ClearView Glasses Review – Does it Work?

Driving at night poses its own set of challenges that significantly differ from daytime driving. The diminished visibility or the blinding glare from oncoming traffic can significantly impact a driver’s ability to navigate the roads safely. Statistically, over 60% of vehicular accidents are reported to occur during nighttime, primarily attributed to reduced visibility and the harsh glare from oncoming headlights.

Being someone who frequently drives at night, I too have struggled with the blinding glare from oncoming vehicles. It's an unnerving experience, feeling momentarily blinded with a fast-approaching vehicle in the other lane. However, my nighttime driving experience took a positive turn when I came across ClearView Glasses. Now, even amidst the bustling city lights and glaring headlights, driving feels substantially less stressful. In this ClearView Glasses review, I am eager to share my personal experience, having used these glasses for over six months now.

The soothing reduction in glare and enhanced clarity that ClearView Glasses provide have significantly alleviated my initial fears around nighttime driving. Whether it's the neon lights in the city or oncoming traffic, these glasses have managed to filter out the excessive brightness, allowing for a much more comfortable and confident driving experience. Stay tuned as I delve deeper into how ClearView Glasses have become an indispensable part of my nighttime driving routine.


ClearView Glasses Review

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Things to Look for Before Buying ClearView Glasses

ClearView Glasses are phenomenal night driving glasses that are specially designed to enable people to see in low-light or dim-light conditions.

Features Rate 9
Durablity 10
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
  • Improve visibility during night driving
  • Block harmful UV light
  • Durable Construction
  • Compatibility with Prescription Glasses
  • Limited range of design styles
  • Stock shortages due to high demand

What is ClearView Glass, and How Does It Work?

ClearView Glasses are phenomenal night driving glasses that are specially designed to enable people to see in low-light or dim-light conditions. Its main feature is to reduce glare and enhance night vision, which makes night driving or any other activities more enjoyable as well as carry out activities more confidently.

ClearView Glasses Review - Does it Work

At first glance, ClearView Glasses mirror regular eyewear aesthetics, but a closer examination reveals a host of innovative features specifically designed for night-time use. Seamlessly compatible with my existing glasses, integrating ClearView into my nightly expeditions was effortless.

ClearView Glasses are built on anti-glare technology. This feature forms a vanguard against the blinding glare of oncoming traffic, which was a significant bane on my nocturnal drives. The visibility transformation was not just stark, but it added a layer of safety and confidence to my night-time driving experiences.

Diving a bit into the technical spectrum, the functionality, though sophisticated, remains user-friendly. The ingenious blend of cutting-edge technology with user-centric design is what sets ClearView Glasses apart. A remarkable feature is the amber coating that acts as a vigilant filter, precisely sifting through the light spectrum that reaches the eyes. This yellow tint doesn’t just enhance the visual clarity; it recreates a sharper, brighter night, making driving easier.

The amber coating doesn't stop at enhancing night vision; it gracefully tempers glaring lights, rendering them soft for the eyes. This characteristic is particularly beneficial in neutralizing headlight harsh beams, which previously posed a significant challenge. The remarkable coating extends its functionality by warding off the foggy blur that accompanies harsh weather conditions, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted, clear vision regardless of the circumstances.

How Can I Use ClearView Glasses?

Using ClearView night driving Glasses is incredibly simple and user-friendly. Its easy-to-use functionality impressed me the most. It can be used with power glasses also. Though I am a spectacle person, I have to wear glasses all the time, I was worried whether these glasses were really for me or not. But it’s design made it possible, I can wear them with my glasses too.

What is ClearView Glass, and How does it work

If you are like me then I assure you not to worry at all. Using these glasses with spectacles is super comfy. Or, if you are more of a fashion lover then it can serve that purpose too. It’s design is super cool looking. In the daytime, it looks like normal sunglasses. At night its yellow tint makes it attractive and your savior.

Worried about durability? Don't be. ClearView Glasses are built tough, and it’s crafted from high-grade aluminum that make it durable and lightweight. Whether you're a professional driver, an athlete, or an elderly individual, these Glasses are up to the task. Its frame is flexible which handles rough usage easily.

Who Should Use ClearView Glasses?

ClearView Glasses cater to a wide range of individuals, making them a valuable addition to daily life. We have to do a lot of work every day, which involves driving, working on computers for hours, and many other activities. Regular people also need this glass as it vastly helps to enhance people’s vision.

Who should use ClearView Glasses

Professional drivers can raise their safety by countering intense light glare during night drives. No more oncoming headlight beams will block your sight.

Desk-bound workers benefit from the protection against harmful blue light emitted by screens, safeguarding their eyes during prolonged computer use.

Even for fashion-forward individuals seeking both style and functionality, ClearView Glasses effortlessly fit into any outfit, providing a fashionable edge wherever they go.

In essence, these Glasses offer benefits that extend to anyone seeking improved eye conditions and a touch of flair in their eyewear.

Do You Need ClearView Glasses?

Do you need ClearView Glasses

The answer to this question is a Big Yes. Let me tell you the reasons:

  • It increases your vision at night, especially when you are driving.
  • If you are a desk workaholic person, it will help your eyes get the necessary comfort.
  • It’s not a night vision glass, but its light enhancer layer helps you to see in darker conditions.
  • In rough weather, it will help you whether you are in foggy weather.
  • Its yellow tint will enable you to see more clearly.
  • Its light filtering feature will block glaring beams when you are driving.

What are Clearview Glasses Features and Benefits?

The Clearview Glasses has so many outstanding features that make it an incredible choice for everyone, looking for anti-glare glasses. Let me spill the beans on some of these cool features that I've had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand.

The Pros and Cons of ClearView Glass

Lightweight: When it comes to eyeglasses, lightweight is a must and Clearview Glasses is extremely lightweight. They are by far the lightest anti-glare glasses I’ve ever sported. And trust me, your nose will thank you—no more of that annoying pressure on the bridge.

Now, the magic lies in the frame; it's crafted from ultra-lightweight aluminum material, making it so breezy and easy to carry around. You can just pop them on and head out wherever, whenever— it's like they’re barely there.

Anti-glare technology: The unique feature that truly sets it apart and has garnered its popularity is its anti-glare technology. I was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness when I first wear this glass. This technology effectively shields against intense light.

What are Clearview Glasses Features and benefits

Photochromic Lenses: Let's discuss the key technology that makes ClearView night Glasses highly popular among vehicle drivers. While numerous yellow-tinted options are marketed as ‘night vision' Glasses, they often fall short because they need more essential technology for vision enhancement. But ClearView night Glasses are different here, it uses advanced photochromic lenses that protect your eyes from high light beam during your night driving time.

Photochromic Lenses of Clearview Glass

Durable Construction: The Glasses are constructed from high-grade aluminum, ensuring durability and longevity. They can withstand everyday wear and tear, making them suitable for various users, whether you're a professional driver, athlete, or elderly individual.

Durable Construction of Clearview Glass

Compatibility with Prescription Glasses: If you already wear prescription Glasses, you can comfortably wear ClearView Glasses over them. The flexible metal frame allows for a secure fit without obstructing your vision, providing an easy solution for those who require corrective lenses.

The Pros and Cons of ClearView Glass

The Pros and Cons of ClearView Glass

Before jumping to any conclusion, here are my thoughts that might help you to make the decision, and you don’t need to read reviews from various sources. Here are some advantages and disadvantages that I experienced during my usage:

  • ClearView Glasses improve visibility during night driving, reducing the impact of blinding headlights and making it easier to see in the dark.
  • These Glasses effectively block harmful UV light, safeguarding your eyes from potential damage caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.
  • ClearView Glasses diminish excessive glare from bright lights, enhancing overall visual comfort and reducing eye strain.
  • They feature a yellow-tinted lens that effectively blocks blue light, making them ideal for screen use and reducing eye fatigue.
  • I loved its versatile functionality because it not only helped me to drive at night, but also I used it for fashion purposes.
  • ClearView Glasses have a flexible frame with adjustable hinges, ensuring a comfortable fit for various face sizes, and can be comfortably worn over prescription Glasses.
  • ClearView Glasses can be challenging to obtain due to frequent stock shortages caused by high demand. The manufacturer's direct shipping model contributes to this issue.
  • These Glasses are exclusively available for purchase online, which may inconvenience those who prefer to buy eyewear in physical stores or try them on before purchasing.
  • ClearView Glasses has a limited range of design styles, which may not cater to individuals seeking a more diverse selection of eyewear styles and aesthetics.

Is ClearView Glasses a Scam?

ClearView Glasses are 100% authentic. It’s true that trying out new products is not easy. I also had the same question silently in my mind before buying. But I dug deeper to know about this anti-glare eyeglass and about its quality. I surfed numerous websites to find out what people say about it. Nobody believes in stories until they experience them.

So I decided not to give it a shot. I purchased one, and you won’t believe the glasses just blew me away. It just solved a number of problems just like a snap of a finger. It was proven to me on the very first day. On this basis, I want to assure you that these glasses won’t disappoint you.

Its polarized lenses filter out the lights that are annoying. Additionally, it fits so well that, it saves the glasses from fogginess. You may be misguided by tons of fake products in the market, but choosing the right one can save you from being deceived.

Is ClearView Glasses a Scam

However, it's essential to clarify a common misconception. ClearView Glasses won’t fix your eye problem like eye disease. If someone promises that these glasses will do something like this, don’t go for that. What it can do is change the perception during nighttime driving or working in harsh weather when sweat or fog doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

Above all, my best advice for you to judge these specs is to try them by yourself. As it helps people from all over the world, I guarantee you, it won’t be a disappointment.

Things to Look for Before Buying ClearView Glasses

Now you are probably thinking what should I consider before buying this pair of Glasses? Well, when one of my friends told me to use this as I fear driving at night, this question also popped into my mind.

Things to Look for Before Buying ClearView Glasses

There are lots of options in the market. But many may misguide you by claiming that they have the best. But I would recommend you to go for some legit reviews that many customers have posted on different websites. But that may consume much time. Don’t worry, here I am pointing out some measures that might help you.

  • Check the Glasses you are trying to buy are from ClearView Night Glasses.
  • Do the Glasses have anti-glare technology?
  • Do the Glasses come with Photochromic lenses?
  • Do the Glasses have universal usage?

Ask these questions, and you’ll gradually find out what you should consider before buying.

Compilation of Customer ClearView Glasses Reviews

There are tons of fake products in the name of night vision Glasses. So buying the right product for me was a challenging task. I surfed a lot on the internet to find what people were saying. I wanted to experience the product from their perspective.

Many of them fell into the trap of counterfeit products, but I found many more happy customers who are happy to provide feedback. Let’s have a look at what people said about this product.

Michael, 42 years old

“As a long-haul truck driver, night driving was taking a toll on me, and migraines were becoming unbearable. ClearView came to my rescue after I read about it online. Since using ClearView, my migraines have disappeared, and I can focus on the road without any discomfort. It's been a lifesaver.” – Michael

Linda, 38 years old

“I work as an Uber driver, and night driving was causing visual fatigue and severe headaches. I heard about ClearView Glasses through a trucker forum and decided to try them out. They've made a world of difference, and I can now drive comfortably without any eye strain. ClearView is a professional secret worth sharing!” – Linda

Emily, 27 years old

“I used to think night vision technology was just a gimmick. I had seen friends use regular night goggles with no real benefit. So, I was skeptical about ClearView night driving Glasses. But my doubts vanished the moment I tried them on. My vision became clearer than ever before, and I'm thrilled with the results.” – Emily

The reviews of these happy people helped me to make the decision. And it was worth taking it. Lots of people of different professions are getting help, and it’s amazing to see, how a product is solving problems.

Where Can I Buy It?

Now if you’re thinking you can go for it, a question that probably came to your mind is ‘Where Can I Buy it?’ If so, then I assure you that, you are in good hands. Buying these ClearView Night Glasses is not rocket science.

Where Can I Buy ClearView Glass

Though it’s not available in the offline store, the only option available for you is to check their official website. The manufacturer doesn’t deal with the middleman. You can directly purchase this product from their official website.

Here is another great news, the ClearView Glass company announced a shouting 50% discount. I wish I had this kind of discount when I purchased it. If you are up for purchasing one, now it is high time for you. Since it’s on discount right now I suggest you not waste time as this discount may increase the demand and go stock out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here I’ve answered some commonly asked questions that you may have.

How Long Does Clearview Glasses Last?

The ClearView glasses are made of high-grade aluminum which ensures durability and longevity. I found no issue while using it and I used it roughly. Its flexibility made it much more durable. Many users made a review that, they’ve been using it for more than 2 years, and they found no issue till then.

Are ClearView Glasses Any Good?

Absolutely Yes, its impressive features helped me in many situations despite being looked like normal sunglasses. The technology behind these glasses helped me for my better sight, and it worked superbly in harsh weather conditions.

Do I Need Prescription Glasses For Night Driving?

No, you do not need any prescription because the lenses that are implemented in it are operational without power. If you wear spectacles with power even with that you can wear these glasses.

Are Clearview Glasses Best Night Driving Glasses?

Undoubtedly. This pair of glasses made my fear of night driving go away. Where I always felt nervous when those glaring high beams blinded me, these glasses just solved that like magic.

Are Clearview Glasses Comfortable To Use?

The most amazing feature that impressed me is its comfort. I’ve used so many specs before for different purposes. But I found no other glasses as comforting as this one. I wore these glasses the whole day, and unbelievably it didn’t make me feel that something was on my nose.

Who Is the Supplier of The Product?

ClearView glasses are the amalgamation of pure technology and the result of research and development. The combination was made possible by the manufacturer Hyper SLS Ltd and it’s located in Hong Kong. The recognition of this manufacturing company is scattered worldwide for its excellence in making gadgets and tech products.

Support Team

Are you facing any issues or having any trouble or do you want to know more about ClearView? Don’t worry. ClearView support team got you covered. They have a dedicated team of customer support for your ultimate guidance. They’re focused on ensuring maximum customer satisfaction as well as better product quality.

Hyper SLS Ltd, the manufacturer of ClearView, has a team for international customer support who are active 24/7. Their tremendous support helped me a lot as they have a lot of points scattered worldwide.

Feel free to contact them about ClearView whenever you want. Reach them at:

Final Thoughts

Without wasting words, the ClearView Glasses highlight its ability to effectively reduce harsh lighting when driving at night, making it a breeze without any extra effort. Moreover, its versatility and adaptability to different light conditions make it a reliable choice for various situations, be it nighttime or daytime.

ClearView Glasses are a hidden gem for nocturnal adventurers, offering improved visibility, safety, and style for nighttime pursuits. So, why waste time, get your ClearView glasses now the whooping 50% discount is still going on. Grab one, because the discount may not be available for long.


ClearView Glasses Review

Buy Now
Things to Look for Before Buying ClearView Glasses

ClearView Glasses are phenomenal night driving glasses that are specially designed to enable people to see in low-light or dim-light conditions.

Features Rate 9
Durablity 10
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
  • Improve visibility during night driving
  • Block harmful UV light
  • Durable Construction
  • Compatibility with Prescription Glasses
  • Limited range of design styles
  • Stock shortages due to high demand

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