GX SmartWatch Review 2024 – Is It Legit/Scam?

A smartwatch can make your life very simple with your daily activities. But it could be high-end in quality and have all functions. I have used several smartwatches and the GX SmartWatch provides me with all the functions that we want from a smartwatch. I have covered its overall features and performance in the GX SmartWatch review.

The GX SmartWatch has powerful sensors and strong Bluetooth connectivity that measures all health functions and shows them on the watch and phone screen. In addition, long battery life, top-notch outlook, gorilla glass screen protection, and resistant build quality make the GX SmartWatch one step ahead.


GX SmartWatch Review

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quick Overview of GX Smartwatch

GX SmartWatch is a luxury health monitoring and phone assistant smartwatch. The smartwatch has a gorilla glass-protected full-touch retina display. Its GPS function and strong Bluetooth connectivity give extra peace of mind.

Build and Design 10
Value for Money 10
Fucntionality 9
Quality 10
  • 3-5 days long battery life on random use
  • Easy to use with GX smartwatch app
  • Innovative and luxury design
  • Wi-Fi and GPS tracking
  • Limited stock
  • The discount is only valid for a few days

My Quick Overview of GX Smartwatch

quick Overview of GX Smartwatch


The first impression of the GX smartwatch will blow your mind with its fantastic craftsmanship. It features all the latest wearable technology of a premium smartwatch, like blood pressure, step counter, sleep monitor, and an ECG scanner too! Besides that, it has all the typical features of a regular smartwatch, such as remote control, alarm, weather, watch faces, calculator, etc. And, the best thing about this smartwatch is: it has a powerful battery system, and the watch has IP68 waterproof ratings.

What Is a GX Smartwatch?

What is GX SmartWatchGX SmartWatch is a luxury health monitoring and phone assistant smartwatch. The smartwatch has a gorilla glass-protected full-touch retina display. Its GPS function and strong Bluetooth connectivity give extra peace of mind.

I easily connect GX SmartWatch to my phone to manage calls, music, camera and view all notifications. All health monitoring functions such as steps, traveled distance, heart rate, sleep tracking, blood oxygen saturation, and much more.

Its real-time monitoring provides important information about my health. The different watch faces bring a new vibe to different events. I have used the GX SmartWatch for 4 days continuously in on-screen mode. Due to its IP68 certification, the smartwatch can be used underwater.

Main Features of GX SmartWatch

Features of GX SmartWatchGX smartwatch has many great features to stay fit and keep the phone under control. Let's see its outstanding features:

Measurement of Heart Rate in Real-time:

The heart rate changes frequently and adverse heart rate is not a good sign. The GX smartwatch shows the pulse rate in real-time to become aware of my heart condition and take steps to control it. The ECG function displays the heart rate in graphical format for better understanding.

Phone Control:

Phone control feature in gx smartwatchThrough a compatible app and Bluetooth connection, I connect the smartwatch with my phone. It allows me to take pictures through my phone's camera, manage incoming calls, see notifications, and control music.


The GX SmartWatch has a 1.3 inches round-shaped HD display with gorilla glass protection. I can read the displayed contents very well in sunlight because it shows data in 240×240 pixels resolution format. Its touch sensitivity is very fast and smooth.

Luxury and Durable:

Luxury and durable gx smartwatchThe front and back are made of glass. Glasses are easy to clean and look great. The strap is made of high-grade silicone and feels very comfortable. It is IP68 rated and I have used the smartwatch several times while swimming. This conveys a touch of luxury and predestines the GX Smart Watch for both sport and leisure.

Wifi and GPS:

Most of the smartwatches do not provide Wifi and GPS tracking options. But the GX smartwatch has built-in Wifi connectivity and a GPS sensor. GPS  is very useful for the elderly. So, you can easily locate your seniors when they are outside.

Long Battery Life:

Depending on usage, the 300 mAh battery lasts 3 to 5 days. I have got 10 days standby and 4 days backup on continuous usage. The watch is charged via a USB magnetic charging connector. This only takes 1 hour, which is significantly better than most of the competition.

Easy Operation:

The GX SmartWatch is suitable for everyone, whether you are young or old. The smartwatch is super easy to use – both during daily training and in free time. All data can be viewed on the bright HD Retina display. This enables a clear display on the go or during sports.

GX Smartwatch of Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of GX SmartwatchHave a look at the technical specifications of the GX Smartwatch to understand why this little masterpiece is capable of fulfilling all of your smartwatch needs.

Dimension: (12.3 mm x 46 mm)
Screen-size: (1.3” 240×240 LED touchscreen)
CPU: Nordic (NRF52832)
RAM: (64 KB)
ROM: (512 KB)
Weatherproofing:  (Yes, IP68 water & dust resistant)
Battery:  (300-MAH long-lasting capacity)
Charging tech: (Magnetic connector)
Sensors: (Motion sensor, Calorie, Pedometer, ECG)
Connectivity: (Phone with app control)
Health function:  (heart rate sensor & Sleep monitor)
Remote camera: (Yes)
App Notification: (Yes)

Why Do You Really Need The GX Smartwatch?

Why GX SmartWatch is must for youGX SmartWatch gives a luxury look with many impressive watch faces. It tracks heart rate, blood pressure, sleep patterns, and much more health functions in real-time. You can see graphs with live data so that you always track your progress. It motivates, makes training easier, and thus ensures better health.

The HD retinal display with gorilla glass protection allows you to use the smartwatch everywhere. Also, it is IP68 certified, so you can wear it while swimming. It has WiFi and GPS tracking, which is good for seniors and outdoor trips. On a single charge, the watch works up to 5 days on continuous usage. You can easily connect the GX SmartWatch to your smartphone, regardless of whether you are using Android or iOS. After that, you will receive regular information about incoming calls or text messages on the watch.

How Can I Use a GX Smartwatch?

How Can I Use a GX SmartWatchUsing GX SmartWatch is not rocket science, so anyone can use it to maintain a good lifestyle and make life easier. Let me show you how I use the GX SmartWatch:

  1. First, charge it 100% and wear it as usual.
  2. Then, I installed the GX SmartWatch app on my phone.
  3. With a Bluetooth connection, pair the GX SmartWatch with the phone.
  4. After pairing, Its 15+ default apps are ready to use.

It supports all sports activities, so no need to customize the setting. I wear the smartwatch 24/7 because it helps me control my phone calls and see the notifications. However, for better performance, experts recommend wearing a smartwatch on the left hand.

Pros & Cons

Before you make up your mind to get the GX Smartwatch, you should know where it thrives and where it falls short. It’ll help you to understand how this watch is going to help you in the long run.

What do I like?
  • 3-5 days long battery life on random use
  • Easy to use with GX smartwatch app
  • Innovative and luxury design
  • HD Retina full touch display
  • Fitness tracking
  • Sleep monitoring
  • ECG directly on the wrist
  • Wi-Fi and GPS tracking
  • Phone calls, camera and notification management
What I Don't Like?
  • Limited stock
  • The discount is only valid for a few days

Benefits of GX Smartwatch

Benefits of Gx SmartWatch for allI’ve used more than five premium smartwatches including GX. To be honest, GX is the most impressive one that I have ever used. After reading the features section, I think you already know why I’m saying so. Under this section, I’m going to show you some of the benefits of this watch I’ve experienced by myself. It’ll help you understand why you need this smartwatch.

Completely Exceptional Than Others:

If you want to stand out from others with your smartwatch then GX is definitely the one that you should try. Its robust build quality and eye-catchy design make it extremely exceptional.

It Allows You To Go For The Long Vacations:

The average smartwatch battery life lasts on average 7-10 days. But when you’ve GX forget about the charger. With a single charge, I have got almost 30 days of power back up from it. So there is no hassle in getting the charger when you are planning for a vacation shorter than a month.

Control The Phone:

GX smartwatch allows you to control your smartphone through its remote control features. It doesn’t matter what type of operating system your smartphone has, GX supports both iOS and Android operating systems. You just need to pair your phone and smartwatch with Bluetooth. Once the smartwatch is paired with your phone, you can make calls, get notifications, etc.

Get Your Fitness Activity Data:

With the GX smartwatch, now you can track your fitness activity data like other dedicated fitness tracking wristbands. You can measure your heart rate, track your sleep, and get an ECG report from this little bomber. Moreover, it has a calories calculator that shows how many calories you burn on the smartwatch screen.

Utilize Your Time Properly:

If you have multiple tasks to accomplish and you forgot about your task most of the time then the GX smartwatch can help you a lot. You can set alarms without even touching your phone for your next task. So that next time whatever task you’re engaging with, you can get reminders about that and accomplish your task at the right time.

What Should You Look for in a Good Smartwatch?

Getting a smartwatch becomes a very straightforward task when you know what you’re looking for. If you’re planning to get a smartwatch for the first time then read the following section to get an idea about the essential features of a smartwatch.

Look for Long-lasting Battery Life:

A good quality smartwatch will surely come with lots of features and functionality. But all of them will be meaningless if it doesn’t have a powerful battery to give you a long-time power back up. So, whenever you look for a smartwatch, make sure it has enough battery power capacity. For instance, you can go for something like a GX Smartwatch that has an incredible battery life and gives you one month of power back up.

Water and Dust Proof Rating:

After wearing a smartwatch most of the time we forget that there is something in our hand. Forgetting about the smartwatch won’t be a problem if it’s water and dustproof. Otherwise, when we interact with water-related tasks or in bad weather conditions our smartwatch may get damaged. That’s why when you purchase a smartwatch make sure it has water resistance certification. At least go for IP67 ratings and IP68 would be better like the GX smartwatch has.

Go for Robust Design:

Most of us go for a smartwatch that’s weatherproof but we forgot that the built quality is also an important factor that we should concerned. If you don’t go for a smartwatch with robust build quality then it won’t withstand harsh situations. For intense, you should go for a smartwatch that’s scratch-proof along with a stainless steel body.


Go for a smartwatch that is compatible with your smartphone. Otherwise, you won’t get the ultimate benefit of it. While purchasing a smartwatch make sure it has good connectivity options such as Bluetooth or wifi connectivity. It’ll help you to connect your smartphone with your smartwatch.

Fitness Function:

Nowadays, almost every smartwatch comes with a fitness tracking facility. So when you are going to purchase your smartwatch make sure it comes with a fitness tracking facility. Look for a smartwatch that has a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, etc.

Is the GX Smartwatch Scam?

Is GX SmartWatch scamGX smartwatch provides all features of a complete smartwatch with a luxury and premium look. The round-shaped retina display is protected with gorilla glass and fully touch-sensitive. It can be used underwater for a long period because it is IP68 certified. The long-life battery, GPS, and Wifi connectivity make it more impressive.

Once the GX smartwatch is connected to the phone, it sends call alerts, notifications, and much more. Health functions and sports activities are tracked with its powerful sensor and displayed on the app and smartwatch's screen. Easily control the phone's camera and music from the smartwatch. It has many attractive watch faces that make you perfect in all events.

What Do Buyers of the GX Smartwatch Think?

Before getting your own GX Smartwatch, you might want to know other users' experiences to get a real-life idea of this smartwatch. For your convenience, right below this section, I’m including some of the user's feedback.What Do Buyers of the GX Smartwatch Think What GX Smartwatch buyer Think What GX Smartwatch buyer says

What Makes GX Smartwatch So Popular Among the Users?

What Makes GX Smartwatch So Popular to The UsersAs a gadget lover, I always look for the latest technologies enriched and the same I did for the GX smartwatch. There are plenty of things that I think make it highly popular among the users.

  • It has an incredible battery life compared to other smartwatches.
  • The watch is very well-built and its robust built quality makes it durable and long-lasting.
  • It has a very clear and bright touch screen.
  • The watch has different classic and modern look faces, you can use any of them.
  • It has high-quality sensors to track your health and fitness activity.

Where Can I Purchase It?

Where Can I Purchase the gx smartwatchThe Gx Smartwatch is only sold and marketed by the manufacturer. I recommend getting the Gx Smartwatch from here to avail of a 50% exclusive discount offer. In this price range, the Gx Smartwatch is the best choice for everyone. It offers GPS, Wi-fi, and much more to make our life easier.

On every purchase, the Gx Smartwatch manufacturer provides a 1-month user satisfaction guarantee. So, you have the option to ask for a refund if the Gx Smartwatch cannot fulfill your demands. Also, your payments and tracking information are protected highly.

Frequently Asked Questions Of GX SmartWatch [FAQs]

While reading this GX SmartWatch review, there are some relevant questions about the GX smartwatch that might arise in your mind. Below, I will include some common questions and their answers that people frequently ask about GX smartwatches.

Is the Gx Smartwatch Any Good?

After using the GX smartwatch for almost six months, I confess that it's an excellent watch for value for money.

Is It Safe to Wear a Smartwatch All the Time?

Yes, you can. If you have a GX smartwatch or something like that, then you can safely wear a smartwatch all the time. GX smartwatch comfortable strap and dust and water-resistant features allow you to wear it all time without any problem.

Is It Worth Having a Smartwatch?

When the question is about its worthiness, then it's a big yes from me. GX smartwatch helps you to lead a healthy life with its advanced quality health tracking functionality. Moreover, you can operate your android smartphone through it for quick tasks.

Are Smartwatches a Health Risk?

It depends on the quality of your smartwatches. If you're using a smartwatch like GX, you don't have to worry about health risks. GX uses high-quality material that has no radiation and itching, or leaching.

Can the Gx Smartwatch Work Under Bad Weather?

Yes, you can use the GX smartwatch in all weather conditions because it comes with IP68 water-resistant certification.

Is the Gx Smartwatch Affordable?

Well, this is what it's famous for. GX smartwatch has all the flagship features of a premium smartwatch, but when you go to the price, it's unbelievably less than other premium smartwatches. Plus, the manufacturer of this smartwatch is currently giving a 50% discount on the watch for promotional purposes.

Who Is the Supplier of the Product?

The one and only supplier of the GX smartwatch is “Hyper SLS LTD,” also known as Novads OU. It’s a Hong Kong based company that operates its business from Tallinn, Estonia. The company has a worldwide product delivery system. So, it doesn’t matter wherever you are; you’ll get it from anywhere around the world through online purchase.

Support Team Contact Details

For any kind of after-sales support and if you’ve any queries about the GX smartwatch then you may look for the company contact details. Below, I’m going to include the contact details of the GX Smartwatch.

  • International: +44 20 3808 9234, (24h available)
  • Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00 am to 14:00 pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)
  • Send an email to: care@urpurchase.com
  • Novads OU
  • Valukoja 22 11415 Tallinn Estonia

Final Verdict

In my GX SmartWatch review, the watch came out positively without exception. This premium SmartWatch has many useful features that make life easier. It is perfect for all types of activities because it supports all sports activities and has many watch faces.

It tracks fitness data, counts steps, or measures the heart rate in real-time. It not only measures the heart rate but also shows an ECG for better understanding. The HD quality retina display, IP68 certification, GPS tracking, and Wi-Fi connectivity make the watch unique and the best in competition.


GX SmartWatch Review

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quick Overview of GX Smartwatch

GX SmartWatch is a luxury health monitoring and phone assistant smartwatch. The smartwatch has a gorilla glass-protected full-touch retina display. Its GPS function and strong Bluetooth connectivity give extra peace of mind.

Build and Design 10
Value for Money 10
Fucntionality 9
Quality 10
  • 3-5 days long battery life on random use
  • Easy to use with GX smartwatch app
  • Innovative and luxury design
  • Wi-Fi and GPS tracking
  • Limited stock
  • The discount is only valid for a few days

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