Tenikle 360° Phone Mount Review 2023 – Your Hands-Free Companion!

Are you tired of holding your phone and scrolling through those short videos? What if you could place your phone in a perfect angle for making videos? What would it be like if you could place your camera in your desired position while making vlogs?

Well, there are tons of ways you can use your camera, phone, or tablet. But comfortably using those devices can be a little tricky. I know it’s boring to hold your phone lying on the couch and enjoy movies. It’s irritating to place the camera in a perfect spot for making videos because you don’t have a perfect tripod or something that can hold your device accurately.

As a tech geek and a reviewer, I am not shy to give a shot at new innovative devices or gadgets that can be handy for me, as well as you. At the Shark Tank show, this phone-mounting device caught my attention. After seeing the demonstration, I was quite excited to try this gadget and share my experience with you.

I’ve inspected this octopus-looking tripod thoroughly and used it in every possible way. In this detailed Tenikle 360° Phone Mount Review, I’ll share my honest opinion and experience. Don’t buy before reading!


Tenikle 360° Phone Mount Review

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Tenikle 360° Phone Mount Review

Tenikle is basically a smartphone, tablet, or small camera-holding gadget that has three legs and is made super flexible. You can bend it, squeeze it, move it 360°, and place it anywhere using its strong suction cups.

Ease of use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Pricing 9
  • Securely Mounts Anywhere
  • No Set-Up Required
  • 360° rotational advantage
  • Strong Suction Cups & Flexible Legs
  • Only available for purchase on official website

What is Tenikle 360°?

As you can see, the name says it all. The Tenikle phone mount is an octopus-inspired mount that has legs containing some suction cups. The gadget looks like an octopus tentacle, and it’s designed to grip any surface. Tenikle is basically a smartphone, tablet, or small camera-holding gadget that has three legs and is made super flexible. This means you can use this tripod as you like. You can bend it, squeeze it, move it 360°, and place it anywhere using its strong suction cups. Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Tenikle 360° Phone Mount Review 2023- Your Hands-Free Companion!

You can attach your phone, tablet, or go-pro camera to one of its bendable legs or the mount head and attach the other legs wherever you wish, either vertically or horizontally. Don’t worry about it’s holding power. The gadget can hold up to 100 times heavier things than its weight. This gadget is unbelievably strong, and it can hold larger things, and its suction cups are crazy strong.

To be honest, I was skeptical after seeing this gadget because of its appearance and design. As it looks so flexible, I thought it wouldn’t hold heavy things perfectly without shaking. But after using the mount, I was shocked. With Tenikle now, video making, vlogging, or enjoying content on your phone or tablet from your comfort zone has become super easy and convenient.

Why Do I Need Tenikle 360°?

As a content creator, making videos or getting different shots from various angles is very essential. I was looking for something that could serve much more than my traditional tripod. However, my tripod helps me a lot for steady video recording, but it couldn’t give me any other angular perspective. From a video-making perspective, I think this mount is the best in the market right now.

Why Do I Need Tenikle 360°

I was looking for a one-stop solution that could help me make videos or vlogs without carrying my heavy tripods. This gadget is lightweight and small, and it can be carried easily in your backpack. You can place this tripod everywhere by bending its legs or using its suction cups. I found it more convenient while assembling it with my devices. Making videos on the roads or travel vlogging is now super easy with Tenikle 360° Phone Mount. On top of that, the gadget comes with a remote controller called Shutterbug. With the remote, I can take selfies with precision.

Other than video making, this tripod helped me a lot with tons of benefits that I didn’t realize I needed. I can mount my phone and enjoy the contents while lying down on my couch or bed. I can place the device in my convenient position. You can mount your phone while navigating on the road. Additionally, it has no technical features, which is another great benefit of this device. I’ve talked about its benefits and features in the next section. Please take a look!

Tenikle 360° Phone Mount: Features And Benefits

Here are some amazing features and benefits that seemed handy to me, they are;

Tenikle 360° Phone Mount Features And Benefits

Flexible Legs

One of the key features of Tenikle is its flexible legs, with which you can position your device as you like. You can set your camera and phone at your desired angle by bending Tenikle’s legs. This feature is useful, especially when you make videos, take pictures, or enjoy content on your phone or tablet.

Strong Suction Cups

The gadget’s leg has some suction cups that are super strong to hold your devices. You don’t have to worry about the attachment because its suction cups can hold your device steadily without any movement. The cups can fit to smooth surfaces with quality persistency.

360° Motion

You can fit your device as you like. The flexible legs and the body can be adjusted according to your needs. You don’t have to customize camera positions to portrait or landscape mode, while the gadget offers 360-degree full motion. The mount head comes with Tenikle and can rotate all the way to give you a better position and angle.

Reliable Mounting

Though the traditional gives reliable mounting. But with flexibility, Tenikle focuses on strong and reliable device mounting. This gadget allows you to mount your device on the top of the legs, and you can adjust the angle of your device with its flexible mounter. The gripper is also strong and comes with enough elasticity.

Simple Installation

You can install the mounter without any hassle because the design is super simple and easy to understand. The mounter comes with two keys, which attach the mounter to the body of Tenikle. The gadget comes with a user manual, which has picturized instructions. By following the instructions, you can install the device easily.

Remote Control

Tenikle gadget comes with a remote control called Shutterbug. With the remote, you can control your device hands-free. You can easily take photos without fear of shaking your hand or getting blurry photos.

Lightweight and Compact

The Tenikle device mounter is built light, and it’s small in size. You can carry this mounter wherever you like. This can fit your backpack, even in your pocket. While carrying large tripods is a hassle, this gadget is an easy solution for your content creation or other purposes.


It has versatile user capabilities, and it not only holds your devices but also offers a wide range of functionality. From taking pictures to road navigation, everything is made super easy with Tenikle. Due to its flexible appearance, you can use this device for various functions in any circumstances.

Durable Built Quality

The material used in this gadget is strong as well as flexible. The suction cups are crazy strong enough to hold anything without the fear of falling. Due to the high-quality material used in it, the longevity increased exponentially. Furthermore, the company uses silicon instead of plastic in the product to sustain the eco-balance of the earth.

Attachment of Materials

Tenikle mounter can attach your different devices easily. Your phone, tablet, and small camera all can be mounted in this gadget easily. Tenikle offers sturdy steadiness to the devices mounted in it.

Tenikle 360° device mounter

The Tenikle 360° device mounter offers a wide range of functionality to the users. Whether you’re a professional content creator or a photographer, you may need a gadget that can ease your work and increase your productivity. Hands-free device control is made super easy with this gadget.

Tenikle 360° Phone Mount: Pros and Cons

I’ve been using this gadget for a while now. Here are some advantages and disadvantages I found on Tenikle. They are;


  • It’s a flexible gadget that has diverse multi-functionality and an adaptive nature that improves overall user experience.
  • Its unique flexible bending arms allow users to adjust different angles and allow you to use your devices according to your demands.
  • Tenikle mainly focuses on providing a one-stop solution to its users with stable and secure usage. To be precise, the suction cups are strong and can hold heavier things and provide stability without any disturbance.
  • You can get the advantage of 360° rotational advantage. This means you can take photos or enjoy content vertically or horizontally.
  • Its design allows you to mount every small device that requires stability or a stand. For example, phone, tablet, vlogging camera, etc.
  • You can carry it with you wherever you wish to go. This gadget is lightweight and compact. You can fold it according to your space. It can fit in your pocket, too.
  • It doesn’t require any technical experience, as it doesn’t involve any technical aspects.
  • Furthermore, it's easy to use. All you have to do is install the phone mounter on the top. You can follow the instruction guide.
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.


  • Though Tenikle attaches to a flat and smooth surface without fail, it doesn’t stick in the rough or textured surface. If you are required to mount it on a textured surface, you may face challenges.
  • It’s been tested that Tenikle can handle or hold heavier things than its weight, but in many cases, stability and flexibility issues can be seen.
  • It’s only available on its official website. So, you cannot test the device physically before buying.

When Should You Consider Buying Tenikle 360° Phone Mount?

Tenikle can be useful for all who spend most of their time on their smartphone or working on content creation.

When Should You Consider Buying Tenikle 360° Phone Mount

For Content Creators

Whether you are an experienced or an amateur photographer, you must maintain the right angle and stability of your camera. If you’re making videos for your content, you must maintain consistency and stability in your video. Many photographers are always worried about the quality of their work. Thus, the need for image stabilizers, such as gimbals, expensive tripods, etc., arose. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution, Tenikle Mounter can be an ideal choice for your content creation.

For Enjoying Movies or Various Contents

Holding your phone while lying on the couch or bed and enjoying movies can be irritating. Sometimes, holding a phone for a long time causes pain in hand. Moreover, several times, my phone falls on my face while watching movies or web series. Now, watching movies on my phone is made easy as I can mount my phone perfectly and enjoy movies without holding the phone.

Navigating Roads

If you ride a cycle or bike, you may have used some fixed phone mounter available in the market which only holds the phone, nothing more. But with Tenikle, you can mount your device as well as rotate the device while riding. You can mount your phone and use it as a headlight with the help of the phone’s flashlight. Additionally, you can set your camera or phone as a dashboard camera for travel vlogs or road navigation.

For Online Class

With Tenikle, now you don’t have to find a place where you can rest your phone to do your class as well as take notes on paper or read books. Set your phone in the Tenikle phone mount gadget and enjoy your class. You can do physical exercise, cook, or do other things without holding your phone or camera.

There are tons of uses Tenikle provides to its users other than these. As I have been using this gadget for a long time now, it solved my uncounted problems that I didn’t realize existed. While using it, you’ll feel the difference and experience. To get a hands-free experience, get your Tenikle 360° Phone Mount.

Where Can You Get Tenikle 360° Phone Mount?

The mastermind behind the Tenikle is a couple, Hans and Lydia. While hiking, the absence of their tripod triggered the creation of the most amazing design. Then introduced on Shark Tank, a popular reality show for business, captivating investors with its quality and multi-functionality, it captured the attention of thousands of customers worldwide.

Where Can You Get Tenikle 360° Phone Mount

The company exclusively delivers the product to its customers through its official website to ensure authentic and genuine products. They provide fast shipping to over 40 countries and free shipping in the USA. Additionally, a 60-day money-back guarantee is promised from the company’s side to ensure the peace of mind of the customers.

On top of that, the manufacturer is committed to ensuring a lifetime warranty on the product, which is a rare scene these days. Their world-class customer support is always ready to give the ultimate hassle-free solutions if you face any kind of issues regarding the product. The company focuses on the sustainability of the planet, which made them use sustainable materials on the product, like silicon instead of plastic. Visit the official website to get exciting sale offers that may last only a short time.

What Customers Say About Tenikle 360° Phone Mount?

Take a look at what the customers from different corners of the world say;

What Customers Say About Tenikle 360° Phone Mount What Customers Say About Tenikle 360° Phone Mount

What Customers Say About Tenikle 360° Phone Mounter What Customers Say About Tenikle 360° Phone Mounter

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions from this huge audience. These may answer yours, too;

What Surfaces Can Tenikle Stick To?

Tenikle is engineered to adhere firmly to smooth, non-porous surfaces. This includes materials like glass, porcelain, fiberglass, gloss-painted wood, drywall, metal, and plastic. However, it may not adhere as effectively to uneven, rough, or textured surfaces such as leather, concrete, or textured walls.

What Are the Possible Uses for Tenikle?

Tenikle is incredibly versatile and can be utilized for various purposes. While it was initially designed for mounting your phone or camera to capture professional-looking shots on the go, it has a multitude of other applications, including:

  • Watching movies, instructional videos, or video calls on your tablet or phone hands-free.
  • Stabilizing your camera for long exposure photography.
  • Capturing creative selfies from unique angles.
  • Mounting your phone or other devices next to your computer.
  • Use it as a bike or car mount for GPS navigation.
  • Utilizing it for water sports, as it's waterproof.
  • Following fitness videos for convenient workouts.
  • Transforming your phone or tablet into a baby monitor.

Exploring countless additional uses, as you'll discover new applications for it regularly!

Tenikle's adaptability makes it a versatile accessory for various situations.

Will Tenikle Adhere to My Phone Case?

Tenikle phone holders are specifically designed to work well with smooth phone cases that do not have stickers, seams, or textures. For cases like OtterBox, leather, fabric, or those featuring perforations or grooves, we suggest acquiring our Dot Adapters for compatibility. Alternatively, each Tenikle comes equipped with a phone clip that can be employed with these types of cases.

Could There Be Additional Customs, Duties, or VAT Fees for My Order upon Delivery?

The possibility of incurring additional customs, duties, or VAT fees upon receiving your order depends on your country's regulations. It's essential to be aware that all international orders are billed in US dollars. The exact charges for international orders are determined by the prevailing exchange rates between your currency and the US dollar at the time of purchase or refund.

Will I Receive an Email Notification when My Order Is Shipped?

Yes, you will receive email notifications from us. You will receive an invoice by email when your order is placed, and another email will be sent when your order has been shipped. If you are unable to locate our emails in your primary inbox, it is advisable to check your spam or junk mail folder, as they may occasionally be filtered there.


In a nutshell, the multi-functionality of Tenikle 360° Phone Mount is the reason for its popularity. As a tech geek, it’s always fascinated me to try new, innovative items. After learning about the gadget on the Shark Tank reality show, I was eager to try it out, and I don’t regret the investing decision. I’ve detailed its overall features and benefits and how you can benefit from this gadget in this in-depth Tenikle 360° Phone Mount review.

To ensure the authenticity and genuineness of the product, the manufacturer directly delivers this item from their official website. Moreover, their 60-day cash-back guarantee and fast shipping promises made this product a popular choice. Now, it’s your turn to level up your creativity with the Tenikle 360° Phone Mount.


Tenikle 360° Phone Mount Review

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Tenikle 360° Phone Mount Review

Tenikle is basically a smartphone, tablet, or small camera-holding gadget that has three legs and is made super flexible. You can bend it, squeeze it, move it 360°, and place it anywhere using its strong suction cups.

Ease of use 10
Build and Design 10
Durablity 10
Pricing 9
  • Securely Mounts Anywhere
  • No Set-Up Required
  • 360° rotational advantage
  • Strong Suction Cups & Flexible Legs
  • Only available for purchase on official website

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