Drone X Pro Review [2024]-User Reviews, Benefits, Legit/Scam?

Since childhood, I've been fascinated by technology, especially helicopters. It's astounding to see how technology has evolved, turning helicopters into compact drones equipped with cameras. Controlling them with a remote and watching aerial footage is exhilarating. The design of modern drones and drone racing videos truly captivate me. I wish to be a part of this exciting tech journey.

Drones have made some tasks so easy that, nowadays, professionals like photographers, surveyors, civil engineers, farmers, etc, use drones to carry out their activities easily. Tasks that seemed impossible are now become easier with drones. Drones take your eyes to places, which is really a helpful addition to the modern world.

So, being curious, I finally bought a Drone X Pro, and in this article, I'm going to share my honest review and what I experienced with this Drone X Pro and whether it's legit or a scam. Do not buy before reading this review article.

In this detailed Drone X Pro review, I've broken down all the important aspects that you should know.


Drone X Pro Review

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How Does Drone X Pro Work?

Drone X Pro is a three-speed quadcopter drone manufactured by an Estonian Technology company. This company is known for its innovative inventions, and its expertise in making drones is becoming famous in Europe. This drone comes with some cool features, like an ultra-wide HD camera offering a 120-degree viewing angle.

Features Rate 10
Value for Money 10
Ease of use 9
Durablity 10
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • 12–15 minutes flight time on a single charge
  • 100-meter altitude range
  • 720P high-resolution camera
  • Don’t come with a variety of color
  • Takes a long time to recharge the battery

What is Drone X Pro?

Do you know that quadcopter drones are becoming more trendy? If you’re a professional cinematographer or a nature lover, want to have a view of nature from above the ground, or you’re a working professional in a surveying company. Then, using drones can be really handy for you. The fun fact is that Drone X Pro offers all those utilities that helped me a lot and can be a useful companion of yours, too.

Drone X Pro Review [2023]-User Reviews, Benefits, LegitScam

Drone X Pro is a three-speed quadcopter drone manufactured by an Estonian Technology company. This company is known for its innovative inventions, and its expertise in making drones is becoming famous in Europe. This drone comes with some cool features, like an ultra-wide HD camera offering a 120-degree viewing angle. I’ll talk more about its features in the feature section.

There is much more to know about this drone; stay tuned with this article as I shared most insightful facts in this Drone X Pro review.

What I Found in The Box

There are tons of drones in the market. If you head to the Amazon, you’ll find a variety of drones ranging from 10$. But buying the perfect one is really tough. I researched a lot about drones and read many reviews, but finally, I came up with a decision to buy this Drone X Pro.

What I found in the box of drone x pro

Don’t worry! I’ll guide you on how I made my choice that will help you to make yours. Now take a look at what I found in the box:

  • When you open the box, the first thing you’ll see is a beautiful drone sleeping inside.
  • A remote controller. Looks like a PlayStation joystick.
  • A rechargeable battery. And a cable to charge it.
  • Some spare propellers. These propellers are very important, you’ll need those.
  • Four propeller Guards. This component is necessary for the extra protection.
  • A screwdriver to insert batteries or do other stuff.
  • A user manual. Don’t throw it away! In this manual, there’s a comprehensive guide on how you should use the drone. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing your drone like I did with my other drones.

What I liked the most in my first impression is that this Drone X Pro comes with a fine box. Unboxing always gives me pleasure, and the box satisfied me with that, too.

What's in the box of drone x pro

So, my first impression after having this drone was good. Let’s see what I found later on. Stick with my Drone X Pro review.

How Does Drone X Pro Work?

See, there are many drone manufacturing companies in the market claiming to have the best drones. But in most cases, I found that the product’s performance doesn’t match with what the manufacturers say. Either the drones are not well-equipped with the proper technology, or the performance is very poor, and batteries die quickly, and many more. Therefore, coming up with a decision is quite a troublesome task. But I’ll make this easy for you in this Drone X Pro review.

How Does Drone X Pro Work?

I was wondering whether this Drone X Pro will work or not. But you know, to my utter surprise, this drone delivered what its manufacturer said. I was relieved that, in this price range, I got the best deal. I have got the features that all drone lovers want.

The drone can fly at a speed of 42.5 miles per hour. The speed is crazy, to be honest. The quality of the camera is also very good. Its 12 MP camera captures high-quality pictures and videos. The camera has also surprised me. The gravity sensor works really well. The stability is smooth.

Its built-in positioning system works perfectly. If the drone goes outside of your sight, you can easily recall it and it will come back to its original position. Now I don’t have to worry about losing it.

If you’re new to flying a drone, you should not face any difficulty. Its easy controls and manuals made it super easy to fly.

Overall, the drone is surprisingly giving the best performance. The performance is what I always wanted. I should admire the manufacturer; they kept a really affordable, even a low price. In this price range, getting this drone is quite daydreaming. Now let’s talk about the features this drone offers.

Features of Drone X Pro

Now I’ll share the most important and interesting information in this Drone X Pro review. Drones nowadays come with many features. There are many drones you see in the market that aren’t capable of doing many of the tasks they promise. But the Drone X Pro didn’t disappoint me in this case. It comes with some cool features, and they are.

Foldable Design

This drone can fit anywhere in your bag. You can carry it wherever you want. Because you can fold its wing or leg, whatever you call it. So, the design solved the carrying problem. The hinges are also well-designed so that it won’t cause any trouble while folding.

Foldable design of Drone X Pro

An Ultra-Wide HD Camera

The most significant feature of this drone is that it comes with an ultra-wide HD camera. It offers a 120-degree viewing angle. And the camera supports 720p video resolution. You can capture still images and 360-degree panoramic images.

So, it can be a game changer for the content creator who shoots aerial videos for their content. If you’re a YouTuber, you won’t be disappointed as well.

Ultra-Wide HD Camera of Drone X Pro

Smooth Stability

Stability is another necessary feature of a drone. If you have a drone that could be more stable while flying, then it may make you frustrated. Without stability, you can’t fly the drone properly, record videos, or take pictures.

Smooth Stability of Drone X Pro

But surprisingly, Drone X Pro comes with advanced gravitational algorithms that enable this drone to fly smoothly in the sky. Even in rough wind conditions, its stability worked well. Therefore, for the new users, it won’t be a challenge to fly Drone X Pro. You can master to fly it in some hours. You don’t need any prior experience.

Durable and Lightweight

The manufacturer made this drone durable. The plastic they used is quite strong and durable. You can feel the persistence of the drone when you hold it. Which, on the other hand, made this drone very lightweight. So carrying this drone won’t trouble you.


This drone becomes really handy to control as it can be operated with Android. Its dedicated software is compatible with Android. Thus, you can connect your Android phone with this drone. And the control it offers is really easy to understand.

Compatibility of Drone X Pro

Flight Time

This drone comes with some decent flight time. The average flight time of this drone is 12–15 minutes on a single charge. In this price range, the flying time I got on this drone is quite satisfying. If you’re up for more flying time, you should keep one or two reserved batteries.

Flight Time of Drone X Pro


The flight range that comes with this product is pretty decent. Wi-Fi connectivity drones perform better than other drones. Drone X Pro comes with a Wi-Fi connection, which gives this drone a flight range of 1 kilometer. It can cover this distance without losing Wi-Fi connectivity. It comes with a 100-meter altitude range. The drone can fly at a standard altitude without losing stability.

Remote Controller

The remote controller comes with Drone X Pro, which is another decent accessory. The controller has a phone holder attached in front of it. So you can attach your phone as an output display. It comes with rotational sticks, mode buttons, and triggers, and it all works fine.

Remote Controller of Drone X Pro

Speed and Rotation

The speed of this drone is surprising. The Drone X Pro outperforms the competition in terms of speed. It comes with a speed of 12 meters per second. At this rate of speed, it can still capture amazing videos and photos from perfect angles. This drone’s dual-speed settings are an additional amazing feature. With this feature, you can set high and low-speed volumes.

Its 360-degree flying algorithm made it capable of flying quickly, tumbling back and forth or up and down. Now you can perform stuns easily.

Speed and Rotation of Drone X Pro


There are several modes included in this drone. And they are easy to learn. Its flight modes and panoramic modes are really handy for recording quality videos for your content. The modes that seem useful to me are Headless mode, 360-degree Flip Flop mode, Panorama Mode, and replay mode. If you’re flying drones for the first time, don’t worry; these easy modes are user-friendly.

high and low speed Modes of Drone X Pro


Before Drone X Pro, I used a couple of other drones. But sadly, due to the unavailability of recalling features, those drones never returned to me. So I was looking for a feature that might solve this problem, and Drone X Pro comes with that solution too. Its easy recalling mode enables it to come back to its origin when the battery is low or even if it gets out of sight. Isn’t it cool?

Recall features of Drone X Pro

These are the key features of the Drone X Pro. If you’re a drone lover, then you must admire its features and usability. I have been using this drone for a long time now, and believe me, every feature that the drone offers is very useful.

So far, you’ve learned the features and the usability of this drone. Now let’s talk about what advantages and disadvantages it comes with.

recall of Drone X Pro

Tech Specs of The Drone X Pro

The drone comes with some technical specs. This information is important to acknowledge. Here I’ve put a list that I found with the drone:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The range of Wi-Fi is 2.4 GHz
  • The drone comes with a 3.7V battery.
  • Micro SD card slot for memory
  • 720P high-resolution camera.
  • 70 minutes charging time.
  • LED indicators.
  • Six-axis gyroscope.
  • 12.5*7.5*5 cm when folded.
  • 27*19.5*5 cm when extended.
  • Flight time up to 8-12 minutes.
  • 100-meter distance

What I Like Most About This Drone

It’d be a great idea if you learned about the pros and cons of this drone before buying it. Here are my experiences while using this drone.

  • The first and foremost pros of this drone that impressed me is its design. This drone is strong, durable, and compact. I always feared breaking it while flying. But I crashed the drone a couple of times, and it didn’t get a scratch. I can fold the drone and keep it in my backpack.
  • Another factor that might attract anyone is that Drone X Pro is relatively cheap, thanks to manufacturers. If you compare the price, you’ll see the difference.
  • Yeah, cinematography is my hobby. I often go to Wild to capture some unreal videos for my social media posts. And the drone delivered exactly what I wanted.
  • I must admit that the Drone X Pro has some serious flight range and speed. The altitude range I get from this drone is decent. I can shoot videos from the eyes of a bird.
  • You won’t be disappointed by its camera. It has a 12 MP camera that can capture pretty high-quality pictures and videos. So, it can solve your content creation problems, too.

There are many more advantages that you’ll feel while using this drone. Well, now it’s time to talk about the drawbacks that I faced with it.

What I Don’t Like About This Drone

Nothing is made perfect. Every product must have some drawbacks, too. While using Drone X Pro, I faced some issues that should be addressed here.

  • This drone comes with a bit low flight time of 12–15 minutes. If you’re looking for more flying time, then it can cause some disappointment, but keeping extra battery backups can solve the problem.
  • Another con I faced is that it takes a long time to recharge the battery that comes with Drone X Pro. In total, spending time with this cute product could be better.
  • The design is almost similar to the other quadcopter drones in the market. They don’t come with a variety of color choices and designs. However, it may not be a crucial factor for many of you.

Now, learn about the methods to fly the Drone X Pro. I should tell you how easy it is to handle this drone.

How to Fly the Drone X Pro?

Drone X Pro is very easy to control. This drone doesn’t come with the complexity that might hinder you from using it. If you’re a newbie and flying a drone for the first time, stay relaxed. This drone comes with extra features of stability.

How to Fly the Drone X Pro

Without further ado, let’s learn the process in some quick, easy steps.

Step 1: Set up the drone

Carefully unfold the drone and insert the batteries into the remote. Install the prop guards carefully. Follow the manual if you face any problems.

Step 2: Turn on the drone and remote

Now, turn the drone and the remote on. There is a power button on the back of the drone. If you turn on the drone, the lights will be turned on. And for the remote controller, there is a power button in the middle. Turn that on, and you’ll see a power on led indication.

For the indication, you’ll hear a beep sound when the remote controller is turned on.

Step 3: Start the App

Install the application instructed in the user manual. Turn the application on, and now you can connect your drone to your phone via Wi-Fi connectivity. Now, you can easily use your drone via your remote and phone, and at this point, your phone has become a display of your drone.

Step 4: Learn the remote controller

It’s very important to learn the controls. You’ll find a couple of buttons and two rotational sticks. Using these sticks, you can control the direction as well as the movement of the drone, such as going up or down, or moving right or left. Get your hands on the controller, and you’ll automatically master the controls.

Step 5: Fly and Experiment

Now I hope you’ve learnt the necessities. It’s time to fly high. Choose an open place to fly the drone. Don’t start in a confined room, as you may damage it by crashing. Start the engine of the drone, grab the remote, and start with a low altitude and low speed. Check the camera and the drone is working properly on your phone that you’ve mounted in the remote controller. Let’s rock and roll and grab some amazing videos.

Do flip-flops, perform stuns, and impress your friends with Drone X Pro. You should have some knowledge of the Drone X Pro App. Let’s talk about it.

Drone X Pro APP

Well, to fly your drone, you need an app. Drone X Pro is not an exception from it. There is an app called X-Drone available in the Google Play Store or Apple Store. The app has a 2.9 rating on Google Play. However, there are mixed reviews regarding this app. For some users, the app works very well, and some find it faulty or unuseful. There needs to be more than just judging the app on the basis of review. Because the app worked well for me and the people, I read reviews from many sites.

I tested the app on my Android, and I found it extremely easy to navigate. The menus and the interface are well-designed, and it’s interactive. You’ll get a beginner’s guide and lots of insightful settings. I bet it won’t take much time for you to learn about the app.

Is it a scam?

The titled question is the most commonly cultivated question roaming on the internet. However, it was also my first question before testing Drone X Pro. Nonetheless, we aren't sure we can help with it. As you know, there are lots of fake products and sellers doing scams in various marketplaces. So, investing with proper investigation would be a good action. Due to the lack of proper mainstream companies, we are often deceived by fraud.

Is Drone X Pro a scam

But regarding this product and provider, I’d like to assure you that the Drone X Pro is authentic and real. It’s not a scam. You can rely on this product. I got exactly the same product I paid for. Be assured that you’re going to get a real and authentic one, too.

Wait, you still need to know where you should get a real Drone X Pro.

Where to Buy Real Drone X Pro?

If you’re looking for a trusted place to buy Drone X Pro? Well, I have a piece of good news for you. You can purchase a Drone X Pro on its official website. To ensure authenticity and genuineness, the company doesn’t include any intermediary's interference.

Where to Buy Real Drone X Pro

Visit the website; you’ll find the full details of the Drone X Pro. You can order from anywhere you’re located. You’ll find the buying instructions, such as the shipping address, payment method, etc. However, from the official website, you’ll find many other options that might be useful for you.

Wait, another great news. A 50% discount sale is going on their official website. Additionally, if you visit their website as soon as possible, you may get a lucky coupon for an extra 5% off. Now you don’t have to worry about your wallet also. Imagine getting your most desired drone with an extra cashback sounding happy combination.

The features and the price are so appealing to avoid. Have a tour on the website, and many more offers are waiting for you. Snitch your deal before drones fly from the stock. You can check others' opinions that might help you.

What Other Customers Say

Here are some opinions customers have about this product. You may find some insights from these.

Review by Jessica T.

“Absolutely Exhilarated with My Drone X Pro Experience! As a novice drone pilot, I have always been on the hunt for a user-friendly model that doesn't skimp on features. I was amazed at how the Drone X Pro effortlessly blended simplicity with advanced functionalities. Its brushless motors and stable GPS gave me the confidence to fly it without the fear of sudden mishaps. As a photographer, the clarity and stability of the images captured were particularly impressive. Now, my outdoor shoots are incomplete without it!”

Review by Martin L.

“A Bang for Your Buck – Drone X Pro Outshines Its Rivals! I’ve explored the drone market thoroughly before landing on the decision to purchase the Drone X Pro. The majority of my friends were vouching for a different, pricier mini-drone, but my gut steered me towards this model – and what a stellar choice it turned out to be! The obstacle avoidance feature has saved me from numerous potential crashes. Exploring its unadvertised features is becoming a thrilling journey. It’s not just a drone; it’s a ticket to a community of drone enthusiasts!”

Review by Nina V.

“Stellar Performance without Breaking the Bank with Drone X Pro! Having spent a fortune on numerous subpar models, the Drone X Pro arrived as a breath of fresh air in my drone journey. The manual, unlike previous experiences, was incredibly coherent, leading me through each step of the journey from setup to flight. It’s not merely a gadget; it’s a reliable companion for my aerial explorations, and I am excited to delve deeper into mastering its potentials!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about this product, that might answer your questions too.

How Much Should You Pay For A Good Drone?

Well, the answer to this question isn’t straightforward. You should spend according to your drone usage. Here are the ideal expenses one should make for a good drone:

  • Beginner toy drones range from $30-$90
  • Entry-level camera drones range from $299-$499
  • Mid-level drones range from $600-$1000
  • High-end professional drones range from $3000 and above.

What Is The Range Of the Drone X Pro?

A Drone X Pro is capable of covering a distance of around 3 miles. The advanced technology used in it made it proficient. And it can cover 100 meters altitude.

How Long Does A Drone X Pro Battery Last?

A Drone X Pro can fly up to 12 minutes in good weather conditions. However, the average flight time I found is 10 minutes.

Are Cheap Drones Worth It?

Cheap drones are fine for the learning process. You can learn and make mistakes before switching to a professional one. Besides, it’s easier to find replacement parts for such drones.

Is Drone X Pro Easy To Fly?

One of the major advantages of the Drone X Pro is it’s designed for both beginners and professionals. It’s extremely easy to use the Drone X Pro. The modes featured in it are user-friendly. You don’t require any prior experience.

Final Verdict

As a drone enthusiast, I was always looking for an affordable, durable, featured drone for me. I sometimes go to the wild to shoot photos or videos for my social media content. Then, I decided to scale up my content by using drone shots. I wandered here and there to find a perfect drone that would fit my needs. Then I found this Drone X Pro, matching the criteria I set, and it fits into my budget also. So, without hesitating, I ordered it, and after the usage, I tried my best to elaborate on my experience in this Drone X Pro review.

This Drone X Pro beats some competitors in some key areas. Its look and design, its functionality, and the price range set a new record in the benchmark. Its futuristic design made it more useful. From content-making to fun flying, this drone became my companion. If you’re looking for something like I did, then this drone is the best match for you. Don’t forget to grab the 50% offer from their official website and Thank me later. Wish you happy flying.


Drone X Pro Review

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How Does Drone X Pro Work?

Drone X Pro is a three-speed quadcopter drone manufactured by an Estonian Technology company. This company is known for its innovative inventions, and its expertise in making drones is becoming famous in Europe. This drone comes with some cool features, like an ultra-wide HD camera offering a 120-degree viewing angle.

Features Rate 10
Value for Money 10
Ease of use 9
Durablity 10
  • Durable and Lightweight
  • 12–15 minutes flight time on a single charge
  • 100-meter altitude range
  • 720P high-resolution camera
  • Don’t come with a variety of color
  • Takes a long time to recharge the battery

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