Alleyoop Multi-Tasker Review 2024: 4-in-1 Brush For Makeup Lovers

I don't know how often I struggled to carry a different item for my different makeup needs. A brush for applying blush, a brush for eyeshadow, one for eyebrows, and a concealer sponge. Fortunately, I found something that took all the struggle away.

After looking for a one-stop solution for the trouble, I found a multi-tasker kit by Alleyoop. Here, I will take you through the Alleyoop multi-tasker review to share my experience of using the thing in my daily life.

You will truly understand the meaning of an all-in-one solution for applying makeup with this multi-tasker. Don’t waste time, check out the Alleyoop multi tasker to save some space in your purse.


Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

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Alleyoop Multi-tasker Review

Multi-tasker by Alleyoop is the handiest of inventions for any makeup artist or lover. It combines four different makeup tools to apply different kinds of makeup on the face in one tool.

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 9
  • Uses high-quality synthetic fiber.
  • It's quite compact with a 7.5" size
  • Combines four makeup tools in one
  • One tool for a complete makeup
  • Easy to clean and replaceable sponge
  • Durable to use regularly
  • The tool can be a bit expensive
  • Not available everywhere

What is Alleyoop Multi-Tasker?

Multi-tasker by Alleyoop is the handiest of inventions for any makeup artist or lover. It combines four different makeup tools to apply different kinds of makeup on the face in one tool.

What is Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

Whether you need to apply blush on your face or use concealer, one tool can help you with it. Sounds interesting, right? Well, yes, you get the following tools on this multi-tasker.

  • Brow brush: It's the tool you use to straighten the brows after drawing them out. Many people call it a liner or an angled brush as well.
  • Concealer sponge: The concealer sponge helps you blend the concealer on your face after applying it.
  • Eyeshadow brush: The purpose of an eyeshadow brush is to blend it on your eyelids, so it doesn't pop out too much.
  • Blush brush: You can use the blush brush to apply and blend the blush on your cheeks to get that finishing touch on your makeup.

As you can see, you can have all the essential beauty applicators to complete your makeup look. Wouldn't it feel great to have this tool in your purse? I already have this in my purse all the time, and it's the best thing to have as a makeup lover.

How Does Alleyoop Multi-Tasker Work?

Just from the intro of this tool, you already know how it can affect your daily makeup routine. The obvious factor of this multi-tasker is that it will save up a lot of space in your purse. Along with that, it offers plenty of benefits that I will discuss in a bit.

How Does Alleyoop Multi-Tasker Work

Before that, let's talk about how the tool works. After using it for a while, the experience I have is straightforward. I use this simple tool to apply blush, foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyebrows. So, I can complete my makeup for a standard look with this tool.

My makeup routine has been simplified thanks to this tool. It also made my life more sorted and removed a lot of clutter away from my life. Now, I don't have to keep track of all the different tools, and I have to manage them every time.

I simply bring out the Alleyoop multi-tasker, use the tool to apply makeup, and pack it up. One tool is enough to get the job done in my case.

Main Features of Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

Now, let’s get to those factual parts that always excite people to get these tools. While using the tool, I had the opportunity to test some key features that make it what it is. Here, I will go through them one by one –

Main Features of Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

Comes with synthetic fibers

What I love the most about this multi-tasker is that they use high-quality materials. All the brushes in the tool use premium quality synthetic fibers to ensure your safety for any face type. I never had to go through any skin issues while using this tool regularly.

With this kind of quality material, I could relax and use the tool for as long as possible. The quality works like reassurance for many people like me, who have sensitive skin and worry about skin issues a lot.

Replaceable and reusable sponge

Many times, the single concealer or foundation sponges I got weren't reusable or replaceable. But the sponge I got on the multi-tasker is both replaceable and reusable. When I felt the sponge was wearing out (which, by the way, takes a lot of time), I replaced the sponge.

Before that, I would clean the sponge without any trouble at all. It never took too much work or effort to clean the whole thing.

Easy to manage without losing anything

Honestly, I am very clumsy and often forget where I keep things. I have already lost countless makeup brushes this way. And for someone like me, this was the perfect thing.

I never had to worry about losing any of the brushes as all of them are together. I didn't bother keeping things in place because all the tools were in one place. Considering both these factors, it worked out perfectly for me.

Lightweight and compact design

Of course, one of the defining characteristics of this Alleyoop multi-tasker is its compact size and lightweight. You can easily carry the tool in your purse and even in your pockets if you want. I don’t think that would be possible with the standard tools.

I always carry the tool in my purse and it just stays there. I only bring it out when applying makeup, even at home. Although, I am planning to get another one, so I can keep one in my purse and one in my vanity as it doesn’t take much space.

Benefits of Using Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

In my time using the Alleyoop multi-tasker, I enjoyed a lot of benefits from the tool, and I couldn't find anything to replace them.

Benefits of using Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

These benefits truly make the tool worth all the money. So, let's check out the benefits you can expect from the multi-tasker.

  • First, the materials they use in the tool are of high quality. There is no chance of any skin issues, even with sensitive skin.
  • Everyone can use the tool regardless of skin type and apply different makeup.
  • One tool is enough to get a complete makeup look. No need to get four different tools.
  • Saves up space in your purse and reduces hassle inside as well.
  • No chance of losing the brushes or tools one by one.
  • The tool is easy to clean and lasts for a long time. So, you don't have to buy a set of new brushes that often.
  • It saves money because you don't have to buy new makeup brushes every month and don’t lose them, either.
  • You can carry the tool wherever you go. Whether you keep it in your purse or your pockets it’s up to you.

How to Use Alleyoop Multi-Tasker?

Since you are here enquiring about Alleyoop Multi-tasker brushes, I bet you already know how to use them. Still, for the ones who might get a bit confused, I will take you through some steps of using the tool.

How to Use Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

Keep in mind it's not the only way to use the brush, and it's just how I use it. The basic use is to get the tool out, apply the makeup, and then stash it away. Now, let's get on to how I use the tool.

Step 1: Using the brow brush

I begin my makeup routine with the brow brush. First, I draw my eyebrows and use the brush to straighten them. I do this to highlight my brows a little better.

Step 2: Applying foundation/ concealer

Next up, I take the concealer sponge and then put some concealer on my face. It helps me cover my face's dark circles, spots, or pigmentation. Sometimes I use the foundation with this sponge as well.

Step 3: Applying eyeshadow

To do my eye, I apply some eyeshadow on my eyelids. I usually experiment with the colors and go with the one I like. Then, use the eyeshadow brush to blend it in properly.

Step 4: Finishing off with the blush  

I finish off my make with a blush. I take the blush brush and put it on my blusher. Then, apply the blush on my cheeks and blend it properly.

Step 5: Clean the brushes and pack them up

After finishing my makeup, I immediately clean all the brushes. It ensures that no makeup is left on my brushes, so I can use it without worries next time. Finally, I stash away the tool and pack it in my bag.


Well, there is nothing much to discuss when it comes to the specification of the tool. Since it's not electric, you only get to see a few specs. Here are the specifications of the tool –

Size 7.87 x 2.2 x 1.14 inches
Weight 0.32ounces
Material Synthetic fiber
Features 4-in-1 makeup tool

Pros & Cons of Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

Before you decide to buy the Alleyoop multi-tasker, I will take you through its pros and cons. This section should give you an idea of what's good about the multi-tasker and what's bad. Let’s get going.

  • Uses high-quality synthetic fiber.
  • It's quite compact with a 7.5″ size
  • Combines four makeup tools in one
  • One tool for a complete makeup
  • Easy to clean and replaceable sponge
  • Durable to use regularly
  • The tool can be a bit expensive
  • Not available everywhere

Why Do You Need an Alleyoop Multi-Tasker?

I hope you already know why you want to buy Alleyoop multi-tasker rather than regular makeup tools. If you travel a lot, are a student, or work at an office, this is the perfect tool to get.

Why Do You Need an Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

You can take this compact tool with you and complete your makeup anywhere. Whether it's in your university or your office doesn't matter. It doesn't take up much space, so you won't mind carrying it around.

Having this one is better because you get all the tools in one place. And you never have to worry about losing a particular tool. Managing the makeup tools becomes much easier for you.

Is Alleyoop Multi-Tasker Effective?

Yes, Alleyoop multi-tasker is a very effective tool, and I can attest to that myself. I have used the tool for a long time, and it satisfied me. I got every benefit I desired from the tool.

Is Alleyoop Multi-Tasker effective

The key feature, of course, is the compactness of the tool. I could carry the tool everywhere and instantly complete my makeup. It never made a mess inside my purse or bag. Also, I have been using it for a long time, and I didn't need any other tool or brush during that.

Last but not least, the quality is just top-notch. It blends my makeup very well. Despite having dry, sensitive skin, I never faced any issues whatsoever. So, I would say the tool is effective and worth the money for anyone who puts on makeup often.

What Makes Alleyoop Multi-Tasker So Special?

While the application is pretty much the same as any regular makeup tool, it has some specialty. The first thing is that it combines four different makeup tools in one place.

What Makes Alleyoop Multi-Tasker so Special

Another specialty you get on the tool is that it's so small. Managing or keeping it inside your purse isn’t difficult at all. Everything just stays together in one place.

Along with that, there is the factor of reusability. You can wash the sponge or brushes and reuse them. Also, you can replace the sponge on the concealer sponge.

Lastly, there is the specialty of high-quality material. You don’t get to see the premium quality synthetic fiber on many makeup brushes out there. So, that’s something to note down for sure.

What Do Customers Say About Alleyoop Multi-Tasker?

Until now, whatever you read is simply my experience with the multi-tasker. But I didn’t have that detailed luxury, so I had to go through user reviews of other people from different websites.

Below, I have shared what they had to say about the makeup tool. Let’s get through that right away.

“Estrella C. says that she loved the brush. It saved a lot of time for her while doing her makeup. She knew it would come in handy whenever I could travel. It cuts down on the clutter she had in her purse before getting the tool.”

“LL says that she loved the tool's versatility and appreciates the pouch she gets. She particularly mentioned the angle brush that she used for applying various powders.”

“In a detailed user review, paty_cruz22 said she thinks it's a cool brush. However, she found the sponge brush a bit hard in the beginning. However, it didn't affect them much because she had been using the sponge to contour her nose. In her opinion, it’s the perfect thing for quick makeup.”

“According to Krystal, the brush tool is perfect because she is a hot mess and she constantly loses her stuff. So, it’s something that she doesn’t need to think about losing or keeping track of.”

These are some people's reviews and thoughts regarding the Alleyoop multi-tasker. As you can see, none of them complain about the pricing, because it’s truly a worthwhile tool. You can check out more reviews in their official website as well.

Alleyoop Multi-Tasker Cost & Money Back Guarantee

Honestly, this is not the cheapest makeup tool you can see. It can be a bit expensive for some. However, it's worth the money considering its quality and benefits.

Alleyoop Multi-Tasker Cost & Money Back Guarantee

If you plan to buy one Alleyoop multi-tasker, it would cost you around $28. But you can save a lot of money if you buy two. Because when you buy two of them, you get one more for free. That means you can get three multi-taskers at $56.

And the best deal is when you buy 3 of them because you will get two more free. You can get five multi-taskers for $84. I would say that’s a deal you won’t want to pass on.

Topping it all off, you also get a money-back guarantee on the makeup tool. They provide a 60-day money-back guarantee on their Alleyoop multi-tasker tool. You can get a refund if you aren't satisfied with the tool or face issues.

Where Can I Buy it?

You can get the Alleyoop multi-tasker in various places all over the internet. However, I suggest getting it from the official website. If you get the tool from them, you can avail of the two monthly money-back guarantees from the company.

Also, it ensures you get authentic tools rather than cheap copies on the internet. There are many copies out there that tend to have very poor quality. So, be careful about that.

You can't find much difference in the price. I recommend getting your Alleyoop multi-tasker from their official site to get the discount on multiple purchases and the guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you may still have some questions persisting in your mind. Here, I will try to answer some of the most popular questions I had and found during my research on the product.

How do I clean the brushes?

Cleaning the brushes is very simple. All you have to do is get a mixture of soap and lukewarm water. Then, put the brush on the soap and gently massage your palm. Finally, rinse the brush and let it dry.

What are skin types Alleyoop products suitable for?

Alleyoop products are suitable for all kinds of skin types. Regardless of whether you have dry skin or oily skin you can use the tool. Even with a sensitive skin, you won’t have any worries at all. Because it doesn’t cause any issues whatsoever.

Who makes the Alleyoop Multi-Tasker?

Alleyoop is entrepreneurship, and it started its brand all by itself. There are no third-party involved in making the Alleyoop multi-tasker. They manufacture the product themselves and distribute it from their US manufacturing facility. Leila Kashani Manshoory founded the brand and the tool.

Is the Alleyoop Multi-Tasker 100% vegan?

Yes, it is vegan. There is no doubt about that. It has PETA certification, which means it didn't harm any animal while developing this product. PETA verified the making process and certified it to be 100% vegan.

Are replacement brushes available for sale?

Yes, you can get replacement sponges. You don’t need to get replacement brushes though. Because you can clean the brushes using a mix of soap and lukewarm water. The best part is you can clean them repeatedly.

Who is the Provider of the Product?

While you can find Alleyoop multi-tasker in different online stores, the company doesn't associate with them. Alleyoop is the only provider of the multi-tasker makeup tool.

The founder Leila Kashani Manshoory came up with the idea of this tool to provide convenience for women. She wanted to eliminate the mess and stress of the makeup routine for women.

After being disappointed with the multi-brushes she had used earlier, she had to develop such a product. The quality she got never satisfied her. Hence, she developed the high-quality Alleyoop multi-tasker.

Support Team

To inquire further, I contacted the company a lot of times. They are very responsive as a support team, and their behavior makes you feel like they are your friends. Here’s a list of contacts you can use to get in touch with Alleyoop.

Purpose Email
Customer service queries
Wholesale purposes
Collaboration purposes
Press purpose
General inquiries
Career opportunities


I don’t think I have anything else to add to this discussion. I have already shared every little detail of my experience in this Alleyoop multi-tasker review. You now have all the knowledge of how good the tool is and how it benefits you.

One thing I will suggest is to get the tool from the official website to avoid any copy pieces. And if you want to make it worthy, I recommend getting multiple of them together. Maybe get one for your sisters, cousins, or even friends.

But if you don't have that option, I would still say getting one of these. It may feel expensive initially, but as time passes, you will get the value out of it.


Alleyoop Multi-Tasker

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Alleyoop Multi-tasker Review

Multi-tasker by Alleyoop is the handiest of inventions for any makeup artist or lover. It combines four different makeup tools to apply different kinds of makeup on the face in one tool.

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 9
  • Uses high-quality synthetic fiber.
  • It's quite compact with a 7.5" size
  • Combines four makeup tools in one
  • One tool for a complete makeup
  • Easy to clean and replaceable sponge
  • Durable to use regularly
  • The tool can be a bit expensive
  • Not available everywhere

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