Duo Cover Review: Elevating the Microwave Experience

As a busy dad, I often arrive home late because of my overtime work. If you're someone like me, you must know the struggle of cooking or warming food in the middle of the night. But thanks to technology, it makes our life easier, and the microwave is one of the greatest kitchen innovations.

The microwave offers fast cooking, but not good for cooking food perfectly. I don't even get my desired crispiness and flavor, though it is often hard to eat food that is dry outside but cooked inside. Besides, covering food with plastics to cook properly and prevent splatter is not often possible.

So, finding a solution became a challenge for me. This is when I discovered Duo Cover, an innovative kitchen gadget to prevent wasting leftovers and keep the actual taste like before.

Moreover, Duo Cover has many outstanding features, and I was astonished by the way it keeps my microwave clean from any splatters. It has a top-notch technology knob on the top called MoistureLock™ to stream the food by adding a little water before microwaving.

I've been using this amazing kitchen appliance for quite a long time and want to share my experience through this comprehensive Duo Cover Review. Keep going to explore its features and how it will benefit you.


Duo Cover Review

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Is It Worth Buying a Duo Cover

The Duo Cover is a portable and reusable microwave food cover. It is totally different from any traditional paper towels or plastic covers. Unlike plastic food covers, the Duo Cover will keep your food safe from harmful chemicals and contaminants while being heated.

Durablity 10
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 9
Value for Money 10
  • Keeps Your Microwave Clean
  • Splatter-Proof Cover
  • Protects Your Food
  • Food-safe and Environmentally Friendly
  • Stock out fast due to high demand

What Is a Duo Cover?

The Duo Cover is a portable and reusable microwave food cover. It is totally different from any traditional paper towels or plastic covers.

A high-quality and food-safe platinum silicone material makes this gadget a safe alternative to cover your food for microwaving. Unlike plastic food covers, the Duo Cover will keep your food safe from harmful chemicals and contaminants while being heated.

Duo Cover Review Elevating the Microwave Experience

Duo Cover has built-in innovative MoistureLockTM technology and a Microwave-safe magnet on its top knob. The creative technology converts the microwave into a streamer by keeping the moisture and juiciness leftovers, while the magnet allows it to hang inside of the microwave ceiling.

More amazing aspects of this food cover is its compact and lightweight design. It acts as a multi-purpose tool, serving as a food protector, hot pad, and steamer all in one.

Key Features of Duo Cover

The Duo Cover has gained huge popularity in the kitchen gadget world because of its innovative design and supportive features. These amazing features of this microwave will surely surprise you. I'm illustrating some of the noticeable key features of Duo Cover below:

Key Features of Duo Cover

MoistureLock Technology

The MoistureLock™ technology is an advanced feature of Duo Cover. A small knob is situated on the top of this cover to fill it with a small amount of water. This water later creates moist streams for food inside the cover while microwaving and retaining the texture of the leftover foods. For thorough cooking, it's the most effective method. This feature also ensures the food from becoming too dry or rubbery.

MoistureLock Technology of Duo Cover

Splatter-Proof Cover

Food splatters are the most persistent things to clean from inside the microwave. But the best thing about Duo Cover is that it works as a shield and prevents messes caused by exploding food.

Heat-Resistant Silicone

Using oven mitts or dish towels for retrieving hot dishes from the microwave oven can cause finger burns. But Duo Cover is featured with a safe and comfortable heat-resistant silicone grip that eliminates the burn issue.

Microwave-safe Magnet

Duo Cover features a microwave-safe magnet on the top edge of the cover that allows you to attach it to the inside of your microwave for convenient storage. You can collapse this microwave oven cover with a gentle push to hook it into the internal ceiling of the microwave and expand it whenever needed. This feature allows you to store it inside the microwave and saves kitchen space.

Microwave-safe Magnet Duo Cover

Dishwasher Safe

Another time and energy-saving feature of Duo Cover is that it's dishwasher-safe, and cleaning it is a breeze. The silicone body is strong enough and won't tear, crumble, crack, or beetle even after tons of washes.

Food-safe and Environmentally Friendly

Duo Cover is made from food-safe, BPA-free, and non-toxic materials, making it an ultimate choice for environment-friendly kitchen appliance seekers. It is safer than plastic used for microwave food covers and ensures your food remains uncontaminated. The eco-friendly design impressed me by reducing paper towel waste and minimizing environmental impact.

These amazing features set Duo Cover apart and reduce the use of plastic or other non-safe, harmful food covers. I like the way it fits with most of my food plates, and the versatility is beyond expectations.

Dimensions of Duo Cover (Will It Fit In All MicroWave?)

Surprisingly, Duo Cover has a compact design and dimensions to fit with a maximum number of microwave ovens except the smallest one. However, the dimension chart below will help you understand whether it fits all types of microwaves or not.

Duo Cover Dimensions Size
Width 11 inches
Height (when collapsed) 1.3 inches
Height (when expanded) 4.5 inches

Dimensions of various types of Microwaves: 

Microwaves Height  Width  Depth
Counter Top Microwave 12 to 15 inches 21 to 25 inches 12 to 20 inches
Over-the-Range Microwave 17 inches 30 inches 15 to 18 inches
Built-In Microwave 12 to 18 inches 24 to 30 inches 19 to 25 inches
Drawer Microwave 12 to 16 inches 24 inches 24 inches
Compact Microwave 10 to 12 inches 18 to 22 inches 12 to 16 inches

Why Do I Need Duo Cover?

If you're tired of dealing with messy microwave splatters and unsatisfying meals, my friend, you're welcome because I'm suffering from the same. Duo Cover meets all my problems and has become the solution I have been looking for a while. Here are some key reasons why you should consider adding Duo Cover to your kitchen:

Keeps Your Microwave Clean

The main reason for integrating Duo Cover is because it keeps away stubborn food stains from the walls and ceiling of my microwave. It acts as a splatter-proof shield, preventing food from splattering and making a mess inside the appliance. Whether I'm reheating leftovers or cooking a quick meal, the Duo Cover ensures that my microwave stays clean and spotless.

Protects Your Food

Not only does the Duo Cover keep the microwave clean, but it also protects my food from drying out or becoming overcooked. Its unique knob with MoistureLock™ technology traps heat inside, promoting even cooking and preventing hotspots outside the foodstuffs. Adding a small amount of water is sufficient to create a steaming effect that will keep the food moist and flavorful.

Versatile and Easy to Use

The user-friendly design and dishwasher-safe feature make it a versatile kitchen appliance for those who are always on the go and have busy schedules. Besides, the microwave food cover fits most standard-sized dishes and collapses easily for storage. With its grooved edge and small heat-resistant grips, it's incredibly convenient to handle and maintain control throughout the cooking process.

user-friendly and dishwasher-safe feature of Duo Cover

Eco-Friendly Alternative

Using the Duo Cover helps reduce paper towel waste and promotes sustainability. Unlike disposable options, the Duo Cover is reusable and built to last. Made from durable materials, it can withstand years of use without losing its effectiveness. It's a small step towards minimizing our environmental footprint while still enjoying the convenience of microwaving.

These are the most appealing characteristics of Duo Cover convinced me to grab one for myself. I bet you won't be disappointed by this multipurpose microwave meal cover.

How to Use Duo Cover?

I've mentioned before that using the Duo Cover is incredibly simple. It is super user-friendly, and I find it very easy to use. Follow my step-by-step guide below to elevate your microwaving experience:

How to Use Duo Cover

Step 1: First, place your dish or bowl of food inside the microwave.

Step 2: Position the Duo Cover over the dish, ensuring it completely covers the food. Place the Duo Cover over the dish and centrally align them. Make sure it covers the food properly. It is important to snugly fit the Duo Cover as it works as a barrier and will contain all types of substantial spills or splatters.

Step 3: Fill the MoistureLock™ knob with a small amount of water (10ml) and rotate it anti-clockwise to stream your food and keep its moisture balanced.

Step 4: Close the knob and start the microwave. The MoistureLock™ technology allows you to cook various stream recipes. So, set the timer according to your recipe.

Step 5: Once your food is warmed or cooked, carefully bring the bowl out. Use the silicone grip to avoid hand burns.

See, it is very simple and effortless to use Duo Cover. You can prepare stream recipes faster with the desired taste and texture.

Benefits of Duo Cover

The Duo Cover offers a range of benefits that make it a must-have accessory for any microwave user. There are so many details you have already found in this Duo Cover Review. But time to talk about the actual benefits it has offered to me.

Benefits of Duo Cover

Enhanced Flavor and Texture

The Duo Cover ensures that all my microwaved meals retain their flavor, moisture, and tenderness with its MoistureLock™ technology and steaming capabilities. I don't have to eat dry or rubbery leftovers anymore.

Time and Energy Savings

Microwaving with the Duo Cover is more efficient, and I can't hold myself from thanking for its even heat distribution and faster cooking times. I can now prepare a perfectly cooked recipe in less time and save both my energy and effort.

Cleaner and More Convenient

It was so frustrating for me to clean up the messy microwave every time after a rush session. But the Duo Cover's splatter-proof design keeps my microwave clean, reducing the need for scrubbing and wiping down surfaces.

Versatility in Cooking

The Duo Cover's ability to steam food opens up a world of possibilities in my microwave. I can now easily prepare steamed vegetables, rice, or even fish, all while retaining their natural flavors and nutrients.

Sustainable and Economical

By choosing the Duo Cover over disposable options like paper towels, I’m making an eco-friendly choice. The reusable nature of the Duo Cover reduces waste and saves money in the long run.

User Reviews

Checking customer reviews before purchasing a product is one of my natural habits. Actually, this research always helps me to know the real-life experience of that item and inspires me to give that a try. Here are some of the customer reviews found on the official website:

“The Duo Cover has transformed the way I use my microwave. It keeps my food moist and flavorful, and the cleanup is a breeze. Highly recommend!” -Sarah M.

“I was skeptical at first, but the Duo Cover has exceeded my expectations. It's a game-changer in the kitchen, and I can't imagine microwaving without it now.” – John T.

“Finally, a microwave cover that actually works! The Duo Cover keeps my microwave clean and my food tasting great. It's a must-have for anyone who uses their microwave regularly.” – Emily R.

Is It Worth Buying a Duo Cover?

After using the Duo Cover for a considerable time and judging its features, benefits, and positive user reviews, I'm really impressed. This fantastic microwave food cover offers a range of advantages that enhance my overall microwave experience. The innovative technology keeps my food moist and flavorful, just like when the food was cooked.

Is It Worth Buying a Duo Cover

Whether you're a busy person, a student, or a home cook, the Duo Cover can elevate your microwaving experience and make mealtime more enjoyable.

From all aspects, I find Duo Cover very helpful and convenient. It also prevents possible hand burn issues I had faced a lot before. So, from my perspective, this cover is worth the investment.

Where to Buy Duo Cover?

Unfortunately, the Duo Cover is not available at any physical store, and you must purchase it from the official store. It may seem a bothersome process to buy, but no, this is the only trustworthy way to get an authentic product with a money-back guarantee. I have also got mine from the official online store.

Moreover, official stores often share exclusive offers and promo campaigns. I was lucky enough to grab one of the time-limited offers and purchase two Duo Covers with one free at a discount price of $72.27. It is the current best deal on the official website.

Where to Buy Duo Cover

So, why late? Get your Duo Cover now at the best price before the offer ends, and enjoy fresh and flavorful food anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

After going through this Duo cover review, some thoughts might arise in your subconscious mind. Here, I have answered some of the repeatedly asked questions to clear your infrequent doubts.

Can I Use the Duo Cover with Any Microwave?

The Duo Cover is designed to fit most standard microwaves. But, it may not fit on some smaller microwaves or microwaves that have convection tubes or a plastic circle on the ceiling. So, please check the dimensions of your microwave before purchasing.

Is the Duo Cover Dishwasher Safe?

This amazing microwave food cover is absolutely dishwasher safe. You can simply wash it with regular appliances, and the silicon-made body is durable enough to prevent cracking, peeling, crumbling or becoming brittle over time.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping times vary depending on your location. But you will get the product on hand within 5-7 business days if you're from the United States. International orders may take a bit longer than usual, and it can jump up to 21 business days based on your location. However, all these are estimated shipping times set by manufacturers and can vary.

Is There a Warranty for The Duo Cover?

The Duo Cover comes with a one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects, such as damage during shipping and product irregularities. But keep in mind that regular wear and tear or misuse are not covered. If you have any issues with your Duo Cover, reach out to customer support for assistance.

Can I Return the Duo Cover if I'm Not Satisfied?

Yes, the Duo Cover is backed by an exclusive 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you're not satisfied with your Duo Cover, you can return it within 30 days of receipt for a refund. Please ensure that the product is unused and in brand-new condition to be eligible for the return policy.


The Duo Cover is a game-changing accessory that revolutionizes the way we use microwaves. With its innovative design, the Duo Cover keeps your food moist, enhances flavor, and prevents messy splatters.

It's a versatile and eco-friendly solution that promotes sustainability while making your microwaving experience more convenient and enjoyable. If you're tired of lackluster microwaved meals and the hassle of cleaning up, the Duo Cover is definitely worth a try.

I have expressed mine personal theory over this Duo Cover Review. Now it's your time to elevate your microwaving game and rediscover the joy of delicious, perfectly cooked meals with the Duo Cover.

Purchase now from the official online store and take advantage of the amazing time-limited offers.


Duo Cover Review

Buy Now
Is It Worth Buying a Duo Cover

The Duo Cover is a portable and reusable microwave food cover. It is totally different from any traditional paper towels or plastic covers. Unlike plastic food covers, the Duo Cover will keep your food safe from harmful chemicals and contaminants while being heated.

Durablity 10
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 9
Value for Money 10
  • Keeps Your Microwave Clean
  • Splatter-Proof Cover
  • Protects Your Food
  • Food-safe and Environmentally Friendly
  • Stock out fast due to high demand

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