FixMeStick Review 2024 – Is It Legit Or Scam?

What if there's an all-in-one solution to deal with any kind of virus? Yes, I am hinting toward the FixMeStick. Most people think it's a scam. That's understandable since there has never been an antivirus system that meets your every requirement.

Either it's effective but difficult to use or easy to use but less powerful. So, is the new FixMeStick a legit product or a waste of money? No, I can't tell you my opinion right away. There are a lot of determiners to be considered. Most importantly, you have to understand how it works and what you should expect in the first place.

Before judging this new technology, I want you to go through this FixMeStick Review. So, without more delay, let's get into it.



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FixMeStick Review

FixMeStick runs on a Linux-based antivirus system. It was designed to be an all-in-one solution to prevent virus attacks. If you are not tech-savvy like me, you will find it hard to operate anti-malware products on your device. Keeping us in mind, Corey Velan introduced FixMeStick.

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 9
Durablity 10
  • Improved Device Performance
  • Zero Chance Of Contamination
  • No-Interference Policy
  • Automated Process
  • Thorough Detection
  • 30-day trial subscription is not “free”
  • The scan time is too long

FixMeStick Review: A Short Overview

Modern computer users have relied on regular antivirus software only. But different software specializes in fighting certain malware. Not to mention, downloading the software from an authentic site is a task of its own. FixMeStick claims to eliminate these problems.

What Is FixMeStick?

FixMeStick runs on a Linux-based antivirus system. It was designed to be an all-in-one solution to prevent virus attacks. If you are not tech-savvy like me, you will find it hard to operate anti-malware products on your device. Keeping us in mind, Corey Velan introduced FixMeStick.

What Is FixMeStick

Just like the name, it is a physical product that you insert into the computer. It saves you the trouble of downloading and updating antivirus from time to time. Use this small stick to scan the device whenever you suspect a virus attack. Even newly invented strong viruses can't bypass its thorough inspection and real-time protection.

You can also allow the gadget to prevent future interruptions. That's really cool, considering the low price and ease of use for the older folks.

How Does FixMeStick Work?

Since most of us have only used traditional antivirus software, FixMeStick can look a bit confusing. I think what overwhelms users is the ease and flexibility. It's almost hard to believe that the FixMeStick can run independently without depending on your computer. The whole scanning and cleaning-up process is automatic.

How Does FixMeStick Work

The virus-removing process includes multi-stage scanning, which allows it to become more than a ransomware-specific tool. It enters the device's memory instead of the OS like regular antivirus. Hence, even the hidden malware gets detected.

The first stage is for detecting or marking infected files. During the second and third stages, those files are moved away to an isolated location with no connection with the other files. Next, you can let the files stay or delete them permanently.

What Problems Does FixMeStick Solve?

FixMeStick targets not just virus removal but a huge array of other problems.

What Problems Does FixMeStick Solve

Detect Malicious Files

FixMeStick won't be an antivirus tool if it can't detect malicious files. But what makes it superior to any traditional antivirus is the triple scanning technology. Every antivirus in the market is designed to target specific malware samples (trojans, bootkits, etc.). That means your computer is not 100% virus-free even after using a renowned antivirus.

FixMeStick targets this particular problem. It can scan both hidden and visible viruses from the device. So, once the process is over, the PC is free of any type of intruder.

Prevent Future Attacks

Keeping a single sample of malware is enough to open the door for future attacks on your device. That's why it is so important to disinfect the malicious files completely. FixMeStick removes the present malware and safeguards the device from future attacks. For that, all you have to do is run a scan through the stick at least every month.

Less Input Required

Downloading full-scale antivirus products is harder than you imagine. Especially for older folks with less IT knowledge who find it extremely difficult. Not to mention, the scanning process requires continuous input from the user. That's a major turn-off.

However, FixMeStick solves the issue from the core. It's a physical stick that looks just like a regular pen drive. You can skip all the meticulous steps required to run an antivirus. Just plug the stick inside, and the initial scan will begin automatically. It's a plug and play device that eliminates the complexity of using an antivirus.

Main Features and Benefits of Using FixMeStick

FixMeStick's major plus point would be different for various users. Nonetheless, I have enlisted some common ones. Take a look.

Main Features and Benefits of Using FixMeStick

No Installation is Required

You can skip the entire installation part with this virus-removal device. Yes, no more searching for authentic sites on Google. I think the older users are going to love this feature the most. The simple “plug and go” technology really saves your time.

Remember that you must take some time to register your PC during the first attempt. That's all.

No Need For a Password

One major problem with ransomware is that hackers can change the passwords of your computer folders. Such occurrences cause the antivirus to come short. It becomes super hard to access the infected files due to a changed password.

But FixMeStick is a bootable media solution. It is designed to bypass passwords and access any file from memory. As a result, FixMeStick is superior in beating ransomware, rootkits, and bootkits.

Automatic Updates

You never have to manually update the tool. As soon as you stick it inside the USB port, it will look for new updates. It's one of the biggest advantages, even though updating software seems pretty easy. But users who simply don't have time to look for updates will find this feature super helpful.

Block Hacker's Access

Blocking the hacker's access to your device is as important as killing a virus. You have sensitive information like bank account numbers, family photos, and other confidential data on your computer. Hackers can easily access those data using ransomware samples and blackmail you.

Luckily, FixMeStick focuses on this aspect as well. Once the malicious files are detected, they are disabled and isolated from other data in the form of non-executable files. The zip files are quarantined so that no form of communication is possible by outside devices.

Three-In-One Support

Avira, Sophos, and McAfee antivirus have the top-notch malware detection systems in the market. Each of them contains a different dictionary to define viruses. But the great thing is that FixMeStick is embedded with all three dictionaries. Yes, you heard it right.

That's why it can successfully deal with any virus (new or old).

FixMeStick Review: User Experience & Benefits

The FixMeStick review will only be complete if you get an insight into how to use it correctly and what the whole process looks like. So, let's get started.

How To Use FixMeStick?

The process includes six steps and the software lets you know about the steps before you start scanning. Here's how the process looks like.

How To Use FixMeStick

Secure A Connection

  • Turn on your device and log in as usual. If your device has malware, it might take a while.
  • Once you are at the home screen, plug the FixMeStick inside. No internet connection is required.
  • Wait until the stick picks up with the pc.

Find The “FixMeStick” Option

  • Locate the File explorer app on your computer. Just go into the search box at the bottom and type “file explorer.” You should come across a yellow application. Enter it.
  • On the left side, inside the file explorer, you should see the “FixMeStick” option.
  • Inside, you will see some instruction files in different languages. But, at the bottom, you will see a file called “FixMeStick.exe.” That's where you click.
  • Next, a pop-up will appear and ask for your permission. Click on “yes.”

Register The Device

  • The software will automatically look for updates. You don't have to do anything.
  • Finally, the tool is ready for some action. But you have to complete registration first. Provide a username along with your email address in the form.

Start The Scan

  • At this stage, if you click on “reboot the computer and start scanning,” the malware protection scan will start.
  • During the reboot, you will notice a black screen. The scan might take 2.30 to 4 hours, depending on the device.
  • Once the scan is over, you get a thorough report. You can either “clear the virus” or let it stay inside disabled files. I guess most of us will go with the first option.
  • After the clean-up, you can restart the device and check it you find any malware traces.

That's all you got to do.

Why I Loved It?

I have explained how the FixMeStick works on Windows Vista/Windows 10 in the previous section. The process should be more or less identical for other versions as well. Here's what I found useful about this virus-removal device.

Why I Loved It

Improved Device Performance

I noticed the log-in time for my PC was reduced significantly after the scan. And who doesn't love a quicker entry?

Thorough Detection

It was actually pretty surprising to see so many virus-infected files on the report. Some of these files were visible through regular antivirus, but not all of them. So, having the support of three antivirus detection engines actually worked.

Automated Process

I really enjoyed the free-hand time. There was no complex task for me as a user. After I inserted the stick and filled out the registration form, the whole process was automated.

No-Interference Policy

Another thing I should mention is the “no-interference” policy. Even If you have antivirus software running on your PC, FixMeStick won't interrupt it.

Zero Chance Of Contamination

No worries if you wonder whether the virus-removing process affects the stick itself. FixMeStick stays completely virus-free even after dealing with them for hours.

Some Drawbacks Of FixMeStick

I think the 30-day trial subscription shouldn't be advertised as “free” because it's not. You still have to make a small payment to receive it. In contrast, other antivirus programs let you enjoy the services for free during the trial sessions. So, that's a drawback with the FixMeStick.

Secondly, I don’t think FixMeStick is right for a regular check-up. It's not a drawback, but a reminder. The scan time is too long. It's feasible for periodic deep cleaning only.

Is Buying FixMeStick Worth The Money?

To be honest, I think you won't regret buying a FixMeStick. If you have read the benefits carefully, the price shouldn’t be a problem. It offers the best real-time antivirus protection within an affordable range. I know some packages seem a little expensive. But those packages cover three and sometimes 5 PCs for a whole year.

Is Buying FixMeStick Worth The Money

Imagine the money you have to pay an IT guy (around $150 per visit) to fix your computer. And, in the worst-case scenario, if the computer gets completely useless, you have to buy a new device altogether and lose all of your important data.

Paying $59.99 per year doesn't seem too much compared to these big costs. Also, consider bringing two more devices under the protection umbrella with unlimited scans.

Even if the scan doesn't catch every virus in your computer, you can get live help from the tech support team. I think all of these features make FixMeStick totally worth your money.

Which Devices Are Compatible With FixMeStick?

Any computer running Windows, XP, or Vista can support FixMeStick. You wouldn't face any compatibility issues if you use the 7th version or above. But, make sure you have more than 500 MB of space in the RAM. Otherwise, the stick won't load properly even though the device is compatible.

That's something you have to consider before buying the FixMeStick.

Where Can I Buy It?

FixMeStick is available at the major tech retailers in your local area, like Walmart, Staples, HSN, and Best Buy. You can even get it on Amazon and FixMeStick's official online shop.

However, if you want my suggestion I’ll recommend you to get it from its official site to get the latest discount and official offer on your purchase.  Plus, you can access the 30-day trial through their official shop.

Why Is FixMeStick Better Than The Rest?

I find FixMeStick far better than the regular antivirus software that I have installed before. One reason is the enriched virus detection dictionary. FixMeStick is obviously superior when it comes to finding hidden malware.

Why Is FixMeStick Better Than The Rest

Second, it’s a plug-and-play device that completes all the tasks automatically without any assistance. The concept of finding installer files then using, and updating antivirus doesn't fit well with most users. It seems like a burden during a hectic work day.

Yes, FixMeStick will take around 2-3 hours full scan. But it's all worth it if the data inside your computer is valuable to you.

Lastly, no other software would give you a helpful support team like the FixMeStick. Even if the tool fails to vanish some latest Trojans, you know there's another way. The support team will personally take care of your issue.

One way or another, your computer will be free of malicious software. I think this guaranteed service is what makes FixMeStick better than the rest.

FixMeStick Pricing & Refund Policy

Let's talk about pricing first. People assume it's for $9.99 only. But that's the cost of 30 days trial. If you want to buy it, you have three options. Check out the options below.

Number of PC Number of Years Cost Per year
3-PC License One year $59.99
5-PC License Two years $89.99
Unlimited One year $299.99

The third option, unlimited pcs and 1-year professional License would work best for business purposes. You can connect the stick to every device in your office without paying anything more. That seems like a good deal. Click here to select your favorite package.

If you are unsure whether to continue using it, you can terminate the subscription after one year. Or, you can ask for a refund by explaining your situation to the FixMeStick team.

What Do The Customers Have To Say About FixMeStick?

Customers' opinions regarding FixMeStick performance are pretty aligned. Almost 80% of the customers found it useful. Users loved how easy to operate the whole system is. Have a look.

“Had a lot of probs with my laptop… slow, infected, some stuff didn't even work….Fix Me Stick took a little bit to get it to start working….part of the prob I found was a bad USB port…once it was in motion….it worked great….by the time it was done my old laptop was back.”

– By Mark W. Date- 12/10/2019

“Excellent value. I bought one ( for PC) to compliment my existing Anti Virus , & use it every week. I also have a second one in my holiday home in Cyprus. Well worth the money, & updates automatically when used. 10/10 all round.“

– By Arrdavark, Date-24/1/2019

“I bought the pro version and have used it on my own computers and on some of my friends' machines. Very easy to use and does a superb job with all 3 antivirus programs. It is amazing how one program will find problems that the other 2 don't pick up. Don't want to be without it.”

– By Elo W, Date: 17/5/2014

Who Is The Provider Of The Product?

FixMeStick is launched by FixMeStick Technologies Inc. It is a Canada-based private company specializing in the computer security industry.

The founders, Corey Velan and Marty Alguire are security experts. They have done a fair amount of research trying to introduce an easy-to-run and effective antivirus scan. And as you can see, FixMeStick is the outcome of their passion.

It is known that Corey Velan wanted to create a virus-removing solution that even his mom could use. No doubt, he succeeded in that.

Support Team

Did you know the price you pay for a FixMeStick also includes 24/7 tech support? Well, now you know. Imagine you can't get rid of all the viruses through FixMeStick. In that case, you can ask for live help from the team.

Within a short time, your emails will be answered. And a member of the team will communicate with you and fix the issue personally. That’s great!

All you have to do is describe your problem here. You can also email them at

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions? In that case, here's a small FAQ section for you. Please take a look.

Is The FixMeStick Only A One-Time Use?

Absolutely no. You can use the FixMeStick as many times as you wish. The condition is that you must pay for any available subscription package that suits you. For example, you have purchased the 3 PC, unlimited scan package. Now, you can register three computers into the system for unlimited sessions until the package expires.

Does FixMeStick Work With Windows 10?

Yes, FixMeStick works fine with Windows 10. FixMeStick is currently compatible with Windows 7,8, 8.1, 10, and 11. You can also get a FixMeStick that's suitable for MacBook.

Does The FixMeStick Work On Cell Phones?

Unfortunately, FixMeStick doesn't work on cell phones or Tablets. Currently, the stick can only handle Windows operating systems and MAC OS. But nothing to worry about. The FixMeStick team is already working on making the product compatible with tablets and cell phones.

Does FixMeStick really work?

FixMeStick is not a scam product. It really does work. The “plug-in & forget” type formula makes it 10X easier to operate. If you are skeptical, you can try the 30-day free trial first.

How Long Does FixMeStick Take To Run?

It is recommended to let FixMeStick run overnight. If it's your first time, a thorough scanning might take up to 4 hours. So, don't worry about the delay. Just keep an eye to ensure the scanning doesn't get frozen.

Summary: FixMeStick Review

Viruses are scary, whether inside a human body or a computer. And the only way to protect your device from damage is by running antivirus programs.

FixMeStick targets and solves this problem. Not only is the multiple-stage scanning process highly effective, but very little input is required from you. All you have to do is insert it into the USB port and grant the permissions when necessary. Hopefully, by the end of the session, your computer will run faster without any trouble.

Whether you want to spend money on this tool or not depends on the type of data you have stored. If you think the data is personal or sensitive, I suggest giving the FixMeStick a chance without hesitating.



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FixMeStick Review

FixMeStick runs on a Linux-based antivirus system. It was designed to be an all-in-one solution to prevent virus attacks. If you are not tech-savvy like me, you will find it hard to operate anti-malware products on your device. Keeping us in mind, Corey Velan introduced FixMeStick.

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 9
Durablity 10
  • Improved Device Performance
  • Zero Chance Of Contamination
  • No-Interference Policy
  • Automated Process
  • Thorough Detection
  • 30-day trial subscription is not “free”
  • The scan time is too long

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