ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Review: The Best Fitness Tracker At a Reliable Budget

A record of our daily exercises and other physical activities helps us monitor the progress we are making. Fitness-tracking smartwatches are the best option for monitoring the real-time data of our daily activities.

But the problem is that not all of them come with a reliable budget or have advanced tracking sensors for various physical actions. I was also in need of a fitness tracker and was searching for one that was budget-friendly and had High-level functionalities to track my different types of physical states.

Some of the latest versions of Apple watches are designed with an ECG rating but are only compatible with the latest versions of iPhones. After investigating for a while, I found a hidden gem on the internet, the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker.

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is a blend of top-notch features that are highly needed to monitor our regular or anytime physical condition in order to achieve the desired fitness. From heart rate, BP, and daily walking steps to the ECG, you can check everything through it.

I have been using this smartwatch for almost a year, and in this detailed ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Review, I will share my experience and its advanced features.


ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Review

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Is it Worth Buying The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is a smartwatch designed to monitor physical activities to keep the body fit and healthy. More clearly, it is a smart healthcare wristband that has special sensors to detect body temperature, ECG, Blood Pressure, Oxygen in Blood, Heart Rate, and Sports Data Management technology

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Value for Money 10
  • Measures 14 activities of your body
  • LED sensor to calculate accurate data
  • Sedentary Reminder
  • Long-lasting 120 mAh battery
  • Only sold in the official website

What is ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is a smartwatch designed to monitor physical activities to keep the body fit and healthy. More clearly, it is a smart healthcare wristband that has special sensors to detect body temperature, ECG, Blood Pressure, Oxygen in Blood, Heart Rate, and Sports Data Management technology.

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Review The Best Fitness Tracker At a Reliable Budget

Similar to other brands' smartwatches, the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker counts your daily running range and walking steps. You will also get notification alerts, such as incoming calls, messages, and others from social media applications. Plus, you can receive calls or reply to messages from the watch.

The amazing part is that this fitness tracker is manufactured with IP67 high-level water-access protection. This mechanism ensures you can even swim, go out in the rain, and dip it in water.

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is rechargeable, but it doesn't require a charging cable or adapter like traditional smartwatches. The built-in USB plug is compatible with any USB charger or computer, and you can easily charge it on those outlets.

The last convening fact that makes this fitness tracker an ultimate choice is its pocket-friendly budget. You won't find any smartwatches at this budget that contain so many exceptional features to measure the impact of regular exercise on optimal and desired well-being, as well as stay on track.

Specifications Of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

First, take a look at the specifications of the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker below:

Product Name ActiV8 Fitness Tracker
Chip Model ARM-Cortex MO
Kernel DA 14585
Display 0.96-inch TFT (Thin Film Transistor)
Battery 120 mAh
Waterproof Level IP67 Waterproof
Sensor Triaxial acceleration sensor
Heart Rate Sensor Green Light dynamics
Key Method Touch Keys
Bluetooth Version 4.0 BLE or more
Charging Method USB line Charging
Lifetime in a single charge Standby 10 days
Use 7 days constantly
Compatible With Android 4.3, iOS 8.0 or higher
Action Raise the screen

How Does ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Work?

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker doesn't employ any complex operating system, but it is similar to a regular smartwatch. If you're familiar with a fitness tracker, you will easily understand the interface.

The band also has a mobile application where you can inspect detailed information about your different physical parts. “VeryFitPro” is the app available in the Play Store and Apple Store. The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker starts working after connecting the application and Bluetooth of the mobile.

How Does ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Work

Let's talk about how the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker works. The band has an in-built smart LED sensor on the back side of the display. The Green LED sensor consumes less power and accurately scans blood flow in the upper arteries of the wrist. Our red blood cells absorb green lights suitably and let the tracker evaluate heart rate and blood pressure.

For instance, an accelerometer detects your movement and orientation, enabling the device to measure steps taken, the distance covered, and even the intensity of physical activities. Additionally, a gyroscope contributes by measuring angular orientation and rotation, offering insights into specific exercises or postures.

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker also incorporates GPS modules for precise location tracking during your outdoor activities. Altogether, these sensors function seamlessly to deliver a comprehensive overview of your fitness levels, enabling you to make informed decisions about your well-being and exercise routines.

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Review: The Key Features

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is not just a smartwatch, but it is packed with enormous smart features. I inspected its features very carefully while doing this ActiV8 Fitness Tracker review. Let's see the features of this innovative fitness tracker:

Key Features of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker


There are 14 types of activities your ActiV8 smartwatch can track. Among them, counting your daily walking steps is the most common and also the most essential, similar to other fitness trackers.

Whether you are walking or running, the ActiV8 fitness tracker will track the data, and you can check the analytics through the mobile app and determine what progress you require.

Heart Rate Count

Whenever you switch to the heart rate feature, the built-in LED sensor starts scanning our blood flow and shows the real-time heart count per minute.

Blood Pressure Rate

The LED sensor continues scanning your blood flow and uses a special algorithm when you want to check your blood pressure. The sensor then detects the variations of the BV (Blood volume) in the wrist arteries precisely and calculates the blood pressure. You can see that on the display screen of the smartwatch.

Calories Rate

You must keep updated with the data on how many calories you have burned today by working out, walking, running, or playing sports. In addition, you can check the amount of calories burned during a workout in the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker.

The built-in accelerometer scales your real-time movement and heart rate to calculate the correct amount of calories you have wasted.

Sleep Monitor

Another outstanding feature I have found in this fitness tracking band is its sleep monitor functionality. The tracker monitors your daily sleeping quality, like deep or light sleep and overall sleep.

sleep monitor functionality in ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

Notification Reminder

The ActiV8 fitness tracker not only measures your daily workout and counts the body's internal activities but also notifies you whenever your phone gets a ring, message, mail, or other social media notifications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, etc. You will always get real-time notifications and stay updated.

Sedentary Reminder

You often work overtime, forget to take your meal or sleep, and are distracted from normal living. If you keep working on the computer or playing games for a long time, it will affect your brain and health over time.

The ActiV8 tracker has sedentary Reminder technology to alert you when it detects you are sitting for a long period of time. Pretty cool, right?

Sedentary Reminder in ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

USB Charging Plug

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker offers a different approach to charging. The charging process is not like that of our traditional smartwatches, where an adapter and cable are needed. But it has a built-in USB plug to charge it by connecting it to your computer or any USB ports.

USB Charging Plug of ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

Long Lasting Battery

Not all fitness trackers come with a powerful battery that lasts a long time. But the ActiV8 has a 120 mAh battery that will last for up to 7 days on a single charge. This 120 mAh battery is strong enough if you compare it with other top-brand smartwatches. Besides, the duration is impressive.

Smartphone Assistant

The smartwatch also offers some features that will let you control your smartphone with it.

  • Camera Function: You can simply capture photos by shaking your wrist. You won't have to tap on the smartphone to take photos.
  • Locate the Phone: Another unique feature is that the ActiV8 will help you find your phone. If you ever lose your phone anywhere, just ring the phone with your band.
    However, to trace your regular location, turn on your phone's GPS and connect it with the VeryFitPro app.
  • Find the Watch: You can also find the bracelet on your phone. There is an option named “Look for Bracelet” in the app. Click on the instructions, and the wrist bracelet will start vibrating.

Sleek Design

The final satisfaction lies in the design of a device, especially when it is a smartwatch or phone. It is no surprise that the ActiV8 fitness tracker also has a touch of modern look. The compact, slim, and lightweight structure allows it to simply fit on your wrist and boasts a stylish feel.

Surprisingly, the ActiV8 has five cool color variants: Classic black, National Red, Purple charm, Youth green, and Dark blue. Choose the perfect one that suits your style.

color variants of ActiV8 fitness tracker

These are the unique features I have noted during my usage. I'm highly impressed with them, and those features will surely enhance your optimal fitness activities.

Pros and Cons

Consider checking the pros and cons table below for the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker to get instant functional ideas about the gadget.

  • Measures 14 activities of your body
  • LED sensor to calculate accurate data
  • Sleep Monitoring Sensor to improve sleep quality overtime
  • Sedentary Reminder
  • Works with a Smart mobile application “VeryFitPro”
  • Information Reminder
  • Long-lasting 120 mAh battery
  • Modern look and impressive design
  • Only sold in the official website

Why Should You Need ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

Up until now, I have shared the unique features of ActiV8. But you will be surprised to know that these features are manufactured to provide you with many health benefits, especially to keep yourself fit. Let me demonstrate the key benefits I have experienced from ActiV8:

Always Keep Your Health on Track

Is it Worth Buying The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is designed with a pedometer, Green LED sensor, accelerometer, and special algorithms to measure real-time blood pressure, heart count, walking distance, burned calories count, and a total of 14 types of activities.

Every day and every moment, you can check the count of your body's activities and determine what you need to do to improve and achieve your fitness goal. You will never be distracted from your daily exercise and will keep yourself on track.

Challenge Yourself

Personally, I see this smart gadget as a motivating force in my fitness journey. Allow me to elaborate. If your aim is to sculpt a muscular physique, setting a clear goal is essential. The ActiV8 goes beyond merely tracking your blood pressure, calories, and heart rate.

It empowers you to concentrate on your predetermined fitness objectives. Use the valuable insights provided by ActiV8 to stay focused and work towards achieving the body you desire.

Best for Athletes

If you're an athlete, you will have a great advantage by using ActiV8. This smartwatch has Sports Mode, where it keeps track of your daily walking steps, running distance, and other sports such as football, badminton, basketball, tennis, etc.

Your sports activities impact your health, but with ActiV8, you can keep yourself on track by checking the data on your health. You can easily set goals for what to do now and what to do next to become the best.

Wear It On the Go

IP67 Waterproof ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

Another magnifying feature of the ActiV8 fitness tracker is that it is designed with IP67 Life Waterproof technology, which means you can even use it while swimming.

Moreover, the Stylish appearance will perfectly blend with your wrist and give you a modern feel. I personally loved the Classic Black, as it smoothly matches with all types of outfits.

Alerts to Take Rest

The ‘Sedentary Reminder' technology truly distinguishes the ActiV8 from other fitness trackers. The smartwatch will start beeping if it detects you are playing games, working, or sitting in a place for a long time. It is really essential for us, as we often forget to check the time and keep playing or working without having any rest or food.

Monitor Your Sleep

Sleep is the ultimate essential activity to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Many of us may not have delved into tracking our sleep patterns. I certainly hadn't until I discovered the ActiV8. This smart device thoroughly monitors your daily sleep quality, providing insightful data on the depth and duration of your sleep.

The comprehensive analysis of your average sleep helps you gauge whether adjustments to your sleep schedule are necessary. Personally, I've witnessed a significant enhancement in my sleep quality over the past six months, all thanks to the ActiV8.

Stay Updated with Information

The ActiV8 goes beyond being a mere fitness tracker by keeping you seamlessly connected to the digital world. Receive notifications from popular platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and WeChat, along with voice calls, regular messages, and preset reminders. This means you stay informed even when your phone isn't within arm's reach.

answer calls and respond directly with ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

Additionally, the smartwatch enables you to answer calls and respond directly, ensuring you can stay connected with both the virtual and real worlds while maintaining your focus on body fitness.

There is no doubt that ActiV8 will optimize your optimal fitness. I was impressed with its fitness-based functionality and accuracy. The benefits of this gadget surpass and set it apart from other fitness-tracking smartwatches.

User Reviews

I always check the positive user reviews if I'm interested in that. Here is some of the awesome feedback I found on the official website:

“very comfortable, Setup was easy and battery life seems pretty good even with the heart monitor running. Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to keep track of their vital signs 24/7.”Tom Mortan (Athlete, United States)

“Awesome Watch!! It is compatible with Android and iOS, so once connected to my smartphone, I could get incoming call and message notifications. It could also get sedentary alerts. If I remained inactive for too long, the device would notify me.”John Mark, USA

“The device gave me real-time data on my heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, and calories burnt when working out.

I could go swimming without the need to take the fitness tracker off. It is water-resistance”.Oliver Ragfelt, UK

“This is my first fitness tracker and I wanted to try something under $100 first and I’m really surprised with this. After some research I found this. I love the sleek look and it does everything I want in a watch/fitness tracker. I purchased this dresser band and it looks great to wear to work.” Sophia Brown, USA

Is it Worth Buying The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

A fitness tracker is a gadget that keeps track of all your regular and overtime activities. When you are planning to purchase a fitness tracker, you must choose the right one with appropriate features, advanced technology, and a sensor. The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is a blend of all the essential features you will need to maintain a great fit.

Is it Worth Buying The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

Rather than having common features, it is integrated with sleep monitoring and sedentary reminder technology to track your sleeping amount as well as the quality, and it alerts you to stop working or gaming when you're overdoing them.

After having everything on the smartwatch, the satisfying part is its affordable and pocket-friendly budget. The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker's price just shocked me. I was even more shocked after purchasing and using it.

With absolute certainty, I am giving it a noteworthy 9.5 out of 10, affirming my positive evaluation of its overall excellence. I can confidently affirm that investing in ActiV8 is indeed a wise decision.

Where To Buy From?

The ActiV8 smartwatch has gained widespread popularity on the market because of its advanced features tailored for health enhancement. To ensure authenticity and prevent the circulation of counterfeit products, the manufacturer now exclusively sells them through their official online website.

Where To Buy ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

Moreover, the official authorities guarantee 100% genuine products. I personally purchased mine from there and also benefitted from appealing promotional campaigns. During my purchase, I secured the ActiV8 for $89, a discounted rate with a 50% reduction courtesy of the ongoing promo campaign.

As of my latest check, this special discount offer is still available, but its duration is limited. Additionally, substantial savings are offered for bulk purchases. You can acquire three ActiV8s for only $267, with the manufacturer generously providing two extra units for free.

As I have told you before, ActiV8 Fitness Trackers are in high demand. Secure your purchase now before stocks deplete and these exclusive offers come to an end.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're like me, I bet some interesting questions will spin around your head after reading this ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Review. That's why I'm including the answers to some commonly asked questions related to ActiV8:

How Does the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Stand out From Other Fitness Trackers on The Market?

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker distinguishes itself through its advanced sensor technology, providing accurate and real-time data for various activities. Its sleek design, long battery life, and comprehensive fitness features set it apart from competitors.

Are There Any Specific Sports or Activities that The ActiV8 Is Optimized For?

Yes, ActiV8 is designed to cater to a wide range of activities, including running, cycling, swimming, and more. Its multi-sport tracking feature ensures accurate monitoring and analysis, making it versatile for various fitness enthusiasts.

How Durable Is the ActiV8 Compared to Other Fitness Trackers Available?

ActiV8 is built with durability in mind, featuring a rugged yet lightweight design. It's water-resistant, making it suitable for intense workouts and even swim tracking. This durability sets it apart from some competitors that may not offer the same level of resilience.

How Does the Battery Life of ActiV8 Compare to Competitors Mentioned in Reviews?

ActiV8 boasts an impressive battery life compared to other smartwatches in the fitness tracker market. With extended usage between charges, users can enjoy uninterrupted tracking and monitoring, setting it apart as a reliable and long-lasting choice.

Is ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Suitable for Beginners, or Is It More Geared Towards Advanced Fitness Enthusiasts?

ActiV8 is designed for users of all fitness levels. Its user-friendly interface makes it ideal for beginners, while its advanced features and in-depth data analysis cater to the needs of seasoned fitness enthusiasts, offering a well-rounded experience for everyone.

Final Words

I'm a gadget freak as well as careful about fitness. Previously, I had tried two or three smartwatches. They work pretty well, but I was searching for something different that would help me monitor my overall fitness performance. The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker just blew my mind.

It has an advanced Green LED dynamic sensor to accurately calculate your cardiovascular measures. The accuracy allows you to set a plan to achieve a goal related to fitness. Besides, the slumber monitoring and sedentary warnings are out of this world.

I have shared my overall experiences along with previous customer reviews in this ActiV8 Fitness Tracker review. Now is your time to give this fitness-tracking smartwatch a try. Purchase now from the official website because the offers and stock are limited due to high demand.


ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Review

Buy Now
Is it Worth Buying The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

The ActiV8 Fitness Tracker is a smartwatch designed to monitor physical activities to keep the body fit and healthy. More clearly, it is a smart healthcare wristband that has special sensors to detect body temperature, ECG, Blood Pressure, Oxygen in Blood, Heart Rate, and Sports Data Management technology

Features Rate 9
Ease of Use 10
Build and Design 10
Value for Money 10
  • Measures 14 activities of your body
  • LED sensor to calculate accurate data
  • Sedentary Reminder
  • Long-lasting 120 mAh battery
  • Only sold in the official website

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