Amaranth Vase Review 2024: Should You Purchase It?

As a floral enthusiast, I have always loved having flowers in my home. The vibrant colors and the fresh feel that flowers give always work as a great mood lifter for me. No matter how much I loved flowers, it was impossible to enjoy their beauty for more than a week, sometimes even less.

The introduction of the Amaranth vase has been somewhat of a life-changing experience for me. And it has been a blessing to the fresh flowers you bring home.

No more seeing your beautiful picks wilting sooner than you wished in front of your eyes. You can now double the life of those fresh flowers by giving them the best home – an Amaranth vase.


Amaranth vase

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Amaranth Vase Review

Amaranth vase is an improved version of a regular flower vase to help fresh flowers to live longer with minimal effort. It is made of an impact-resistant combination of marble powder and sturdy plastic, making it more reliable and functional than other flower vases.

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 9
  • Amaranth Vase is so pretty
  • It doesn't break or chip
  • This vase makes flower care so easy
  • Comes in some beautiful colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Only available in two sizes

Amaranth Vase Review: Brief Overview

I have searched for a very long time at different places to find a suitable and less expensive way of keeping my flowers fresh longer. While many people suggested many things to try out, the thing that really worked was my purchase of the Amaranth vase. Check out my brief overview below to know more about the product.

What is Amaranth Vase?

Amaranth vase is an improved version of a regular flower vase to help fresh flowers to live longer with minimal effort. It is made of an impact-resistant combination of marble powder and sturdy plastic, making it more reliable and functional than other flower vases.

What is Amaranth Vase

I own several Amaranth vases. Since I started using them, my life has become much more enjoyable. As I've been tending to flowers for many years, I realized how important it is to cater your fresh flowers to a healthy and loving environment; an Amaranth vase can ensure that and many more!

It saves your time and effort while taking care of your fresh blooms. Also, it has a unique appearance with a 3D diamond pattern and tapered design. Even at one glance, you can tell it apart from other vases because of its distinct appearance.

Who doesn't love having colorful fresh blooms in their home? Everyone does. But the effort it takes to keep those beauties alive and well is not something everyone can offer.

The classy appearance combined with the fantastic upgrades from the typical flower vases makes the Amaranth vase an excellent option for your home and a gift for your friends, neighbors, or any loved ones. Traditional glass or ceramic vases can chip or break easily, whereas an Amaranth vase holds quite nicely together.

Does Amaranth Vase work?

Amaranth vase works incredibly well for me. If you are a flower lover and love bringing flowers inside your home every other week, be it freshly cut from your garden or a nearby flower house, you should know the struggle behind keeping the bloom alive and well.

Does Amaranth Vase work

Amaranth vase can help you care for your flowers in the best way possible. The fast draining and trimming mechanism make taking care of fresh blooms effortless and enjoyable.

The tedious process of changing the water and trimming the bad stems is not only time-consuming but also creates a lot of mess and gives us a lot of stress. This is precisely where the Amaranth vase comes to help.

It is a super vase and incredible technology that protects the flowers well to help them live longer. Users often say that an Amaranth vase takes care of your flowers for you!

The Science Behind Amaranth Vase

I will describe the science behind Amaranth Vase like this:

>Easy stem trimming + Orderly water changing = Happy Flowers

The Science behind Amaranth Vase

And to achieve that, all you need to do is twist the middle part of the vase. It is an innovative vase with a unique twist-and-turn system that anyone can do.

The first twist will allow the vase to drain the stake water using the hole on the bottom. Next, you can twist the bottom part out to access the stems.

You will see the stems peeking through the vase as you take that part out. Then, all you have to do is hold the top part of the vase and trim the stems as needed.

You won't have to take the flowers out, nor do you need to touch the flowers. So no spillage of murky water, no mess of withered flowers, and most of all, no need for any extra labor. And all of these get done in a minute!

Main Features of Amaranth Vase

To know more about the Amaranth vase, you need to know the prime features of this product first. Following, you will find the main features of the Amaranth vase based on my experience and research.

Main Features of Amaranth Vase

Easy-to-use twist drain; zero mess

The twist-and-turn feature makes water draining effortless. You won't have to keep the flowers emerging in stale water anymore; you can now get rid of that water without messing by simply using the twist drain to let the water out. This was by far the best feature of the Amaranth vase to me.

No leakage or chipping of the vase

The Amaranth vase is considered shatterproof to some extent. This means that sudden soft hits or bumps are not likely to cause leakage or chipping of the vase.

Made of high-grade and durable materials

Amaranth vase is made of a combination of marble and high-impact plastic. The perfect blend makes the vase sturdy enough to handle sudden hits or falls.

No slip; Provides good grip

I loved the exterior of the Amaranth vase. It feels good to touch. The diamond-patterned body also provides a good grip that prevents accidental slippage.

Comes in an array of beautiful colors

Another feature of the Amaranth vase is that it is available in an array of beautiful colors. You can choose from unique colors, including a simple, refreshing gray, subtle rose pink, and cool mint green. Or you can go for the conventional white, black, or blue.

Two sizes for you to choose from for your flowers

Lastly, I'll mention the two sizes of the Amaranth vase. They are available in two different sizes – small and large. The small one is around 7.5 inches tall, while the large one is 10 inches tall.

Benefits of Using Amaranth Vase

The introduction of the Amaranth vase has been pioneering for the modern world. Many people describe it as a modern-day vase because of its excellent functionality and elegant appearance. Therefore, I am including some of the best benefits of using an Amaranth vase.

Benefits of using Amaranth Vase

Quick access to the flowers and an easy way of trimming the stems

The amaranth vase allowed me quick access to the flowers and the stems. I could quickly get to the stems to trim them without even taking the flowers out, all thanks to the easy twist-and-turn mechanism of the vase.

Helps delay the early decaying of the flowers

The main culprit behind your flowers dying fast is the bacteria. The stale water and moldy flower stems are perfect for growing bacteria.

You must replace the water regularly or once every two days to keep the bacteria and yeast growth in check. Replacing your water becomes easy with an Amaranth vase.

Safe for pets and children

Amaranth vases are safe to keep in a home with pets, children, or both. They don't break easily and have a good grip that prevents accidental drops. Even small children can take care of the flowers arranged in an Amaranth vase.

Cuts down your expense on flowers

As with the Amaranth vase, your flowers get to live almost two times longer than the regular time; you will have to buy flowers later than usual. This will cut down your expense on fresh flowers.

No more puncturing your fingers because of the thorns

Some beautiful flowers come with prickly thorns that make it hard to take them out and clean the water every time. This is especially true for roses, the best ornamental flower out there, that come with thorns.

With the help of an Amaranth vase, you can easily drain and replace the water without touching the flowers. Yes, it's that easy! So no more hurting your fingers because of the thorns.

How Do You Use an Amaranth Vase?

Let me introduce you to a four-step easy guide to using an Amaranth vase to promote the best health of your favorite flowers.

How do you use an Amaranth Vase

Step 1: Twist and drain

In the first step, you will have to twist the bottom part of the vase slightly to allow the hole on the bottom to let the old water out.

Step 2: Slide and take the bottom part off

If you need to trim the stems, you must remove the bottom part. To do that, you need to twist the piece out to take it off.

Step 3: Trim the stems as you like

Now you can easily trim the stems by holding the upper part of the vase. The stems will be easily accessible, and you won't need to touch or take the flowers out.

Step 4: Screw the vase back and enjoy

Now you can screw the parts back together, and your vase should be ready to cater to your fresh blooms longer. You can also fill it up with water the way you would with the regular ones.

What I Like About Using Amaranth Vase?

There are so many things that I loved throughout my experience with the Amaranth vase.

What I Like About Using Amaranth Vase

It's so pretty!

I absolutely adore all of my Amaranth vases. Of course, they save my energy and time, but they also look so pretty and elegant.

The gorgeous 3D geometric patterns look really eye-catchy. I look at my home, and the fresh flowers arranged in these beautiful vases instantly lift my mood. Amaranth vase is such a mood booster!

It doesn't break or chip

I accidentally dropped the vase, not once but twice, and it didn't even budge. The vase actually lives up to its reputation. The creators are so confident that they guarantee a free replacement of the vase for any cracks or chips.

It makes flower care so easy!

Taking care of my flowers became much easier with the Amaranth vase. All I had to do was twist the lower bottom to drain the stale water, twist the bottom part out to trim the stems, and then put it back together to enjoy the beautiful flowers.

Comes in some beautiful colors

The beautiful colors that the Amaranth vase comes with make it so much fun and enjoyable to shop for these vases. You can get one or more colors according to your preference and your home's interior.

Easy to clean

A significant factor that impressed me was that this vase is easy to clean. You don't need harsh detergents or a solid scrubber to clean your Amaranth vase; just some warm water and mild soap will do.

Anyone can care for flowers now!

What's more special about these vases is that anyone can do the simple twist and turn water draining part. So if you go out for a couple of days and need someone to care for the flowers in your place, it is easy to teach them how to drain and trim using the Amaranth vase.

What Could be Better?

  • I felt that it would be great if there were more sizes available. Currently, the product is only available in two sizes. The large one can only accommodate twelve to eighteen long flowers.
  • I would like more colors to choose from to decorate my house. Although the available colors are beautiful, some more unique options can be a good idea to meet more customers' preferences.

Why Do You Need an Amaranth Vase?

It would help if you had an Amaranth vase to make life easier and take care of flowers more affordable and stress-free. Amaranth vase is like a promise to brighten your life and home instantly.

Why Do You Need an Amaranth Vase

It does not only help with the mess-free maintenance of your fresh blooms but is also a great mood booster. Just place this beautiful vase on your countertop or tabletop, fill it with water, and put some fresh flowers in it – your home gleams with elegance.

Also, these vases are designed in America with the greatest technology. It offers you to arrange your flowers in the best way possible and enjoy them for a long time.

While a regular vase can make your flowers last for only around a week, with an Amaranth vase, you can keep them with you for almost around 10-14 days.

Many botanists and enthusiasts suggest flower lovers try out these gorgeous vases as they are suitable for flowers.

So what do you think? Do you want to try out an Amaranth vase for the first time? Then, look nowhere else and click here to get redirected to the original website to get your hands on the authentic Amaranth vase of your preferred color and size.

Are Amaranth Vases Really Effective?

Amaranth vases are actually effective. I have been using them for a long time and enjoyed every bit of those times.

Are Amaranth Vases really effective

I started with one and ended up buying two more to decorate my home. So now, if you look at my house, you will find beautiful flowers arranged in gorgeous Amaranth vases welcoming you from different corners.

I can't even start to describe how warm and comforting this feeling is. The vase allows you to enjoy the luxury of having gorgeous flowers in your home for longer than just a week.

You will know when you see your flower after a week. While other times, fresh flowers wilt and the stems end up submerging in stale water full of stem composites and sugary substances, an Amaranth vase prevents that from happening.

You can't enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers forever, but you can increase the time they live for almost two times with an Amaranth vase. Regular changing will prevent the water from stinking and the stems from going bad by keeping bacteria and yeast at bay.

Also, as trimming becomes more manageable, you can trim the stems regularly. This will help the stems to absorb water better and stay fresh and vibrant for a long time.

Amaranth Vase Vs Traditional Vase

The amaranth vase is undoubtedly the best among all the other flower vases I have ever used. I will briefly discuss the differences between Amaranth vases and traditional vases below.

Amaranth Vase Vs Traditional Vase

Slipping off the vase

Traditional vases are usually made of glass, crystal, or ceramic that slip easily. Especially when you try to drain or change the water, a regular vase can easily fall or drop out of your hand.

On the other hand, the Amaranth vase is made of slip-proof plastic/marble materials. Also, some faint drops hardly cause the Amaranth vase to crack or damage.

Mess and spillage while changing water

Since traditional vases don't have holes or any other draining mechanism, you will have to take the whole bunch of flowers out to change the water or trim the stems. This causes an unnecessary mess of stake water, wilted flowers, and spoiled stems.

Mess and spillage while changing water

An Amaranth vase comes with a small round opening on the bottom of the vase. It allows you to drain the old water without doing much. You just have to twist and drain.

Breaking or chipping of the vase

We all know how fragile glass or ceramic products are. Flower vases made of these materials are no different.

Vases made of glass, crystal, or ceramic can break when they fall or encounter hard surfaces. However, an Amaranth vase has an impact-resistant exterior that doesn't crack or chip that easily.

Cutting the stems

Botanists and floral specialists have mentioned over and over again that the no.1 reason behind flowers wilting fast is bacteria. The best way to diminish or slow down the growth of bacteria is by trimming the stems.

Cutting the stems

Now, the process of cutting the stems in a traditional vase requires taking the flowers out, trimming, and putting them back in. But with an Amaranth vase, you can twist the bottom part out of the assembly, trim easily, and then put the pieces back together. No hassle, no mess, minimal effort.

What Does User Say About Amaranth Vase?

I've shared my experience with Amaranth vases and vouch for them. However, to give you an idea of what other users say about the vase, I will include some user reviews below.

“I love this vase as it doesn't require much use. The unique design has thoroughly improved the life and health of my flowers. Also, it doesn't interfere with the flower arrangements.”

-Ray C.

“I still can't believe we didn't have an Amaranth vase even before! It is a genius solution to all my flower care problems.”

-Debra S.

“I got to use the Amaranth vase for the first time this week, and taking care of my flowers has gotten much easier. All I have to do is just twist, drain, and trim to keep them fresh and vibrant.”

-Jaime Marty.

Amaranth Vase Cost & Refund Policy

The following prices are the standard prices shown on the website. However, all these prices are subject to change by the original provider. So it's better to check here for the right price and order immediately.

  • Package 1– Buy one Amaranth Vase for $40
  • Package 2– Buy 2 Amaranth Vases, Get 1 free for $110
  • Package 3– Buy 3 Amaranth Vase, Get 2 free for $167.99

Like most other manufacturers, the Amaranth Vase also provides a 30-day refund facility to its customers. So if you are unhappy with the product you received or there's something wrong with it, you can return it within 30 days to demand a refund.

Their customer service center is really prompt and friendly. So you will have no problem dealing with this. Also, you can quickly contact them if you have any queries regarding the product or their services.

Where Can I Order It?

You must save yourself from getting conned by websites or groups pretending to be the original manufacturer. So I'm putting down the link to the exclusive website below to make things easier. Get your first ever Amaranth Vase from the exclusive website and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know a lot about Amaranth vases and how they make your life easier, let's look at some frequently asked questions by users and floral enthusiasts.

Is the Amaranth Vase Unbreakable?

The fact that the Amaranth vase doesn't break that easily, even if it falls or hits a surface, proves that it is indeed unbreakable. It is considered safe for pets and children as it is sturdy enough to handle a few knocks and sink falls. The creators attest that they created the vase in a way that won't slip or break easily.

How Do You Fill the Vase?

Filling the Amaranth vase is not a different process from regular vases. You can simply pour water from any stable water source and fill the vase to your preferred height.

The difference is actually with the release mechanism. You must take the flowers out to empty a regular vase, while with an Amaranth vase, you can just twist and drain.

Is the Amaranth Vase Shatterproof?

From my experience, yes, the Amaranth vase is shatterproof. It is made of solid impact-resistant materials. I also checked with many other users' reviews who shared their happiness and amazement that the vase doesn't break or chip that easily. Also, the manufacturer offers a free replacement if the product breaks or chips.

Can You Wash an Amaranth Vase in the Dishwasher?

I wouldn't suggest you wash your Amaranth vase in a dishwasher. It is not said to be dishwasher safe. Also, it is effortless to clean the vase. You can easily do it by hand. Just use some mild soap and warm water.

What type of vase is best for flowers?

The best type of vase is the one that lets the flowers breathe. Flowers are not still life; they need air and subtle light to bloom and stay vibrant. However, it's true that once you cut them out from the plants or purchase freshly cut flowers from the store, they can't go on living for a very long time.

However, with the right vase and care, you can improve the quality of their life and increase their lifespan. Enter the Amaranth vase! It is the best one out there to take good care of this gorgeous creation of nature without much hassle.

Who is the Provider of the Product?

The original provider of this product is the Amaranth Vase Company, a Texas-based American company. As soon as the CEO, Mendel Schectman, came up with this intelligent and modern flower care solution, people loved them!

I tried to showcase my experience and the features I loved about the Amaranth vase to the best of my abilities. However, what is supposed to be a pleasant experience can be bitter with the wrong product.

Many websites claim to be the original manufacturer of Amaranth vases and give out replicas to customers. They are both spoiling the good reputation of the products and playing with flower lovers' enthusiasm to try out new things.

Don't fall for those phony websites selling lookalikes and trying to make money using the fame of popular products. Visit legitimate websites and make your purchase wisely.

Bottom line: Amaranth Vase Review

If you love fresh flowers as much as I do, you are bound to fall in love with Amaranth vases. I was a bit skeptical at first but went for it anyway, and I can proudly say that it has been one of my best purchases in life so far.

An Amaranth vase helps keep flowers fresh longer and is also quite functional, sturdy, and of course, pretty. I simply cannot think of a better home for my fresh cuts.

While it meets most of my floral needs, it works as an elegant addition to my home as well. If you are looking for a good quality flower vase, I suggest you try the Amaranth vase. I can already see you falling in love with it!


Amaranth vase

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Amaranth Vase Review

Amaranth vase is an improved version of a regular flower vase to help fresh flowers to live longer with minimal effort. It is made of an impact-resistant combination of marble powder and sturdy plastic, making it more reliable and functional than other flower vases.

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 9
  • Amaranth Vase is so pretty
  • It doesn't break or chip
  • This vase makes flower care so easy
  • Comes in some beautiful colors
  • Easy to clean
  • Only available in two sizes

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