CleanRobot Review: A Must-Have Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are a very innovative way to clean our houses without much effort. But robot vacuum cleaners are one step smarter than regular ones. Especially when you have furry pets at home.

I also have two cats and a dog, and if you have cats, you might know how annoying it is to clean their hair and dander. My pets are now almost two years old, and they shed more hair than before. I was looking for an effortless solution to keep my house clean because it won't be possible for me to do that after work.

One of my tech-enthusiastic friends suggested an incredible vacuum cleaner, the CleanRobot. It is a robot vacuum cleaner, but it has a strong suction system to clean pet hair, dander, and debris. Plus, the brush is an additional feature for cleaning dust and stains perfectly, and your floor will stay sparkling.

Furthermore, you will be surprised to know that the vacuum even works automatically for up to 90 minutes. The top-notch sensors prevent collisions and avoid objects and walls. I have been using this for a couple of months and will share everything I know in this CleanRobot Review. Let's keep going.


CleanRobot Review

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recharge through usb cable in CleanRobot

CleanRobot is a portable automatic vacuum machine with dual functionality. It is not your average house cleaning solution but it is designed with top-notch technology and sensors.

Build and Design 10
Ease of Use 10
Durablity 10
Affordability 9
  • Powerful Battery lasts for 90 minutes
  • Dual Function: Sweep and Vacuum
  • Cleans all surfaces, wet and dry
  • Noise-free operation
  • Not available in any local store

What Is CleanRobot?

CleanRobot is a portable automatic vacuum machine with dual functionality. It is not your average house cleaning solution but it is designed with top-notch technology and sensors.

The strong suction ability of the CleanRobot makes it the ultimate choice for indoor pet keepers. It left no dust, debris, hair, or dander on the floor. It operates on a robust 10,000 mAh battery, providing over 90 minutes of continuous runtime and covering areas of approximately 150 square meters.

CleanRobot Review: A Must-Have Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

You won't have to do anything, just sit comfortably, and this robot vacuum cleaner will start cleaning your home surfaces automatically with a single press of the START Button.

Furthermore, the CleanRobot offers dual functionality by sweeping and vacuuming at a time. The innovative additions are the two brushes that look like spider legs, and the cleaner also works on both wet and dry floors.

There is an advanced proximity sensor built into it that detects stairwells and objects to prevent falling or any unwanted collisions. You won't have to think about safety anymore, as this vacuum already has an intelligent safety feature.

All the dust goes to the in-built dust box, and you will find it very easy to clean. Plus, it is designed with the user in mind, and you can even carry it with the handle situated on the upper side of the device.

Let’s dive deeper and explore more about this robot vacuum cleaner. Keep reading this CleanRobot Review to understand why this device can be your must-have companion.

Specifications of CleanRobot

The table below contains the specification details for CleanRobot. Give it a quick look.

Product Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Model Name CleanRobot
Dimensions 8.98 inches × 8.98 inches × 2.76 inches
Weight 1.43 lbs
Battery 10,000 mAh
Run Time 1.5 hours
Area Covers 150 square meters
Noise Level <55 decibels

How Does CleanRobot Work?

The CleanRobot is a gift of modern science to assist busy people with cleaning who don't get enough time to clean dust and pet hairs regularly. The device utilizes smart technology and sensors and emphasizes an effortless but effective cleaning solution.

How Does CleanRobot Work

However, you will be surprised to know how reliable the functionality is, and there is no rocket science behind this. Just put it on the ground and press the start button to operate CleanRobot. The 10000 mAh battery will run for a long time, so you can take a cup of tea or do other work.

The suction method is similar to traditional vacuum cleaners but more powerful to suck dust, debris, hair, and more. All the ashes and debris are then stockpiled in the dust box.

The CleanRobot doesn't vacuum everything that comes in front of it, but the built-in advanced sensor detects irrelevant objects and ignores them. It works automatically, but that doesn't mean it will crash into furniture or fall from the stairwells. The sensor also detects walls, furniture, and stairs and changes direction immediately.

Moreover, the five-legged brushes are sturdy enough to sweep or clean stains and dust from dry or wet surfaces. The robot cleaner will reach every corner or tight space of your house and clean it.

This is how CleanRobot works, simple, effortless, but perfect. Now, let's delve deep into the features that make it stand out from other robot vacuum cleaners.

Key Features Of CleanRobot

The CleanRobot has now become a trendy home cleaning gadget because of its innovative features that offer convenience. Here are the features I found in CleanRobot while doing this review:

Strong Suction

The first key feature of the CleanRobot is its powerful suction vacuum of more than 2500 kPa (Pascals per 1000). It easily vacuums hair, dust, fruit shells, and any other sundries from the ground.

Powerful Battery

The 10,000 mAh battery is another unique addition to this robot vacuum cleaner, while the maximum cleaner has a battery with half its capacity. The battery keeps the vacuum cleaner active for around 90 minutes.


I haven't seen any robot vacuum cleaners designed with brushes, but this one has this special feature. Two brushes are perfectly connected at the bottom, and these sweep your house's surface while vacuuming. Ultimately, the purpose of adding the brushes is for dual functionality.

robot vacuum cleaners designed with brushes

Dust box

CleanRobot also has a built-in dust box with a good capacity to carry the dust from vacuuming. The box is easy to open and clean, meaning less effort for overall CleanRobot maintenance.

AI and UV technology

The Artificial intelligence technology smartly scans over your house in real-time and cleans inch by inch and every tight space efficiently. No surface will remain uncleaned. The UV sterilization light, on the other hand, randomly disinfects bacteria from the ground.


The ingenious in-built anti-collision and pathfinding sensor is another outstanding feature of the CleanRobot vacuum cleaner. The device won't hit any objects or furniture while cleaning the room due to its anti-collision sensing technology. Plus, the pathfinding sensor always keeps it safe from falling from rising places like stairwells.


The noiseless operating process adds the final touch to peace of mind. CleanRobot will silently clean your house so properly that you won't even notice. It sounds less than 55 decibels which is far lower than our disturbing sound frequency.

USB charging

CleanRobot is rechargeable, and the manufacturer provides a USB cable inside the box, so you can charge the device with this. The USB uses very little electricity to fully charge the vacuum cleaner.

recharge through usb cable in CleanRobot

Long-lasting Run Time

The 10,000 mAh battery is so powerful that you can run the cleaner for 90 minutes, which is enough to clear 150 square meters of area. This long-running period allows you to take a nap, cook food, or do other work without having any stress in your mind.

I was genuinely impressed with all the exceptional features of CleanRobot, and I'm confident you will be too.

Pros and Cons Of CleanRobot

The pros and cons of CleanRobot will help you determine whether this vacuum will be a good decision to buy or not.

  • Portable
  • Cleans Automatically
  • Rechargeable
  • Dual Function: Sweep and Vacuum
  • Cleans many rooms at a time
  • Powerful Battery lasts for 90 minutes
  • Cleans all surfaces, wet and dry
  • Easy to clean dust box
  • Smart Technology and Sensor
  • Noise-free operation
  • Not available in any local store

Benefits Of Using CleanRobot Vacuum Cleaner

The CleanRobot is not only designed with outstanding features, but it also offers quality benefits to us. I will highlight the benefits I've experienced from the vacuum cleaner in this CleanRobot Review. Take a look at the impressive benefits below:

Time-Saving and Effortless Cleaning

Firstly, this cleaner is for those who have busy work lives and seek an effortless way to dust-free their home quickly. The vacuum cleaner utilizes advanced intelligent technology to deliver excellent performance in any room and on any surface.

Benefits Of Using CleanRobot Vacuum Cleaner

Simply start the vacuum, place it in the most dirty room, and it will start its cleaning job. Within 10 minutes, you will have a dust and pet hair-free sparking room. No effort, but perfect cleaning.


Portability is a key characteristic of a useful product. The more lightweight the device, the more portable it will be. Here, your CleanRobot weighs only 1.43 lbs, which is easy to carry, and the handle makes it even more portable.

Multifunctional Device

The CleanRobot multifunctional vacuum cleaner offers various cleaning options, such as potent vacuuming, dry and wet sweeping, and antibacterial disinfection. Isn't it the best all-in-one vacuum cleaner you have ever dreamed of?

Suitable For all Types of Floors

All of our rooms have different levels of surface. The path-detecting sensor of CleanRobot detects uneven, raised surfaces and prevents falling. It is a kind of safety feature for me because you can sleep or do other work without worrying about the vacuum.

No Corner Left Untouched

The built-in computerized AI technology inspects your house area and reaches every corner to clean. At first, I also thought, “How would it clean every area of my room?” But later, the mind-blowing technology inside it just amazed me.


The CleanRobot has multiple features that make it a versatile companion for house cleaning. You can use it to sweep your house, besides vacuuming. Also, pets find it fun to play with while it is running. They will play with it when you're busy with other work and won't disturb you.

I'm truly impressed with all the advantages CleanRobot offers me. The vacuum always keeps my house clean without my support or effort.

User Reviews

I have done deep research on the CleanRobot vacuum cleaner, and at that time, the positive customer reviews really surprised me. Here I have gathered some of those reviews:

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I recently purchased the CleanRobot and I'm beyond impressed! Its sleek design and powerful suction make it a standout performer in the robotic vacuum market. The smart navigation system effortlessly maneuvered around furniture, and I love how it seamlessly transitions between different floor surfaces. The dustbin is easy to clean, and the battery life is impressive. CleanRobot has truly simplified my cleaning routine. Highly recommend!”Emily Johnson

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“CleanRobot has exceeded my expectations. The scheduling feature allows me to set it and forget it, ensuring my home is always clean. The edge-cleaning capabilities are remarkable, reaching those tricky corners that often get overlooked. The anti-drop and anti-collision sensors provide peace of mind, and the low noise level means I can run it at any time without disruption. A fantastic investment for anyone looking to keep their space spotless effortlessly.”David Smith

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I can't believe how much time and effort CleanRobot has saved me! The app integration is a game-changer; I can start or schedule a cleaning session from anywhere. The dual brushes effectively pick up pet hair, and the HEPA filter ensures a thorough clean, especially for allergy sufferers like myself. It's compact, powerful, and a must-have for anyone with a busy lifestyle. CleanRobot has become an essential part of my home.”Sarah Miller

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“CleanRobot has made my life so much easier! The slim design allows it to reach under furniture effortlessly, and the powerful suction ensures a deep clean every time. The transition from hard floors to carpets is seamless, and the remote control adds an extra layer of convenience. I appreciate the thoughtful design and advanced features. It's like having a personal cleaning assistant. Highly recommended!”Michael Thompson

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“I've tried other robotic vacuums before, but CleanRobot stands out in terms of performance and reliability. The battery life is fantastic, allowing it to clean my entire home without needing a recharge. The dustbin capacity is surprisingly large, reducing the frequency of emptying. The sleek black finish is a nice touch, making it not just a cleaning tool but also a stylish addition to my home. CleanRobot has truly impressed me with its efficiency and smart features.”Jennifer Lee

Where To Buy CleanRobot?

As it is an electrical device, you might assume that it is readily available in local home appliance stores. But, the manufacturer exclusively sells it on their official online store to maintain authenticity. With numerous robot vacuum cleaners on the market, there's a significant risk of falling prey to copycat merchants.

Where To Buy CleanRobot

I personally purchased mine directly from the CleanRobot official website. I believe this is a convenient and reliable way to ensure the authenticity of the product and avoid potential scammers. What surprised me even more was the 50% discount offer, allowing me to acquire the vacuum for only $85.

Moreover, the manufacturer provides exclusive bulk offers. For just $254, you can receive three CleanRobots and an additional two completely free. It's undoubtedly an affordable bulk offer, especially if you're planning to make a group purchase.

A quick reminder: these offers are time-limited, as is the availability of the device. Therefore, I recommend acting swiftly to secure yours before the offer expires.

Is It Worth Buying It?

I'm naturally a skeptical person, especially when it comes to investing in new home gadgets. Sustainability and affordability are always my top priorities, and I thoroughly scrutinized every aspect of CleanRobot too.

After using CleanRobot for two months, I came to the realization that it was indeed the best decision. I am now experiencing all the essential benefits I have been seeking in a vacuum cleaner.

Previously, my two kittens shed an excessive amount of hair, making daily cleaning a mandatory chore. Due to my hectic schedule, I often found myself accidentally consuming some of the hair with my food. However, CleanRobot has revolutionized my life by eliminating this annoying disturbance.

From the day I incorporated this robot vacuum until now, I haven't noticed any drawbacks. It operates flawlessly every time, and I must commend its object-detecting sensor. Based on my overall experience and the recommendations of other users, I can confidently say that CleanRobot is a worthwhile investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm addressing some commonly asked questions related to CleanRobot. Check them out if you have any questions after reading this CleanRobot Review:

How does CleanRobot handle pet hair?

CleanRobot is equipped with dual brushes designed to effectively pick up pet hair from various surfaces. The powerful suction and HEPA filter ensure a thorough cleaning, making it an excellent choice for pet owners.

Can CleanRobot handle different floor types?

Absolutely! CleanRobot seamlessly transitions between hard floors and carpets, thanks to its intelligent navigation system. Whether you have hardwood, tiles, or rugs, CleanRobot will adapt to provide efficient cleaning on all surfaces.

Is CleanRobot suitable for large homes?

Yes, CleanRobot is designed to cover large areas. Its advanced navigation system enables it to map and clean entire rooms, and the impressive battery life ensures it can handle the demands of larger homes without frequent recharging.

How loud is CleanRobot during operation?

CleanRobot operates at a low noise level, ensuring minimal disruption. You can comfortably run it during the day or night without causing disturbances. It's a great addition to any household, especially for those who prefer a quieter cleaning experience.

What maintenance is required for CleanRobot?

Maintenance is simple! Regularly empty the dustbin, clean the brushes and check for any debris around the sensors. The user-friendly design makes it easy to keep CleanRobot in top condition, ensuring consistent performance.

Can CleanRobot handle tight spaces and corners?

Of course, CleanRobot's slim design allows it to navigate through tight spaces and reach corners that traditional vacuums might miss. The edge-cleaning capabilities ensure a thorough cleaning along walls and furniture.

How does CleanRobot avoid obstacles and falls?

CleanRobot is equipped with anti-drop and anti-collision sensors. These sensors detect obstacles and cliffs, allowing the robot to navigate around furniture and avoid falls. You can trust CleanRobot to move around your home safely and efficiently.

Final Words

Robot vacuum cleaners are now an essential device in order to keep our sweet home clean without much effort. However, there are tons of vacuums you can find, but which one is the best? You don't know. That's why I have decided to share my thoughts in this CleanRobot Review.

Using some robot vacuum cleaners is straightforward, but this one is even more effortless. CleanRobot cutting-edge features turn your dusty room into a sparking one that everyone wants to have. Plus, the intelligent sensor ensures optimal safety even when the device works automatically.

I have shared my experience with CleanRobot, and it was beyond my expectations. To make life easier, you can incorporate this robot vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to visit the official website to claim the exceptional offers.


CleanRobot Review

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recharge through usb cable in CleanRobot

CleanRobot is a portable automatic vacuum machine with dual functionality. It is not your average house cleaning solution but it is designed with top-notch technology and sensors.

Build and Design 10
Ease of Use 10
Durablity 10
Affordability 9
  • Powerful Battery lasts for 90 minutes
  • Dual Function: Sweep and Vacuum
  • Cleans all surfaces, wet and dry
  • Noise-free operation
  • Not available in any local store

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