Dodow Review 2024 – Is It A Scam Or Legit?

According to the CDC report, there are almost 70-millions Americans currently suffering from chronic sleep problems. There are tons of reasons that could cause your sleeping problem, such as chronic diseases, mental illness, injuries, etc.

To mitigate the sleeping problem, most of us are highly dependent on powerful sleeping drugs, which have very harmful effects on our bodies. As an insomnia patient, I was also dependable on sleeping pills. Considering its harmful effects, I searched for a natural solution for my sleeping problem.

After extensive research, I discovered the fantastic Dodow metronome sleeping aid device. Its drugless natural solution helps me a lot to overcome my sleeping problem. Here in this Dodow review, I’ll show you how this sleeping aid magical device will change your sleeping habits and help you get quick and sound sleep.


Dodow Review

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What's Included in Dodow

Dodow is an ingenious and innovative sleeping aid device designed to relax your nerves and brain and help you quickly fall asleep. It’s an utterly drugless solution that allows you to fall asleep without wasting your money on any harmful medicine.

Effectiveness 10
Value for Money 10
Ease of use 10
Design 9
  • Super portable and wireless device
  • Safe for all ages people
  • Comes with a 100-night sleep trial
  • Simple touchpad for easy control and operation
  • The device has no low battery indication
  • For some people, the light is too bright
  • Not good for the people who have breathing issues

Dodow Sleep Aid Device: A Brief Overview

brif overiew of Dodow Sleep Aid DeviceThe sleeping issue is a common problem for most of us. And taking medicine or a sleeping pill for that isn’t a wise decision as it has many harmful side effects on our body. Considering this matter, Laugh Gui and Pierre-Luc invented Dodow Sleep Aid.

They designed the Dodow in the most innovative way that helps relax the nerves and brains of an individual so that they fall asleep quickly. The technology of this device is effective for all kinds of sleepers regardless of their age and gender.

It makes sure you’ll fall into a deep sleep within 20 minutes. In addition, the device is small and compact, which allows you to set it anywhere in your bedroom and enjoy a sound sleep with its Blue light technology.

Dodow Sleep Aid Device Review: My Honest Review

Dodow Sleep Aid Device ReviewSince my teenage years, I have been suffering from insomnia, which completely ruins my sleeping quality. I became dependent on sleeping pills for getting asleep, and taking medicine has many side effects that I already experienced.

So I searched for something that could help me fall asleep naturally, and I found Dodow Sleep Aid. After using the device for a week, I became used to it, and it helps me sleep easily without any medications.

It’s been almost five months that I have been using this device, and in these five months, I didn’t take a single sleeping pill. As a satisfied user of this device, I feel the urge to share my experience with you so that you can get an easy solution if you have the same problem.

What is Dodow?

What is Dodow sleeping aid deviceDodow is an ingenious and innovative sleeping aid device designed to relax your nerves and brain and help you quickly fall asleep. It’s an utterly drugless solution that allows you to fall asleep without wasting your money on any harmful medicine.

The device is tiny and compact, allowing you to set it anywhere in your bedroom easily. With a single press on its touchpad, you can activate the device’s Blue Light. The device is powered by three AAA batteries that effortlessly last for 100 nights.

How Does Dodow Work?

How Does Dodow sleeping aid device WorkAs Dodow is an entirely new device to you, you might want to know the real science behind it, to understand how this device works. Under this Dodow review section, I’ll show you how this device functions and helps you get to sleep.

Using the Dodow is straightforward and doesn’t require much space to set up. First, you need to place this sleeping and breathing aid device near your bed. And then turn it on by pressing on its touch-sensitive screen for 3 seconds.

Once the device is activated, it’ll start emitting blue light, and the light will directly project on your ceiling. You can comfortably stare up at the projected light by lying on the bed. In addition, the light is designed to train your breathing system for quick and better sleep. It slowly expands and gets bigger in a rhythmic way.

Now your job is while watching the light; you need to train your breathing state with the rhythm of light. Through this, your breathing will get slower, and the light will divert your body to its natural rhythm. Consequently, your breathing state per minute gets reduced, which automatically slows down the heart rate to fall on a quick sleep.

Besides, the device comes with two individual time settings that’ll determine how long you’re going to enjoy each session. It has an 8-minutes session and a 20-minutes session. Based on your preferences, you can choose any of them. And, after finishing each session, the device will automatically turn off to save energy.

Features Of Dodow

Features Of Dodow sleeping aid deviceDodow is full of outstanding features. Under this Dodow review section, I will show you some of its features that I’ve enjoyed by myself.

Train Your Breathing System

One of the main functions of the Dodow device is its design to train your breathing system. Once you turn on the device, it projects blue light on the ceiling.

And, the light is programmed with a rhythmic style; it gets slower to bigger and bigger to slower. You need to train your breath with the rhythm of light.

Once you get used to its slow rhythmic breathing style with the metronome, your nervous system relaxes, and your breathing slows down. And, the slower breathing gradually helps you fall into a quick sleep by increasing the carbon dioxide you exhale and reducing your blood vessels.

Mesmerizing Metronome

The advanced metronome lighting system of the Dodow device is one of the most delicate things about this device. It produces a claiming light that’s less than 1 lumen which helps you fall asleep quickly.

Actually, it’s not the light that helps you to fall asleep; the light works as a medium here. It diverts your attention and allows you to forget all of your thoughts and everything that happens in your life. Basically, the metronome and light help your brain grab the signal your body sends to your brain.

Bluelight Technology

The device features blue light technology to assist you in having a quick and sound sleep. You might know that the color blue is very calming, and it helps us get a quick sleep by relaxing our bodies.

Besides that, Bluelight sends a positive signal to your brain that relaxes your nerves quickly and helps you get sound sleep. And the device produces a very low-intensity light of about one lumen because more than one lumen light will interrupt your sleep by disturbing your sleeping hormones.

Two Sleep Settings Mode

Dodow breathing aid and the sleeping device come with two effective modes. One mode gives you an 8-minutes session, and the other mode provides a 20-minute session.

You can choose any of the session modes between 8 and 20 to control your body’s hyperactive state, and that’ll quickly let you fall asleep.

Touch Sensitive Surface

The device comes with an intelligent touch-sensitive surface through which you can easily control the device. It allows you to activate any of the two modes that it comes with. Simply, by tapping on the surface for three seconds, you can activate the device’s blue light technology.

Battery Powered

Dodow sleep aid device is a cordless battery-powered device. It uses three AAA batteries to power up the device. With one set of three AAA batteries, you can run the device for 100 nights without interruption.

Moreover, the battery it uses is available in your local store. So, you don’t need to worry about replacing the batteries when they get discharged. Just take a flat head screwdriver to remove the old batteries from the back of the device.

Wireless and Portable

One of the great sides of this device is that it’s completely cordless. Consequently, you can place it anywhere in your bedroom without any problem based on your convenience.

Besides that, the device is tiny and convenient in shape. You can easily take it wherever you go.

Pros And Cons of Dodow

Every product has some positive and some opposing sides. Therefore, before getting a product, it’s always better to look at the pros and cons of that particular product. It’ll give you a complete idea about the product at a glance.

Pros of Dodow
  • Super portable and wireless device
  • Helps to fall asleep in a very natural method
  • Safe for all ages people
  • A drugless natural solution for the sleepless people
  • Simple touchpad for easy control and operation
  • Comes with a 100-night sleep trial
Cons of Dodow
  • The device has no low battery indication
  • For some people, the light is too bright
  • Not good for the people who have breathing issues or low lung capacity

Dodow Technical Specifications

Brand:  Dodow
Dimensions: width 4.5″ and height x 2″
Weight: 7 ounces (without batteries)
Source of Power: Battery operated
Batteries Required: 3 AAA
Power Consumption: 100 nights
Luminosity: Less than 1lux

What's Included with the Dodow?

What's Included in DodowWith your every Dodow purchase, you’ll get the following elements that are described below:

  • Inside the package, you’ll find a one-touchpad capabilities Dodow
  • It also comes with three AAA batteries that’ll last for 100 nights with regular use.
  • You’ll also find an instructions manual that’ll let you know about battery placement and the using procedure of the device.

NB: While setting up the device, you’ll require a screwdriver to open the back part of the device to insert batteries.

How Can You Use the Dodow?

How Can You Use the DodowThere are very few things that are as simple as using this device. Dodow has two operating modes: 8 minutes mode and 20 minutes mode; you can choose between any of them.

An 8-minute session mode is effective for people dealing with less stress and feeling a bit relaxed. And, the twenty minutes mode is appropriate for those who’re suffering from more stress and take more time to fall asleep.

Right below this section, I will show you the most effortless process you need to follow to use this sleeping aid device.

  • First, select a place where you want to set the device in your bedroom.
  • Now smoothly press on the touch surface of the device to activate it.
  • Press once for an 8-minutes session and press twice for a 20-minutes session.
  • Now lay on your bed and get your comfortable position.
  • Look at the projected light on your ceiling.
  • Pick the rhythm of the light and inhale and exhale with the changes of light.

After a while, you’ll naturally fall asleep without taking any drugs or medicine.

Who’s This For?

Who’s This For dodow sleeping deviceFor anybody who is suffering from sleeping problems, Dodow is a divine gift. However, it’s also beneficial for people fighting anxiety, stress, hypertension, and other health conditions. Below I’ll include some states where Dodow works outstanding:


Most people have suffered from this problem, and nothing is more frustrating than dealing with it. For people who have insomnia, tossing and turning on the bed hours after hours, Dodow is a definite choice. It helps them quickly fall asleep by relaxing their nerve and brain.

Anxiety And Stress:

If you’re suffering from anxiety and stress, Dodow can you a lot to relax naturally. The breath training mechanism of this device lowers down your pressure by increasing stress-releasing hormones in your body.

Heart Disease And High Blood Pressure:

Heart disease is a deadly problem. People who suffer from heart disease gradually fall into a heart attack or other dangerous health condition. But if you use Dodow sleeping aid, it’ll lower your blood pressure and heartbeat by helping in releasing vasodilators into your blood.


Dodow is a breath training device, so if you’re a snorer, it’s an outstanding device to improve your natural breathing style. Therefore, if you use the device regularly, Dodow can help you a lot to overcome the snoring problem.

Jet Lags:

If you’re a frequent traveler, jet lag is frustrating for you. But if you have Dodow in your bedroom, you can easily overcome this issue as Dodow has a natural way to fall you into a deep sleep.

Benefits Of Dodow Over Other Sleep Aid Devices

Benefits Of Dodow Over Other Sleep Aid DevicesWhen I heard about the Dodow for the first time, I became curious about it and researched it. I compared this sleeping aid device with other sleep aid devices available in the market. Through my investigations, I have figured out some crucial aspects of Dodow that make it superior to others.

Automatic Shutoff:

Dodow sleep aid features automatic shutoff options. It’s one of my favorite features of this device. I don’t have to worry about the device when I fall into a deep sleep as it gets automatically shut off.


Dodow is entirely noiseless. It doesn’t make a noise like other devices. If you’re a light sleeper, the noise will definitely disturb your sleep, and with Dodow, you don’t need to worry about that.

Effective Mechanism:

Compared to other sleep aid devices, Dodow has the most effective mechanism. It helps to train up your breathing style, and through this, it relaxes your brain and nerves so that you’ll quickly fall asleep.

Is Dodow A Scam?

No, it’s not. But the question that arises in your mind whether the device is real or a scam is a very logical question if you’re hearing about this device for the first time.  And, trust me, this question arises in almost everyone’s mind when they hear about it for the very first time, including myself.

In my case, when I heard about this device, I had purchased one immediately to check whether the product was genuine or a scam. The device helps me get a quick sleep in my first trial, although I’m suffering from insomnia for a long time.

Therefore, I’m confident about it and gladly recommend you have it if you’re suffering from any sleeping issues. Under this section, I will show you its real user feedback to give you a real-life experience of this device.Is Dodow A Scam - real customers reviews Is Dodow A Scam or a legit

Where Can I Buy It?

where to buy Is Dodow sleeping aid deviceWant to say goodbye to all those problems that interrupt your sleep? Then get the Dodow sleeping aid device. Purchasing the device is very straightforward, just like other things you buy online.

I had ordered mine from the Dodows main website, and I received the product right in time. Hence, I think the safest way to purchase the device is to get it from the company’s authorized store.

Moreover, when you make your order from the company’s website, you’ll get promo discounts and a 100-day money-back guarantee on your purchase.

Currently, there’s a promo campaign going on the company’s main website. In this campaign, if you purchase one device, you’ll get a 50% discount on your next purchase, and if you are buying two appliances, you’ll get one device for entirely free.

Right below this section, I’ve added the Dodows main website for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Question

There might be a lot of questions traveling in your mind after reading this Dodow review. If so, then have a look at the following FAQ section. I’ve included some questions and their answers that people mostly ask about this device.

Is Dodow Effective?

Yes, undoubtedly, it’s a very effective sleeping aid device. It helps you to sleep 2.5x faster than average sleeping time.

Where Is Dodow Made?

80% of the components of this device are made in France under the UNILUX lamp manufacturer.

What Is the Best Sleeping Position for The Device to Work?

The experts of this device recommend that the user sleeps on their back to enjoy its ultimate result.

Does This Product Come with A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes. The manufacturer of this device gives you a 100-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. From the date you purchase the device, you’ll get a vast 100-day money-back guarantee to check the product.

Is It Suitable for Both the Young and The Elderly?

Dodow is designed for everyone. People of any age can benefit from this device. Especially the children, who fear sleeping in the dark, and the elderly, who can’t sleep because of too much stress on the mind. Dodow comes in handy for both of them.

Who Manufactures Dodow Sleep Aid Device?

“LIVLAB Inc.” is the manufacturer and supplier of this device. The company operated its business from France. Laugh Gui and Pierre-Luc are the designers of this incredible device. Dodow is the only product that the company is producing, and it claims that more than half of a million people have overcome insomnia and sleeping problems with the help of this device.

LIVLAB Inc. has a worldwide product delivery system. So it doesn’t matter from where you belong once you place the order on their official site, you’ll get the product in front of your door with minimum delivery time.

Support Team Contacts

If you have any queries about Dodow or need an after-sales service then you might look for the Dodows customer support team. Click here to directly contact Dodow’s customer support team. The company has a dedicated support team, and they’ll reply to your query as soon as possible.

Final Word

It’s high time to say goodbye to all those sleeping pills that you’re taking for a sound sleep. In my Dodow review, I’ve shown you how to overcome your sleeping problem with the Dodow sleeping aid device.

From now, no more pills and no more harm to your body. Just grab the Dodow device and train your breath for a quick and sound sleep.

With the help of this device, you can bring your breathing level to 6bpm and lower your heart rate, and this will make your nerves relax and help you fall asleep.


Dodow Review

Buy Now
What's Included in Dodow

Dodow is an ingenious and innovative sleeping aid device designed to relax your nerves and brain and help you quickly fall asleep. It’s an utterly drugless solution that allows you to fall asleep without wasting your money on any harmful medicine.

Effectiveness 10
Value for Money 10
Ease of use 10
Design 9
  • Super portable and wireless device
  • Safe for all ages people
  • Comes with a 100-night sleep trial
  • Simple touchpad for easy control and operation
  • The device has no low battery indication
  • For some people, the light is too bright
  • Not good for the people who have breathing issues

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