a customizable shower experience. Switching between patterns is simple, and all you need to do is change the slider button on the neck.

There's so much more to discover about the IOnic Spa Shower. You won't believe the transformative impact on my overall shower experience and skin until you try it for yourself.

How Does It Work?

The IOnic Spa Shower features a straightforward yet highly effective functionality, with its unique strength residing in the three distinct bioactive stones housed within the shower head. Let's delve into the individual roles these stones play in ensuring a thorough filtration of tap water:

How Does IOnic Spa Shower work

1. Infrared Stone

The Infrared Stone, the first line of defense in the IOnic Spa Shower's filtration process, introduces an innovative approach to water purification. This stone employs infrared technology to target impurities and contaminants present in tap water.

Through its unique characteristics, the Infrared Stone initiates the removal of unwanted substances, ensuring that the water emerging from the shower head is cleansed and revitalized.

2. Anion Stone

The Anion Stone, or black stone, the second stage of the filtration process, contributes to the overall enhancement of water quality. Anions, or negatively charged ions, are generated by this stonework to neutralize positively charged particles present in the water.

This process not only aids in the elimination of impurities but also has the added benefit of promoting a refreshing and invigorating shower experience. The Anion Stone plays a crucial role in transforming ordinary tap water into a spa-like indulgence.

3. Energy Stone

The Energy Stone, the final component in the triad of bioactive stones, imparts a unique vitality to the water. This stone introduces beneficial elements that contribute to the overall wellness of the water, promoting qualities that are known to benefit both skin and hair.

By the time the water passes through the Energy Stone, it has undergone a comprehensive filtration process, resulting in water that not only feels clean but also carries the potential for added nourishment. These stones help make your hair shiny and give you softer skin.

In a nutshell, the IOnic Spa Shower's bioactive stones work harmoniously, with each stone addressing specific aspects of water purification. Together, they ensure that your shower experience goes beyond mere cleanliness, providing water that is rejuvenated and enriched with positive elements for your skin and hair.

IOnic Spa Shower Specifications

The specification table below contains the technical details of the IOnic Spa Shower. Consider checking them out.

Product Name IOnic Spa Shower
  • Infrared Stone Container: 110 mm
  • Full Length: 235 mm
  • Main Head: 80 mm
  • Universal connector: 18 mm
Bio Active Stones Infrared, Anion, and Energy Stone
Shower Settings Mode Massage, Rainfall, Jetting
Portable Yes
Compatible Universal size to connect with all types of hoses
Unique Character Detachable
Installation Easy

The Outstanding Features of IOnic Spa Shower

The IOnic Spa Shower not only has bioactive stones to filter your shower water, but it also offers numerous quality features. I have demonstrated the features that I have experienced in this IOnic Spa Shower review. Let's take a good look at them:

Compact and Portable

The IOnic Spa Shower is similar to your traditional shower head. But its compact and lightweight design makes it a portable bathroom appliance. You can even take it anywhere with you and use it instead of your regular showerhead.

compact and lightweight design of IOnic Spa Shower

Top-Notch Shower Water Filter

Obviously, the built-in filtration system is what makes IOnic Spa Shower a mind-blowing shower gadget. The three types of stone balls inside the shower head have specific abilities to purify, neutralize chlorine, adjust the pH balance of water, and let you shower with fully sanitized water.

Top-Notch Shower Water Filter of IOnic Spa Shower

Replaceable Filtration

The convenience feature is that the IOnic Spa Shower is totally detachable, and the bioactive stones are also replaceable. You can separate each part of the body and change the Biofunctional beads after using them for a while.

Replaceable Filtration of IOnic Spa Shower

High-grade Material

IOnic Spa Shower is durable enough, as all the parts of its body are designed with first-class materials. The upper head body is made with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene styrene) material and has laser perforation on the outer plate that increases the water pressure by 200%. The multi-layer electroplating firmly connects the upper and lower parts.

Moreover, the rest of the body is made from Polycarbonate Plastic, which ensures high durability and resistance.

High-grade Material of IOnic Spa Shower

Transparent Design

The IOnic Spa also blends uniqueness with its transparent look. The transparent design lets you see the way it filters the tap water while showering and the current state of the stones. This design is not only helpful but also provides a unique and magnificent feel.

Different Spray Patterns

Another remarkable feature is the multiple spraying settings of this innovative shower device. You can change the spray style to suit your preferences.

Different Spray Patterns of IOnic Spa Shower

  • Massage: The massage style looks like the water is coming from a thin pipe. This type of water spray feels like it is rubbing my body. That's why this style is called “Massage”.
  • Rainfall: As the name suggests, this spray style is like high-pressure rain. You can increase the water pressure with this setting.
  • Jetting: Lastly, the Jetting is a combination of the Massage and Rainfall styles. In this mode, you can enjoy both styles together. This mode provides a spa-like feeling while showering.

Easy to Install

After everything, you might think this shower head is tough to install or that you will require plumbers. But the IOnic Spa Shower has a universal size, and it fits with any existing traditional hose in your bathroom. No more extra hassle, just screw it to the current hose and enjoy.

Pros and Cons of IOnic Spa Shower

Explore the strengths and considerations of the IOnic Spa Shower as we delve into the Pros and Cons. It will help you make an informed decision about an upgraded shower experience.

  • Portable Hand-held Showerhead
  • Highly Effective Filtration Technology
  • Top-grade material
  • Install it in a few minutes by yourself
  • Detachable
  • Replaceable bio-active stones
  • Different spray patterns to choose from
  • Easy to Use
  • Only available in the official store

Benefits You Will Get

During my use of the IOnic Spa Shower, I experienced various advantages. Let me highlight them for you so that you can get a good idea of how you could benefit from this outstanding bathroom gadget.

Benefits You Will Get using IOnic Spa Shower

Purified Shower Water

The primary reason to incorporate the IOnic Spa Shower was to sanitize my tap water. The outcome just surprised me. It works exactly as advertised. The Infrared, Anion, and Energy bioactive balls ensure your water will be 100% clean and chemical-free.

Keep Skin Healthy

Chemicals in tap water cause various skin diseases and excessive hair loss. But the Anion stones neutralize the hardness of water and harmful chemicals like chlorine. This allows you to shower with no-impurity-filled water, keep the skin smooth and soft, free from rashes, and reduce hair fall.

Spa-like Experience

Indulge yourself in a spa-like experience at home with the IOnic Spa Shower. Its bio-active balls effectively remove 97% of chlorine, ensuring that every drop of water is purified for a rejuvenating effect on your hair and skin.

Choose from three distinct water spray patterns, including Massage and Jetting (a delightful fusion of Massage and Rainfall), for a truly luxurious bathing experience.

Easy to Clean

Another advantageous aspect of the IOnic Spa Shower is its low maintenance requirements. The use of durable ABS and PC Plastic materials prevents mold, even with extended use. Additionally, its transparent structure allows you to monitor the condition of the stones, ensuring timely replacements.

Easy to Use

Despite its innovative technical features, the IOnic Spa Shower remains remarkably user-friendly. I found the IOnic Spa Shower easy to operate. You can switch between modes in seconds by effortlessly sliding the settings switch.

The remarkable filtration technology, coupled with the added benefits of reducing hair fall and nurturing the skin, distinguishes the IOnic Spa Shower from other bath accessories. It has seamlessly become my daily bath essential, with the Jetting Spray mode being a personal favorite.

How to Use IOnic Spa Shower?

If you're familiar with regular handheld shower heads, you know the basics of how to use them while bathing. However, the IOnic is a bit different from a traditional one due to its spray mode feature.

Don't worry, here, I will show you a step-by-step guide so that you can easily operate the shower head and change the water pattern.

Step 1: Install IOnic Spa Shower

I have already told you before that this shower head is super easy to install, and you won't need to consult any plumber or expert. IOnic Spa Shower is designed to fit with your existing shower hose. Simply screw it up there.

Step 2: Try out the modes

There are three types of spray settings you can enjoy from this wonderful shower gadget. At the neck, you will find a slider switch to shift spray mode according to your preferences.

By default, the slider will be set to the Rainfall mode. To enable other spray modes, just slide it to the next twice. The Jetting will come first, and lastly, the Massage spray mode.

Step 3: Enjoy

Now, you are all set to enjoy your daily shower with IOnic Spa Shower. The jetting increases the water pressure by 200%, and the massage pattern helps save up to 35% of water per shower.

IOnic Spa Shower is altogether an eco-friendly shower head that enhances your shower experience by purifying the water at maximum level.

User Reviews of IOnic Spa Shower

Positive user reviews are the final touch of satisfaction while you're exploring a new product. I have noticed positive feedback from previous customers while researching for this IOnic Spa review.

“Absolutely in love with my Ionic Spa Shower! It's like having a spa day in the comfort of my own bathroom. The water feels softer, and the overall experience is so refreshing. My skin feels smoother, and the installation was a breeze. Highly recommend it!”Alex123

“I recently upgraded to the Ionic Spa Shower, and it has made a noticeable difference. The water quality is excellent, and I can feel the positive impact on my skin and hair. The only reason for not giving it a full 5 stars is the price, but the benefits are worth it.”Flauclin

“The Ionic Spa Shower has become an integral part of my wellness routine. The negative ions really make a difference – my showers feel invigorating, and my skin seems to thank me for it. The sleek design is a bonus. Definitely a game-changer!”Michele

“I'm all about eco-friendly products, and the Ionic Spa Shower aligns perfectly with my values. The water-saving feature is fantastic, and I appreciate the environmentally conscious design. It's a small step towards a greener lifestyle without compromising on quality.”Savione

“As a busy mom, my shower time is my escape, and the Ionic Spa Shower has transformed it into a mini-retreat. The water pressure is great, and the soothing effects are real. My whole family loves it, and it's become a must-have in our home.” Tony

Where to Buy From?

I have already discussed many aspects of the IOnic Spa Shower, but I still haven't said where you should purchase it. You may wonder why I would think about that because I can get it at any local store. But unfortunately, IOnic Spa is not available in local shops or markets.

The only place to secure your IOnic Spa Shower is the official online store. I also purchased mine from there and got it for $79 with a flat 50% discount. As the manufacturer is the only source to produce and sell this bathroom gadget, sometimes there might be stock shortages.

Where to Buy of IOnic Spa Shower

In addition, the manufacturer provides exclusive offers on bulk purchases. You will get a total of five IOnic Spa Showers for just $197 (two are free). This is the best offer I have ever seen on any product.

Purchase your IOnic Spa Shower now before stocks run out and elevate your shower experience with an in-home spa-like therapy.

Is It Worth Buying IOnic Spa Shower?

I was also confused on the first stage about whether the IOnic Spa Shower was worth enough or not. I did in-depth research and discovered how effectively this showerhead filters chemical tap water.

The bioactive balls are the most innovative filtration technology I have ever seen on any showerhead. The stone balls have live organisms that eliminate impurities and purify reliable shower water for our skin and hair.

The different shower spray styles emphasize a spa-like feel in every shower. I like the Jetting spray mode most, and I enjoy the way it combines the other two modes.

I have highlighted all the positive aspects and my overall perspective in this IOnic Spa review according to my experience. Furthermore, I ensure that buying this showerhead will be a worthwhile investment in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m answering some frequently asked questions below to help you learn more and clarify any doubts if you have after going through this IOnic Spa Shower Review.

Is the Installation of The Ionic Spa Shower Difficult?

Not at all! Installing the Ionic Spa Shower is a breeze. The package comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and you don't need any special tools. I'm not the handiest person, but I had mine up and running in under 15 minutes.

Can I Use the Ionic Spa Shower with My Existing Showerhead?

Yes, you can. The Ionic Spa Shower is designed to be compatible with most standard shower setups. You can easily replace your existing showerhead with the Ionic Spa Shower without any issues. It's a simple upgrade that brings a lot of benefits.

Does the Ionic Spa Shower Really Make a Difference in Water Quality?

Of course, it does! The Ionic Spa Shower uses advanced technology to release negative ions, resulting in softer water. Users often report that their skin and hair feel smoother and less dry after using it. It's a noticeable improvement in overall water quality.

How Long Do the Ionic Spa Shower Filters Last, and Are They Easy to Replace?

The filters typically last several months, depending on your water usage. Replacing them is a piece of cake. Just unscrew the old filter and screw in the new one. It's a quick and hassle-free process that ensures your shower experience remains top-notch.

Is the Ionic Spa Shower Suitable for Low Water Pressure Situations?

Yes, it is! Many users with low water pressure have reported a significant improvement after installing the Ionic Spa Shower. The technology behind it enhances the pressure, providing a more satisfying and invigorating shower experience.

Can I Use the Ionic Spa Shower in Hard Water Areas?

Absolutely. In fact, the Ionic Spa Shower is designed to combat the effects of hard water. The negative ions help reduce the minerals that cause water hardness, resulting in a more enjoyable shower and preventing the buildup of limescale.

Does the Ionic Spa Shower Contribute to Water Conservation?

Yes, it does! One of the fantastic features of the Ionic Spa Shower is its water-saving design. It maintains a strong water flow while using less water, making it an eco-friendly choice without compromising on the quality of your shower experience.

Final Words

Taking a relaxed shower after a hectic, stressful day and heavy workout is what we seek. The shower will be even more mindful if you know the water coming from the tap is 100% purified and can enjoy a spa-like feel at the same time. The IOnic Spa Shower does everything.

After incorporating this shower head, I was able to get rid of the annoying skin rashes and dryness and stop excessive hair fall. I have expressed my thoughts along with other customers' feedback in this IOnic Spa Shower review.

Now, it's time for you to elevate your shower experience with IOnic Spa, and don't forget to claim the 50% discount by purchasing from the official store. Let's enjoy every drop of water with a spa-like touch.


IOnic Spa Shower Review

Buy Now
compact and lightweight design of IOnic Spa Shower

The IOnic Spa Shower is a handheld, detachable showerhead equipped with modern filter technology. Its built-in filtration system operates in three stages, incorporating bioactive stones. This innovative shower head not only effectively filters tap water but also allows you to save up to 35% of water during each use.

Build and Design 10
Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Durablity 10
  • Portable Hand-held Showerhead
  • Replaceable bio-active stones
  • Different spray patterns to choose from
  • Install it in a few minutes by yourself
  • Only available in the official store

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