Audien Atom Pro Review [2024]: How Good Is This Budget-Friendly Hearing Aid?

We lose our hearing ability as we age. Hearing loss can be seen more in old age people. Hearing aids are the blessings of modern technology to aid those people. They are essential medical devices that are designed to improve the hearing quality of individuals with hearing loss. In this industry, Audien emerged as a key player by providing excellent modern hearing aids at an incredibly affordable price.

My story is a bit the same as the owner, Arthur Garber of Audien, who came up with a solution to help his grandmother’s hearing loss problem. My grandmother, who is 78, is now losing her hearing capabilities. After researching hearing aids from various platforms, I couldn’t find anything costing less than $1000. But thanks to Audine, who made it possible to come up with a solution to provide hearing aids at less than $100. After seeing lots of good reviews and ratings from a huge, satisfied audience, I ordered a pair of Audien Atom Pro for my grandmother.

From the experience of my grandmother and the huge audience of Audien, here’s what I found about Audien hearing aids. In this in-depth Audien Atom Pro review, I’ll share my discoveries about this product.

Does Audien Atom Pro really work? Or Is it exciting in the name of affordable? To find out the answers, go through the review article.


Audien Atom Pro Review

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Where to Buy Audien Atom Pro Hearing aid devices

The Audien Atom Pro is an advanced and innovative hearing aid device designed by Atom Sound Technology to serve individuals who have mild to moderate hearing loss.

Build and Design 10
Features Rate 9
Value for Money 10
Ease of use 10
  • Experience clearer and smoother
  • 24 hours of uninterrupted hearing aid
  • Produced in an FDA-approved facility
  • Comfortable and Almost Invisible Design
  • No online hearing exam is available
  • Limited one-year warranty

What Is Audien Atom Pro?

The Audien Atom Pro is an advanced and innovative hearing aid device designed by Atom Sound Technology to serve individuals who have mild to moderate hearing loss.

In the hearing aid industry, service price or hearing aid price is so high that it can be unaffordable to many individuals who have hearing loss problems. With growing age, people lose their hearing capabilities. So, older people require hearing aids to lead their normal lifestyle. Due to the high cost, accessing modern hearing aids won’t be possible for many. To solve the problem, Audien has come up with some solutions to serve people who have mild to moderate hearing loss issues at an affordable price range.

Audien Atom Pro Review [2023] How Good Is This Budget-Friendly Hearing Aid

The Atom Pro is an upgraded version of Atom that comes with some extended features. The manufacturer of Atom Pro, Audien, is based in the USA. The products are produced in an FDA-approved facility, which ensures quality products by maintaining health standards. Audien Atom Pro comes with some added benefits that can smoothen the hearing experience.

What is Audien?

Audien is a USA-based hearing aid manufacturing company founded by Arthur Garber. With the need to produce hearing aids at an affordable price range and make them available for everyone, he came up with this innovative solution. The conventional hearing aid’s price range may cost anywhere around $1000 to $3000, which is unaffordable for many; coming up with a $100 hearing aid is a groundbreaking decision for this company. This innovative product caught the attention of considerable users and hearing aid experts.

what is Audien Atom Pro Hearing aid devices

Audien made the cost cut by removing some elements in the supply chain, like middlemen, vendors, hearing aid experts, delivery companies, sales reps, audiologists, etc. In this advanced world, coming up with some innovative ideas like this is the real deal. This product caught the attention of more than 310,000 users, and the company has seen 43 million sales to date.

How to Use Audien Atom Pro?

The overall usage of Atom Pro is easy. The Audien Atom Pro comes with a nice premium box. After the unboxing, you’ll see a couple of manuals and a warranty card. Go through the user manual, as there are some picturized guides on how to use this Atom Pro.

How to Use Audien Atom Pro

In the box, you’ll find the Audine Atom Pro device box, a USB-C charging cable, a power brick, four pairs of ear domes, and a screwdriver, which is a cleaning brush, too. Get the hearing aids out of the charging box. As they separate from the charging box, they’ll start working. You don’t have to power them on or off. They’ll stop working when you put them in the charging box once again.

You can volume up or down by using the brush-cum-screwdriver according to the user’s convenience. Though volume controlling may seem inconvenient in the first place, with time, you’ll master it.

Maintaining the device is crucial. You’ve to clean the device now and then after the usage. Some cleaning tools come with Audien Atom Pro. Clear dirt from the tip of the hearing aids to get uninterrupted sound. Maintaining the device can ensure longevity and better service to the user. Once set, the device can work without any performance fluctuation.

Audien Atom Pro: Features and Benefits

The Audien Atom Pro comes with some advanced characteristics and benefits. Take a look at them;

Features of Audien Atom Pro


Audien Atom Pro comes with an affordable price range. Conventional hearing aids may cost you thousands of dollars, but this product was launched at a shocking price of just a hundred dollars, which made it accessible and affordable for all users. The patented design can be a game changer in the hearing aid industry.

Futuristic Design

The patented design of the product is futuristic, and they look like just another wireless earphone. The Audien Atom Pro comes with a charging case where you can put the hearing aids for charging, just like regular wireless Bluetooth earphones.

Portable and Compact

The hearing aid is compact and small, and you can carry it in your pocket easily like other hearing aids. The device is extremely lightweight, so there’ll be no issue with carrying the product wherever you go.

Atom Chip Technology

Advanced Atom Sound Technology operates the Atom Pro hearing aids, which makes it smarter and featureful hearing aids than the conventional one. The technology improves the sound quality. Individuals with hearing loss will be able to hear every conversation clearly. The implementation of such technology at this price range is simply incredible.

Comfortable and Almost Invisible Design

The Atom Pro hearing aids are made smaller than the successor launched by Audine. These hearing aids are the tiniest that can stay hidden in your ear canal. Individuals who have hearing loss problems can lead a normal life without showing any gestures indicating hearing loss or feeling embarrassed. As the buds are invisible, the person you’re talking with won’t notice what you’re wearing.

Wireless Charging

This device comes with wireless charging functionalities. The Atom Pro comes with a charging case where you can enjoy uninterrupted hearing for up to 24 hours. You can charge the device with a USB-C cable, which is widely available everywhere. The magnetic connection made Atom Pro charge without hassle.

Fast charging

The Atom Pro can be charged using a USB-C cable, which can provide fast charging. You don’t have to wait for a long time to finish the charge.


Audien Atom Pro hearing aids can connect to multiple devices. You can pair this device with your laptop, phone, and tablet. Other than hearing, you can enjoy audio content.

Mic Design

An advanced and highly sensitive MIC has been used in Atom Pro devices. The MIC can catch sound waves more clearly, and the output with Atom Sound Technology makes the hearing experience smoother and better. According to many users, they can listen to whispers.

Noise Reduction

The Atom Pro hearing aids come with advanced noise reduction technology. The chip inside the buds can detect outer noise that can hamper the hearing experience. If you’re in a crowded place or in a noisy restaurant, you still can understand the conversation as Atom Sound Technology can reduce noise from the background.

Easy to Use

Audien Atom Pro is very easy to use. To run this device, no app is required. The usage is so simple that even old people won’t face any issue to use it. No technical knowledge is required to operate this device.

No Hearing Test Required

To use Audine Atom Pro, you don’t have to undergo any hearing test or consult a doctor. Our device is tested on a wide range of hearing loss patients, and it worked perfectly.


The material used in the device is high-grade solid plastic, which makes it so durable. From the buds to the charging case, every component of this device is solid. So you don’t have to fear about its dysfunctionality if it falls from your hand.

These are the amazing features of Audien Atom Pro. This futuristic, affordable hearing aid device attracted thousands of customers due to its easy functionality.

Pros and Cons of Audien Atom Pro

The Audien Atom Pro comes with some advantages and disadvantages. They are;

  • It comes with an incredibly affordable price range, which is under $100.
  • The Atom Sound Technology made the hearing aid experience clearer and smoother.
  • The wireless charging gives 24 hours of uninterrupted hearing aid.
  • Atom Pro’s design is patented, and it’s comfortable.
  • The portable charging case can hold a charge for up to 4 days
  • No hearing test or doctor approval is required to use Atom Pro.
  • Produced in an FDA-approved facility.
  • The position of Atom Pro makes it nearly invisible in the user's ear.
  • Comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Limited one-year warranty.
  • Only available on its official website.
  • No online hearing exam is available.

Despite having some disadvantages, Atom Pro has become the number 1 choice for those individuals who have hearing loss issues.

Where to Buy Audien Atom Pro?

Hearing aid devices are essential devices for people who have hearing issues. If you’re suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss issues, then you can consult the doctor. However, conventional hearing aid devices and medication or doctor’s consultancy costs are so excessive that it might be a problem for many individuals. Thanks to Audien, who introduced a hearing aid device that is loaded with lots of features and has a touch of modern technology.

Where to Buy Audien Atom Pro Hearing aid devices

Audien exclusively sells these hearing aid devices through their official website to cut high costs and to provide genuine and authentic products directly to customers. In a traditional product supply chain, we see there are lots of intermediaries involved in the process, which raises the price of that product. Audien avoided sales reps, middlemen, audiologists, hearing centers, and more to provide an affordable price range so that it reaches those people who have hearing loss difficulties.

You can get Atom Pro directly from the official website. Additionally, the company offers a 45-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you find any issues regarding Atom Pro, you can ask for help from world-class customer support. They’ll respond to your queries or issues as soon as possible. The ultimate target of Audine is to provide quality services to the doorstep of the customers.

You can get this amazing hearing aid for you or your family member. Visit the official website to learn more.

How Good Is The Atom Pro? What’s Customers Say About It?

The affordability with some futuristic design made Audine Atom Pro the most popular among the users. Here’s what numerous customers say about this product, which will state how good the product is.

customer reviews of Audien Atom Pro Hearing aid devices

The quality and authenticity of the product can be indicated through the various positive reviews and the expression of satisfaction. Apart from this, my grandmother is totally satisfied and happy with Atom Pro. Now she can join our conversation without us repeating a topic repeatedly. She loved the design and usage. Sometimes we can’t figure out whether she’s wearing it or not. But after hearing every single word clearly, she’s now happy with this Audine Atom Pro.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some frequently asked questions about this Audine Atom Pro. These may answer your problems, too.

Will Atom Work for Me?

Yes, Atom works for the majority of the people. If, in your case, Atom doesn’t work, you can get a 45-day money-back warranty.

Will These Earbuds Be Too Large for My Ears?

Not at all! We've developed a patented, comfortable design that minimizes size while maintaining excellent sound quality. Additionally, we offer two different models, so if one doesn't fit well, the other should suit your needs.

Do These Compare to $5,000 Prescription Hearing Aids in Terms of Quality?

While Atom may not have all the fancy extras found in $5,000 hearing aids, they offer all the essential features necessary to enhance your hearing. Moreover, they are significantly more affordable, costing only 5% of the price of prescription hearing aids. These devices have proven effective for over 310,000 customers, and if they don't meet your expectations, you can return them and explore prescription alternatives.

How Does the Charger Function?

The charger is equipped with a wall transformer that can be connected to a standard 120-volt outlet. You have two options for charging: you can either insert the USB charging cable into the wall transformer when it's plugged into an outlet, or you can connect the USB charging cable to a USB port on a computer.

What Is that Small Protrusion on The Hearing Aid For?

The small extension, known as the “pull line” or “removal antenna,” serves the purpose of safely and easily removing the hearing device from your ear. While it can be detached without impacting any other components of the hearing aid, we recommend keeping it attached for convenient removal.

Will I Receive Email Notifications when My Order Has Been Shipped?

Certainly, you will receive email notifications. We will send you an invoice via email once your order is placed, and another notification will be sent when your order has been shipped.

If you can not find our emails in your normal inbox, it is worth checking your spam or junk mail folder.

Bottom Line

Audine Atom Pro is the number 1 hearing aid device on the market right now. The affordable price range it offers with futuristic technology and design makes it a must-try device for those who have hearing loss difficulties. Hearing devices and the medication related to it is so expensive that it’s not affordable to many.

In this detailed, in-depth Audine Atom Pro review, I’ve shared the insights of the world’s first patented hearing aid device Atom Pro. You can purchase the device for you or the one you care about most without undergoing excessive expense.


Audien Atom Pro Review

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Where to Buy Audien Atom Pro Hearing aid devices

The Audien Atom Pro is an advanced and innovative hearing aid device designed by Atom Sound Technology to serve individuals who have mild to moderate hearing loss.

Build and Design 10
Features Rate 9
Value for Money 10
Ease of use 10
  • Experience clearer and smoother
  • 24 hours of uninterrupted hearing aid
  • Produced in an FDA-approved facility
  • Comfortable and Almost Invisible Design
  • No online hearing exam is available
  • Limited one-year warranty

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