CustomCuff Review – Is It Legit/Scam?

“Days go running and hiding
The weeks are going slippin and sliding
Years leave quicker every time they come
Remember when we were young.”
— Passenger

These lines are taken from the song ‘Remember When We Were Young,’ by Passenger. Every time I listen to this song, I remember those golden old days when I was in college and had some really amazing friends. We are nobody without our memories. Even words are not enough to describe the importance of memories.

Gifts are one of the significant contributors to making memories. The commencement of the usage of gifts may not be specified, but it’s been used for ages to make bonds and relationships stronger. Our life is a short journey, and in this short span of time, we take other people close to our hearts. Moreover, every individual must have some persons attached to them for their prosperity or their life journey. Though It’s our family, friends, or the loving ones, everyone has an immense impact on our lives.

Talking about gifts, they are the most adorable memory bearer. Whenever you see those gifts, you surely remember the person behind them. We feel nostalgic and wish we could ever go back to those days.

Interestingly, CustomCuff makes customized engraved pieces of jewelry for your loved persons. Imagine a bracelet or a necklace that has engraved your name or some important date or anything. I bet it surely will take you to those events which will give you pleasure and nostalgia. In our busy world, we get fewer chances to remember our beloved people. But with CustomCuff’s craft, you’ll go back to reminisce about your golden days.

In this detailed CustomCuff review, I will take you on the journey of the products that come from this company. You can learn about their legitimacy and authenticity, which I have investigated. Keep reading this review article to explore CustomCuff.


CustomCuff Review

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What Makes CustomCuff Special

CustomCuff is a company owned by women, and it’s operated in the USA. The business got started in 2018, and the company designs jewelry by engraving custom messages according to the needs of customers.

Build and Design 10
Quality 10
Value for Money 9
  • Get customized jewelry
  • Premium-quality package
  • High-quality materials
  • The products are made waterproof
  • Only available on its official website

What Is CustomCuff?

CustomCuff is a company owned by women, and it’s operated in the USA. The business got started in 2018, and the company designs jewelry by engraving custom messages according to the needs of customers.

What Is CustomCuff

The need and desire to cherish wonderful memories and spread love was the reason that triggered the idea to start this company. The creator of this company believes only memories can motivate individuals, and we treasure memories because they remind us of the delightful times in our lives.

The idea to share memories and spread love through gifts is the main motto of the CustomCuff company. They design fashionable pieces of jewelry and engrave custom messages that contain specific memorable events or names according to the needs of customers. Their journey to connect people made them so popular that they have been successful in achieving the milestone of making sales of over 1.1 million products to customers in over 70+ countries within a fleeting moment. Learn CustomCuff’s story.

They offer a wide range of choices, such as jewelry, custom bar necklaces, cuffs, chain bracelets, and many more. They engrave your little but meaningful messages for your loved one. Sharing love and memories with others is a delightful moment in an individual’s life. CustomCuff is working hard to serve customers worldwide who want to spread love and happiness among people or their loved ones.

CustomCuff: Engraving Ideas

Do you know engraving is more challenging than it looks like? If you’re wondering what you’ll include for engraving, then these ideas can help you.

1. Coordinates

This idea is the most popular choice. A place can be the most important memory. Find the place that means a lot to you and to the person you’re gifting to, and get the coordinates of that location using Google Maps. Or you can send the location to CustomCuff, and they’ll engrave the coordinates to the jewelry you’ve chosen.

CustomCuff Engraving Ideas

2. Dates

Dates are another memory bearer. They remind you of the beautiful events that made your day. The date can be anything like you first met your loving person, went on a date, and had a graduation, or a date that has some meaning to you.

Dates are another memory bearer

3. Actual Handwriting

Make your lines that last forever. You can write or draw any meaningful words or symbol on a piece of paper and simply take a picture of it and upload it to CustomCuff’s product page. They will engrave your handwriting on a jewelry piece.

Actual Handwriting on CustomCuff

4. Names

You can have an engraved name or initial of your beloved person or for yourself. You can get your pet’s name to remind your loving animal when you’re not at home.

engraved name on CustomCuff

5. Morse Code

Morse code, or the mysterious code, is the newest engraving option that comes with CustomCuff. If you or your beloved person loves mystery and have a knowledge of Morse code, then you can surprise them by gifting them engraved jewelry. Go with 2-3 short words for the Morse code.

Morse Code on CustomCuff

6. Text

Here you can utilize your ultimate imagination. With a simple and short text, you can give a hint of a memorable event to your partner. It can be anything like Roman numbers, motivational quotes, the name of something or someone, etc.

7. Travel Destinations

You can remind your loved one about that travel destination where you or the person who’ll get the gift has something meaningful and memorable. You can make a collection of the destinations where you’ve visited by collecting engraved items.

8. Nicknames

Everyone has a soft corner of their nicknames. You can surprise your friends or family by gifting engraved nicknames on jewelry.

Nicknames on CustomCuff

These are excellent engraving ideas that can bring memories back. Vanquish yourself with some golden joyous memories of love and fun with CustomCuff’s customized jewelry design.

CustomCuff Gift Sets and Features

CustomCuff offers a wide range of gift designs that are fashionable and affordable. Those gifts come with some beautiful gift boxes and designs. Take a look at it;

Custom Cuff Set

The custom cuff set comes with two customized cuffs in a premium gift box. The cuff will bear the message you’ve requested. You can have identical engraved cuffs, one for yourself and one for your loved one. The design and material is suitable for both male and female. CustomCuff always use high-quality material in their product.

Custom Cuff Set on CustomCuff

Bar Necklace Set

Bar necklace set is one of the popular items of CustomCuff. The set contains two adjustable chains and bar lockets with a premium gift box. You can get names, dates, coordinates, etc., for engraving. This can be a nice gift for you and your partner. CustomCuff offers different color options and different font options.

Bar Necklace Set

Chain Bracelet Set

It is one of the good-looking bracelet sets that come with different customization options. You can adjust the chain according to your wrist size. These bracelets come with different color choices, and you can engrave your desired messages on them.

Chain Bracelet Set

Magnetic Chain Bracelet

CustomCuff craft magnetic bracelets and the package comes with two magnetic chain bracelets. The magnetic charms depict the symbol of pure bond and attachment. These bracelets are adjustable according to the size.

Magnetic Chain Bracelet

Minimal Bracelet Set

This set of bracelets has a minimalistic design that is not only fashionable but also carries profound love and care in its engraved plates. It comes with a size of (6+2 inches), ensuring a comfortable fit for everyone.

Minimal Bracelet Set

Note: All gift sets are made of 316L stainless steel and dipped in 18k gold. They are waterproof, and the color won’t fade.

CustomCuff Color Choices

CustomCuff offers a wide range of color choices through its products. Most colors used in materials are;


CustomCuff uses the finest silver finish in their products. Customers who seek clean, minimal, simple design and color can go with their silver color pallet. It’ll match you with your formal or casual attire and is a good choice for everyday wear.


Those who want the touch of the elegant and sophisticated look of their ornaments can prefer gold color. The color can cope with any outfit and will look suave.


The rose finish is a popular choice for romantic couples. It has a natural warm, appealing look that can cope with every skin tone. It can match every outfit.

Matte Black

This finish is a heaven choice for black lovers. With a minimalistic design, black will easily match colorful outfits.

These colors are used in the product and have a good finish. The company used the colors by including perspiration, heat, saltwater, chlorine water, and cold temperatures so that the color wouldn’t fade away.

What Makes CustomCuff Special?

CustomCuff aims to spread love and share memories among people by crafting jewelry and engraving messages. Besides, some aspects made CustomCuff special, which are stated below;

What Makes CustomCuff Special


CustomCuff’s product is its special flag bearer. The company is committed to serving its finest crafted ornaments or jewelry to the world, especially for those who want to show or express their love to loved persons. The company has a range of products where customers can have a wide variety of choices. Along with the products, the company engraves messages, which also makes the company phenomenal to the people.

Care for Your Dearest Moments

The owner of this company mainly focused on spreading love and memories. We all have some fondest moments with our family, friends, children, soulmates, and others. CustomCuff gives you the opportunity to make your dearest moments stay longer with their engraved jewelry. You can share your special names, quotes, important dates, locations, and more through an engraved jewelry gift.

High-Quality Components

The company uses high-quality components for its products. From colors to the material of the trinkets, all are made of high-quality raw materials. So far, the company reached thousands of customers, and they are quite happy with their products.

Unisex Designs

CustomCuff makes products that are appropriate for both men and women, which makes the products even more accessible for everyone.

Gift Sets

A gift set with premium packaging is a perfect combination. If you want to make someone happy and want to make your loved one feel your love, then a piece of engraved message jewelry with a quality or good-looking package can make the gift even more appealing and momentarily beautiful. CustomCuff ensures that you get the perfect combination with its finest craft.

Connecting People

CustomCuff focuses on connecting people worldwide by spreading love with their beautifully crafted jewelry and capturing your fondest moments. By commemorating special events, people will connect spontaneously. Assiduously, the company connected with thousands of customers and sold more than 1.1 M products to more than 70 different countries.

Providing quality products with mesmerizing engraved messages, CustomCuff set itself apart from the crowd. Its commitment to delivering the best made this company popular across the world.

CustomCuff: Pros and Cons

There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of CustomCuff. They are;

  • You can celebrate your special moments with CustomCuff’s products.
  • The company serves the products by engraving your joyous moments.
  • You can get customized jewelry that is made of maintained high-quality materials.
  • The gift set comes with a premium-quality package.
  • A gift that can stay forever with your engraved message.
  • Quality Customer Support across the world.
  • Easy shopping experience.
  • The products are made waterproof. 
  • CustomCuff products are only available on its official website. There are no physical or offline stores. 

Where Can You Buy CustomCuff? Is CustomCuff Legit/Scam?

The finest crafted jewelry maker, CustomCuff, is available only on its Official Website. It has gained reputation by delivering quality products to customers worldwide.

CustomCuff doesn’t involve any middleman in the supply chain to ensure the authenticity of the products. Besides, the company always tries to ensure fast worldwide shipping directly to the customers.

Where Can You Buy CustomCuff? Is CustomCuff Legit/Scam?

The milestone of touching 70+ countries proves the commitment of this company. Customers can simply order and give the instructions for the message they want to engrave directly from the website. For more clarity, you can visit the websites and explore different shopping options.

Let’s talk about the legitimacy of the product. There are tons of choices in the market that also sell ornaments. Hence, the question of the legitimacy and authenticity of the company and the product is relevant. However, according to thousands of happy customers, CustomCuff made clear itself as a genuine crafted or customized jewelry provider in the competitive market.

The Reach to 70+ countries and sales of more than 1.1 million products stand out CustomCuff as an authentic and legit business. The products are absolutely genuine and authentic. The products are the result of what the company promises. There are plenty of customer satisfaction reviews that dictate the legitimacy of the product as well as the company.

The materials used in crafting jewelry are refined and well-tested. The finishing process made the color used in the products more durable and sustainable. Above all, the company commits to delivering what it promised on its official website.

So, Why waste time? Make your memories and bonding even stronger by gifting precious jewelry with your warm message.

What Customers Say About CustomCuff

There are 4906 reviews on the official website. Here are some sample opinions of the customers regarding CustomCuff.

What Customers Say About CustomCuff What Customers Say About CustomCuff

What Customers Say About CustomCuff What Customers Say About CustomCuff

Customer review About CustomCuff

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions regarding CustomCuff. These might be your questions too.

Is It Safe to Wear Your Jewelry in The Shower?

Absolutely! Our jewelry is designed to remain unaffected by water, sweat, and heat, whether you're in the shower, at the beach, or in the pool. It will not fade, tarnish, or lose its color. Our products are crafted using the finest materials, including high-quality 316L Stainless steel, 18k gold, and sterling silver for superior durability and longevity. So, feel free to dive in and enjoy your jewelry worry-free.

What Color Is the Engraving on Our Custom Jewelry?

Our custom jewelry features engravings created using the latest laser engraving technology. The engraving color may vary slightly depending on the jewelry type. For matte cuffs, the engraving appears as black or dark gray. On all other jewelry, the engraving is lighter with gray tones. In the case of matte black jewelry, the engraving will have gray or white tones. The appearance of the engraving can shift from gray to black depending on lighting conditions; it tends to appear darker in daylight. This variation is due to the shiny surface, as complete black engravings would be unreadable in most lighting scenarios.

What About Sizing for Your Products?

Our cuffs are designed to be adjustable using the two flexible metal ends. They are of high quality and are built to withstand various conditions without breaking. As a result, our cuffs are suitable for any wrist size, making them suitable for both men and women. Similarly, all our other bracelets are adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit. When it comes to our custom bar necklaces, they come with a standard 55 cm chain, but you can also purchase 65 cm chains separately by searching for “necklace chain.” For ring sizes, please consult the ring size guide available on the Custom Ring product page to determine the right size for you.

What Steps Should I Take if I Receive the Incorrect Item?

We deeply regret any inconvenience caused by receiving the wrong item in your order. We understand how disappointing and frustrating this can be, and we are committed to resolving the issue promptly.

To address this, please reach out to us via email at In your email, kindly provide your name, order number, a list of the item(s) that were incorrect, and, if applicable, attach a picture of the items you received in error. This will help us swiftly rectify the situation and ensure you receive the correct items.

I'm Dissatisfied with My Order. Can I Request a Refund?

We apologize for any disappointment you may be experiencing with your order. Unfortunately, we do not provide refunds in cases where there is no error on our part, as our customized products cannot be returned. However, if we have made an error regarding your engraving or color selection, we are more than willing to rectify our mistake by sending you the correct order. Please reach out to us at with your request and provide a detailed description of the situation, and we will work to address it accordingly.


It’s a great opportunity for all of us to spread happiness and love in the world and make this planet a better place to live in. In this short span of time, we make lots of memories with our beloved family and friends. And those memories are all we treasure in our life journey, which makes us live with some purpose. To disperse love and happiness to the world and the loving ones made CustomCuff’s product special.

In this detailed CustomCuff review, I depicted the wide range of products of CustomCuff and how they deliver customized jewelry items with compassionateness. It’s a golden chance to grab your gift item with a shouting 55% off from CustomCuff’s official website. Engrave your words of love with CustomCuff and make your memories return once again.

Get your CustomCuff custom gift set now!


CustomCuff Review

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What Makes CustomCuff Special

CustomCuff is a company owned by women, and it’s operated in the USA. The business got started in 2018, and the company designs jewelry by engraving custom messages according to the needs of customers.

Build and Design 10
Quality 10
Value for Money 9
  • Get customized jewelry
  • Premium-quality package
  • High-quality materials
  • The products are made waterproof
  • Only available on its official website

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