EcoHeat S Review: Should I Buy This Heater For Winter?

Winter is approaching. Have you taken any preparations to keep yourself warm and cozy? I have vivid memories of a terrible winter last year when I caught a cold and was sick almost the entire season. That's why I resolved to equip myself with the right gadgets to combat the winter chill.

A heater is undoubtedly the best option to keep us and our homes warm during the cold season. However, I was in search of an efficient one that wouldn't break the bank and consume less energy than traditional room heaters. After some research, I stumbled upon a gem.

EcoHeat S is the remarkable heater that caught my eye online, and today, I'm excited to introduce it to you. It's a portable heater crafted with ceramic PTC heating elements. Despite its compact size, this device heats the room quickly.

Moreover, EcoHeat S offers an adjustable temperature setting and multiple modes, allowing me to customize the heating to my liking. Stick with me because this device is packed with outstanding features and benefits, and I'll be showcasing them in this EcoHeat S review. Let's dive in.


EcoHeat S Review

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Safety Protection of EcoHeat S

EcoHeat S stands out as a portable room heater, boasting a host of innovative and advantageous features. This versatile device not only keeps you warm during the winter but also serves as a cooler with its Cool Fan mode in hot seasons.

Features Rate 9
Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Value for Money 10
  • Heats room faster
  • Multiple modes for maximum comfort
  • Modern design with a premium finish
  • Tip-over, Heat-over protection
  • Only available on the official website

What Is EcoHeat S?

EcoHeat S stands out as a portable room heater, boasting a host of innovative and advantageous features. This versatile device not only keeps you warm during the winter but also serves as a cooler with its Cool Fan mode in hot seasons.

The initial impression of EcoHeat S revolves around its Three-mode functionality: High Heat, Warm Heat, and Cool Fan mode. Each mode consumes varying amounts of energy for quick or moderate heating. Surprisingly, all modes are energy-efficient compared to traditional heaters. There is also an LED thermostat regulator to show which mode you are in now.

EcoHeat S Review Should I Buy This Heater For Winter

While modes are the first standout feature, it's the combination of PTC ceramic heating metal and Oscillation technology that truly sets EcoHeat S apart from other portable heaters. The oscillation method ensures a wide 70-degree coverage area, making it effective for heating larger spaces.

This device comes with additional remarkable characteristics, including a Safety Protection Sensor and Adjustable Thermostat features. Equipped with Tip-over and Heat protection, the heater automatically shuts off when it detects any unexpected falls. You can also set your preferred temperature, allowing EcoHeat S to regulate the room accordingly.

Moreover, EcoHeat S is designed for convenience, featuring a Carrying handle for easy mobility. The buttons on the top of the device are clearly labeled with the functions they perform. There is also an LCD Display that shows the adjustable temperature you have assigned.

Perhaps the most user-friendly aspect of EcoHeat S is its ease of use. With just a few taps of the buttons, you can adjust your preferred temperature and set the desired mode.

Even with its array of outstanding features, EcoHeat S remains Budget-friendly. It offers everything you'd expect from a heater and more. Stay with me in this in-depth EcoHeat S review to explore how it efficiently warms up your living spaces and the various benefits it brings to the table.

How Does EcoHeat S Work?

The EcoHeat S operates on a straightforward yet highly efficient mechanism, surpassing the performance of other portable or conventional heaters. Let's delve into its functioning:

The device is crafted with essential components, including a turbine fan, a PTC (positive temperature coefficient) ceramic plate, an aluminum radiator, and other integral parts. To power the EcoHeat S, simply plug the USB cable into any energy outlet, as it operates on electricity.

How Does EcoHeat S Work

Upon supplying energy, the turbine initiates spinning. This turbine not only draws in air but also generates it. The air is then directed to the ceramic plate, where it undergoes heating based on your preset temperature. This ceramic plate is able to produce a high level of heat within 2 to 3 seconds.

Next, the heated air passes through the aluminum radiator, ensuring a thorough distribution of warmth. Aluminum radiators are known for their excellent thermal conductivity and are well-suited for accommodating both low and high temperatures. This makes them an ideal choice for integration into the EcoHeat S, facilitating the prompt delivery of the desired heat.

Following the heat generation, the auto-oscillation method comes into play. This feature ensures the distribution of heat across an extensive 70° angle, which is more than sufficient to effectively warm a large and small room.

The modes of EcoHeat S might seem confusing now, and you are wondering what they do. Let's see how the three modes work.

Modes of EcoHeat S

As I mentioned earlier, EcoHeat S has three modes of functionality, and each one is specialized to achieve different levels of heating comfort. Whenever you switch on any mode, the LED light will pop up and indicate the status of the current mode.

Modes of EcoHeat S

1. High Heat

It is the first mode that appears with the first click of the mode button. High Heat Mode basically consumes 1200 W of energy to generate a high amount of heat to warm the interior quickly.

Generally, this mode is for fast charging. If you set the temperature of heat you desire to have at 24°, it will take less time than the second mode to warm the entire space.

Whenever you're in this mode, the RED LED light will pop up with the three lines. Each of the modes has separate lighting to identify them easily.

2. Warm Heat

The Warm Heat mode is switched with the second click on the mode button. Just like the previous mode, it also takes energy but less than High Heat. It consumes 600 watts and provides heat based on the same preset temperature, but slowly.

The RED light will arise again, but this time, you will notice only a single line.

3. Cool Fan

The last mode just works as it is named. When you switch up to the Cool Fan mode, the fan inside EcoHeat S will start spinning and provide cool air. This mode is for the hot season to get cool air when you're tired of the extreme heat outside.

The Blue LED light indicates this mode, and it only takes 10 W of energy to power up.

So switch the mode according to your current atmosphere. The EcoHeat S, however, consumes a very minimal amount of energy compared to regular heaters.

Specifications of EcoHeat S

A quick look at the technical details of EcoHeat S will give you a bold idea about the device's structure. Check this out:

Name EcoHeat S
Works As Room Heater
Portable Yes
  • Length: 8.3 inches (21 cm)
  • Width: 5.5 inches (15 cm)
Material ABS fire retardant plastic
Auto Shut-Off/Safety Protection
  1. Tip-over protection
  2. Over-heat protection
Temperature Adjustment Feature Yes
Oscillating Feature Yes
LED Display Show the desired temperature
Modes Three modes (Hot / Warm / Natural wind)
LED Thermostat Regulator
  1. Three line Red Light indicates the Hot Mode
  2. Two Line Red Light indicates the Warm Mode
  3. One Line Blue Light indicates the Fan Mode
Energy Saving Consume less energy

EcoHeat S Review: Key Features And Benefits of

The EcoHeat S is filled with so many useful and extraordinary features and benefits. It's not just a solid appliance for the winter but also works greatly for the hot season. After integrating this portable heater into my winter routine, I've experienced numerous advantages that I'm eager to share with you:

Highly Portable and Versatile

The compact and lightweight design of EcoHeat S makes it an ideal portable room heater. Its compatibility extends to various spaces such as the living room, dining room, office, hall room, and more.

Key Features And Benefits of EcoHeat S

The sleek design seamlessly blends into any setting, and I personally use it on my office desk. Additionally, it's perfect for taking along on camping trips or picnics to create a cozy atmosphere.

Premium Materials

The EcoHeat S is crafted with top-quality elements essential for a portable heater. The turbine fan blades, constructed from high-quality metal, generate impactful air pressure.

Premium Materials of EcoHeat S

The standout feature is the PTC ceramic compound, which plays a vital role by generating heat within a mere 3 seconds. The aluminum radiator efficiently converts the heat into warm air, and I was pleasantly surprised when my EcoHeat S quickly heated a 22 × 28 feet room in just a few minutes.

Auto Oscillation

Another standout feature of this portable heater is its auto-oscillation process. Upon activating the device and switching to any mode, the oscillation begins automatically.

The oscillation method employs a back-and-forth motion, providing heated air to a 70° area around the device. This wide range is ideal for efficiently spreading warmth throughout a sizable room.

Multi-Mode Function

The triple modes of the EcoHeat S make it a versatile portable heater for those seeking an instant cozy feel, gradual warming, and even a fan mode for the summer. Personally, I find the Warm Heat mode perfect for slowly warming my room and creating an intimate atmosphere.

Multi-Mode Function of EcoHeat S

If you're feeling particularly cold or reside in an area with low temperatures, the High Heat mode is the go-to option. Otherwise, the Warm Heat mode suits a variety of scenarios, making it the appropriate choice for most users.

Energy Saving

In contrast to other room heaters, EcoHeat S stands out for its energy efficiency. While most traditional heaters consume around 1500 Watts of electricity, this room heater operates on less power. The top mode utilizes 1200 W, the next mode takes 600 W, and the Fan mode requires only 10 W to operate.

EcoHeat S not only minimizes energy consumption but also translates to savings on my electricity bill over time. Ultimately, it proves to be a cost-effective and energy-saving room heater for me.

Safety Protection

A heater must feature safety protection, this device excels with its array of innovative safety features. It is equipped with Tip-over and overheating safety features. One day, the heater fell down after encountering the hind foot, and I was shocked to find it was shut down.

Safety Protection of EcoHeat S

This safety feature is designed to turn off the heater upon detection of overheating or tipping over, ensuring a secure environment at all times. It truly is an amazing feature dedicated to consistently maintaining safety.

Easy to Use

After multiple uses of the EcoHeat S this winter, I've found it to be incredibly user-friendly, providing a safe and reliable means of quickly warming my living room. While the modes might initially appear to have complex settings, a single tap effortlessly switches between them.

Easy to Use features of EcoHeat S

Moreover, by utilizing the Plus and Minus icons, you can easily set your desired temperature for heating the air. Notably, you can establish a maximum temperature of 98 Fahrenheit. Impressive, isn't it?

The EcoHeat S has left a lasting impression on me with its diverse range of quality features and its effective heating benefits during the winter. These days, keeping my room warm is a breeze, and it takes only a few minutes. Furthermore, its straightforward operation makes it even more appealing. Let's continue exploring its capabilities further.

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons help in determining whether a device or product will be suitable for you or not. The table below outlines the positive and negative aspects of our observed device, EcoHeat S:

  • Portable
  • Flexible functions
  • Energy-saving
  • Heats room faster
  • Multiple modes for maximum comfort
  • LCD screen
  • Carrying handle makes it easy to move
  • Modern design with a premium finish
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Tip-over protection
  • Heat-over protection
  • Only available on the official website

How to use EcoHeat S?

The EcoHeat S boasts numerous high-end features, giving the impression of complex functionality. But, the reality is that it is super easy to set up, and I will guide you through the process in a few simple steps.

How to use EcoHeat S

Step 1: Placement

Positioning your EcoHeat S correctly is crucial for optimal heating and comfort. To ensure you receive instant warmth directly from the heater, use the carrying handle to move the device freely and place it within about two to three feet of you.

Step 2: Plug In

Now, plug the heater into a power source and turn on the red switch located at the bottom.

Step 3: Setup

As I mentioned earlier, setting up the EcoHeat S is as easy as butter, requiring no technical knowledge. To activate any mode, press the power button located at the top of the device first. Each button is labeled, indicating its function.

Tap the (+) or (-)icon buttons to preset a suitable temperature. ‘+' increases the temperature, and ‘-‘ does the opposite. The temperature will be displayed on the screen.

Step 4: Mode Setup

Press the “Mode” button once to check the current mode. Blue and red LED lights will appear instantly. Three red light bars signify “Hot mode,” one red light indicates “Warm Mode,” and the Blue light functions like a fan. Set your preferred mode.

Tada! Your portable heater is now ready to keep you warm and make the room cozy in no time. Adjust the temperature to your liking.

User Reviews

Well, up until now, I've focused on presenting the features and benefits in this EcoHeat S review, which covers about 80% of what you might need to know. However, I've also considered your perspective. To keep that in mind, I've gathered some reviews to provide insights from other users and help us finalize whether the EcoHeat S is a ‘Yes' or a ‘No.' Check out these five-star reviews below:

Rating: ★★★★★

Impressive Performance and Energy Efficiency

I recently read about the EcoHeat S on multiple review sites and decided to give it a try. I was skeptical at first, but after using it for a couple of weeks, I'm genuinely impressed. The heater's performance is outstanding, quickly warming up my room without consuming excessive energy. It's definitely a game-changer for staying warm during the colder months. Highly recommended! “ – Emily W.

Rating: ★★★★★

Honest Thoughts on EcoHeat S

After reading various articles about the EcoHeat S, I decided to purchase one for myself. So far, it has lived up to the positive reviews. The oscillating feature is a nice touch, distributing heat evenly. While it's not a miracle worker, it certainly gets the job done, making my living space more comfortable. It's a reliable heater that doesn't disappoint. “ – Alex H.

Rating: ★★★★★

Mixed Feelings, But Overall Satisfied

I came across conflicting opinions about the EcoHeat S, but curiosity got the better of me. After using it for a while, I have mixed feelings. On one hand, it warms up the room well, and the oscillating design is a plus. However, I did notice a slight increase in my electricity bill. It's a decent heater, but consider your energy usage. “ – Sarah B.

Rating: ★★★★★

A Lifesaver in Chilly Weather

Living in a colder region, I was on the hunt for an effective heater. The EcoHeat S caught my eye, and I'm so glad I invested in it. It's been a lifesaver during chilly nights. The reviews I read were spot-on—compact, efficient, and the oscillation really makes a difference. Definitely worth every penny! “ – Nathan M.

Rating: ★★★★★

Not Just Another Heater – EcoHeat S Delivers

I stumbled upon the EcoHeat S while researching heaters, and I must say it stands out. Unlike some reviews that questioned its legitimacy, my experience has been excellent. The design is sleek, and the performance surpasses expectations. It's become an essential part of my winter arsenal, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable heater. “ – Olivia S.

Where Should You Buy EcoHeat S?

EcoHeat S has emerged as the ultimate solution for individuals like me in search of a portable heater for both home and office during the winter. Now, the question arises: where should you purchase this exceptional product?

Where Should You Buy EcoHeat S

It's crucial to choose the right place to order your EcoHeat S because it's not available in any physical retail stores. The manufacturer's official online store stands out as the sole platform where you can acquire this home appliance – the same place I made my purchase.

To make things even more appealing, the official store frequently offers special promotions with time limitations, especially for newcomers. As of now, purchasing EcoHeat S grants you a remarkable 50% discount with free delivery. I secured mine for just $89 with that fantastic offer.

Moreover, there are even more exclusive deals for bulk purchases. If you decide to buy three EcoHeat S units, the manufacturer will generously include two more for free. That's a total of five portable heaters for only $277 – a truly cost-effective deal. Visit the official online store by clicking here to claim these offers now.

Is It Worth Buying EcoHeat S?

How can you determine whether a product is worth purchasing or not? Simply put, it's essential to assess the overall aspects of the product through the lens of previous users.

The EcoHeat S has emerged as one of the top portable heaters, offering a multitude of excellent features and benefits. Not only is it energy-efficient, but it also excels at providing a cozy atmosphere in a short amount of time. The various modes and temperature adjustments offer an amazing way to tailor the heat to your specific needs.

Is it worth buying EcoHeat S

What particularly impressed me was the PTC ceramic component of this device, because the ceramic portion generates heat in no time. Its high portability and convenience make it versatile, and I even use it in my office in Warm Heat mode.

In my view, the EcoHeat S is the ideal choice if you're seeking a portable room heater for the winter, with customizable temperature settings to heat your room exactly as you desire. I honestly recommend EcoHeat S.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I address some common questions that might help alleviate any doubts regarding EcoHeat S:

Is Eco Heat S Safe to Use?

Yes, EcoHeat S is engineered with advanced safety protection technologies, including Heat and Tip-over protection. The device will shut down instantly whenever it detects overheating or tipping.

You can rest assured about safety, as it is designed to keep you warm and cozy while providing protection against unwanted accidents.

How Portable Is This Device?

EcoHeat has a dimension of 21 cm × 15 cm, making it technically smaller than most other portable heaters. The handle on the side edge enhances portability, allowing for easy transportation. Its compact size makes it ideal for use both at home and in the office.

How Much Should I Use EcoHeat?

The usage largely depends on your preferences. EcoHeat S utilizes PTC ceramic heating metal to generate high-degree heat within 3 seconds. Additionally, you have the option to switch between High Heat or Warm Heat modes to create a cozy environment rapidly or at a medium pace.

I would recommend turning it off when you believe your room or office has reached the desired temperature to combat the cold atmosphere.

Is EcoHeat S Suitable for Everyone?

Absolutely, EcoHeat S is designed for universal use, thanks to its portable and sleek design. Its advanced features make it effective in warming room environments, particularly in areas with very low temperatures.

Can EcoHeat S Be Used Safely in An Office Setting?

Certainly, EcoHeat S is an ideal choice for office use, thanks to its compact design, advanced safety features, and ability to create a cozy environment without disrupting your workspace.

Is EcoHeat S Suitable for Use During Warmer Seasons?

Absolutely, EcoHeat S features a Cool Fan mode, making it versatile for both cold and hot seasons. It can function as a heater in the winter and a cooler in warmer weather. The Cool Fan mode is to use it as a cooler in the summer.

What Makes EcoHeat S a Budget-Friendly Choice?

EcoHeat S provides a cost-effective solution with its energy-efficient modes, exclusive offers on the official online store, and additional discounts on bulk purchases. This makes it a smart investment for users.


A portable heater is a must-have home appliance if you live in a cold area like Las Vegas. But choosing the best one is difficult because there are tons of heaters out there.

That's why I was so excited to share my experience and demonstrate the quality features, functionality, and everything else in this EcoHeat S review.

For me, it is the most effective and dominating room heater on a reliable budget. Furthermore, the modes are a top-notch feature and simple to use. Purchase EcoHeat S now from the official store and warm up your room in this freezing winter. There is still some time to claim the discount offer. So hurry up.


EcoHeat S Review

Buy Now
Safety Protection of EcoHeat S

EcoHeat S stands out as a portable room heater, boasting a host of innovative and advantageous features. This versatile device not only keeps you warm during the winter but also serves as a cooler with its Cool Fan mode in hot seasons.

Features Rate 9
Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Value for Money 10
  • Heats room faster
  • Multiple modes for maximum comfort
  • Modern design with a premium finish
  • Tip-over, Heat-over protection
  • Only available on the official website

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