Airphysio Review In 2024 – Does It Really Work?

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), more than a billion people are currently suffering from respiratory and breathing problems. If you’re one of them and looking for a natural solution to get rid of this problem. Then I’m going to introduce you to a great device that can help you get rid of this problem.

The device I’m talking about is known as AirPhysio. It’s an award-winning device designed to develop your breathing system naturally through its innovative breath training exercise.

I’ve been using the device for a couple of months for my asthma problem, and it helped me a lot to reduce the problem.

Now here in this AirPhysio review, I’m going to show every single fact about this device so that you can get a complete idea about it before you get one.


Airphysio Review

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Quick Overview of AirPhysio

AirPhysio is an advanced quality medical-grade OPEP device. It’s designed to eliminate your breathing issues by removing the mucus from the breathing way.

Reliability 10
Safety 10
Ease of Use 10
Cost-Efficiency 9
  • It helps to clean the mucus naturally from your airway.
  • Completely drugless solutions.
  • Unblocks the blocked & semi-close airways.
  • Not an inhaler.
  • Not available in the local store.

My Quick Overview of AirPhysio

Quick Overview of AirPhysioAirPhysio is a high-quality breath training OPEP device designed to improve your breathing quality naturally. The specialty of this device is it clear the mucus from your airways and unblock the blockage that causes breathing problems.

It uses Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure to increase the capacity of your lungs & eliminate your breathing issue.

Besides, the most significant fact about this device is it completely drug-free, so using the device is safe and free from side effects. If you’re suffering from respiratory issues and looking for a natural solution, AirPhysio is one of the best options. You’ll experience the improvement and changes from your very first trial.

AirPhysio Review – My Honest Opinion

AirPhysio Review – My Honest OpinionI’m an asthma patient, and therefore, most of the time, I suffer from respiratory issues. As asthma is an incurable disease, there’s no complete solution for that. I tried a lot of medicine and inhalers to control it, but I always searched for something natural that could help me with my breathing issue. And, I discovered the AirPhysio.

It has been nine months since I have been using AirPhysio and this drug-free OPEP device helps me manage my breathing issue effectively. As a satisfied user of this incredible device, I think it has become one of my responsibilities to share my experience with you. Now here in this AirPhysio review, I’ll share my honest opinion about this device.

What is AirPhysio?

What is AirPhysioAirPhysio is an advanced quality medical-grade OPEP device. It’s designed to eliminate your breathing issues by removing the mucus from the breathing way.

Basically, it’s a lung expansion gadget that increases the capacity of your lungs in an advanced and innovative way. It uses Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure to develop your breathing system naturally.

By using this “lung exerciser breath training device,” you can gradually increase the capacity of your lungs & solve your breathing problem.

However, the most impressive thing about the AirPhysio is, it’s completely drugless. Therefore, using this device is completely safe and has no side effects. From a teenager to an adult, everyone can use it effectively to fix their respiratory problem.

Does AirPhysio Really Work?

Does AirPhysio Really WorkYes, AirPhysio helps a lot to overcome your respiratory and breathing issues through its Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure. If you do some research, you’ll find countless positive feedback and reviews left by the users of this award-winning device. And, the device is highly appreciated by respiratory therapists and pulmonologists for reducing breathing problems.

Now, let me tell you how AirPhysio actually works. It produces Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure, clears the mucus from your airways, and naturally develops your breathing system. All that you have to do is to place the window of this mouthpiece in your mouth and breathe in & out.

It puts positive pressure on your lungs when you start breathing exercises with it. And, the pressure clears the mucus from your airways and lets you breathe comfortably.

AirPhysio’s Patented Design

AirPhysio’s Patented DesignAirPhysio looks very simple, but it comes with a patented and unique design that separates it from other OPEP devices. It implements the simple law of physics to create positive pressure inside your lung and airways. The device has three main components, they are:

  1. Protective Cover.
  2. Steel Ball, and
  3. Circular Cone.

How The AirPhysio OPEP Devices Work?

First, remove the AirPhysio from its protective cover, then breathe through it. When you start breathing with the device, your air will encounter the steel ball and the circular cone of the device.

Consequently, they’ll create air resistance and put positive pressure on your lungs and airway. The pressure will remove the mucus from your airways and lungs and unblock your airways. It helps you to improve your breathing naturally without any drug or surgery.

What Features Does Airphysio Carry?

features of AirPhysioAirPhysio brings so many unique features for people who have respiratory and breathing issues. Have a look at the below segment to know some of these features.

Naturally, Remove Mucus From Airways

Mucus is one of the main culprits that block the airways and cause breathing and respiratory problems. AirPhysio is designed to clean the mucus naturally from your airways.

It increases the capacity of your lungs by removing the excess mucus and unblocking the blocked airways.

Instant Output

Its instant output is another excellent reason behind its immense popularity. Within your first use, you’ll notice its effectiveness. I can still remember the day I first used the AirPhysio.

I felt an enormous improvement in my respiratory issues. You’ll get cleaner, stronger, and healthier lungs by using the device continuously.

Scientifically Proven Device

AirPhysio is an FDA-registered patented device. Numerous studies and tests are done on this device to prove its effectiveness scientifically.

Through these studies and tests, it’s proven that the device helps to improve respiratory problems & to breathe difficulties by using Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure.

Drugless Natural Aid

One of the best parts of AirPhysio is that it’s 100% drug-free. So you are entirely free from any kind of harmful chemicals, toxins, and steroids while using this device.

It creates a vibration & positive pressure to increase your lung’s capacity and clears the mucus from the airway walls. Therefore, using the device has no side effects and doesn’t require any prescription or doctor’s suggestion.

Portable and Handy

Another most significant advantage of AirPhysio is that the device is very lightweight, compact, and super portable. Its on-the-go design lets you take it anywhere you want and use it whenever you need it.

Moreover, using the device is straightforward, just take it out from your bag or pocket and start blowing for a couple of seconds.

Pros And Cons of AirPhysio

If you’re suffering from a respiratory issue, then the AirPhysio OPEP device is the ultimate solution for you. But before you get one for yourself, read the following pros and cons. It’ll help you get a clear idea about this device, and you’ll quickly understand how this device will help you with respiratory issues.

  • It helps to clean the mucus naturally from your airway.
  • Completely drugless solutions.
  • Unblocks the blocked & semi-close airways.
  • Super portable and compact shape.
  • It can be used without any prescriptions & doctor’s suggestions.
  • Not an inhaler.
  • Not available in the local store.

Which Conditions Can AirPhysio Help You With?

AirPhysio can help you with most of your respiratory and breathing issues. Under this section, I will show you some of these common cases where the device can help you a lot.

  • Asthma.
  • Atelectasis.
  • Flu.
  • Common cold.
  • Bronchiectasis.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD),
  • Cystic fibrosis.
  • Emphysema & chronic bronchitis.

Who Can Use AirPhysio?

Who Can Use AirPhysioThere is no restriction on who can use the AirPhysio device or who can’t. Anybody who has breathing or respiratory issues can use it to improve their breathing quality.

AirPhysio is more suitable for older people who’re suffering from lung conditions. But overall, regardless of age, children and adults all are getting benefit from it.

Under this section, I include some categories of the people who’ll get the most benefit from it.

  • Especially the older adults.
  • Divers, Swimmers, & other athletes.
  • Singers & musicians.
  • Smokers & vapers.
  • Anybody with respiratory conditions, such as COPD, asthma, cystic fibrosis, atelectasis, & many others.

How To Use AirPhysio?

How To Use AirPhysioAs a new user, you might be curious to know how to use this device. Well, using AirPhysio is one of the easiest things in the world. Here I’m going to show you the most straightforward process to use this device effectively.

Step 1: Make a perfect posture of your body before using the device.

Step 2: Now, start inhaling slowly beyond your normal breathing. While doing this, don’t fill your lungs completely.

Step 3: Hold your breath for a couple of seconds.

Step 4: Now, take the AirPhysio device and place it in your mouth and exhale through it in a faster process. Don’t increase the speed forcefully & don’t empty your lungs completely.

Step 5: While doing the breathing exercise with this device, sometimes you may need to adjust the tilt to get the maximum vibration in the chest. Keep your cheeks as stiff as possible.

Step 6: Repeat the whole process 2-4 times for 5-10 breaths and continue the process until the mucus comes out from your lungs.

How To Clean AirPhysio?

How To Clean AirPhysioCleaning the AirPhysio is straightforward, and it’s a must to clean the device after every use to maintain your hygiene. That’s because the component of the device gets dirty with moisture and mucus after every use. So you need to clean it properly for further use.

  • To clean the device, first, you need to disassemble it.
  • The device has two windows; along with the above window, you’ll find an indication of a child’s safety latch.
  • Depressed the child’s safety latch, twisted the cap anti-clockwise, & pulled the cap gently away from the device body.
  • Once you successfully disassemble all the components, wash them with clean water with detergent or mild soap.
  • After washing the components with detergent, rinse them properly again with clean water, and wipe the components with a clean and dry towel.
  • Now clean the components again with an alcohol solution, such as isopropyl or ethyl.
  • Let them dry for a while and reassemble them once they get dry.

Clean your AirPhysio device at least once a day, and don’t use a dirty one without proper cleaning.

AirPhysio Reviews: What Do Customers Have to Say?

Before getting anything new I always check its genuine buyer’s reviews. I did the same before I got my AirPhysio device and studied more than 100 reviews. It helps me to get a clear idea about the product. So if you’re planning to get this device here is some random feedback of its user.AirPhysio Reviews What Do Customers Have to Say AirPhysio Reviews What Customers says AirPhysio Reviews What Do Customers Say

Where To Buy?

Where To Buy airphysioAfter reading this AirPhysio review, if you decide to get one of these devices to eliminate your respiratory problem. I’ll recommend you to get it from its official site. The manufacturer of the AirPhysio only sells its product on its official site to avoid online fraud and duplicity.

Besides that, by purchasing the device from its official site, you’ll get a 50% discount on your purchase during the company’s promo campaign time.

Remember, the promo offer lasts for a limited time. So grab your device before the promo ends.

To help you with quick access to the AirPhysio official site, I’m going to add its official link down this section.

Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer of AirPhysio is very confident about its device. That’s why it gives every user a 30-days money-back guarantee on their purchase. After purchasing the device, if you experience a manufacturing defect or any other problem, you can return the device and get a full refund of your payment.

You can only claim the money-back guarantee if the device has any defect; otherwise, you won’t be eligible for that.

FAQs About AirPhysio

While reading this AirPhysio review, some questions might arise in your curious mind. Read this FAQ section to get most of the answers to these questions.

How Do I Use Airphysio?

Using the AirPhysio is very easy and simple. All that you have to do is take the device and place the mouthpiece inside your mouth and start breathing through it. While taking a breath using this device, you’ll see the device work against breathing to create pressure in the airway. Through this, it removes mucus from your throat.

Will Airphysio Hurt?

No, it won’t hurt. But you’ll feel a bit of tickle inside your throat as a regular part of mucus cleaning. Then again, if, unfortunately, you experience any pain while using the device, then it’s probably you’re using the device in the wrong way.

How Often Should I Use Airphysio?

There is no limit and no condition about how frequently you can use this device. You can use it once a day or several times a day. It’s entirely up to you. But remember one thing, the more you’ll use it, the better your airways will be.

Is Airphysio Safe?

AirPhysio deals with your breathing problem completely in a natural way, and it’s 100% drug-free. So using this device has no harmful reaction or side effects. Besides that, the device is FDA-registered & suggested by doctors. More than 80,000 people worldwide are currently using the device, with no issue reported.

Is It Possible for Multiple People to Share This Device at Once?

Although it’s possible, you shouldn’t use someone else’s AirPhysio device or don’t allow others to use yours. Using a single device by multiple users spreads germs and viruses. So it’s always better to avoid multiple uses.

Who Is the Supplier of the Product?

AirPhysio is manufactured and supplied by an Australian company named “AirPhysio Pty Ltd.” The company sells the product worldwide through its official website. It has one of the fastest shipping system around the world. So it doesn’t matter from wherever you’re placing the order, you’ll get the product right in front of your door within the minimum delivery time.

Support Team Contacts

For any kind of queries and feedback, you may want to contact the AirPhysio support team. For your convenience, down this section, I’ll include the support team contact details. The Australian company has a dedicated international support team to help you with your issue.


Phone: 1300 723 110

Company Address:

  • AirPhysio Pty Ltd
  • Shop 3, 47 Tweed Heads Road
  • Cabarita Beach, NSW, 2488

Final Thoughts

After reading the AirPhysio review, you’ve already understood how AirPhysio helps to improve your breathing system naturally. This drug-free OPEP device is one of the best treatments, to deal with your respiratory problem in the most effective way.

Moreover, If you have any kind of breathing and respiratory issue, I’ll recommend you to use it and say goodbye to your respiratory problems.


Airphysio Review

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Quick Overview of AirPhysio

AirPhysio is an advanced quality medical-grade OPEP device. It’s designed to eliminate your breathing issues by removing the mucus from the breathing way.

Reliability 10
Safety 10
Ease of Use 10
Cost-Efficiency 9
  • It helps to clean the mucus naturally from your airway.
  • Completely drugless solutions.
  • Unblocks the blocked & semi-close airways.
  • Not an inhaler.
  • Not available in the local store.

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